Are you one of those who still make use of Twitter to get the latest news & updates about social issues & concerns all over the world? Then you’re probably not familiar with the online marketing & promotional potential of the platform yet. It is way more effective than just being global social interactions & microblogging website. You can promote your online business through different social media platforms and Twitter is also one of them. And Twitter has got a hashtag trend too. You can address a special product, a company, a brand, service, or subject through these Twitter Hashtags. 

In this post, we’re going to talk about the contribution of Trending Twitter Hashtags to your social media marketing campaign. You’ll learn how to make use of these hashtags & where you can find the best as per your social media content creation strategies. It can be a great source of prospective website traffic & engagement if you know how to use the corresponding hashtag strategy for your marketing campaign. The hashtags always optimize the appearance of your social media posts or let’s say tweets. These hashtags could be crucial for your brand or company name to be recognized essentially. 

When your brand becomes matured in terms of user engagement & recognition, social media users and influencers automatically start talking about your brand & mention you in their corresponding social media conversations. Here are the main components of the post you’re going to learn about:

  • What Are Twitter Hashtags & Why Are They Important?
  • What Are Trending Twitter Hashtags?
  • How to Find Trending Twitter Hashtags For Your Social Marketing Campaign?
  • How & When to Make Use of Trending Twitter Hashtags?
  • Final Thoughts on Twitter Hashtags

Twitter Hashtags can help you find different ways to optimize your online presence & your social media appearance before your target followers. You can reach out to eGoodMedia anytime for enhanced social media marketing assistance. Our dedicated team of Social Media Marketing & Optimization professionals is there to help you out with emerging challenges & issues!  

What Are Twitter Hashtags & Why Are They Important?

Like hashtags on other social media platforms, Twitter Hashtags are also focused on getting the attention of specified customer groups or users on social media platforms. You can call them keywords or phrases that are essentially accompanied by a symbol of hash (#). Twitter Hashtags do the same thing for your social media marketing profile. It helps the target users or consumer groups to reach out to your social media posts or profile easily.

They are looking for specific products, services, or topics and search for corresponding keywords & phrases along with a hashtag. If you mention the same keywords & phrases in your tweets, your target consumers can reach you faster than usual. The problem is the relationship you’re able to establish between the visitors & your social media content. You have to create content that exactly answers what your target social media community is looking for.

You can come up with a tweet that addresses a social issue & market your product & service as an honest solution to the corresponding issue. Given below are certain points that address the importance of Twitter Hashtags in this context. Just go through them:

  • Hashtags are very good for group tweets & conversations
  • It helps your target followers to find you and follow your Twitter Handle for future updates
  • It helps to promote a product or service on Twitter
  • Tweets with hashtags attract comparatively more traffic & user interactions
  • They are used to represent something trendy about your tweet
  • Hashtags are generally identical to the keywords & phrases followers put in the search bar
  • The hashtag looks appealing and the followers can’t neglect the tweet 

So, Twitter Hashtags can help you different ways to intensify your social media presence & marketing goals on Twitter. You just need to follow a trend and create your tweet accordingly. You can share your social media optimization issue at eGoodMedia to know more about your marketing opportunities. We’re a popular Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing Company based in Vancouver serving numerous businesses like you to rise in the online market!

What Are Trending Twitter Hashtags?

First, there are hashtags, and then there comes Trending Hashtags. Trending Hashtags are like NOS cylinders for your tweets. They help you grab quicker social media interactions against your tweets as compared to regular hashtags. Trending hashtags can only be used to represent a trend or global festival, or incident. You can’t promote your online business with a tweet addressing #IceBucketChallenge anymore. Because the same is out of trend for the existing time period. That’s how Trending Twitter Hashtags work for your business.

