SEO tools are an essential aspect of a successful website. There are many free SEO tools available that can help you to optimize your website performance, ranking, and awareness. But identifying each tool separately can be a difficult task. 

Don’t worry we have got you conversed reading this article will help you in identifying the best and free SEO tools that you can use in 2020. 

In this article, we will be drawing your attention on the best and free SEO tools that can help you in optimizing your website performance and ranking. To make your navigation process easier we have categories for each tool under different sections.

For example, if you are looking for a Keyword tool then you just have to navigate to the keyword tool section and you can identify the best keyword tool. Sounds interesting right? So let’s dive in and identify the best &  free SEO tools in 2020. 

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Why do you need SEO tools for your website?

Today if you want to succeed in your industry then it is important for you to know your website as well as your competitor’s website performance. Getting access to the reliable and user-friendly SEO tool can help you to know every aspect of your website including your SEO strategy effectiveness and performance. 

Not only that but you can also get an in-depth idea about what your competitors and industry leaders are doing to make their website search engine friendly. Selecting accurate and reliable SEO tools can help you in making your website and content more productive and effective. There are many advantages of using SEO tools for a website. Go through the points to know how using 

1. Analyze competitors site performance and strategy 

No matter how effective your SEO strategy is for your website. keeping an eye on your competitor’s SEO can always help you to stay ahead of them. There are many SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Raven, and more that can help you in analyzing your competitor’s website and their SEO performance. 

Using these tools can give you insight into your competitor’s backlink profile. You can easily discover which websites are offering them backlinks, anchor text, and more. According to their backlink profile, you can create your backlinking strategy. It will also help you to analyze which keyword your competitors are using and their rank for particular keywords. Once you are aware of these two aspects of SEO then you easily make your SEO strategy effective and impactful. 

2. Save your time and money 

The website audit is another important aspect of SEO. Doing it manually can take more time and money. That’s why it is recommended to use SEO tools to perform website audits which will automatically save your time and extra money. There are various free SEO tools available like SEO analyzer, woorank, and more. 

If you don’t feel satisfied with the free tools then you can opt for paid tools like SEMrush, Majestic, and more. Using these SEO tools can give you insight about missing titles, descriptions on your page. You can also identify broken link presence, server errors, and more.

3. Dissect high performing keywords for your website and content

Today finding keywords for a website is not a difficult process. Depending on the industry you can easily identify the keyword for your website. But if you want to increase your website reach then it is important to identify what your users are searching for. There are various free keyword research tools available like Ubersuggest,, and more. 

Using these Keyword tools allow you to identify the high performing keyword for your industry that you might not have heard before. All these tools give the keyword recommendation based on the phrases searched by the user. There are possibilities that your website might be ranking for a particular keyword. But identifying what users are searching can help you in making your website more visible and accessible. 

4. Track your performance and progress

Most of the site owners think that website ranking is an essential aspect of being successful in the industry. Yes, it is but getting ranked on the top will not make you successful until you have a metric about your user conversion, source of traffic, and more. There are various free SEO tools available that can help you in identifying whether your SEO efforts are impactful and giving you the desired result or not. 

Your KPI (key performance indicator) depends on various facetious things like your website ranking, number of backlinks, traffic, conversion. Domain authority and more. Measuring your progress will help you in identifying the traffic on your website, whether the users are converting or not. There are various SEO tools available like SEMrush, Raven tools and more to track your website performance for a particular keyword, you can also monitor your backlink.

5. Discover new strategies and opportunities

Using free SEO tools allows you to discover and craft new strategies to make your website more productive and impactful. You can get an insight into your competitor’s SEO strategy and depending on that you can make new or update the SEO strategy for your website. 

SimilarWeb, SpyFu, Ahrefs, and more are some popular SEO tools that can give you a brief idea about the SEO activities performed by your competitors. Brainstorming new ideas also becomes more effective if you have insight into your competitor’s SEO activity.  

6. Content personalization 

Today content personalization is considered as one of the effective ways to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and experience. In content personalization, you tailor the content for the different users depending on their demographic, interests, preference, and browsing history. 

