Social media content consists of various formats in which you can conduct your marketing messaging campaign. Social media video marketing is a good example to consider. Marketing messaging through videos can bring extraordinary results for your business investment. Digital marketing requires specific business investment whether in terms of money or time. So you’re not supposed to execute a poor social media marketing strategy. Social media video posts can become your best friend and serve your social media & website audience with better content and raise potential online traffic for your website & social media handle. 

Viral videos are a subcategory of social media video content that’s emerged as a notable tool for business growth & online promotion in the past few years. Marketers are using these social media trends as a medium of promotion of their target products & service. Because a viral video gets more likes & reviews than the regular videos people post on social media. You can use these videos to raise awareness & recognition for your brand. In this article, we have explained viral videos on social media in detail.

We’ve also discussed ways through which you can create viral videos for your social media handles and get finer user recognition for your social media messages. The more interactions you’re able to encourage, the more traffic & engagement you can expect on your respective social media post. We’ll cover the following sub-topics in this context:

  • What is a viral social media video?
  • How to specify viral content?
  • Tips & tricks for creating potentially viral content?
  • How to raise recognition & make your content viral? 
  • Wrapping up the topic

You can use an associated viral video to optimize your social media content or simply make your social content viral for improved appreciation. However, you have to analyze your social media content first. For dedicated support, you can consult eGoodMedia and review the true status of your social media marketing efforts. We are a group of experienced Internet Marketing & Social Media Monitoring Experts from Vancouver delivering practical solutions for varied small to medium scale businesses around the West Coast!

What is a viral social media video?

Social media is a great source of the exchange of trending information and relative social interactions. People share their views publicly as well as personally over a specific social issue or a global topic of concern so that a conclusion is reached. Moreover, they share their personal & family life with their friends & respective virtual communities. Social media also consists of various web page handles & celebrity profiles from all over the world involved in sharing corresponding content about their products, services & brand value. Maybe you’re planning to be one of them soon. 

As such we advise you to focus on your social media content to promote your brand mentions and increase your chances of reaching out to maximum social media interactions. Viral content can help you exceptionally build your social media community overnight. Viral videos consist of social media content that becomes immensely popular across social media platforms and gets way more than regular likes, comments & shares in a very little time period.

Remember the “Kiki do you love me” & “ice bucket” challenges that went viral on social media a few years back? People all over the world accepted the challenge & posted their social media stuff accordingly. Though the challenge resulted in severe outdoor accidents people didn’t stop for a couple of months further to exhibit their passion for the challenges. Now that’s not what you’re supposed to do to make your social media stuff viral. We are just addressing the impact of a viral video on your target audience. 

You can also share your social media viral content & the story of its failure to know where you needed to change your content for a better outcome. At eGoodMedia we often assist you through your mistakes & drawbacks regarding your social media marketing operations. Our groundbreaking Digital Marketing & Social Media Optimization team is ready to help you out with your emerging issue!

How to specify viral content?

A viral content consists of certain attributes that differentiate it from regular content. If you know these attributes well you can also make your target audience identify your social media content easily. Therefore, to make your content viral you have to make sure of the following features:  

1. Time of posting

The opening attribute of a viral post is its time of publishing. Social media posts that are not published at an ideal time are sometimes not recognized well by the users. It generally happens when you’re new on social media and have a minimal friend circle to influence your posts. In the case of brands & companies too, the relative communities & followers are not so much active regarding what you’ve got to offer. You’re advised to choose a good time frame when most of your social media followers are active to see your viral content. 

2. Sense of humor

Social media memes are the fastest category of content to grab user recognition and get viral like fire. Social media memes can be related to varied topics & real-time experiences of the people. They can also represent a specific TV show or movie dialogues or incident that’s further reflected in the user posts on various social media platforms. You can also address a famous sarcastic scene from a movie or TV show and relate your brand value to it. 

3. Accessibility & existence

The approaching point is accessibility that lets the users visit your viral content from various sources. The foremost is search engine queries. Even the social media users who are not following you would like to reach the funny stuff you have discovered representing your brand. You just need to trigger the very first online search tool they like to use to reach a social media post like that. If they skip Google, they’d prefer YouTube most probably. In fact Google would also redirect them to the YouTube link of your viral video. So, create a YouTube Channel and upload the video there also. YouTube is also a unique social media marketing platform. 

4. Sharing option

Viral content always exists with a sharing option. So you have to make sure that your website content also has an option to share. Your website users may find certain pictures & visuals sarcastic enough to be shared right away. Though most social media sites provide a facility to share specific viral content and regular content, you need to make sure regarding sites that don’t. If you want your content to get viral you have to provide a social sharing button. 

5. Encourage users

To raise encouragement you have to ensure the readability & initial insight of the content you want to make viral. The content is generally considered to be carrying 1-2 sentences & a large picture in the background that depicts a humorous episode or event. You don’t need to write long stories to prove your sarcasm level. Do you read longer jokes on any social media platform to laugh out loud? Though the trend took place in the initial years of social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter the culture of memes soon wiped it out. 

Viral content is simply a way of representing your brand along with ingredients that encourage users to share further. Everybody strives to be sarcastic on social media sites to represent their feelings & mood to their followers & friends. After all, what do we expect from a social media site? Regarding other social media optimization doubts & issues, you can share your business model with renowned marketing experts at eGoodMedia. We’re keen to know & suggest top solutions regarding your Digital Media & Social Marketing concerns! 