It is not compulsory that you’re always going to draw a specific level of conversion through your tweets in this context. The followers sometimes like to reach you and just share their opinions regarding what you have tweeted around a social concern. There’s no intention for online purchases. But you can build more followers for your Twitter Handle in that case. Listed below are other features of Trending Hashtags to consider:

  • A Trending Hashtag doesn’t remain applicable for a long term
  • A Trending Hashtag is mostly a phrase
  • A Trending Hashtag is a perfect meme material
  • You can attract all kinds of social media user groups & communities through Trending Hashtag
  • A Trending Hashtag also address a global issue or festival or celebration as such
  • Trending Twitter Hashtags can be inspired by global or regional grounds
  • Twitter Trending Hashtags can be discovered on the “What’s Happening” or sidebar segment of the Twitter interface
  • Hashtag Holidays are the frequently occurring Trending Hashtags that are usually based on regional influences

You have to find the top Trending Hashtags for your upcoming tweets so that your social media message doesn’t fail to trigger user attention for your star products & services. eGoodMedia can help you frame a corresponding strategy for your social media marketing campaign. Let us know how we can help you out with your quest for the upcoming Trending Twitter Hashtags for your social media messaging & posts!

How to Find Trending Twitter Hashtags For Your Social Marketing Campaign?

Finding Trending Twitter Hashtags is not as challenging as deciding on the one worthy of your tweet. You need to make sure first why that specific hashtag matters a lot to your tweet. You have to identify how a Trending Twitter Hashtag relates to your product or service description if you’re looking for a marketing goal to achieve. Now comes the finding part. You have to figure out properly the famous Trending Hashtags for your upcoming tweet. Use the Hashtag Tracking Tools as suggested below:

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a famous social media marketing & optimization tool for varied online marketing operations you want to conduct for your website development. It’s quite useful with Twitter Hashtags as well. It’s got a Twitter Trends Report for multiple purposes you want to reach out regarding Trending Hashtags. You can also identify potential brand mentions for your company along with corresponding hashtags for a more enhanced experience. Sprout’s social listening tools are there to update you regarding various situations & social media incidents where people use to talk about your company. Here are some advantages you can draw using the tool:

  • Focus on specific user conversations associated with your brand audience
  • Helps to promote brand loyalty & better conversion in the future
  • Provides trend report that could be used for multiple tweets or different types of posts
  • Let you view the topics & subjects that are crucially associated with your brand 
  • You can also use comprehensive hashtag analytics for custom plans and strategies

Hence Sprout Social can prove to be your perfect companion for tracking Trending Twitter Hashtags as per your business promotion plan. We further have tools & techniques you can use to track down the best Trending Hashtags for your product & business promotion on Twitter.

2. Native Twitter Trends Search 

Why look for external tools & programs every time to find the top Trending Hashtags for your tweets when Twitter has got its own trend search framework for aspiring marketers like you. Twitter consists of a Native Search Feature that lets you figure out the latest trending in your region, country, or globally. You just need to follow the enlisted steps to get started with your trend search: 

  • Go to your “Twitter Dashboard”
  • Then click on the #Explore tab
  • After that go to the “Trending” tab and reach out the list of the topics 
  • You’ll also find corresponding hashtags associated with your region
  • Also, try finding other topics & hashtags addressing specific interest
  • There are categories you can go for selecting particular Trending Hashtags 

There are numerous categories available for your tweet interests like Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Home Improvement, Decor, Technology, and more. Make sure what’s better as per your social message to your potential followers. Marketing is always focused on the users’ tastes & preferences and you have to make use of this principle for your social media messaging campaign too. 

3. Trendsmap

Trendsmap is quite different from the Native Twitter Search program. Besides searching for the hashtags of your custom choice you can also track the performance of the latest Trending Hashtags for your respective tweets. This will consequently help you save your time & efforts researching the potential of specified Hashtags for your social messaging objective. Moreover, the tool provides a comprehensive insight into the topic you’ve selected for your Twitter marketing campaign. In this way, you can see the most popular tweets associated with the selected topic and get relative inspiration for your Social Media Marketing goals. 

As such, you can figure out the social media trends & decide on your tweeting strategy more efficiently. Furthermore, at eGoodMedia we’re concerned about your business growth & development via different digital market approaches. You can let us know if there’s something exceptionally challenging concerning your Social Media Monitoring & Search Marketing plan!

How & When to Make Use of Trending Twitter Hashtags?

