Your competitors are your opportunity to understand your social media marketing potential. Marketing is the essence of business and growth. You can’t achieve corresponding results in your business if you don’t consistently work on your marketing strategy. Social media platforms give you an opportunity to evaluate your competition. You will get to know your level of expertise and your business potential too. Research is a part of all Social Media Platforms. So even if you’re planning for a Facebook post or an Instagram story you have to conduct a user as well as competitive research someday.

In this article, we’re essentially going to talk about Facebook Ads Library. It can also be a fine source through which you can analyze your competitive forces. You can understand the social advertising strategies of your target competitors and consequently work on your social media content for better outcomes. We’ll discuss what are Facebook Ads Library and what resides in them that can help you with your competitive research. The main aspects of the topic will be as follows:

  • What is Facebook Ads Library? 
  • What resides in the Facebook Ads Library?
  • How to search for Facebook Ads Library & its various components?
  • How to run competitive research with Facebook Ads Library?
  • Final Thoughts on Facebook Ads Library

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What is Facebook Ads Library?

Facebook products provide for various Facebook ads available on the platform. Facebook ads can be of garments, footwear, electronic devices, or any online service as well. You can get information about certain ads that you feel are influential & inspirational for your own business and social media ads you want to post in the future.

Though you’re not advised to copy what your competitors have to represent in the Facebook ads you can get considerable inspiration from the same for your ads. There are a variety of ads you can find on the platform. There are ads for almost all categories of products & services. 

Additionally, the platform provides for ads that are related to elections, politics & worldwide issues. Such ads are known as inactive ads. You can get to know about the following information from your favorite ads:

  • Who funded the ad?
  • Their spending range
  • The reach of the ad to varied demographics

The ads remain in the Facebook ads store for the next 7 years. You can use them or review them multiple times in this context. So that’s what Facebook Ads Library is. In the approaching segment, we’ll get a deeper insight into what this library holds for your marketing goals. You can reach out to eGoodMedia anytime if you want to share your online marketing concern in this nature. We’ll assist you throughout your Social Media Optimization campaign and grow your online presence accordingly!

What Resides in the Facebook Ads Library?

You might be keen to know what exactly resides in the Facebook Ads Library other than the product ads. There are numerous elements & components of a library. If we talk about a traditional school or city library, the same consists of different racks, almirahs, tables & chairs that are important for choosing & reading books.

Similarly, the Facebook ads library consists of varieties of ads & related amenities that encourage users or marketers to select or get inspired from a pool of prospective Facebook ads. Let’s discuss these elements comprehensively: 

Active Ads

Active ads are the ads that are representing a product that’s not outdated or not used in the existing period. You probably won’t be able to see active Facebook ads for books & fax machines in the future. Because the product becomes outdated after a particular time period. You might be interested only in the active ads sometimes because such ads represent the trend that’s going on. You can also go for inactive ads if you feel that whatever you need as an idea resides in an inactive ad only. Just look into your social media marketing goals & objectives properly. 

Ads About Housing

Housing & lettings are a big sector that is not untouched from the online marketing operations. Such businesses & agencies have a website these days and even offer 360-degree tours of the leading properties available in the corresponding localities. So don’t you think you also have to create a notable digital marketing strategy in this case? Of course, you do. Facebook ads library is your answer to find corresponding ads that could inspire you for your letting or housing-related ads. You can also post your ads that could be reached by numerous marketers & customers in case. 

Ad Library API

The marketers who are keen to conduct analysis on Facebook ads related to elections, politics & social issues can make use of Ad Library APIs. Facebook is related to an API system of exchange of information on the internet. You can also use such API to send instant messages or check whether on a smartphone as well. It simply gives you access to corresponding Facebook ads no matter which country you belong to. The country however should provide for the Ad Library API in this context. 

Ads Library Report

You can also access performance reports related to all such ads in the library. The report is generated on a weekly basis and you can again access the same to review numerous electoral & political ads. You can come to know how much the advertisers usually spend on such ads. Moreover, you can also go through a list of the highest paying advertisers for the ads. Here’s a list of content you’re going to experience on such ads: 

  • Total Amount Spent
  • Name of the Page
  • Total Number of Ads Created
  • Disclaimer name etc

Inactive Ads

Sometimes an inactive ad idea can be very useful even in contemporary situations. People are sometimes searching for a traditional representation of a product or service in the form of a Social Media Ad. Hence, it is not a bad idea to come up with what they’re really looking for. Your aim of getting inspiration from a Facebook ad library is to provide what your target audience is expecting from your Facebook ads. So, you can also decide on an Inactive ad in this case. 

Hence, you can explore whatever resides in the Facebook Ads Library. Specify smartly what is better for your Facebook ad idea and choose your ad inspiration wisely. You can talk to Social Media Marketing Experts at eGoodMedia and share your problem if you’re not able to decide among the best Facebook Ads inspiration for your future actions. Based in Vancouver our company consists of experienced Digital Marketers & Social Media Optimizers that you’re exactly looking for!

How to Search For Facebook Ads Library & Its Various Components?

For freshers markers or regular users finding the Facebook Ads Library could be a little difficult in the beginning. But we’ve got you the whole process you can follow to reach your target Facebook Ad. You have to analyze what competitor stuff is going to help you out with your Facebook Ads & marketing plan. The search results for all ads usually belong to different pages. There are different pages associated with different companies & firms. 

