Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms that can help you in building a strong brand for your business. Apart from Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest marketing can also assist you in spreading your brand awareness among your target audience.  

Now you might be wondering how Pinterest can help you in growing your online presence, reputation, and visibility? 

Don’t worry we have got you covered, from the title you might have demystified that we are going to highlight some of the effective Pinterest marketing strategies that include and implement for your business growth. 

According to a recent report by Statista, in 2020 Pinterest has more than 367 million active users. Almost every niche potential customers hang on Pinterest and compared to a tweet Pinterest pins are more spreadable. The same goes for other popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more. 

Pinterest not only helps in growing online presence but there are savvy buyers out there who can directly purchase your product from your store. Marketers target Pinterest users by creating and sharing visual content that relates to them. That’s why it is also called a visual search engine containing tons of graphics, links, photos, and more.

Creating an effective and impactful Pinterest marketing strategy is the only way you can leverage its features to grow your business and attract more customers online. 

In this article, we will help you to determine some important tips that you can consider to grow your business and brand using one of the popular social media platforms Pintrest.   

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Different Strategies to grow your business using Pinterest marketing  

1. SignUp for a business account 

The first and foremost thing you need to do before you start your Pinterest marketing is Signing up for a pintrest business account. It allows you to market your brand and product to your audience and also different your page form normal user account. 

You don’t have to pay any fee while signing up for a pintrest business account. Pinterest comes with various attractive marketing features including analytics that give you insight into your performance.  Pinterest also offers features target shows you are a business, Pinterest widgets, and pintrest tags.

Not only that but Pinterest also allows you to convert your normal account into a business account. But here is the thing if you are looking to run ads from your business account then you need to upgrade it. Ads manager makes it easy for you to reach your potential customers quickly but it comes for a price. You can upgrade your account to the premium version to access the pintrest ad manager. 

i. Select the right category for your business and content

Selecting the right category will help you to differentiate your content and make it more searchable. It will become easy for the users f to reach your content by selecting the category. Most of the time users don’t search for content instead they search for tips or categories. If you have you have listed your optimized content under the right category then the chances of your content appearing on top in search results increases. 

Sometimes user also navigates to the category option to discover all the content related to that particular topic. So if your business relates to any specific category in pintrest then make sure you list it under that category to make your business page and content appear in the search results.

ii. Upload your profile picture  

Next, you can select and upload a photo thet relates to your brand or represent your business. Many people use their brand logo as their profile picture but you can create a separate photo that clearly showcases your brand purpose. 

iii. Create an attractive and informative bio for your business page

After uploading your profile picture next you can focus on creating an attractive bio for your business page. On your pintrest business page, Bio is the place that allows you to showcase what your business is about. Make sure the Bio you are using for the Pintrest business page is the same across all the social media platforms. Like other social media platforms, Pinterest also has a 160-word limit that makes it easy for you to use the same bio across different platforms. 

iv. Select board cover 

Pinterest allows you to select the specific cover for your board to make your profile look more attractive and informative. You can create a cover that relates to or matches your brand or pintrest profile.   

To brand your cover board you can either create and upload a separate board cover for every board and link your website or you can select a pin from your board that relates to or matches your brand color to make it look more effective.

v. Verify your website 

After completing all the above steps next you can focus on verifying your website so that you get access to pintrest analytics. Once you successfully verify your website then you also get access to the rich pins feature which allows you to share more details about your link. 

Now you might be wondering how you can verify your website for pintrest? Pinterest offers code snippet thet you can embed in your HTML-coded website. If you are using wordpress then you can make use of plugins to embed these codes on your website. 

2. Include Keywords 

Most of the pintrest business pages focus on optimizing their business page using attractive images and sentences (in bio). Including keywords through your profile is one of the most important tips that you can conder to attract more users. 

Inserting keywords throughout your profile, pins, and boards can make your web page appear organically in the user feed. keywords and phrases define your web page’s purpose and make it more discoverable. 

For instance, if you are selling men grooming products, then you might think of using keywords like shaving products, beard growth, and more in your bio, pins, and almost throughout your Pinterest profile. Whenever the user types those keywords in the search box, the chances of your pin appearing on the search result page increase.  

Now you might wonder where can you insert those keywords in your Pinterest profile. You can insert it in the pin description, Bio and profile, board description, board titles, image alt text, and more. 

If your business page has access to Pinterest ads then you can also make use of those keywords in your ads to grab more viewer’s attention.

