Want your website to get ahead of your competitor’s website? If yes then it’s time to focus on optimizing your website for voice search.

In the beginning, voice search started as a small concept but after seeing technologies diverting toward AI, ML, NLP, and more we can say voice search is going to be the next big thing mainly for the search industry. Why? 

Because voice search makes it easy for the user to find their solution or answer without getting their hands on the phone. It saves users time, offers them more accurate results instantly, and most importantly it optimizes the user’s search experience. 

Many tops SEO agencies and brands are predicting that soon most of the searches will be conducted via voice. Users have already started to use voice search to search for places, solutions, restaurants, and more. 

Voice search is considered to be one of the most popular emergent strategies that will grow and will change the way SEO is carried out for various websites. Optimizing your website for voice search will enable you to drive more organic and targeted traffic. Not only that but it will also help you to improve your customer experience and help you to get ahead of your competition.

In this article, we will help you to demystify what is voice search and different tips that you can consider to optimize your website for voice search. 

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Tips to Optimize your website for voice search 

1. Target long-tail keyword and phrases

One of the best and most effective ways to optimize your website for voice search is to target more long-tail keywords and phrases. Where the user uses their voice to perform web searches they mostly use long-tail keywords in a conversational style. 

If your website or your content page contains a long-tail keyword your search is most likely to appear on top for that particular voice search. Due to less competition, there are chances that Google may recommend your website on the top for a particular search used in voice search.  

Long-tail search terms or phrases are considered to be a bit longer than a typical search query or the seed keyword. Almost every company focuses on the short and highly competitive keyword or we can say the seed keyword to get users on their website. But with the increase in voice searches, it’s time to reconsider your strategy and include the long-tail keyword on your website.

You can conduct research on how people use voice search? what type of long-tail keyword they use to search for your niche website. Generally, the terms used in voice search are conversational that people use in their day-to-day life. 

By including long-tail keywords, answering frequently asked questions and more you make your website eligible to get top ranking for voice search. Compared to short queries, a long-tail keyword is less competitive which makes it cheaper and allows you to get more target users that are likely to become your customer. 

So, if you want your website to appear in voice searches then we recommend considering these tips for your website. 

2. Create content using conversational language 

It is said that more than 40% of the user use conversational language while performing voice searches. That means more than a seed or specific keyword, you need to focus on creating content using conversational language and includes the long-tail keyword.  

If you want your business and website to appear in the voice search results then being conversation is the primary criterion. The more your content contains robotic language the fewer your website chances are to appear in the voice search results. 

Today with the advancement in technologies, voice search devices are acting like humans (in terms of communication) which encourages its user to communicate in a friendly way using conversational language. 

That means if a user is looking to find the latest SEO trends then instead of saying 

(latest SEO trend in 2020) they prefer to say (Hey Siri, what are the new SEO trends I should know in 2020). That’s why we recommend you use a conversational tone in your content for voice search.

Using natural language in your content increases the chances of getting your content or web page matched with the voice search queries. But for thet, you need to focus on understanding user intent. How your potential customers are asking verbal queries. You need to identify an anticipated type of query users will use to find your product or services. 

Once you become familiar with user intent then it will become easy for you to use the same in your content. Below we are listing some questions that can help you to get more accurate results. 

  • What type of queries users are using to find your niche website? 
  • Identify their conversational style
  • What type of questions are mostly asked by your potential customer 
  • What type of answers are fulfilling their requirement 
  • What type of queries are performing well among your potential customers 

3. Include FAQ’s in your content 

Another way to optimize your website for voice search is by including frequently asked questions in your content and web pages. As mentioned earlier more than 40% of the user uses conversation language while performing web searches. 

Most of the time users conduct voices search on devices that talk like humans and offer the same feeling. That’s why the way voice search is conducted also differs. Reconsidering or re-structuring, your content will help you to get more impactful results. 

No matter how effective and persuasive your content structure is for the search queries. If you want your website to appear in voice search results then you need to reconsider and structure your content. 

Including short questions and answers in your content will help you to imporve your content structure and layout, making it more voice search-friendly. According to the backlinko study, google gives preference to answers to voice search queries having a total of 29-word count. SEMrush study also says that answers should contain a total of 41 words for voice search queries. 

If you are creating a blog for your website then make sure it contains frequently asked questions. Including this column enhance your website structure and if it fulfills voice search condition (in terms of word limit) then most probably your answers may appear for specific voice search queries, 

4. Update Google My business listing 

We know the user uses terms like “restaurant near me” “salon near me” and more. During their voice search. If you want your business to appear for those searches then it is important for you to keep updating your Google My Business listing regularly. 

