Over the years SEO link building techniques have evolved. Earlier link building was all about getting a number of backlinks from different websites. But today the quality of backlinks is preferred over quantity of backlinks.  

Creating quality content that is searched by users and offers answers to their questions will not help you to rank on the top in SERP. There are a lot of websites that are producing high-quality content and fighting for the top position. 

To outrank other websites you need to have the quality links that are earned by authority websites.  Yes, you read it right today the quality and authority of the links play a major role in deciding the rank of a web page.

Earning a link from a website is not as easy as many site owners think. If you are creating backlinks from spammy websites then your web pages will start falling under the same criteria. However, getting links from trustworthy and authority websites makes your web pages trustworthy.  

So the question is how to earn links from an authority website?  

In this article, we will be helping you to determine various SEO link building techniques that will assist you to get backlinks from authority websites. And it will also help you to grow your online presence and your website ranking in the SEarch engine result pages. 

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9 Popular SEO Link Building Techniques To Use In 2020

1. Guest Blogging 

Guest Posting is one of the oldest but most effective SEO link building techniques that allow you to get a backlink for other websites. In guest blogging, you create an article with a link to your website and post it on other websites that belong to your niche. 

Using the below phrases in search engine search bars you can find websites that are allowing other websites to post their content. 

  • Keyword + “Write For Us”
  • Keyword + “Guest Post”
  • Keyword + “Contributing Writer”
  • Keyword + “Submit Content”
  • Keyword + “Submit post”
  • Keyword + “ Submit your content”
  • Keyword +  “Guest Blogger”
  • Keyword + “article wanted”
  • Keyword + “become a guest writer”
  • Keyword + “Submit an article”
  • Your Target Keyword + “guest author”
  • Your Target Keyword + “send a tip”
  • Your Target Keyword + “Guest Blogger”

After searching for the above terms you may get a website that is accepting guest posts. But here is the twist: they are getting guest post requests from tons of websites. So creating a unique and educating content and posting on their website will not be impactful. 

Instead, if you think your content is unique and educates users, then we recommend you reach out to websites that are having high authority and relate to your niche. It will not be easy to convince a high DA website for guest posting but it all comes down to the type of content that you are offering. 

You can create a short summary of your content in email and pitch your idea to Guest blogging websites. It is a time taking process and the results will not be reflected immediately. But if you succeed in convincing a high authority website to post your content on their blog page then you will surely get impactful results. You can create the anchor link and mention your website either in your blog or in the author’s description box. 

2. Outreach 

When it comes to creating an SEO link building strategy for a website then outreach is one of the important techniques that’s always included in the list. Whenever you reach out to websites, experts, and influencers that fall under your niche and present them your website features, product, and content is considered as outreach in SEO. 

Remember you are trying to get backlinks from other websites using outreach techniques. That means you have to offer something unique like content, infographics, products, tools, service, and more to convince them on why they should create anchor links of your pages. 

If your website is offering any tools or unique service then you are already one step ahead just you have to reach out to the right site owners. It is recommended not to create any random content and reach out to other websites to give you a link bank. Your content link should benefit them and educate their visitors then only you can expect a link back from their website. 

You can make use of content explorer tools by Ahrefs, Semrush, or Ubersuggest to find the website that belongs to your niche. Find their email address and craft an attractive and persuasive email that can convince them to accept your offer. 

3. Competitor Backlinks 

While planning your SEO strategy you might have come across a term called Competitor analysis. It is one of the most effective processes that help you in your keyword research process as well as in your link building process. 

Checking your competitor backlinks helps you to get an idea about the website that can be used to build backlinks. Not only that but it also tells you how you can earn backlinks for top authority websites and build natural links (focus on natural links as it is more effective in ranking factor). 

If your competitors are ranking higher on search engine results then they are on the right track of building backlinks for their website.  Getting access to their backlink list makes your job much easier as you can easily identify the source of backlink. 

There are various tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and more that allow you to spy on your competitor’s backlinks. You can make a list of at least 6 – 7 competitors that are ranking higher on the search engine result page. Go through their backlink list and try to get backlinks from the website having DA above 35. 

Make use of competitor analysis tools because your competitor can save your time and offers you a brief idea about how you can grow your online business. 

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4. Brand Mention (with anchor links)

Most of you might be aware of the term Brand mention where other websites mention your brand because you are offering something valuable that can benefit their visitor. Brand mention is beneficial but if the website creates the anchor link on the mention then the process becomes more effective and impactful. 

Now the question is how to get a backlink from those websites? So here is the thing, If other websites are mentioning your name then they already know about your product, services, working, and more. A little push from your side can persuade them to create the anchor link on the mention. 

Tools like Ahrefs content explorer can give you an idea about and details about the websites mentioning your brand or company name. You can make use of data and reach out to individual websites with personalized email and ask them to create the anchor link on the mention. These types of SEO link building techniques will surely help you to boost your website backlinks, authority, and not to say Search engine ranking. 

5. Reclaim your lost Links 

Whether you are aware or not but your website is losing backlinks every day. Don’t get frightened it is a normal problem that every website comes across. Building links from scratch is a difficult process that requires time and a lot of effort that is why every website cares about each link they build. 

Ahrefs and Semrus are the popular tools that can give you a clear picture of gained as well as lost links. If you have lost a link then instead of building it again from scratch you can reclaim those lost links. Reclaiming a lost link is another easy and effective SEO link building strategy that you should consider and add to your link building checklist. 

Most of the time links are lost either the website owner removed the link or your link is redirecting the user to a broken page. There might be another reason for link removal.  Sometimes links are lost when the author updates their content or makes changes in their outbound link and internal links. 