3. Create a content strategy 

After setting up your business page next you need to focus on creating an attractive content strategy. Your content strategy should define what type of content you will be sharing and how your content will engage your potential customers? 

In general, there are different type of contents like pins, infographics, or blog post that performs well on Pinterest. Below we are listing some important types of content that you can use and promote on Pinterest. 

Product Pins 

If you are operating an ecommerce store then product pin can offer you many benefits. You can take attractive and detailed pictures of your products and turn them into pins. Users browse pintrest to find new and attractive images and visuals relate to clothes, gifts, home decor, and more. If you have listed your business page and pin under the right category then your image visibility automatically increases and if users like your product then there are chances of converting them into paying customers. 

Whether you are aware or not but more than 72% of the pinners get attracted by the images which encourage them to purchase the product. So make sure you click a clear picture of your product and pin it with the right description and link. 

Blog Post Graphics 

Another type of pin thet every business should use to promote their blog post and article. You can create attractive graphics that tell the user about the content you publish on your website. Make sure that the graphics you pin are well designed and grab the user’s attention. Highlight the key point in the title to persuade your graphics viewers to click on your image and visit your blog post. 

Infographics pins 

Infographics are another type of content that grabs the viewer’s attention and helps you to promote your brand and business online. Using infographics you can share your valuable information to grab user’s attention. Most of the infographics are either in the form of vertical or long forms that make it the best content to use and promote on pintrest.

Lead Magnet 

Undoubtedly lead magnets like ebooks, whitepapers, and more are considered to be the best type of content thet you can share on Pintrest and grab more viewer’s attention. You can create attractive vertical graphics to advertise your lead magnet on pintrest.   

4. Include Hashtags 

Undoubtedly, when we talk about social media marketing then hashtag marketing is one of the common and most effective strategies thet pop up in everyone’s mind. The words used in the hashtag are your keyword or pharses that define your product and business only you add “#” before the keyword to categorize or segment your content. 

Hashtag on pintrest is very much similar to the other social medial platform like Instagram and if used properly it makes your content more search-friendly. If you want the user to identify your pins and board then make sure you include the right hashtag that relates to your pins. 

Whenever a user clicks on the particular hashtag then they are redirected to the page where they find all the content that has tagged that specific hashtag in their post. Including the right hashtag in your post assist you in promoting your pins, board, and content for better visibility.

5. Create and join community boards

Another Pinterest marketing strategy you can consider to increase the reach of your content is by creating and joining community or group boards. Pinterest offers an attractive feature where users can invite other pinners to contribute to the board which enables you to showcase your brand and business in front of a new audience. 

You can do it by searching for pinners that belong to your niche and check whether they have any community board or group board. Users that have a community board specifies the link to join that board. Not only thet but with the description you can also find the rules to join the group. 

Once you join any group make sure you remain active and pin a few of your content to increase your authenticity and connect with a new audience. But make sure you don’t advertise business directly on the community board. Sometimes these types of actions can make you look spammy. 

6. Use Unique Images and videos 

Earlier we have mentioned Pinterest is also called a visual search engine that means if a user searches for any category first thing they will come across in the visual content like images, infographics, and more.

When you create your Pinterest marketing strategy then make sure your goal is not only to post images and videos to promote your business. But also ensure thet you are using unique images and videos in your Pinterest business page to separate your content from your competitor’s content or image.   

If you keep on posting an image that is already used by other pinners then you won’t be getting the impactful results you desire that’s why to focus on crafting unique images. You can make use of an image creation tool to create a unique and eye-catching image for your page.

7. Create and Distribute your visual content

As mentioned earlier pintrest is considered the best platform to share and advertise your visual content. Almost every pinner that uses pintrest prefers visual content. From the visual content, we don’t imply sharing only images but you can also distribute all types of content including your blog content. 

That why today every business social media marketing strategy includes Pinterest marketing. Creating and distributing you visual content makes it more visible in front of user which directly helps you to promote your business on Pintrest.    


Most of the business have a well-structured marketing strategy for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. But when it comes to Pinterest, businesses don’t include Pinterest marketing in their strategy. 

If you are among them then its time to reconsider your current strategy as pintrest offers a fairly unique proposition and higher content reach. An effective and impactful Pinterest marketing strategy can surely help you with the desired results. 

Above we have listed some effective and impactful Pinterest marketing strategies that you can consider to grow your business and attract more customer’s attention. Compared to other social media platforms pintrest makes your content more visible in front of the audience. After including and implementing the above-mentioned Pinterest marketing strategy, make sure to check its effectiveness for better results.