Keeping your listing up to date and offering more current information allows your business to appear whenever the user voice search term contains the keyword “near me”. Listing your business and offering current information is a way to tell google that your business timing and menu have been updated.

Make sure you mention the current and updated name, address, phone number, and location so that whenever a user asks google to find that particular business or location-specific business your business appears in the result.

Today most of the users are performing ‘near me” searches on their mobile devices using voice search. If you want your business to rank higher for particular searches then we recommend targeting local keywords to gain a higher ranking. Keep your Google My Business Listing up to date to grab more customers through voice search. 

5. Optimize your website for different search engine 

If you are looking to optimize your website for voice search then do it for different search engines. Many websites avoid doing it just because they think it doesn’t worth optimizing websites for search engines other than Google. 

If you wonder why you need to optimize it for different search engines then read the below paragraph. Whether you are aware or not but Apple’s Siri uses Bing as its primary search engine. Apple’s iPhone is considered to be the most widely used smartphone which has overtaken Samsung. Not only thet but IOS still has 31.3% of the US smartphone market share. 

The above data is sufficient enough to offer you a convincing reason why you need to optimize your website for different search engines. When it comes to voice search Siri is another widely used bot that makes it easy for the user to perform a web search. Make sure your website is optimized for different search engines. 

But here is the thing, you cant purposely optimize your website only for other search engines. No matter how popular iPhones are but Google is still considered the top search engine that can offer immense amounts of traffic. 

Undoubtedly, content quality and relevancy are considered the most important factor whein it comes to optimize a website or web page. But make sure a small difference in how a search engine works for voice searches should not impact your website structure and optimization process until you have a strong reason for it. 

6. Add Schema Metadata 

Including Schema metadata on your website is another tip that you can consider to optimize your website for voice searches. If you have optimized your website for technical and on-page SEO then you might have come across this term called schema. 

Schema is a markup language that allows you to offer additional information about your website to search engines. It acts as metadata or you can say data about data. Including schema metadata on your website allows the search engine to get a better understanding of what your web page is about. 

Once Google successfully identifies your website purpose then it will automatically boost your web page visibility for voice search. Make sure you follow all the above tips to enhance Schema metadata effectiveness. If used and implemented properly it can surely help your website and web pages to appear for a particular voice search.


With each year passing voice search is becoming a popular and widely used search type that will soon be used by more than 60%. Searcher behaviors are constantly changing, they are looking for a more convenient and efficient way to get the problem or question solved. Voice search has all the capabilities to help users in getting their problem solved and question-answered. 

But if you want your website or business to appear in voice search results then it is important to optimize your website for voice searches. You and your website must be prepared for any upcoming trends to meet the search engine as well as user expectations. 

Almost every tech giant like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and more has already optimized for voice search for their customers and users. If you haven’t optimized your website yet for search engines then it’s time to consider the above tips and optimize your website for voice search. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What is voice engine optimization? 

VEO or Voice engine optimization refers to optimizing your website and web page voice searches. When performing voice search user speaks a different language than they use is google web search to find product and services. For example, if a user performs a web search to find a steakhouse then they may use terms like “steakhouse near me”. But in voice search, they may use “What’s the nearest steak house”. If you want your business to appear for voice searches then you need to optimize your website for VEO. 

Apart from voice searches, there are other SEO trends that you need to consider for your SEO strategy as well as your website. Hiring the best SEO agency for your business will not only help your website to rank on the top but will also ensure that your website and SEO strategy are updated with the latest trends.

2. How can I make my website appear in voice search? 

  • Make sure your website is optimized for rich answers 
  • Create a new content strategy 
  • Target long-tail keywords 
  • Optimize your website and content structure
  • Add FAQ’s in your content
  • Keep your google my business listing Up to dated 

If you are looking to optimize your website for voice search then we recommend you reach out to the best SEO agency experienced in optimizing websites for the latest SEO trends. 

3. How many searches are voice searches? 

According to many SEO agencies and experts, more than 50% of the user is using their voice for web search. Adobe released its data in July which tells that 48% of the consumers are using voice for general web search. There are a few more data that tells in the future most of the voice search will occur on mobile devices.  That means if you want your website to appear for 

Looking to update your website for the latest SEO trends? If yes then we recommend partnering with an experienced SEO agency that can help you in updating your SEO strategy and website depending on the latest trends so that you can outperform your competitors.