Video Marketing is one of the most essential aspects of any social media strategy. The idea of social media video marketing is not new but in recent years the consumption of video content has skyrocketed. Creating reliable and impactful social media video marketing strategies can help to increase your video reach and engagement. 

Earlier, a video was considered as one piece of an overall marketing target but today things have changed. Video can be the central medium of your marketing efforts especially in your social; media marketing strategy

According to the zenith media, between the year 2013, the consumption of video has increased at an average of 32% pre year. In the same report, they mentioned that a person will spend at least 100 minutes of their time in a day to watch the video by the year 2021. 

If you are a social media marketer then you need to take these stats into account as it will help you to craft your future social media video marketing strategy. Even if you look at today’s demand than the user spends more time on a platform that is offering short as well as long.

In this article, we will help you to determine what is video marketing and different types of marketing videos that you can use while creating videos for your business. Not only that but we will also assist you with video marketing tips from scratch. 

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What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is one of the important aspects of marketing that uses video content to promote the product and service. Videos are one of the best ways to increase awareness and engage users on different social media platforms as it allows you to educate your customer and increase the reach of your business and product. 

Different Type of Marketing Videos 

Before creating any video you need to determine what type of video you are going to create for your website. Below we are listing some important and popular marketing videos that you can use for your website and business.

Educational videos 

One of the most popular and most important types of videos that ever brands and businesses should create to give the audience a better understanding of your business and products. By creating educational videos you are helping your customer to identify the problem your product is solving. It can also be used by your sales team when they expand about your products.   

Brand Videos

These types of videos are more polished videos that are created to show the brand vision and mission. Using brand videos you can give a short description of the product and services offered by your brand. 

Interview Videos 

These types of videos help you in showcasing your brand product and product effectively. You can build trust and authority with your potential audience by capturing interviews with influencers and industry leaders. They are popular among your audience, getting an interview with then help you to build strong bonding with your target audience. 

Event Videos 

If your business or brand is hosting events like conferences, fundraisers, round tables, or other types of events then you can create short event videos to increase the awareness of your video. 

Explainer Video 

It is another type of video that you can create to help your customer with a better understanding of your products and services. Your video can include what type of problems your product is solving and how they can make use of your product.  

Animated Video 

If you are trying to explain hard-to-grasp content then animated videos can be the best way to give in-depth detail about the content using strong and attractive visuals. 

Behind the scene videos 

It is another type of video that gives insight into your brand and company. These types of videos have higher engine rates as it attracts more user attention. 

7 Tips to create a successful video for your business in 2020

1. Create goals for your videos 

Before creating any videos for social media it is important to identify and set goals for your videos. Setting a goal makes it easy for marketers to find different ways to fulfill that goal. 

By setting a goal we are telling to define where your video will land in the marketing funnel. Few companies wish to increase their brand awareness whereas most companies create videos for conversion purposes.  

There are many tops brands and companies that use videos mainly for advertising. Videos help users to get in-depth details about the product and helps them to picture themselves with the product. 

Many brands and companies use short videos in their social media ads to grab the user’s attention. Once users find the ads relevant and interesting than without any hesitation they will click on the ad that will redirect them to the desired web pages.  

If your goal is to increase sales then the link will redirect the user to the product page or if you wish to collect their details then it will direct you to the desired landing page. The video you create can be a multi-purpose video that you can use in your fess p[asot as well as in social ads. 

In the marketing funnel, there are totally six stages (as shown in the picture) your video content strategy can target each funnel, and depending on that you can create the videos. Identifying and setting goals for your video will help you to create funnel focused and Highly effective call to action for your video content. 

2. Select your platforms

Undoubtedly every social media platform offers different types of videos. Platforms like Facebook offer several types of videos to their users whereas other platforms like Snapchat and TikTok support only one type of video. 

Instead of using a new platform, we would recommend starting from a platform that you are familiar with like Facebook, Instagram, and more. In the recent report, Statista stated that Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are among the popular platforms where users spend time watching videos. So you can select any popular platform and start your video marketing.          

Next while selecting your platform you can also consider the video dimension used by different social media platforms. If you are creating video for different purposes then it will surely help to consider the platform.    

If you are planning to create a video series or a video guide then we would recommend considering platforms like Facebook and Youtube where you can easily categorize each video depending on the top and publish them so that it becomes convenient for users to find those products. (remember youtube accepts portrait-oriented videos but it prefers landscape video). You can also make use of Instagram IGTV features to add series. 

3. Decide the type of video you want to create 

Undoubtedly there are different types of video content available for different purposes. Most of the business think that social media video can only be used to increase awareness but in reality, the video serves different purposes. 

When we talk about video marketing in social media then it is recommended to determine what type of business works best for your business. Sometimes an educational video can offer more conversion than sales-specific video content. That is why it is recommended to determine the type of video that works for your website. 

Remember every video available on the different platforms doesn’t serve the same purpose. Below we are listing different types of video used by brands and businesses. 