There could be pages related to different political parties & social issues, etc that you can go for. Follow these steps to reach the corresponding Facebook Ad Library:=

  • Reach the Ad Library (
  • Select the correct country as per your requirement as some products aren’t available in a specific country
  • You can go to the top right corner of the library to “select the country”
  • Go above the search bar and click on “All Ads” to get results for multiple ads
  • Fill in the search bar for what you’re looking for
  • You come to a dropdown menu with corresponding results. You can find your perfect ad there

Similarly, you can also search for ads related to politics, social issues, elections & housing, etc separately. You just have to specify your needs properly. Additionally, you can visit eGoodMedia to know about other social media marketing challenges you’re concerned about. We care about your business growth & online promotion and suggest the finest Social Media & Search Engine Marketing solutions for your business! 

How to Run Competitive Research with Facebook Ads Library?

Now comes the part associated with your corresponding competitive forces. The aim of using such a library is to come up with better social media ads or marketing plans. The ads you see in the library are associated with your potential competitor profiles or companies. You have to conduct research for such competitors so that you can select the best advertisement for inspiration. The below-mentioned points will help you run competitive research through the available Facebook Ads Library:

1. Approach the Facebook Ads Library

The foremost step is to access the Facebook Ads Library. Then you can see multiple brands & products. We have discussed how you can enter the library in the previous segment. You have different segments of Facebook Ads that you can decide on visiting. You’re going to face issues initially deciding on the best advertisement or competitor. However, the more you explore in the library, the more you’re going to understand about the leading competitors. Here are the special categories you can explore in the library: 

  • Credit Ads 
  • Employment Ads 
  • Housing & Letting Ads
  • Social Issues Ads
  • Political Ads
  • Election Ads

You can access all these categories one by one or simply see all the categories collectively when possible. You can decide on multiple products if you’ve got an eCommerce business to grow and maintain on Facebook. However, if you have a concentrated business model you can choose either of the above-mentioned categories. 

2. Go to Brand’s Ad

This is something related to the common social media ads that regular users often look for. Brands mean something usually not related to employment, housing, social issues, etc. That means pure business. Companies can be categorized into- Public Sector, Private Sector & Cooperative Organizations. Consequently, the products are also categorized into various categories. Brands are usually something about Private sector units. You get to choose so many products in this category. Brands cover most part of social media ads, whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

Coming to the data you can explore the brands may include records related to age, gender, geographical condition of the potential buyers of products. It means you can know about the performance of the product with respect to the various segments of consumers. 

3. Creative Insights

One more thing you can know about your competitors is their way of creating Facebook ads. You come across numerous color schemes, typographies, fonts & sizes embedded in the Facebook Ads. These are simply your chance of learning more graphic designing tactics that are good for the ads you want to create for your Facebook handle. If you’re not an expert in the same, you’re suggested to hire a designing & creative team for your social media ad creation in this context. It can include texts, visuals, Images, Gifs & more. You have to create the same with innovation to differentiate your business & products from others. Hire the best photographers to take pictures of your star products. 

4. Analyze Copies

That’s true. Some advertisements can be the exact copy of another ad that’s brilliant as itself. You’re not supposed to necessarily copy any of such ads. You can analyze if the idea behind the ad is quite considerable or not. But you’re not advised to go for a complete copy of the same even if the advertisement has done exceptionally well. Uniqueness can do beautiful things to your social media ads like Facebook. However, you need to remember that you’re not supposed to make the user confused about your Facebook Ad. Change the aura of the Facebook Ad but don’t try to make changes to the real meaning of the Ad you want to convey. 

The customer just wants to confirm that the product he’s interested in purchasing is exactly what he aspires for. Therefore, you need to work on the corresponding design & graphics and try to allure your target audience right away. 

5. Analyze the Competitor Offers & Schemes

Another very important aspect is the offer or the scheme the competitor has put in the advertisement. You have to understand the time, reason & logic behind the offer that the competitor has invested into. You will get to understand what’s the best time & situation in which you can come up with an offer related to your products & services. Moreover, you can analyze the customer response associated with such ads. You can compare such ads with other ads on the basis of overall performance and then decide if that offer is sufficient to be included in a particular Facebook ad? 

You can come with different offers and schemes in the future depending on the market trend & condition of the emerging customers. The best thing about knowing a contemporary offer is that you can specify the level of advancement your prospective competitors have achieved. You remain updated to what is needed to be done in the upcoming time. 

6. Ad Targets

This means you analyze what target customers your competitor has chosen to trigger through his or her Facebook Ads. So you need to concentrate better on such factors & aspects. If you’re new to Social Media Marketing or Facebook Marketing you’re supposed to set up your target audience first. You can’t promote a blanket to a region based in a South Coastal Area. You instead have to go for the users who belong to cold & northern places in the world. That’s what you need to do with your Facebook Ads inspiration in the library. 

Social media ads are always based on target customers. Because the customers are online and can conduct personal research regarding your product or services. Therefore, you have to make sure that the content in your Facebook Ad is up to the mark and exactly what a particular user group is searching for.

7. Analytics

Both you, as well as your competitor, can use the library to find out the relative flaws & potentials in the advertisement. This is what analytics does for Facebook Ads Library. The library essentially consists of some analytical results associated with the ads. You can go through such results and evaluate the level of social media ad performance the competitor is able to fetch. 

Final Thought on Facebook Ads Library

Facebook Ads Library is your perfect opportunity to track what your leading competitors are capable of delivering through Facebook Ads. It will be a great source of information you can use to come up with your social media ads in the future. At eGoodMedia, we can also help you analyze what Facebook Ads can inspire you for a potential social media growth & development campaign. Let us know if our groundbreaking Social Media Monitoring Services can help you out with your business plan!!