Gearing up for social media marketing on a video creation & sharing platform? What can be better than YouTube? With more than 2 billion users from all over the world, it has become another search engine for video search related to products, services, subjects & topics. In fact, the greatest search engine in the world owns it. It is a social media platform based in Google that facilitates the creation & sharing of multiple kinds of videos. It has also generated employment giving opportunities to the users to create video content & earn online. 

Besides employment, it can serve your social media marketing goals remarkably. Social media marketing involves user interactions with respect to the content the marketers upload on various platforms. The content could be in the form of text, images, infographics, or videos. You can create your channel & post video content frequently on YouTube. Your video content needs to entail a description of the content. That’s what we’re going to cover comprehensively in this article. 

YouTube description instructs the users about your video content. This helps them decide to click or skip a video on YouTube. Therefore, displaying an informative & engaging YouTube Description is crucial. In this article we’re going to cover the following topics for better insight:

  • What is YouTube Description? 
  • Why is YouTube Description important? 
  • How to differentiate between YouTube Descriptions?
  • 7 tips & tricks for writing engaging YouTube Descriptions
  • Closing Thought on YouTube Description

There are varied impacts of YouTube Descriptions that users experience amid searching for specific content. You’re not the only one with video content on a specific topic. You have competitors here too. Hence we suggest you get expert advice on creating YouTube Descriptions for your videos. At eGoodMedia we understand varied challenges & issues the social media marketers face amid determining their online marketing campaign. You can share your concern with our skilled Social Media Optimization experts and grow views on your YouTube videos!

What is YouTube Description? 

YouTube description is what you have to convey regarding your video content. Marketing messaging is an integral part of digital marketing and it helps you get in touch with your target users & customers. What can be more attractive than a video for your marketing messaging campaign? By marketing messaging we mean the promotional & informative content the users are looking for regarding their search queries. YouTube Description is also a part of marketing messaging that you have to convey to raise user awareness & interest for the entire content body.

The size of the content can vary from business to business. Besides business, YouTube Content is also created to share information related to a specific subject. Your website is also a blend of information and your products & service. Therefore, you need to maintain a balance between your different content categories. YouTube Description can further be divided into two different segments of information that we’ll discuss in the next section. 

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Why is YouTube Description Important?

Besides the online promotion of products & services, there’s a lot YouTube does for users as well as marketers. YouTube has become a great source of knowledge & information as more and more users are getting connected to it every year. The Internet is reaching out to more service seekers throughout time and your YouTube channel is going to fetch more subscribers. Hence the importance of YouTube Description & similarly a good video content is rising. 

Here are the leading factors that make YouTube Description more important than what it used to be earlier: 

1. Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Without proper SEO you can’t achieve a fine place in the search engine results. SERPs are the greatest source of organic traffic on your website. It comprises different kinds of results against the user queries related to different topics. Different kinds of results mean results in different formats as explained below:

  • Video Results
  • Search Engine Ads (PPC)
  • Website URLs
  • Local Listing
  • Rich Snippets
  • Related Searches
  • People Also Ask (PAA Box) etc

Talking about the video results, they are widely linked to YouTube. Hence you can optimize your website’s search engine rank by providing multiple ways as such for your visitors & search engine crawlers to reach you out. 

2. User Engagement

User engagement can be achieved on both YouTube & website content. As you can link your YouTube Video to your website content through your video description. So you get 2 sources of traffic- first for your videos & second for your blog. Video description can help you trigger user engagement on both your YouTube Channel & website URL. It helps the users determine what exactly resides in your video & text content. They need to match the content elements with their queries & searches. 

They usually don’t like to waste time on unnecessary videos especially while searching for a solution to their problem. You have to make your videos countable and description quite relatable in this context. 

3. Establishing Understanding 

The content is a failure if it is not able to make the user understand what’s in there. YouTube description helps them get an initial overview of what’s in there in the video content. They save a lot of time instead of searching here & there for a solution to their issue. They feel you understand their problem very well and build relationships with your YouTube Channel. Consequently, you gain more & more subscribers for your video content and make considerable changes for user convenience in the future. 

4. Link Building

Link building is a broad off-page SEO strategy that links your target web pages to different external sources from where you can expect potential traffic for your website content. YouTube is one of those external sources. And, unlike link building based on guest posting, you don’t need to request other website owners for a backlink to your website. You can create your own videos and YouTube Channel to trigger users & visitors for your website content. In the video description, you can provide links focused on your website URLs. 

The users sometimes want to go deeper into the information available in the form of text content on your website pages. You can also represent a product description page targeting conversions through your YouTube content. 

5. Determine Leads & Conversions

You will surely acquire potential conversions for your target products & services that you have mentioned in your YouTube Videos if the user builds trust & specify his or her desire for your product. Some users are just concerned about buying a specific product ASAP. In this context, they can prove to be your finest companion & contribute to your business growth. YouTube Descriptions can raise your website leads to a notable extent and user trust in your website. Consequently, the user will subscribe to your channel to get updated on solutions encompassing similar problems. 

In this way, you can optimize your online popularity in terms of your YouTube Channel & the cornerstone content groups on your website. Let us know if eGoodMedia can help you out with your Social Media Video Marketing strategy as such. We’ve got the best social media marketing & optimization team working on various projects aimed at the online promotion of websites!

How to Differentiate Between YouTube Descriptions?