There are various free SEO tools like Google analytics and more that can help you in identifying all the details that can assist you in personalizing your website content.  In google analytics you can get every detail about your visitor including their location, preferences, browsing channel, source, and more. Once you are aware of your user behavior then it will surely help you to drive more traffic and conversion. 

Now you might be aware of why you need Free SEO tools for your website. Let’s jump in to identify the best free SEO tools that you should use to make your SEO strategy more effective and impactful. 

20 Free SEO Tools to use in 2020

Keyword Research Tools

1. Answer The Public 


Today when site owners need to find keywords for their website then they rush popular keyword tools like Ubersuggest, google keyword planner, and many more. One thing many of you might not be aware of is most of the keyword planner tools to get their data from Google Keyword Planner. 

But Answer The Public offers different features compared to other keyword tools. 

It allows you to research the keyword that users are searching in blogs, forums, and on social media. Answer The Public analyzes the question from different platforms and converts them into a keyword. Its attractive features include showcasing the separate section for vs keyword. For example, if you want to search for SEMrush vs Ahrefs then it will create a separate section for versus and display the result.


2. UberSuggest 


Recently with the effective keyword research results, ubersuggest has grabbed many user’s attention.  It allows you to get complete data on a particular industry term including search volume, related keyword, trends, CPC, and more. 

It offers all the features that every site owner usually finds in premium keyword research SEO tools. For example, if you are using then you will get the keyword research results but other data like volume trend and more are available only for the premium uses. 

You just have to sign in and type the term and phrase in the search box. Its user-friendly interface makes it the best keyword research tool for both beginners and experts. 

3. Wordtracker Scout 


Looking to know how your competitors are ranking their website on the top? One of the common mistakes carried out by most of the SEO executives and site owners is that they look only for keywords used by their competitors. But have you ever thought that words used inside your content and website alose matters? 

Wordtracker Scout is a word research tool/chrome extension that allows you to get an insight into the most frequently used word on your competitor’s website. Using Wordtracker scout you can identify the common term or phrase used by your competitor. It also offers a report on the volume and competition of the particular word. 

4. Ahrefs Keyword Generator 


It is another popular free keyword tool that offers more than 100 keyword ideas for any phrase or keyword seed. Using Ahrefs keyword generator you can get the details about the keyword difficulty and monthly search volume for different keywords. One of the attractive features of  Ahrefs keyword generator is it allows you to get the top 50 related questions for a particular keyword that users are searching for. Using these questions in your content and website will help you in increasing the website and content reach.  

5. Google Keyword Planner

One of the popular and widely used Keyword Planner tools that allows you to get the average moth search for particular keywords, competition, bid amount, and more. You just have to create an ads account to access Google keyword planner. 

Mainly if you are running ads on google then google keyword planner tool, will surely help you to discover keywords that you may struggle to find in other keyword research tools.

Analytical Tools 

1. Google Analytics 


If you already have a website then you must have heard of Google Analytics. It is one of the most popular and free analytical tools that offer a whole range of data you need for your SEO as well as marketing strategies. 

Google Analytics is not really an SEO tool but if used properly and effectively then it will surely help you to improve your website performance and ranking. Using the data offered by Google analytics like your audience overview, demographics, and more you can improve your marketing efforts.

Not only that but google analytics also allows you to check your website organic traffic, bounce rate, speed, and more. Using these data you can identify whether your SEO efforts are impactful or not. Depending on that you can update and optimize your SEO strategy.

2. Google Data Studio  


Reporting and Data visualization are the two important aspects of marketing and SEO which helps in identifying the performance of your website and your client’s website. Using Google data studio you can merge data from different places like google analytics, search console, and other tools. it allows you to create an interactive and intuitive dashboard with detailed reports. If you are planning to start a new SEO or marketing agency the Google data studio can be an effective tool for initial stage startups.

3. Enhanced Google Analytics Annotation 

Most of the time site owners get confused and worried when their website ranks drop in SERP. so the question is how will you come to whether the rank drop or rise occurred due to algorithm update or major holiday. Don’t worry Enhanced Google Analytics Annotation is one of the popular chrome extensions that can help you in getting additional data besides the data you are getting from google analytics. If you have an SEO agency then you can easily showcase the screenshot of how their website rank dropped or rose. 