We hope you’ve created your list of potential Trending Hashtags so far. The approaching step is to make use of these hashtags for your social media marketing purpose. You can call it your Hashtag Marketing Strategy for better insight. Enlisted are the varied circumstances in which using Trending Twitter Hashtags for your social media marketing operations can prove to be a notable game changer for your business development plan. Let’s check out:

1. Tweets Regarding Events & Meetings

If you’ve got a renowned business set up in your region or country you might have organized the corresponding business or social events to promote charity or innovation in your business. If the event date falls somewhere near a national fest, here’s your opportunity to hit the bull’s eye. You can make use of the Trending Twitter Hashtag to invite more & more people to the event so that your business recognition gets intensified. You can also sponsor events for others like Colleges, Charitable Trusts, Schools & various Non-Profit Undertakings and tweet about the same. 

You can also take part in or organize meetings & conferences regarding your business enhancement goals and let your prime investors & target users know about the same. The users would interact or start a discussion around such an event in the tweet you have created. For example, you can use #Christmas2021 to represent your new business policies or products before your clients, investors & target customers. 

2. Tweets Regarding Holidays

Regardless of your business model, some tweets are just for the purpose of wishing your social media community for a global or regional festival. Leading corporations always do this to remember their clients & consumers based in different parts of the world. Holiday Hashtags can be a powerful social media marketing strategy to attract new customers & investors to your tweets & posts. You have to consistently observe the upcoming festivals & holidays worldwide. Then you have to match your social media marketing objectives and your upcoming tweets with the corresponding hashtag opportunities you have in that case.

Some fine examples of holiday & celebration hashtag to be considered in this context are- 

  • #ValentinesDay
  • #EarthDay
  • #Women’sDay
  • #Halloween
  • #ThanksGiving
  • #Christmas etc

Festivals are a great moment of joy and social media interactions too. Twitter is not just a source of news addressing social issues & celebrity opinions. Without potential users’ support from different parts of the world, Twitter is useless. Therefore, holiday hashtags are essential for consideration in this context. 

3. Brand Promotion

Brand promotion can’t be neglected in this segment. After all, the main objective we’re discussing relates to online marketing practices for your website. We’re discussing social media marketing here. It’s got numerous varieties as there are different social media platforms out there. You’re not supposed to be on every social media platform but Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are among the top sources for every kind of social marketing project. You can use Trending Twitter Hashtags that consist of your brand mentions in different manners. 

For this, you have to search for your brand name in the native search option available on Twitter. It simply happens when your brand is already matured enough to be discussed across different social media platforms. 

4. Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges are also a frequent source of Trending Hashtags. And you can create a brilliant fan base & followers for your tweets & social media posts through such hashtags. You just have to add weekly hashtags that encourage your regular followers to share your tweets with their friends & folks. Moreover, such hashtags help retain your followers with your Twitter handle for a long period. They develop a brand loyalty & strong relationship with your company, products & services over time. 

If you stop tweeting or posting frequently, you’ll see they start commenting & messaging to expect more information & interaction from your side. It generally happens in the case of all social media platforms.  

5. Pop-Cultural Engagement

Your brand can also get into certain pop cultures associated with specific regions & countries. That’s what you have to care about if you’ve got a multinational business chain. You have to adopt different cultures and customs and be a part of the relative community from time to time. There could be a meme that goes viral, there could be a political incident, and there could be a national movement that you think you need to support through your tweets & social media posts. In this case, you can choose the right Trending Twitter Hashtag to share your support & regards for the particular movement or incident. 

However, you have to make sure that you don’t break the law or constitutional framework of that specified nation through your tweets. You have to obey & respect the internal affairs of the country as long as you stay.

6. General Interests, Tastes & Preferences

Then there are also trends associated with general interests & preferences. There are separate user communities for fashion, traveling, lifestyle, cuisines, gaming, fitness, sports & more. You have to decide on more than one community that somehow relates to your business model and online appearance. For an instance, if you’re solely into the traveling business, you can trigger hashtags related to lifestyle & cuisine too. 

Final Thoughts on Twitter Hashtags

So, Twitter Hashtags have also got varieties of trends to be followed by potential marketers for better social media optimization performance. Consequently, your website marketing is also going to be improved. Hence, we suggest you concentrate on your marketing operations more essentially. You can share your Twitter Hashtags concern right away with eGoodMedia. Our experienced Social Marketing & Website SEO experts are ready to assist you exceptionally with your online business growth!