YouTube Descriptions are also classified into 2 different categories. The first one relates to the description of your YouTube profile or you can call it your YouTube Channel. The second one addresses whatever resides in your video content. The users require to review both of them if they want to join you further for more updates & notifications. Here are the 2 different kinds of YouTube Descriptions you have to maintain in this context:

1. Video Description

Video description is simply the description of your YouTube Video Content. It represents your content in a summarized form so that the user easily specifies the core essence of your video. Here are the leading constituents that together construct your YouTube Video Description:

  • Product Description
  • Associated Keywords
  • Associated Hashtags
  • Price of the product or service
  • Request for Share, Support & Subscribe
  • Links to similar information etc

The users simply get to know about the product for which the video has been uploaded. Therefore, he can easily decide on whether to click your video or simply move on. 

2. Channel Description

Channel description basically entails 2 important things- First is your profile & Second is your business profile. If you don’t own a separate business website or company you’re not supposed to go with the second option. You need to introduce yourself or your business setting to make the user trust you and invest his time into your YouTube content. You can also represent your other social media handles to exhibit your online popularity and trigger user engagement. 

You will enjoy benefits on both descriptions of your YouTube profiles. It is indeed a smart move to build relationships with your audience. At eGoodMedia we suggest more smart ideas for your social media marketing strategy from time to time. Just let us get a review of your business structure and we’ll come up with the finest solutions for your Online Marketing & Website SEO concerns!

7 Tips & Tricks for Writing Engaging YouTube Descriptions

Until now you have come across the meaning, importance, and framework of a YouTube Description strategy. Now you’ll learn how you can create considerable YouTube Descriptions for your video content & channel. Here are the 7 important tips & tricks you can approach for YouTube Description that could engage users & raise corresponding conversions for your online business: 

1. Replicate Keywords

The YouTube content you post on your channel should always consist of the keywords & user queries that your target audience is looking for. You have to repeat these keywords in the form of hashtags or ordinarily for users to make sure of the content body of your YouTube video. The users may use different patterns of keywords to reach out to a similar video with similar solutions. You have to identify all those keywords and use them in your video description to attract more and more visitors. 

Conduct YouTube Keyword Research using some online tools like Ahref, Google Keyword Planner or Neil Patel, etc. You have to specify multiple search queries related to the video content elements you have uploaded for the internet surfers out there. 

2. Add CTA Figures

Call to Action (CTA) is a brilliant online marketing technique through which you can provide quick access to your website’s product purchase or review for the visitors who are ready to go for a specific product right after going through your YouTube content. If you don’t provide such links on the descriptions you can’t emerge as a smart marketer in the long run. Users don’t like to contact you or find your website investing time on your website pages. They want to reach out to the product page directly after completing the YouTube content. Moreover, you need to make sure to keep your website pages quite easy to use & explore. 

3. Don’t Involve AI Insights

The YouTube description should promote personal conversation that must look casual, just like human conversation. You’re not supposed to write like a bot. The user must develop faith in your video content and your YouTube channel to get connected for further support & assistance. You can say a “Hi” or “Hello” message at the beginning of the description and should end it with a regard note addressing the good health & life of the visitor. Moreover, you can reveal your concern about the user issues and consequently represent your target product or service as a corresponding solution.

4. Determine Readability

Even if you have posted a profoundly technical topic on your YouTube channel you have to maintain readability & ease on the YouTube Descriptions. YouTube Descriptions provide for clearing numerous doubts and confusion about the video content you have posted on the platform. In this way, you again intensify the trust of the visitor on your video and he checks in to your video to get a comprehensive solution to the problem. Similarly, you have to make sure of the size of your description to hold the user’s interest for a while. The user won’t continue reading or just leave the description if it looks bulky or larger than usual. 

Meanwhile, you can also consult eGoodMedia to get better suggestions for YouTube Descriptions and corresponding details you need to employ regarding your video content. Our experienced Social Media Marketing & Search Optimization experts would guide you through your marketing potential to reach the top search engine ranking outcomes!

5. Use Complementary Keywords

Complementary keywords are the keywords that are directly related to your target keywords. For example, if you choose a motorcycle as your target keyword your complementary keywords can be- bike accessories, jackets, helmets, riding gears, etc. You might have planned to create a video as such. Therefore, don’t miss to make use of complementary keywords in a similar manner. You can also encourage the visitors to reach out to other important web pages on your website by using this technique. One more benefit of using complementary keywords is to facilitate more links to your web pages resulting in enhanced traffic. 

6. Make Sure on the Beginning of Description

You have to generate notable first impressions in the initiating 200 characters of the description. Before the user clicks on the “Show More” button to jump into the entire description body you must have won his attention. You have to keep it simple, short, and very easy to understand. Moreover, you have to concentrate on representing a quick solution for user concern through the first line of the YouTube Video Description you’re going to create. You can make it bold for even enhanced attention and interest. 

7. Review YouTube Analytics

The ultimate goal is to get a report addressing the outcomes of your social media marketing efforts. Only then, you’ll be able to write more effectively for your YouTube content in the future. There can be different reasons behind the failure of your YouTube Descriptions you need to work on and not lose hope at the beginning of your marketing campaign. On your YouTube Analytics profile, specify which videos are performing great & poorly. 

8. Bonus Tip

Don’t forget to get a preview of your YouTube Video Description before making it live for public access. You have to make sure that the description purely depicts the video content in a precise manner. You can find out corresponding issues & problems the prospective visitors are going to face exploring your YouTube content as per their requirements & objectives. Moreover, you can make useful alterations to the description to make it more attractive & engaging. 

Closing Thought on YouTube Description

The ultimate goal of YouTube Description is to make visitors believe in your content and join you for future updates or buying decisions. Hence, the objective behind the creation of similar descriptions should be user satisfaction. Marketing always considers the consumer as the king of the show, whether online or traditional. Visit eGoodMedia for more interesting information that could change your perspective regarding any outdated marketing practice you’re not supposed to undergo. Share your Website Marketing & Online Promotion concerns with us. We’re happy to help!!