The Google algorithm updates encourage better SEO practices the marketers are required to perform on the website. Google strives to optimize the quality of web pages available as search results for particular consumer queries. It also maintains user trust and convenience by offering the perfect search engine results as per the queries and issues. Therefore, Google keeps on introducing new search engine standards & protocols that website owners and digital marketers must follow to raise their web page quality and consequently their search engine ranking. 

The aim of website SEO is to optimize your existing web page quality as per the existing search engine norms. Besides Google, there are other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc that also have their own search engine protocols. These protocols help search engines wipe out irrelevant search results or websites that follow black hat SEO or inappropriate means to rank higher on the SERPs. As a result users and searchers get a fine experience searching for their favorite topics and could trust the top SERPs before visiting. BERT update is also one of those protocols.

Google has introduced the BERT algorithm recently and it helps Google better understand how human beings communicate over different internet platforms. This can lead to Google generating more relative and perfect results against the user queries. It can also be helpful for Local SEO goals the marketers are required to accomplish. Given below are the main highlights of the article you’re going to learn here: 

  • What is Google’s BERT Update? 
  • What Are the Different Features of the BERT Algorithm?
  • How BERT Update Works?
  • How Can You Improve SEO & Ranking With BERT Protocol?
  • Things to Remember While Optimizing Website as per BERT Update
  • Wrapping Up on BERT

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What is Google’s BERT Update?

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, quite awkward to understand, isn’t it? In simple words, you can consider it as a Google algorithm program that studies human communication thoroughly. Human communication does not just consist of words and letters representing a specific language. It additionally represents specific feelings and emotions too. The emerging voice search feature in Google may lead to many other algorithm updates in the future. 

On the basis of thorough human communication analysis, this algorithm helps Google generate more relative and adequate results for user queries. The users often use their native language along with English to find something on search engines and Google has to analyze such different communication styles effectively. That’s why the BERT update came into existence. You can also call it a neural network-based technique that focuses on studying different types of local languages people use. 

BERT was initially introduced in 2018 as the most advanced Google algorithm concept to date and still holds the position among the best Google algorithm updates so far. The final release date of this update was October 2019. It has also improved the Google translation mechanism very effectively and it can translate the given input into a very accurate output. 

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What Are the Different Features of the BERT Algorithm?

The BERT update is a revolutionary Google protocol update that figures out the various languages and communication styles associated with the searches users conduct on Google. Consequently, the search engine can bring more effective and accurate search results for the users finding answers to their queries. Following this, we can talk about various features associated with BERT that could help you improve your SEO strategy for better search ranking. Take a look at these features: 

1. Based on NLP Framework

NLP means Nature Language Processing Framework and it helps Google keep generating a database of various languages all over the world, no matter what level of localization is involved with it. If a new language emerges anywhere in the world, Google can understand it right away very quickly. This language processing framework is not just limited to catching the general speaking but also the different styles and emotions the users employed in their queries. The framework can also understand a mixup in the language as such. 

2. Bi-Directional Context

The new Google algorithm update also helps Google understand Bi-directional context that was not possible a couple of years ago before the incorporation of BERT. The bi-directional context addresses different situations related to user communications. Different situations relate to different emotions and different tones of the same language. Now, the problem doesn’t arise in case the content is in English, but for the other languages, it could be a challenge for Google to find out the accurate meaning of a sentence.

3. Transformer Architecture

The approaching feature is the transformer architecture that’s helpful for establishing relationships between different words in a sentence. You may consider a long tail keyword or user query in this context. If the user implies a word with incorrect spelling, the BERT update can find out the mistake by knowing the relationship of the word with the entire sentence. Moreover, it again comes out with the best results possible as per the correct version of the keyword. As such, this update is very crucial for any kind of Google search the users conduct. 

4. Pre-Training for Unlabeled Text

An unlabeled test means pure plain text that does not address a proper source on the internet. Moreover, it is very unique and fresh as compared to earlier texts on the internet. It may confuse search engines regarding what the user is requesting to know. This text could also consist of inappropriate content for which the search engine is not a sufficient place to answer; however, the search engine can understand everything easily, because of BERT

5. Prediction of Context

Though the feature was already present on Google, now it works all the way through the new language parameters that the BERT update is good enough to fulfill. Google search box could predict more local language stuff than before based on the various communication tones the users make use of. Predictions can help them find out the best list of results related to what they’re looking for. Moreover, predictions also help search engines realize the top demand for a particular search query and the search engines rank those queries accordingly in the future. 

These features differentiate the latest Google algorithm update from the other major updates in the past. For better search engine optimization results we suggest you follow all these Google algorithms properly so that you could rank your best web pages more efficiently on the SERPs. Besides, you can also consult eGoodMedia for added support and assistance for your digital marketing project. We’re a famous SEO Company in Seattle providing different online business promotion goals around the globe!!

How BERT Update Works? 

Every popular Google algorithm update available out there follows a particular mechanism of operation that contributes to better search engine results. The BERT algorithm also consists of a specific work structure and runs its operations accordingly. You must focus on what’s essential for your SEO campaign and leave the search engine ranking process up to Google. Now you can decide on using special words and phrases for your content promotion as Google tries to capture whatever users search as per their local convenience too. 

