What market share your online business cover to allure potential investors & traders? Do you have a sales figure that could attract budding online shopping freaks or visitors to your website? Have you employed an SEO technique before that could help you grow your online business in this context? Website SEO can help you grow your budding online business exceptionally. Moreover, you’re not advised to leave such a digital marketing approach in the future. 

The business grows with the emerging customer tastes & preferences. You have to change your website UI & UX design, you have to make alterations to your products & service lines, you have to change your product categories over time. The industry remains the same, but the product offers & outcome keep changing. In this article, you’re going to learn how you can make use of your website SEO strategy to magnify your market share & sales.

Your market share is your success indicator. The website users, whether regular visitors or your business partners are looking for trust & a better future doing business with you. So, you have to make changes to your website on-page & off-page SEO approaches across the time. We’ve created this post to remind you about your online marketing potential to increase your online sales & market share. You’ll go through the following subjects in this post:

  • What are Market Shares & Sales?
  • How Market Shares & Sales Benefit Your Online Business?
  • SEO Techniques to Recover From Declining Sales?
  • SEO Techniques to Maintain Growing Sales?
  • Final Words 

Online marketing & promotion stays with your business as long as the internet lives. Even local businesses need SEO these days. So you can’t ignore optimizing your website as per the emerging search engine standards & trends. If you’re undergoing challenges regarding your website SEO growth & maintenance you can consult eGoodMedia for better support & assistance. Based in Seattle our company strives to find revolutionary Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization solutions for your concerns!  

What are Market Shares & Sales?

Probably you’re new to the business. You have to understand your market share even if you’re not running online. You might have a sole proprietorship model. It also requires a market share. So what is market share? The relation of a market share relates to sales of your target goods & services. The second thing is a common marketplace where you’re competing with other companies or sellers selling the same products you have. 


For example, if you have an online store of sports shoes. If you’re selling 60% of the sports shoes in the USA through your eCommerce website you have a market share of 60% that belongs to the particular marker you’ve captured. You might have competitors like Amazon, eBay & Walmart to defeat the online sports shoe market. Or you can also have other eCommerce competitors that are solely selling sports shoes, just like you. You’ve got a market share among them too. 

So it’s a percentage of a market captured by you associated with a particular product or service in a specific ratio. Your market share can be more or less than your competitors in the market. However, you have to enhance your market share consistently until you’re part of the market. Market share can be divided into 2 different categories-

  • Value &
  • Volume

Where value is defined as the total share of a firm out of total segment sales, volume can be defined as total product or service units sold by a company out of the total units sold. Both are directly proportional to one another. So, that’s why you have to take care of your market share and sales. And SEO is the solution for your online business. Talk to eGoodMedia’s online promotion experts today and let us know about your market share & sales status. If your website isn’t potent enough to bring you the market share growth, we’ll assist you with your Website SEO & Digital Marketing goals essentially!

How Market Shares & Sales Benefit Your Online Business?

A market share is your share of sales & consequent customer recognition in the market. Hence, it is important for your online as well as offline business. It depends on your products & service and the way you deal with your customers. If the customers find your products & services quite appealing, as per the quality & quantity, they start liking your brand. Additionally, they also suggest your online brand to their friends & folks too. And your online business grows exceptionally. Enlisted are the different ways your market share affects your online business:

1. Recognition

Your website users or visitors are your website traffic. Good website traffic means good search engine ranking. Better market share allure better website traffic. However, the case works in the reverse order too. Better website traffic means better market share. You’re just recommended to pay attention to the customer recognition here. It will bring website traffic like never before. People start recognizing your business when you bring them the best online deals & a huge product variety to choose from. It takes time for you to build such a market. However, with online marketing team support, you can enhance your market share faster & more effectively. 

2. Better Sales

Market share simply means you’ve got something to sell in a market. We’re not talking about websites that are personal blogs or merely information. eCommerce websites can be considered to justify such a category. Improved market shares bring more sales to your website. More & more customers start recognizing you & your product offers. You can also create a monopoly at specified places if there’s no one there to sell online, the products or services you have. Therefore, a strong market share can provide you better sales most of the time. 

3. Enhanced Marketing

The marketing opportunities you have in the existing period get more improved with time, as your market share improves. Better marketing opportunity means you get to understand your emerging consumers more effectively. So your level of marketing & promoting out your target products & services also improves. Enhanced marketing can help you get more consumers, more investors, and more website users for your business. So you can’t ignore the level of your market shares.

4. Consumer Trust & Relationship

A study suggests that more than 50% of the online shoppers all over the world go for eCommerce companies with the highest market shares out there. They seek better services. That means better delivery access, discounts & offers. eCommerce companies with higher market shares are usually available to serve numerous places. Even rural areas that are connected to better internet & telephone services. This affects the customer trust & relationship with your eCommerce business. 

5. Endure Competition

You can manage a great competition if you have a perfect market share & sales for your products & services. Even if you’re facing a little drop in your sales & performance for some time, your market share isn’t going to drop exceptionally and you can still fight your competition exceptionally. So you have to build a notable market share for your online business first. Be patient as your eCommerce business can’t grow to the corresponding level overnight. 

So that’s how enhanced market shares & sales improve your online business for better customer recognition & performance. At eGoodMedia we care about improving your market share and protect your online business more efficiently than your target audience. However, we expect you to share your eCommerce Business & Online Marketing issues with us. We’ll serve you the finest Website SEO & Optimization Services in return!