  • Educational video content: Educational videos are the most common type of videos that most of us have come across. It is basically used to educate users about the brand and product to increase brand awareness. Compared to other types of videos it offers a more polished tone as it reflects brand image and expertise. If you have a product that you think can solve users’ problems then it is recommended to create educational videos that can educate them about your product and services. 
  • Behind the scene video content: These types of videos are liked by the audience as it gives insight about companies working. You could have come actress these type of videos that tell how their employee operate (factories, office backend work and more) 
  • Interview: It is another type of video that you can create to showcase your brand and business authority in front of the audience. Creating videos with a guest speaker or with popular influencers not only grabs the user’s attention but it also engages them and allows you to showcase your expertise. 
  • Product Review or testimonials: One of the best ways to boost your sales. By creating these types of videos you can show how satisfied your customers are after purchasing your products. Creating this type of videos can help you persuade your potential customer to make a purchase from your store.  
  • Demo: These types of videos help the user to know how they can make use of the product. If you have a product that requires assistance to access its features then you can create a short Demo and informative video to educate your audience.   
  • Entertaining Videos: One of the common types of videos that include pranks, humorous content, and more. This type of video is created just to entertain the audience and engage them. Entertaining videos can be the best way to build a strong relationship with the customer.    

If you are confused about where to start then we would recommend you to create an educational video first as it can help you to grab the user’s attention and allow you to build a strong bond. Once successfully set up the user base then you can shift to creating other types of video content. 

4. Plan your video content production

Planning your video content production is a crucial part that gives you ideas about the needed requirement and equipment. After identifying what type of video you want to create for your business, you can’t simply jump onto creating a video. Preparing a proper video content production plan will help you to save time and money.  

Once you are aware of how you will create your video content then things will become easier not for one day but for the long run. There are video content production companies out there that can help you with pre as well as post-production work. But if you wish to work with the in-house video creation team then below we are listing some points that you can consider before creating your video.

  • Identify the required equipment and tools 
  • Create and edit the video content script 
  • Next, you can create the visual representation of the film sequence and break down the action into a single panel. (storyboard of your video content)
  • Plan the shoot to get the best filming result 
  • Select the best location that allows you to deliver your message. (be natural use daylight to film your video)
  • Edit your footage to get more impactful results 
  • To make your filming process more effective, assign an expert to approve different steps.  To edit the script you can assign experts, get location approval and more 
  • Make sure the background music you are using doesn’t land in copyright issues. 

Content planning is the best way to get a more impactful video that will relate to your audience. After identifying your content plan next it is recommended focusing on your post-production part as it will play a major role in delivering your video message and fulfilling your desire. 

5. Focus on post-production

Most people think that post-production work involves editing and managing the video with music. But in reality post-production works allows users to add text overlays, CTAs on the screen, captions, and more. If you are planning to post the video on youtube or use the video for social media ads then it is important to focus on post-production work. It will allow you to create a polished video that will attract user attention. 

All types of videos require post-production work. If you are publishing facebook live video then you’ll be able to edit the title and caption of the video. One thing that differentiates publishing live video on Facebook and pre-made videos on youtube are the post-production efforts. Some videos like live video, IGTV, and more require less post-production work whereas pre-made videos require your time.

For example, uploading a video on youtube requires a lot more effort than publishing a live stream video. While uploading the video you may want to add a description,  affiliate link, website links, annotation, and more. Adding these little things in your video takes time and attention.   

Before getting into any video creation process it is recommended to analyze what type of video content you are going to create. If you are going live then the video can be a big cause and topic relevant. But when it comes to uploading a premade video on different platforms then it is recommended to create a more polished video.

6. Promote your video

After creating your video next you have to promote it to increase the reach of your video content. You can upload your video on different video streaming platforms by assigning the tag, category, playlist, and privacy setting and more. 

Most of the companies focus on numbers that fail them to create attractive and persuasive videos. By saying the number we are not restricting you to create multiple videos but make sure every video you create should be productive and bring value to your business. 

Creating one fully-produced video can be used on various platforms for various purposes. Depending on the video quality it can also be used for months depending on your social media schedule. You can use it on your website on different video streaming platforms and in social media ads. That’s why it is recommended to spend time and create videos that can be used for multiple purposes. 

If your video marketing strategy includes live streaming videos then it is recommended to advertise and increase the awareness so that users can join your live stream video. Remember the number displayed on your live streaming video will play a major role in attracting users for your next live streams.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What is a video marketing strategy? 

Video marketing is used to promote products and services to increase awareness, engagement, and conversion on different video offering platforms. You can reach out to us to create an effective video strategy for your business.

2. Why is video so important in marketing? 

User likes to spend time watching Video content as it saves time and help them to understand the topic within a short period of time. Not only that but video content also helps brands and businesses to generate a high return on investment. If you want to create an attractive and persuasive video then you can always contact us

3. Are videos effective marketing? 

Undoubtedly videos are the best way to increase awareness, educates the audience, and entertain them to create a strong bond with them. If your marketing strategy doesn’t include video marketing then its time to include video marketing to boost your website traffic and sales.

4. Why use video in social media? 

Social media are the best platform to attract user attention. Creating video and publishing it on social media give a boost to your engagement rate and help to grab your audience’s attention.