This is how you can reclaim the lost link. Reach out to the author and inform them that the link is lost due to xyx reason and suggest them to add you link back. But before that make sure you check whether your link is relevant to the content or not. 

6. Broken Link Building 

Broken link building is not new SEO link building techniques but it is considered one of the effective ways to get backlinks from other websites. So, the question is how it works?  

The term may sound complex but in reality, broken link building is a simple technique. You have to find the website having broken links (links that redirect users to 404 pages not found). If you think your website has good quality content or resources that can replace those links, then you can reach out to the site owner and offer them a link that relates to the dead link. 

It is recommended to reach out to websites that fall under your niche. Every website will not agree to give a link back for broken links but if you reach out to 30 or 40 websites then at least 10 to 12 websites will surely agree to build the broken link by creating anchor links of your web page. 

Don’t worry you don’t have to do everything manually you can make use of tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to find the web page that has given a backlink to that particular dead link. You can paste the broken link into the site explorer of any tools and check their backlinks to know the list of websites that have given them backlinks. 

Using Ahrefs you can find the broken link in your competitor’s web page (use filter option and select 404 page not found filer). Once you are aware of the broken links reach out to the site owner with proper email and give them an authentic reason why they should use your web page link. 

7. Infographic Distribution 

Today most websites assume that distributing infographics is an outdated SEO link building technique but in reality, infographics can help you to increase your website traffic by 12%. Not only that but including infographics in your link building checklist can increase your backlinks by 35.5%.  

These statistics might have cleared your view on how essential infographics are for your website. But here is the twist not all types of infographics can help you to get backlinks from other websites. 

Creating a quality, useful, and unique infographics will automatically help you to get backlinks from other websites without even approaching them. You can do some research on a trending topic and create an infographic that can be used by other websites to educate their visitors. This way you can get a link back from other websites. 

8. Make use of Social Media 

Social media can not directly offer you backlink but if you are creating an SEO link building strategy for your website then you should always consider Social media. By sharing your post, images, and infographic you are engaging social media users and encouraging them to know more about your business/company/brand. 

These types of activities help when you approach different websites for the guest posting.  By not becoming active on social media you are indirectly harming your website traffic and link building efforts.

Mainly the initial stage websites are making use of social media platforms to engage their potential users and spread awareness about their websites. If you have an initial stage website then dost hesitate to use social media to educate your audience by sharing content that you create, drive more traffic by sharing your website URL, and more. 

9. Replace your links another low-quality content link

From the heading, you might get a little confused about how you can replace your content link with other web page links? don’t worry we will make things clear to you within a few paragraphs. 

You might have come across an ordinary content having a word count between 200 -500 but the number of backlinks and referring domains is too high.  If not then yes it exists, there is a lot of ordinary content out there with fewer words and more referring domains. 

For example, a web page having 200-500 word ordinary content on content marketing is referring to a domain more than 70. And your web page that is offering high-quality content with more than 5000 words and various infographics is having referring domains less than 15. Doesn’t sound strange. 

It’s not because they want to offer links to those ordinary content but sometimes they fail to find the highest quality content (your content). That’s where you can jump in and introduce your content to them and ask them to give the link back. 

You can use the Ahrefs content explorer tool to find low-quality content. Use the filter option to define the referring domain quantity. Go through different websites’ content manually if you find your content to be more effective and impactful than any other website. 

Then use Ahrefs site explorer tools to check the website backlinks. Visit each website and check the DA of every website if you find any good quality DA (above 30) then you can reach out to them and ask them to replace the link by providing an authentic reason on why they should place your content link. Yes, it is a time taking process but it will surely give you effective results.  


By now you might be having a clear idea about how you can build quality backlinks using various SEO link building techniques. But while focusing on natural link building don’t ignore building links from other resources and basic off-page activities. It is recommended not to buy backlink as google easily recognizes the website have paid backlinks. There are chances that your website may be penalized from SERP ranking. 

The link building techniques that we have mentioned will show you instant and immediate results but for the long run, it will definitely help you to increase your website and web pages authority and ranking. The aforementioned link building strategies can be used by any website of any niche. 

Start implementing those techniques for your website and you will definitely get impactful results. There are times when a particular technique doesn’t work for your websites. don’t worry instead of running behind the same link building techniques use other techniques that we have mentioned to make your link building efforts more effective and impactful.  

Frequently Asked questions 

1. What does link building mean? 

In simple word links building is all about getting backlinks from other websites to your web page by performing various link building activities. 

2. What are the various SEO link building techniques? 

There are various basic as well as advanced link building strategies. Below we have mentioned some important link building techniques that you can use for your website. 

  • Guest Blogging 
  • Outreach
  • Competitor Backlinks Analysis
  • Brand Mention (with anchor links)
  • Reclaim your lost Links 
  • Broken Link Building 
  • Infographic Distribution 
  • Make use of Social Media 
  • Replace your links another low-quality content link

3. Why is link building important? 

Link building is one of the crucial processes that allows google to decide your website authority and trustworthiness and depending on that they assign the rank of your web pages. Using different link building strategies makes it easy for you to get high-quality backlinks and establish authority for your website.   

4. Do link building techniques still work? 

Yes, link building techniques are one effective way to get authority and ranking on SERP. building a broken backlink, check your competitor’s backlinks and using content & infographics to get backlinks are the most effective link building techniques that will exist until google announces major change in their algorithm and search engine guidelines. 

5. How much does link building cost? 

If you are focusing on building your website authority by getting quality links naturally then you should not focus on cost. Because most of the time google recognizes paid backlinks and depending on that they penalize websites that are having paid backlinks.