Do you have a franchise business to execute online? Do you have a social media marketing profile for your business? Then you can set up a good relationship between your social media marketing campaign and your franchise. Social media promotion is a very important aspect of digital marketing & your business model essentially requires such technique to remain in the top search results. Search engine results are the mirrors that show how your online business performs on the internet whether a local shop or a franchise. Hence, we suggest you to concentrate on your social media marketing campaign essentially. 

A franchise is a business unit you want to open on behalf of a renowned company in your town or city. It can be a traditional store or an eCommerce store. In this post, we want you to know how powerful a social media marketing strategy can prove to be for your online franchise. Social marketing is a crucial part of your business and you have to employ social media marketing operations someday to promote your target products & services exceptionally. We’ll also discuss the common issues the marketers face regarding promotion or their franchise online.

We have divided the article into the listed below points so that you don’t get confused throughout:

  • Meaning & Significance of Running a Franchise
  • Usual Marketing Challenges Faced by Franchisers
  • How Social Media Integrates Franchise & Franchisers Together? 
  • How to Conduct Social Media Marketing for Franchises?
  • Final Words

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Meaning & Significance of Running a Franchise

If you’re not into a franchise business before, you can start with what franchise means. A franchise is a business strategy where the prime owner of the company distributes selling rights to 3rd party retailers who open corresponding eStores or traditional stores in his or her city to sell the target products & services the company offers. It is a business strategy that’s usually focused on the global & international establishment of your business. Therefore, you have to conduct research regarding the tastes & preferences of the natives and find out if the business idea is really going to work out in the relative region or not. 

Stepping ahead there are many factors of importance related to a franchise business plan that you can consider before getting started with your eStore or physical store. Let’s explore:

1. Brand Name

Franchise means you’re representing a specific brand name through your regional store or shop. A brand name can help you draw a specific group of consumers for your products & services right away. They are sometimes familiar with the quality of your products and just want to buy something from you as soon as you open an accessible store in this situation. So you can take advantage of a brand name in this context. Make sure that the region you’re living in supports better customer recognition with respect to your products as such. 

2. Brand Loyalty

Now let’s talk about the customer perspective entirely. It could be a case of a particular consumer group in your region having brand loyalty for your products. It is a customer emotion associated with a particular brand. Even if your online business is going into recession at the existing point, brand loyalty can help you get back on your feet soon. Therefore, we suggest you maintain the same & optimize your brand name for maximum recognition before settling down in different parts of the world as a franchise.

3. Online Marketing

A franchise business model is no exception with respect to an online marketing campaign. You can go for a website or an online business promotion for your relative website. Online marketing is only applicable to a website. Therefore, whether you’ve got a physical store or an eCommerce website representing your franchise, you’re expected to create a website. You can take the help of considerable web designers & development professionals to create one related to your regional business. Moving ahead you can also consult digital marketers for promoting what you’ve established as your franchise business. 

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Usual Marketing Challenges Faced by Franchisers

Marketplaces have always been a place full of challenges. And there’s a marketplace for franchises out there too. You can face challenges in the initial stage or even the maturity stage of your business in this context. Similarly, your franchise business is going to face such challenges to which you need to stay conscious & unbroken. Here are the online marketing & social media messaging challenges you can go through being a franchisor:

1. Type of Content

Sharing content is an inseparable part of a social media marketing strategy. You can face challenges deciding on what type of website content would be suitable for your web pages. Content can reflect what you’ve got to offer as your online product in a specific region. Don’t forget we’re talking about franchises here. Content for a franchise is usually going to focus on local amenities & stuff. So you can go with a similar content creation strategy

2. Customer Segment

Deciding on the customer segment you want to target with your franchise is going to be a notable challenge in the story. We recommend you to decide what region you want to focus on delivering your products & services. A franchise store is usually bound to a brand value & originality. So you can’t compromise on certain fixed rates set by the company. But it could be problematic for certain consumer groups who are looking for considerable bargaining power. Hence, choose the place smartly. 

3. Social Media Budget & Guidelines

The next challenge is to establish the right social media marketing budget for your franchise. You’ve got a product to sell or promote online and here you’re going to need social media ads to support that can require a specific budget regarding your campaign. There are multiple social media platforms out there that are going to provide for your marketing goals exceptionally. You have to decide what social media platform & corresponding social media ads budget would be fine for your promotional plan. 

4. Who’s the Manager?

This is the most important challenge you can go through. You have to figure out a team or a digital marketing expert if you want to concentrate on your business essentially. The team should manage your franchise business promotion frequently to keep the business away from competitive forces and user issues & reports. You can either manage it yourself but that won’t be a good idea for a franchise. It is about a brand reputation and you need a team to achieve better recognition on social media platforms regarding your messages, posts & ads. 

5. How to Set Up for Different Channels

You know that there is no single & social media platform out there for placement of your franchise business plan. There are plenty of them. Deciding on a few can be challenging though, especially when you haven’t executed a social media strategy before. You can conduct research on different social media platforms and come to a conclusion that your franchise business is going to be benefited from the same. 

Apart from this, you can face challenges measuring the results & outcomes of your social media efforts & operations. You need to appoint a social media marketing expert if you think you can’t afford to devote your time & efforts doing online marketing stuff as such. Alternatively, you have eGoodMedia, your ultimate online marketing partner. Based in Seattle & Vancouver, our amazing Social Media Monitoring & Search Marketing team is there to help you throughout the online promotion of your Franchise business model!