Tips & tricks for creating potentially viral content

Hope you’re done with the viral video marketing attributes and are interested to get started with an all-new social media marketing campaign. Creating viral content requires a good sense of humor and creative insight on your part. You have to make it a part of your online marketing workflow for frequent posting. However, we don’t suggest you keep on posting so many viral videos in bulk. A trend of a viral video comes along with a break of 3-4 months. You’re not supposed to push multiple of them. They won’t get viral simultaneously.

Following this, we are suggesting the enlisted tips & tricks you can use amid establishing your first viral content for social media. Let’s have a look:

1. Specify your objectives

Do I really need to post a viral video for my social media handles? You might undergo doubts associated with such queries. To get the answer, you must understand the real use of a corresponding viral message. Understand what viral content is capable of offering you for your social media marketing goal. If you’re okay with your reguary social content you can remain intact to the same. We don’t suggest you to go for immediate viral content creation if you’ve recently established your social media handle. However, you can resist competition if you’re already established on social media and facing problems getting the desired number of followers.

2. Examine your audience

When you’re clear about your social media marketing objectives you can move on to the user tastes & preferences linked to your social profile. You might have a user group or social media followers community out there for whom you frequently post. Specify if they are not going to get disturbed by a special viral video you want them to share out. Even if they’re not interested to forward & make your post viral you don’t need to request them to share. That won’t be a good business standard to execute. 

3. Get started

As discussed in the previous point you can conduct an experiment initially to track the user interests & response regarding your viral video. If the experiment is successful, get ready for an impressive viral video to be posted on your social media profile. Make use of words like “you” or “your”. Such words are known to grab enough user attention & also contribute further engagement on your social media post. You can also make it quite unpredictable to let the users stick to the video for some time. But remember to keep the video short.

4. Try a short story

Moving ahead you can try a short & funny story revealing a personal experience or messaging. Social media video advertising could also be a good idea for representing a specialized product or service in a fun & fruitful manner. Some advertisements also go viral depending on the uniqueness of the content you have put into the video. If you run an advertising agency & provide a B2B business model for your clients you can make use of such strategies through your social media profile. 

5. Make your story relatable

Relatability doesn’t mean you have to have to make things unnecessarily serious. You can relate a user concern to your product & service in a sarcastic tone. You have to take care of entertaining your audience concurrently. Similarly, you also have to care about how your viral content is going to address a common user issue across various online platforms. You can also relate the same to your web pages & target URLs to inspire potential conversions if you have an eCommerce website. 

How to raise recognition & make your content viral

The previous section is dedicated to corresponding tips & techniques you can follow while creating your website content. The story doesn’t really end up here. Do you think that your social media content is surely going to become viral in the first attempt? If not what are you supposed to do with your existing content? Are you going to throw it away? 

The concern is all about making the video you’re going to post to be discovered by the users right away. The video content should also render a considerable impact on the user’s mind & emotion. Only then, he or she would develop a feeling of sharing the content right away. Remember you need more & more shares to make your social media video content viral.

In this segment, we’re going to discuss how you can optimize user recognition for your potential social media video content to respectively make it viral. Follow these guidelines:

1. Don’t make longer videos

Anything that becomes viral on the internet these days doesn’t have a log file size, don’t you agree? Longer videos serve information & a logical explanation of a concept. Though there are certain political & country-representing specified videos that are longer than usual in size but still get viral because the entire nation is listening to such messages in case. Otherwise, you’re advised to keep it short & easy to understand so that your target audience relates themselves. You can make it up to 60 seconds using TikTok or a similar social platform.

2. Don’t forget captions

Social media posts are incomplete without captions. But there are different sorts of captions out there. There are long & well as one-line captions practiced on various platforms. The captions relating to an explainer video are comparatively longer than a sarcastic video of 2-3 minutes maximum. Some captions are even longer than usual as they don’t address any social media video alongside. Such posts simply end up depicting a backlink to your website page. We’re talking about viral videos here and you should create captions according to the content of your video. 

3. Include hashtags

Hashtags are also an inseparable part of a social media post. They represent your whole social media content in one line or word and grab the attention of users in the very first go. If your post gets viral, the hashtag is circulated all around the social media world and your social post becomes famous. You can also backlink to your target web page from your social media post via these hashtags and raise recognition for your important blog posts too. 

4. Promote your stuff

For promoting your social media post you can start with your friends & relatives. They will share your funny posts with their friends & relatives and your social media video gets multiplied over different other social platforms. You also have to take initiative to make your existence on varied social media platforms. Create your business or web profile on various channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. People will start noticing your sarcastic videos & images and share your content around. Many SEO & Digital Marketing Agencies do that nowadays to represent a corresponding product or service through their viral videos.

5. Copywriting

Copywriting is the content present in the form of text initially that could be converted into a social media video or online podcast and be made viral in the future. You can also use it as your social media post caption for non-video content. Hence, copywriting should be focused on what you want to achieve through your social media posts. 

Wrapping up the topic

Social media marketing is full of possibilities & opportunities you can employ to grow your business throughout. You can’t represent your online products & services without dedicated internet marketing support. Hence, you can visit eGoodMedia to get started with your first marketing campaign and we’ll suggest you the finest solutions suiting your business operations. Based in Seattle & Vancouver, our experienced Conversion Centric Online Marketing & Social Media Management Company would serve you throughout your business advancement project. Let’s have a conversation!