Alternative: Panguin Tools (best for local SEO) 

4. Keyword Hero 


Most of the time there is little keyword data that Google analytics fails to show, that’s where keyword hero comes in.  it allows you to get all the missing keyword data that is obtained through advanced maths and machine learning. It is a freemium tool that allows up to 10 URLs and 2000 sessions per month for free usage. If you are looking to know more about it then you can visit their FAQs page. 

Technical SEO tools (Crawling/Indexing) 

1. Screaming Frog 

If you plan to analyze and audit technical and on-page SEO issues then Screaming Frog should be your primary choice. It is one of the widely used and most popular desktop-based crawlers that allows you to analyze and audit your website as well as your client’s website. 

Screaming Frog is a freemium tool which means it provides free as well as the paid version. If you are optimizing for their free variety you can crawl up to 500 URLs. however its premium version comes with more advanced crawling features. You can visit the screaming frog website to get in-depth detail about features offered in both free as well as premium versions. 

2. Google Search Console 


If you are having a website then you might be familiar with the google search console formerly known as Google Webmaster Tool. Google Search Console is one of the popular and widely used free SEO tools that gives access to every aspect of your website including traffic details, keyboard used in a webpage, rank, and many more.

In simple words, we can say without using google search console it will become difficult for you to monitor your appearance in the SERP. Search consoles can also be used to fix technical issues and theaters, submit sitemaps, and many more. You can also analyze how Google crawls your website. 

Whenever you make any changes in your website content or block content you can use the search console to index the changes. There are a lot more benefits of using Google search console and we always recommend including search console in your SEO tools list.   

3. GTMetrix


Today if you want to rank your website on the top then your website must be optimized for speed. No matter how effective your SEO strategy is, if your website doesn’t load between 1-3 seconds then your site visitors may abandon your website which directly affects your ranking. 

GTMetrix is another popular free SEO Tool that allows you to analyze your website speed and its performance on both mobile devices as well as on desktop. Not only that but it also displays how you can improve your website speed and codes that are making your website slower to load. 

GTMetrix offers reports like PageSpeed, YSlow, Waterfall, timing, and more. There are other tools available (mentioned below) that you can use to check and optimize your website speed.  

Alternatives: Pingdom, Google PageSpeed Insight 

4. Seobility 


It is another All-in-One free SEO tool that you can use to optimize your website performance.    Seobility analyzes and crawls your website to know all the small SEO mistakes and issues present in your websites like broken links, blocked pages, technical SEO issues, and more. It gives you insight on whether your website is optimized for search engines or not. 

Now you might be confused, whether Seobilty is suitable for your website or not. So this one feature will make things more clear to you. Seobility comes with an attractive feature that identifies the SEO errors and issues present in your content. Mostly issues like the absence of meta title, description, keyword stuffing, thin content, and more.  

These types of features are mostly present in the paid SEO tool. So it’s worth using Seobility to optimize your website for search engines. 

Link Analyzing/Building SEO Tools

1. Link Explorer 


Link building is one of the essential aspects of SEO that allows you to rank on the top in SERP. Depending on the backlinks your website is getting from other website search engines determines your authority and positions your website. 

Link Explorer by Moz is one of the popular free SEO tools that allow you to check backlinks of different websites of your niche including your competitor’s website. Analyzing the backlinks of your competitor and industry leader gives you an in-depth idea of how you can craft an effective link building strategy for your website. Link explorer effective results make it the effective backlink checker tool of the SEO industry. 

If you are using a Link Explorer free account then you can get access to 10 queries and 50 rows of data per query/month. 

2. Ahrefs Backlink Checker 


Today most of the site owners think that A Href BacklinkChecker is a paid tool but in reality like link explorer it also offers a free link analyzing tool. You can use Ahrefs backlink checker to analyze your competitors as well as the industry leader website. We recommend using Ahrefs at the initial stage as there is no number  limitation and you can get an effective and accurate report of another website backlink  

 Its free version shows up the top 100 backlinks of any website. Not only that but it also offers features like

  • 5 most linked pages 
  • Domain Rating (DR) of the backlink 
  • Total number of referring domain
  • URL Rating (UR) of the link 
  • Total number of backlinks 

On-page Tools 

1. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar 

It is another featureful SEO tool that can be easily integrated into Chrome or Firefox. Ahrefs SEO toolbar is a chrome extension that allows you to get in-depth SEO reports on the same page just you have to click on the extension on the right top corner. 

