Are you looking to update yourself with the latest SEO Trends to maintain or upgrade your website rank?  If yes then you have landed on the right article where we will be highlighting top SEO trends to follow in 2020. 

Reading this article will give you insight into what SEO trends and techniques that will help you to dominate the search engine result page and earn more organic traffic and revenue in 2020.

In recent years, top search engines like Google are continuously updating their algorithms to offer more optimized search results. Considering that keeping yourself updated with the latest SEO trends will help you to maintain your website rank and reputation.   

In this article, we will help you to determine the top SEO trends which you can follow in 2020 to rank your website on the top page in SERP. 

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Top SEO Trends to follow in 2020

1. Featured Snippet

Google has always tried to offer the best and optimized search experience to its users and featured snippets are considered one among them.  A featured snippet is not a new trend but yes after 2019 featured snippets started grabbing many users’ attention. Because of that Google also started creating featured snippets for different search terms. 

Featured snippets appear on the top in the search engine result page i.e on the first position as shown in the picture. It makes it easy for the user to get their answer or solution in a short time. If they find the answer or solution to be relevant then it encourages them to click on the result to get in-depth ideas of the content. 

If you want your web page to rank for a particular featured snippet then you have offered clear, detailed, accurate, and pragmatic answers to commonly asked questions. The quality of your web page and answers matters the most and there are other factors considered by Google while ranking a web page for the featured snippet. Getting your web page eligible for feature snippets will enable you to get an immense amount of traffic. 

Look for the web pages that are ranking for particular keywords analysis why google is featuring their web page in the featured snippet. Then offer more optimized content that can garb search engine bot attention and encourage then to rank your web page for the featured snippet. 

2. User-Focused Optimization (BERT Algorithm) 

In the year 2019 google launched  BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) Algorithm which is a deep learning algorithm associated with natural language processing (NLP). 

After the launch of BERT, it grabbed many SEO professional’s attention and was considered the next SEO trend that can help websites to optimize their web pages for Google. m Instead of finding different ways to optimize the website for BERT algorithm websites should focus more on user-focused optimization and technical delivery of content.  

That means the content you are going to offer should be based on user intent. Frederic Debut a senior program manager (Bing) stated that in the year 2020 NLP and deep learning will be the main focus area and the website can expect the search engines to take a shift from keywords to intent-based searches.  

Today SEO professionals are aware that today users have more options when it comes down to searching for their solution. That is why it is important for SEO professionals to focus more on offering clean architecture and content delivery.

With the inclusion of the BERT algorithm, Google is directing websites that in future search is going to be about intent matching rather than string matching. In 2020 SEO is going to be more about solving user queries by asking the audience what they want from the search engines. 

On a regular basis, Google is updating its algorithm to offer more optimized search results based on user intent. If you still think that google bot focuses on the content page or keyword matching to the web page then it’s time to reconsider your SEO strategy. Focusing on user intent and understanding user’s expectations on how they talk about their issue and problems will help you to offer a more impactful solution that will be recognized by google. 

2. Python and R Programming      

With the advancement in SEO techniques, many SEO pundits are recommending to use a programming language like Python and R to reduce or eliminate most of the time consuming and unessential tasks. 

Not only that but these programming languages will also help you in SEO automation that means once you start saving your precious time then you can focus more on enhancing your other marketing fundamentals like optimizing the customer experience, storytelling, listening to your target market, offering user intent-based content and more.

In 2020 and coming year python and R programming language will be widely used by many SEO professionals to optimize the SEO process. There is no brainer that Excel is an important tool for any SEO professional but moving beyond Excel for data analysis can save a lot of time and give you more impactful results.

Making use of these programming languages allows you to get a more advanced analysis of your own data. Not only that but you can also get an in-depth insight of other data. You can apply machine learning to solve complex problems and make complex decisions. As said earlier there is a lot of advantage of using programming languages like python, R programming in your SEO process. 

Optimizing Websites for voice search 

Voice search is another SEO trend that you can consider in 2020. Instead of typing, today most of the users have started to use voice search to find places, content, and more.

“Google can you find the steak house near me” these types of voice search queries are used by users allowing them to solve their queries within a short period of time. 

According to the latest data, in 2019 more than 20% of the search queries were carried out by mobile devices. With the advancement in technologies, voice search is grabbing many user’s attention. 

Today voice searches are not only carried out on mobile devices but there are home voice assistants like amazon echo, Samsung smart TV, voice pod, etc. are among the devices used to perform  Optimizing your website for voice search will help you in generating more organic traffic on your website.  

If you wonder how voice search affects SEO? Voice search has huge effects on SEO because it is similar to how the user performs searches in the search engine only the difference is instead of typing they are using voice to search queries. 

Remember most of the voice search queries are long-tail and very specific because users don’t want to waste time searching for things they are not interested in. Voice search also allows them to be more specific. 

Optimizing your website for more long-tail keywords will help you to get your website listed in the results. Another benefit of voice search is that it offers a different set of users that are likely to become your customer. 

Offering High Quality and Optimized content

Content is everything is SEO. No matter how effective and optimized your website design is for users, without content they will fail to identify the purposes of your website. Offering high-quality content, structured, and optimized content is not a new SEO trends but in 2020 offering user intent cabinet will offer you more effective results. 

Yes, google ads are another way to drive traffic. But from the current situation, we can say that online ads are going to be more expensive. Creating and offering high-quality content will be the key to drive more organic traffic on your website. 

Create content thet relates to user problems and helps them to solve their problem within a short span of time. Not only the user but if you produce high-quality content then it will also attract search engine bot attention. They also give preference to websites offering high quality and intent bases content. 