Enlisted are the entire process BERT uses to represent the best results out there for the relative user queries. Go through them: 

  • BERT uses a transformer mechanism to create the finest search results as per the consumer query
  • This mechanism focuses on finding relations between different words & keywords associated with a long tail user query if any
  • The transformer mechanism further consists 2 sub-mechanisms called Encoder & Decoder
  • Encoder analyses the text input provided by the user where Decoder set up corresponding predictions associated with the user query
  • The encoder analysis is more important than the Decoder task because its focuses on the target language model the search engine requires to generate
  • Avoiding decoder mechanism, the BERT algorithm switch to another prediction technique known as Masked Language Modeling (MLM)
  • Following this technique, Google randomly masks some words in the sentence and predicts the words accordingly
  • That’s how the neural network architecture of BERT works for the representation of the best search engine results as per the language and communication style used by modern searchers. 

To understand the whole process more effectively, you must conduct an SEO operation and keyword research in the most native or local form known to you. Or else you can simply contact eGoodMedia and assign your next SEO projects to our highly experienced search engine marketing professionals for enhanced assistance and support. We’re a Result Oriented SEO Company and we aim to help several website owners raise their online presence across the SERPs!

How Can You Improve SEO & Ranking With BERT Protocol?

Although the BERT protocol is more focused on getting things to work effectively for Google itself, this update can also encourage webmasters to generate better SEO strategies and outcomes for their respective websites. The algorithm is associated with the SERPs and that’s why it affects the SEO and website ranking of your online business. Following the BERT update you can make several changes to your web content and marketing strategy as explained below:

1. Work on Your Web Writing

A poorly written website consists of irrelevant and poor-quality web pages that are not at all acceptable on Google search results. In fact, with the introduction of BERT, the marketers need to stay more conscious of the search results as Google increases the rate of relativity and accuracy of the search results using this algorithm. Therefore, you have to make sure that your web content is very much relevant and free from the less important stuff. 

2. Effective Keyword Research

Keyword research depends on what the users and customers are looking for and in this case you’re suggested to go for long-tail keywords. The Google algorithm update we’re discussing in this context particularly focuses on long-tail keywords as these keywords reflect various native styles and communication ideas that are very essential for Google to learn. The more it learns the better search results it’s going to generate, and that’s where your competitors steal all their opportunities. 

3. Better Guest Posting Plans

Moving ahead, guest posting is also a considerable Off-Page SEO technique to follow and increase traffic on your website. The search engine crawlers haven’t stopped analyzing guest posting and external link-building strategies of the potential webmasters. Even after the introduction of the new BERT update as such, the search engines are concerned about the external backlinks related to your web pages and you must make sure of the quality of the same. 

4. Forget Any Black Hat SEO Strategy

The new algorithm suggests that Google is getting more and more conscious about the search engine results it’s able to generate for user convenience. Hence, you have to leave any Black Hat SEO Strategy and focus on genuine content creation goals that shouldn’t affect your online reputation anyway, or else Google is going to kick off your website URL right away from the search results. A fair SEO strategy may take time to rank your website well but it is indeed the right way to approach. 

5. Decide on More SERP Attributes

There are many other varieties of search engine results except for the blog pages on the SERPs. You can adopt a fine schema markup approach to represent your web page result in a unique way and also grab more user attention ranking on the top. Moreover, you can also approach the People Also Ask (PAA) Box to represent your web page results more effectively. The PAA Box often consists of long-tail keywords in the form of various questions the users put on the internet. The Google BERT Update also appreciates all such SERP attributes as long as they address the user queries perfectly. 

As such, you can maintain your SEO and website ranking operations more efficiently for your website to stay among the top SERPs. You can also contact eGoodMedia to improve your SEO practices further for more customer recognition along with the SERPs. Our trusted SEO and Social Media Marketing Company is ready to assist you through your digital marketing campaign!

Things to Remember While Optimizing Website as per BERT Update

It is a firm fact that whatever search engine algorithm Google introduces over time, you have to optimize your website accordingly. You have to make changes to your website so as to retain your position in the top SERPs. The BERT update also encourages webmasters to make certain changes to their websites for maintaining better SEO outcomes. Enlisted are the things you need to remember while optimizing your website likewise. Have a look: 

1. Don’t Bother About Content-Length

Long-tail queries don’t mean you always have to create comprehensive web page content for your website. You can simply explain your point in a limited number of words too. Though you can create some long scrolling pages for your website, that’s a completely different subject. The BERT update is instead in favor of compact web articles that could help users get solutions to their issues as soon as possible. Long-form content can often confuse them about a perfect answer to their problem. 

2. Consider Long Tail Keywords More

You must focus more on long-tail keywords especially in the form of questions. Following the BERT algorithm, Google can rank your website more efficiently if you have used long-tail keywords in your content. However, you’re not supposed to reject the short keywords completely. Long-tail keywords are also less in SEO competition but grab low website traffic. If you’ve got a niche website, such keywords could become your best companion. 

3. Stay Updated to New Keywords

The BERT update requires Google to keep exploring new keywords and search queries as there are several languages across the world. Moreover, there are different subforms of all these languages further that Google still needs to analyze. So, that’s your chance to keep finding more and more keywords and emerging user queries in this context. 

Wrapping Up on BERT

We hope you got to learn enough about the latest BERT algorithm of Google and might be interested to upgrade your website SEO and ranking strategy accordingly. If you still have any doubt regarding your online marketing campaign you can visit eGoodMedia anytime. We’re an Award-Winning SEO Company in Vancouver and hope to assist you through your website promotion project in the future. Let us know your thoughts!!