Using  Ahrefs SEO toolbar you can analyze and get in-depth on-page SEO issues of your website as well as your competitor’s website. Its features allow you to analyze the meta title description, word count, OG tag, and more. Not only that but you can also check the broken links, highlight Nofollow links and many more  

The interesting part is that you don’t have to open a new tab, search for the tools, and paste the link of each page. In one click you can get detailed reports on the same page.

2. Google Rich Result test 

Generally Rich results are designed to showcase key features and information to users.  it also helps search engines in identifying the purpose of the page. From the above statements you can determine how important rich results are for your website SEO.  

If you have implemented a review and rating start in JSON-LD (or using plugins) then you need to be sure that the makeup is valid for google search results. Google Rich Result test is a popular SEO tool that will help you to identify whether the structured markup in web pages is qualified for search results are not. Just you have to paste the web page URL in the search bar. You can check it for both desktop and mobile devices 

3. Google tag manager 

It is another well known free SEO tool offered by Google to deploy tags (snippet code or tracking pixels) of various marketing tools into your website HTML code. Other than that there are various activities that can help you to improve your SEO results. By seating up triggers like form submission trigger,  button click trigger, Video view trigger, scroll behavior trigger you can track what visitors are doing while viewing your pages. 

4. Google Structured data testing tool 

Today if you want to increase your authority and trust of your website then it is important for you to structure data so that google can index and analyze what your website is about. Google Structured data testing tool offers different ways to develop, test, and modify your structure markup. It also allows you to test your competitor’s structure data (Sounds helpful right). 

Using Google Structured data testing tool you can easily troubleshoot your data and modify the code with the tool to get valid code. If used properly then it can surely help you in improving your website SEO performance.

Local SEO Tool 

1. Google My Business 

With the increase in internet users, it is important for you to have your business marked on search results. Google my business does the job for you. It allows you to manage your business profile appearance on google search results as well as on maps.

google my business is a must-have tool for businesses looking to increase their business awareness and visibility in front of a local audience. But to achieve that you need to optimize your Google my business profile for local SEO. 

Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily list your business by creating an account. You can easily manage profiles, post new information, images, and respond to reviews. Keeping your profile updated will surely help you in optimizing your   

2. Google Review Link Generator (whitespark)

Today review and rating play an essential role in giving a reason to your potential customer on why they should select your business/company? Google Business Review Link Generator allows you to create a sharable link through which your customers can review your business and their buying experience.

Once you start getting a review about your business then it will help you in improving your business rank in local search. Because Google also gives preference to the business that is getting good reviews to form their customer. You can easily share the link through social media, email, WhatsApp, and all the communication mediums. 

3. Local Search Result Checker (BrightLocal) 

After listing your profile in google my business and performing various local SEO activities you should be aware of your business rank in local search. BrightLocal is a local search result checker that helps you in getting your business rank from any location. 

Moz Local Check Business Listing 

If you want to know your business performance and appearance across the web then Moz Local Check Business Listing can surely help you in fulfilling your desire.  It allows you to check your local business online presence across different online directories that google and other channels use to assign the rank of your business in local search. Getting insight into these data and information will help you in improving your business rank in local search results. You just have to select the country (United States, Canada, United Kingdom), type in your company or business name, street and number, and postcode. 

WordPress SEO tool/plugins 

1. Yoast SEO Tools

If you are using WordPress website then Yoast SEO is a must-have plugin in your WordPress dashboard. It is one of the popular plugins that is recommended by WordPress itself. Yoast SEO plugin is a free SEO tool or plugin that allows you to optimize your website and it’s content for SEO and readability. You can easily customize the meta title, description, and slug for the web page. It also helps you to identify how many times you use focused keywords in your content.   