There is no brainer thet users head toward search engine to find their answer if your website is offering authentic and informative answers then google will surely reward your web page by ranking it on the top in search engine result page.

The search engine tells that content that is well researched and structure is always rewarded in terms of ranking. Offering educational content increases your website authority. You can follow the below steps to create content for your website 

  • Demystify your target audience and their search behavior.   
  • Understand what type of problems they are asking, the main intent behind those problems or questions 
  • Create a content structure that is easily navigatable by your target audience 
  • Interact with the target audience and get an in-depth idea about their problem 
  • Make sure your content is solving your target audience problem. 

Improve E-A-T and YMYL 

2020 is the year when Google will focus more on looking at the reputation and E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) of the company and individual author of the content. Every year google tries to optimize its search results to provide the best results they’re its user. Looking at these two factors helps them to offer more optimized results. 

Websites having a poor reputation or failing to meet customer requirements may face difficulties in getting their website ranked in SERP. In 2020 you need to focus on imporve your website E-AT so that you get recognized by search engine bot. Make sure your customer is not disappointed with your service, offer high quality, and educating content to show your expertise and more importantly build authority links to showcase your website authority. 

With the introduction of YMYL (Your Money Your Life), it will become difficult for a few websites that offer content on finance, health/safety, civics, law, and more. Content-based on these matters requires more authentic and correct information because a small piece of wrong information an cause more damage. Considering that google introduced YMYL under which google reviews each and every content that falls under the YMYL category. Improving your E-A-T and YMYL will automatically help you to get recognized by the search engine.

User Experience and Technical SEO 

Earlier we have mentioned thet google is continuously offering various algorithm updates with an aim to imporve users’ search experience. In  2020 if you are looking for SEO trends to follow then you can focus on improving your website user experience and technical SEO. 

This UX is not only about your website structure but it’s going to include overall experience starting for initial interaction in search engine result page to the page experience and it will also include the experience after your user leaves your website (remarketing, drip campaign adn more). 

In 2020 your aim should be to offer the best user experience by solving their problem, educating them, offer easy navigation, and more. Once your user starts visiting your website after getting attracted by your service then it will automatically grab search engine attention.   

Optimizing your website Technical SEO will automatically help you to improve your website user experience. Focus improving your website technical not only to rank on the top but also to improve your page experience so that it becomes easy for the user to navigate and find the right solution they are looking for on your website. 

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With the increase in the online competition, it’s time to reconsider your current SEO strategy and identify the latest trends that can help you in ranking your website on the top in SERP.  Google, one of the popular search engines, is continuously updating its algorithm to offer more optimized results to its users.

Whenever you try to get in-depth knowledge of an algorithm you find a newly updated algorithm launched by Google. It is one of the most common problems faced by almost every SEO professional. Today’s SEO is more about updating your website strategy with the change in algorithm, technology, and more importantly user intent. 

We have listed all the important SEO trends that you can follow to avoid getting left behind. The above-listed trends will also assist you in reconstructing your current SEO strategy to get more impactful results. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Is SEO easy to learn? 

The basics of SEO like on-page optimization, off-page, content marketing and more are easy to learn. By performing these basic techniques you can position your website in SERP. But to rank your web page on the top page in SERP you have to focus on building authority. If you are a new beginner then you can start with a basic search engine optimization strategy. There are various SEO guides made available by SEO pundits that can help you to learn the basics of SEO.  

If you are looking to upgrade your website ranking then we recommend you hire a leading SEO agency that can help you in improving your website ranking as well as online reputation. Ranking on the top is not an easy task but with experienced SEO professionals, you can create effective and impactful results. 

How can I do SEO for my website? 

If you  just starting and looking to place your website in search engine result is then you can follow below steps: 

  • Select a domain that indicates the website purpose 
  • Buy the reputed hosting for better results 
  • Find your targeted keyword (keyword Research) 
  • Create a navigational site structure for the user as well as search engine 
  • Offer mobile-friendly design to your visitors
  • Make sure your web pages include targeted keywords
  • Optimizes your web pages for On-page, Off-page, and technical SEO 
  • Get backlinks from an authority website 
  • Create and offer user intent-based content 

If you want your website to rank on the top in search engine result page then we recommend consulting with a reputed SEO agency that can fulfill their promise by pacing your website in the top page in SERP. 

How long does SEO take to rank?

In short, SEO is not a short time process but if you offer dedicated time and efforts then it will surely offer you desired results in terms of sales, organic traffic, and revenue. Most of the SEO agencies around me tell you that they will give you results within 5-6 months. Well, today in the highly competitive market getting the desired results in 6 months is not an easy job. Yes, your 6 months effort will surely offer you some results but it will be less than the results you will get after doing SEO for 12 and more months. 

SEO is more than ranking your website on the top in SERP. If you want your website to grab more organic visitors then it is important to maintain a good online presence as well as reputation. Hiring a result-driven SEO agency will help your website in getting more effective results that you desire.  

How can I get SEO results fast? 

By quick you can’t expect to get results within 1 month but yes if done properly with an effective and impactful SEO strategy then you can get the desired results between 4-6 months. 

  • Optimize your web pages for on-page and technical SEO 
  • Perform Competitor Analysis 
  • Identify the terms that your competitor’s web page are ranking for 
  • Select a combination of highly competitive and low competitive keywords
  • Leverage Content marketing techniques (create content that relates to user problem)
  • Update your existing blog post with keywords by your target customers 
  • Build backlinks from an authority website 
  • IF you lost links then make sure you reclaim those links