How Social Media Integrates Franchises & Franchisers Together?

The aim is to determine integration between the Franchises & Franchisors. The franchisors like you should know what the franchise wants you to establish with your marketing skills. That means the franchisor should know what target he or she needs to cover related to the sales of the company. Social Media can also determine what you need to do for your franchise business to promote & intensify user experience on your social media handle. To understand how social media can integrate Franchises & Franchisors together for a business project, follow these points:

1. Integrate Company Goals with Branch Goals

Social media optimization is a brilliant marketing technique that’s based on knowing what social media communities & users think about your product. There’s a huge difference between what company decides the product sales & promotion & what happens with the corresponding sales target at the franchise. Therefore, numerous franchises fail to please the native consumers every year in different parts of the world. The reason being poor knowledge & experience regarding the tastes & preferences of the locals. Social media platforms give you an opportunity to know the contemporary tastes & preferences of the locals regarding what you serve them through your franchise. 

The company plans & franchise plans can differ in this context. Let’s see to both kinds of plans comprehensively:

  • A corporate plan consists of brand guidelines that are related to the vision, mission, logos & color schemes of the company
  • A corporate plan should provide for the actionable goals you’re supposed to achieve through your social media messages & posts
  • Franchise plan should focus on regional tastes & preferences essentially
  • Moreover, you can create individual goals & objectives for your franchise development

2. Publishing Workflow

The workflow of website development & promotion is subject to further changes & alterations. You can make changes to your marketing strategy depending on the branch you’re running for the parent company. The change would affect the whole workflow but the company owners would come to know what can be done for a particular region where the business is situated in the form of a franchise. So what you need to do is to inform the parent company about the consequences of the alterations to make in the workflow. Either they allow you to go for the changes or you have to change the position of the franchise accordingly.

3. Measuring the Outcome

You can measure the output of both your company plans & franchise plans together with the help of an A/B Testing technique. You can share the results with the parent company and get to know what can be done to improve your product or service marketing. Social media can help you find out the difference between the performance of both the plans in the context. You can make use of social media analytics tools to specify which outcome can do better for your franchise marketing goals. 

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How to Conduct Social Media Marketing for Franchises?

If you come up to a conclusion that you need to go with a franchise then there’s a social media marketing campaign out there awaiting you. You’re obviously going to concentrate on your sales target for your franchise business. Therefore, you can follow these guidelines to run your online marketing campaign sidewise: 

1. Get a Team

That’s very important if you’re running a franchise business. You’re not going to get enough time to devote to your online marketing operations as such. And social media marketing is very essential for a local business setup that you want to achieve through your franchise. Getting a team would also lower down the burden on one person as social media marketing could be quite challenging for bigger & famous handles like your company. As such we suggest you get social marketing team support. 

2. Approach a Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers are like online marketers who maintain your social media posts and messages from time to time. They can take pictures of your franchise venue and post them regarding specific events or celebrations, etc. Moreover, if you have come up with an offer that satisfies the contemporary consumer demand the influencer can also picture the same and display it as a fresh social media post targeting the regional & local consumer groups. Social media influencers can be your best friend exhibiting your franchise business in different innovative forms of social media content. 

3. Know your Audience

Social media platforms are famous for their communities & specific user interactions. Hence, you can target a specific region & corresponding group on social platforms to promote your target products & services. Don’t forget to mention your franchise & brand name to let the users believe in you and approach the nearby shop or store you have opened to serve them. Without knowing your audience you can’t make sure of a marketing strategy on social media for the future. 

4. Know your Competitors

You can know about your competitors through social media very well. It happens in case of a garments franchise so frequently. You can find Nike, Reebok, Puma, or similar showrooms together in your locality quite normally. If you want to set up your business at such a marketplace, you have to look for a corresponding social media marketing campaign. You can know about the recent offers your competitor franchises are delivering to the target customers and make changes to what you’ve got to provide your customers. In this way you can remain strong against the competitive forces. 

5. Decide on Your Content

Social media content is the greatest influencer for your brand. You can create content related to your particular franchise requirements. The content can be in the form of text, videos, podcasts, infographics, photographic images, etc. You have to decide what suits your target audience better. You have to make sure that the content is regionally sound and provides for the locals essentially. Social media content requires innovation & creativity on your part. You can’t just copy what your competitor has offered in the form of social media information. 

6. Conduct Analytics

Social Media Analytics means the outcome of your social media marketing & messaging operations. You have to analyze if your social media efforts for franchise business bring you the right results for future applications. You have to lead your franchise business for the long term and hence social media analytics can help you modify your marketing strategies from time to time. Enhanced strategies would definitely help you optimize your local franchise business in the future. 

Final Words

Franchise business has certain advantages as well as drawbacks. You can understand them if you have the power of your social media presence. Moreover, from social media, you can remain updated on what changes & modifications you can perform regarding your franchise business model. At eGoodMedia we care about your business plans & vision and want to help you reach out to your prospective customers & visitors for better deals. Let us know if our Consumer Centric Social Media Marketing Services can assist you throughout your franchise business development. We’re waiting!!