Yoast SEO comes with both free as well as premium versions. Its free version is more than sufficient to optimize your website and content for SEO. However if you want an interlinking suggestion or add related keyphrases then you can opt for its premium version. 

Alternatives: SEOPress, All in One SEO Pack 

2. Rank Math 

Today most of the WordPress website users trust Yoast SEO for optimizing on-page performance. But in recent years Rank Match has grabbed many user attention. Its attractive features like adding structured data markup for the rich snippet, built-in redirection, fixing the dead link, and more make it the plugin worth integrating.  

Like Yoast SEO, rank math is also a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create SEO friendly to get higher ranking on SERP. 

3. Smush 

When it comes to optimizing a WordPress website performance then image optimization plays an essential role in optimizing speed and performance both. Uploading an image with a large file size can increase your website loading time and downgrade its performance. 

Smush is a popular image compressing, resizing, and optimizing tool or plugin using which you can make your website users as well as search engine friendly. You can easily download smush from the plugin section in your dashboard. 

It is a freemium plugin where the free version allows you to optimize 50 images at once, if you have more than 50 images then you have to go back to your dashboard to resume the optimization process. 

Note: If you have an e-commerce website with more than 1000 products then we recommend Buying its premium feature. Or easel you can use its free version to compress you image size 

Other Tools

1. Google Mobile-Friendly Test 

Today if you want to drive more traffic and conversion then it is important for you to optimize your website for mobile devices. As most of the user search is carried out on mobile devices. 

Not only that but Google also made some changes in their algorithm called Mobile-First indexing. That means if your website is not optimized for mobile then there are chances that your website ranking may fall for mobile devices. 

Google mobile-friendly test allows you to check whether your website is optimized for mobile devices or not. Just you have to paste the link of your website and web Pages in the search bar to check its mobile-friendliness. 

Using Google mobile-friendly tests for your website will help in identifying the page loading time for the mobile devices. And it will also offer a report in which you can figure out how you can improve codes to make it mobile-friendly. Using this tool will allow you to save time and money as you don’t have to hire a developer to identify whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. 

2. Counting character


Many of you may not know that Google doesn’t count the total number of characters in the Meta title and description. Instead, it uses pixels to determine the total character. Using character count tools will allow you to check both the character count and the pixel count. You just have to paste or write the title, URL, and description. If you don’t want important words and key terms to get cut off from title and description by google then we recommend you use the Counting character tool. 

3. Portent

If your website is not using any CRM tools like WordPress then Portent can be the perfect choice to check how your Meta title and description will appear in the search results. You can enter the meta title, description, URL, and keyword to see your website appears in the search results. Potent also allows you to check how your title and description will appear on different mobile devices. 


Today there are a lot more advantages of using different SEO tools for a website. Most of the site owners get to know only a few popular SEO Tools that are available and known by most of your competitors.  But in reality there is an abundance of free SEO tools available that you can use to create an effective and impactful SEO strategy for your website. 

You can use all the details of every SEO tool to identify the best for your website and glows make use of SEO tools provided by Google as they are free and will help you in getting insight about your website SEO mainly google analytics and search console.  Remember selecting the right SEO tools that can help you in creating an effective and revenue-generating SEO strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Do I need SEO tools? 

Today if you want to succeed in your industry then it is important for you to know your website as well as your competitor’s website performance. Getting access to the reliable and user-friendly SEO tool can help you to know every aspect of your website including your SEO strategy effectiveness and performance. Remember selecting the right SEO tools that can help you in creating an effective and revenue-generating SEO strategy.

