COVID19  has pushed brands and businesses to change and modify their current as well as their future social media strategy. Most of us are aware that individuals and organizations are shifting to work remotely to avoid COVID19. Not only that but many countries have proposed stay-at-home orders. 

While people are staying at home their behavior and daily routine are changing. There is no denying that change in humans behavior has always impacted social media. Because of that brands are confused and hesitating to advertise right now.  Many brands and businesses have put their social media marketing and advertising on pause. 

Whereas there are brands that are analyzing their user’s behavior and shifting or modifying their social media marketing strategy to engage their customers. If you belong to the hospitality or travel industry then COVID19 may not be the perfect time to pitch your sales idea to the customer. 

But according to our social media experts, it’s the perfect time to engage users and make them trust your brand and business. Due to the change in human behavior in the COVID19 pandemic, it’s time to change or modify your social media strategy.

Tips to adjust your social media strategy

1. Consistency with the right tone

Undoubtedly COVID19 has impacted many businesses due to which most of them have paused the social media marketing and advertising. But remember consistency is the key to success. Creating social media content considering the current environment and regularly engaging users can help you to come out as a winner. Create short content depending on the current situation because things that were working two weeks back may not be effective today and today’s strategy may not be effective tomorrow. 

2. Use appropriate Words in your message 

Social media is all about creating short content using attractive and persuasive words. The words you use in your social media ads and posts play a crucial role in attracting users’ attention and relating to them. During COVID19 many businesses and brands have changed their social media conversational tone. Earlier brands used to include puns but in the current situation, it’s recommended to use appropriate words and avoid using insensitive words. 

3. Update your customer and followers about your business

With the world moving toward reopening and getting the economy back on track it’s your time to update you on the customer with the current status. Tell them about the measures you are taking during this pandemic to keep your consumer as well as employee safety. If you have any changes in timing or way of communication then let your user know about it. 

4. Share initiative taken by your company 

In the COVID19 pandemic, most of the companies and businesses are coming out to support the community by taking an initiative to help people affected by the recent pandemic. For example, if you have a restaurant business and you have taken the small initiative to help the community by offering them food and more. Highlight your contribution and encourage your followers to do the same.  

5. Educate your community

Many brands out there are focused on creating small videos and text content to prevent users from getting affected by COVID19. Your content can be about the Safety measures people should take during the COVID19 pandemic. Recently we came across a brand that was educating people on how they should live during covid19 like maintaining social distancing, washing hands properly, using the mask to cover their face, and more. No matter whether you have a restaurant or a travel business creating community content will help you to get your visitor’s attention.

6. Share your Expertise

Accept it or not but the COVID19 pandemic is the best time to showcase your thought leadership and share your expertise. There are many small businesses out there that are badly affected by the pandemic. Reaching out to them through social media with an effective resource that tells about how to manage the business during COVID19 will help you to share your expertise.  Many experts out there are taking proactive approaches to help the community and clients to come out of the current crisis by creating the podcast, video content, live webinar and more. 

7. Take suggestion from your user 

When you think you are falling short of content ideas, photos and videos then you the user can be the best resource. Asking your audience for the suggestion will not only help you to get new and creative ideas but it will also help you to engage them. 

8. Two Way conversation

Earlier we have mentioned stay at home order is giving rise to the use of social media and people are coming online which means they are active on social media. make use of it by offering two-way communication. You can post a simple question or create polls in your social media stories to engage users. Keeping your audience engaged with your post during this pandemic will surely help you later with your marketing efforts.

9. Explore new platforms

Many brands and companies always wanted to explore new social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and more. Now is the best time to explore those platforms because many social media experts claim that these platforms are grabbing user’s attention and during this lockdown other than Facebook and Instagram many users are spending their time on social media platforms like Snapchat and Facebook. 

10. Create Internal developed Video Content  

Not new but one of the most effective tips to grab user attention is by offering them internally video content. You can create a few internally developed videos and check how it performs among the audience. You can approach your team and ask someone to create an internally developed video, conference calls, and in home-recorded videos.  

11. Evaluate social media advertising campaign

There are businesses out there using social media advertising to keep their business afloat during this pandemic. Whereas there are few badly hit industries like (events, hospitality, and travel) were social media advertising may not be applicable or effective. If you are using social media advertising then make sure the language you use is appropriate and doest involve too many puns (depending on the current situation). Try to make your campaign more specific depending on the current situation. It will help you with your budget and save money. 

12. Analyze your future content 

Undoubtedly every company has a content calendar and pre-made content for the future. But today it is hard to predict user interest and how user behavior will change in the future. That’s why it is recommended to analyze your future content. You can also create short content and tuck it for the future depending on the situation. 

13. Track you KPI

Today Key performance is one of the essential things that will help you to analyze how your social media strategy is performing among the audience. It is not necessary that the social media strategy you are creating and applying for your business during COVID19 will work effectively and give you impactful results. KPI gives you an in-depth idea about how your campaign and strategy is performing. It helps you to identify whether the changes you made were effective or not. If you want to get impactful results then it is always recommended to track your social media strategy performance.    


There are many companies and businesses out there that are struggling to keep their business afloat during the COVID19 pandemic. If you have products and services that you think people will not buy during the COIVD19 pandemic then it is recommended to leverage social media. 

Yes, instead of focusing on other things make use of social media to increase your brand awareness. Don’t approach customers to buy the product or service. Instead, focus on engaging users and communicating with them. Try to build a strong relationship with your customers. Not today but your efforts will surely offer you impactful results in the future.