SEO Techniques to Recover From Declining Sales


It is not mandatory that once your market share has reached the triumph it’s not going to fall apart in the future ever. Your sales can decline, rise, again decline throughout your business life cycle. However, when it declines you’re supposed to get a considerable solution to carry it up. You can’t wait for the market conditions to change & work favorably for your business every time. Therefore, we suggest different website SEO techniques that will help you grow & maintain your declining online sales for the betterment of your business. Just go through the following:

1. Run Technical Audit

A technical audit means a data-driven SEO audit. An SEO audit can be conducted with the help of an SEO analytics tool. Moreover, you also have SEO analytics tools that are essentially focused on eCommerce businesses. Some of the best tools we’d recommend in this context are- Kissmetrics, Hotjar, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, Matomo, etc. The audit must be based on a server log analysis that was preserved recently. With the help of these tools you can easily identify the following website flaws affecting online sales: 

  • Website structural issues
  • Technical issues
  • A problem in the website content
  • Off-page SEO flaws with backlinks
  • Poor Google Webmaster Guidelines challenges
  • Poor organic traffic 

All such reasons can cause your online sales to decline unexpectedly. You have to make sure that both your on-page & off-page SEO strategies are updated as per the emerging market trends. 

2. Unique Sales Approach

SEO is not just about technical application & advancement of your website structure. You have to focus on consumer convenience, tastes & preferences too. Though the main aim of website SEO is to please search engine crawlers to rank your website pages, it is a part of digital marketing too. It helps you improve your website traffic which is a fine reason behind better search engine rank too. Google crawlers are also concerned about the number of visitors to your website on a monthly or daily basis. Therefore, a unique selling approach is important. You can use various search engine optimization techniques like- SERP Snippets, Structured Data, and Conscious Website Content to represent your target products or services uniquely. 

3. House Cleaning

House cleaning is the very next step you have to take when you’ve got your SEO audit report for sales. The approaching step is to prioritize the corresponding challenges that you’re supposed to make your strategies against. You have to resolve these challenges one by one. Moreover, you also have to actualize the challenges in a way that you can understand how to resolve them. You need to think about the solutions that are going to help you with future issues as well. 

Moreover, you can also remove some website elements and components that are creating disturbance regarding your online sales like legacy issues. These include various on-page & off-page signals that you can’t ignore amid working on your website SEO. 

Using these techniques you can also evaluate the existing sales performance of your online business. It is indeed a time-consuming & comprehensive process that requires adequate attention on your part. Hence, renowned eCommerce companies are never run by a single person. You also require a team or expert support to grow your eCommerce website right away. Visit eGoodMedia today and share your Online Marketing & Social Media Optimization requirements for a better online future of your business ideas!

SEO Techniques to Maintain Growing Sales


In the previous section, we talked about how you can withstand the declining sales of your website products & services with the help of SEO techniques. The approaching step is to learn how to maintain what’s already been performing well. Sustaining growing sales can be more challenging at times than falling sales. Future is uncertain and you can face challenges that you’re not habitual to in the long run. But being updated can help a lot in this case. 

The user needs, tastes & preferences keep changing as the new trend comes into the picture. You have to make sure of those trends. Here are the SEO tactics you’re supposed to follow to remain where you are to even go higher than the existing competitors in terms of your sales: 

1. Ongoing Server Logs

Recording ongoing server logs can be your perfect companion in the journey. It helps you identify the existing problems or the issues that enter your website sales in the existing moment. You can act against all such issues way ahead of time. These are raw web server logs that bring information about the very initial behavior of users & web spiders regarding your website pages. Here is the information that could be recovered with the help of these raw web server logs: 

  • Spam content that enters your website through malicious 3 parties
  • Helps to access incorrect server responses like soft 404
  • Helps to identify spider traps 
  • Enhance understanding about crawl budget prioritization
  • Helps to identify recrawl cycle timelines ranging over one year 

You’re not supposed to record all such information manually researching for hours. You’ve got potential server log analysis tools that you can use to perform such analysis. You can use the tool- Screaming Frog to get better results on this. We may consider this a compelling audit report that consists of information related to varied aspects of website SEO flaws that can cause the sales to fall. 

2. Brand Promotion

Brand promotion usually consists of off-page SEO where you’re supposed to put your brand mentions into various channels from where you get considerable traffic. The more you mention your brand, the more recognition you’re able to arrange for your products & services. The search engine ranking you plan for can also find you in this way. Brand promotion can help you maintain your market shares & sales for quite some time even if you’re facing problems bringing innovation & novelty to your online services & products. One more benefit you can enjoy from your branding efforts is that you can raise the level of CTA responses to your website pages. 

Enlisted are some other benefits you can enjoy from your website branding efforts as such:

  • Google prefers to rank websites with renowned brand recognition
  • Brand preference can be very good for you to beat your competitive forces
  • Brand recognition serves well with ongoing snippet optimization
  • Branding can be done very easily as you’ve got so many Social Media Channels these days

So brand promotion can prove to be your next fine companion for your sales & market share maintenance. However, you have to understand that branding requires you to perform notable off-page SEO operations before getting desired outcomes!

3. Performance

This is something technical associated with your website UI & UX design. Sometimes your website functionalities can piss your visitors off very quickly. As a result, they don’t want to return to your website again. Another important element in the story could be your website content. Remember, the users are not just for buying & selling on your website. Information always plays an inseparable role in the upbringing of your online business. The users are not the ones they used to a decade ago. They’ve become smarter than usual and can’t bear a little delay in the web page loading speed either. 

Think about encouraging your website users to use your website for online shopping most of the time. And you’ll soon witness the magic!

Final Words

Growing market shares & sales is a responsibility that you’re supposed to undertake until your business exists. You have to grow & maintain with the time & trend. You have to consistently see for whatever’s convenient & appealing for your target audience in the future. Let us know how eGoodMedia can help you with your website SEO plan. Our experienced Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Optimization experts are waiting to serve your revolutionary business model right away. Let us know!!