2. Which SEO tool is best?

  • Google Analytics(Analytical tool)
  • Google Data Studio(Analytical tool)
  • Enhanced Google Analytics Annotation(Analytical tool)
  • Keyword Hero (Analytical tool)
  • Answer The Public(Keyword Research Tool)
  • UberSuggest(Keyword Research Tool)
  • Wordtracker Scout(Keyword Research Tool)
  • Ahrefs Keyword Generator(Keyword Research Tool)
  • Google Keyword Planner(Keyword Research Tool)
  • Screaming Frog (Technical SEO Tool)
  • Google Search Console(Technical SEO Tool)
  • GTMetrix(Technical SEO Tool)
  • Seobility(Technical SEO Tool)
  • Link Explorer(link-building tool)
  • Ahrefs Backlink Checker(link-building tool)
  • Ahrefs SEO Toolbar(On-page tools)
  • Google Rich Result test(On-page tools)
  • Google tag manager(On-page tools)
  • Google Structured data testing tool(On-page tools)
  • Google My Business(Local SEO Tool)
  • Local Search Result Checker (BrightLocal)(Local SEO Tool)
  • Google Review Link Generator(whitespark)(Local SEO Tool)
  • Moz Local Check Business Listing(Local SEO Tool)
  • Yoast SEO Tools(WordPress SEO plugin)
  • Rank Math(WordPress SEO plugin)
  • Smush(WordPress SEO plugin)
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test(other tools)
  • Counting character(Other SEO tools)
  • Portent(other SEO tools)

3. Can I do my own SEO?

Yes if you are starting a new website with a limited budget then you do the SEO (search engine optimization) for your website by following the below steps.  

  • Perform research on the target audience and get to know about them 
  • Learns how to use the keyword tools
  • Identify the right keyword for your website and webpage 
  • Perform competitor analysis 
  • Include keywords in your website and web page title & description 
  • Optimize your images 
  • Build authority backlinks 
  • Using backlink checker identify your competitor’s backlinks 
  • Enhance your social media presence 
  • Use popular tools like google analytics and search console to know your performance
  • If you need in-depth ideas then you can either watch tutorial videos or take online free SEO courses.  

4. How much does SEO cost?

If you are planning to take SEO service for your website then it is important for you to know the costing involved. Your website types and size play a crucial role in determining the SEO service cost. In 2020 most of the SEO agencies are offering costs between $600 – $2500/month based on your industry and other factors. If you are planning to take one time SEO service then the pricing will vary between $5000 to $45000. An hourly-based SEO consultant will charge you $60-$300/hour. 

5. How do I find SEO keywords? 

Keyword research is one of the essential aspects of SEO. Using the below tips you can research and find the perfect  keyword 

  • Firstly we would recommend you to make a list of topics that related to your website 
  • Identify the purpose of each page (Create a spreadsheet)
  • Define a phrase and term for each topic (competitor analysis can make it more effective)
  • You can use keyword research tools to know the search volume for the search term that you optioned and assigned 
  • While assigning  the phrase/terms to a topic use both long tails as well as short-tail keywords 
  • Next search those terms  in the search engine to know  where your competitors are ranking (at least consider 3-4) competitor to make your keyword research more effective)
  • you can use keyword research tools and AdWords keyword planner to identify the best term for each topic 
  • Once you are done with the above, create a fresh spreadsheet and assign at least 5 unique keywords for each page.  

6. How many backlinks per day is safe? 

If we talk about backlinks then everything comes down to the link authority and authenticity. More than verifying the quantity google verifies the quality of backlink you are getting in a day. For example if you are bulbing 500 spammy backlinks in a day then instead of assigning a rank to your website Google will penalize your website and there are chances that your website may get banned. However, if your website is building 1000 authentic backlinks in a day then google will surely consider your efforts and assign you a rank. (Remember substantial growth is better than sudden growth). 

7. How many backlinks do I need?

In a simple word there is no limitation of building backlinks but yes if your website has less than 50 backlinks then there are fewer chances of getting your website ranking. But by limitation we don’t say get a link back from the spammy website too. Never do that, always try to get backlinks from the website having DA more than 40. To get high authority links on your website you can reach out to the websites that are having high domain authority as google gives more preferences to high authority links. 

8. How do I check backlink? 

There are various tools that can help you in analyzing the backlink for your competitor. If you are looking for a free tool then Link Explorer(by Moz) and Ahrefs Backlink Checker can help you in getting the backlink list of your competitor. There are paid tools available like SEMrush and Ahrefs that offer backlink checker service. Checking the backlink of your competitor will allow you to create an effective strategy and help you to analyze what type of links are helping them in getting top rank and how they are getting a backlink from a website.