Do you have old web page content that you’re not sure how to deal with? Are you worried about your database extension that’s inappropriate for your target audience? Are you looking to erase or modify such data to retain your page visits & user engagement? Then you’re all set to explore an emerging digital marketing technique through which you can manage your website content exceptionally. Deleting or updating old content is an amazing way you can obtain potential user recognition and enhance your frontend database for better website performance also. Both the terms exhibit their respective importance for website adjustment. 

If you consider deleting your website content you are most importantly going to free your server space and enhance your website performance. If you decide to go for modification or content update, you’re going to open doors for a new user group to join you & enjoy your online services. Hence, both approaches are going to contribute to your online business model somehow. The question is which one do you need to go with. In this post, we’re going to essentially answer this question. The main highlights of the topic are going to be:

  • What do you understand by old website content? 
  • Why do you need to remove or update old content?
  • How to delete or update old content on your website?
  • Conclusion of discussion

Knowing about your choice regarding alteration of a website in this context is very important as it works as a digital marketing aid for your business development & promotion. Therefore, at eGoodMedia we suggest you go for the respective removal or upgrade of your website content and you can ask for your doubts & issues right away. We’re an Award Winning Social Media Monitoring & Website SEO Company from Seattle that keeps eye on online promotional drawbacks experienced by aspiring business owners around the West Coast!

What do you understand by old website content?

Old website content does not merely address the publishing date of the content. Publishing data can be altered for ample reasons in the future. The main thing that influences potential user attention is content title & body. The readers aren’t very much concerned about the publishing date of the content as far as the content consists of useful information with respect to the existing period.  If the information is outdated but still important for a specific user group you’re not advised to remove it. A cornerstone content on your website is not supposed to be removed so easily. There are so many people linked to such web pages through varied sources.

Now the question arises: what do you call old website content in this case? Old content is the one that’s no longer in use for internal as well as external linking. That means no traffic, no chance of conversion & no user engagement. The products, services & topics you address through your website content are now outdated and no one wants to read anything about the same. Information can resurrect as well as ruin the user experience on your website. So you need to ensure correct & up to date content through your web page URLs placed on different sources. 

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Why do you need to remove or update old content?

Apart from the usefulness & reliability of your website content, there are other important reasons you can consider regarding the removal or update of the old content. You have to go for better reasons to conduct a website content optimization campaign in this case. Otherwise, you may proceed with the same content for quite a long time. Let us know what are the leading reasons that may encourage you to delete or update your website content:

Delete old content

Old content is the content that’s outdated and of no use for website visitors. The web page containing such content soon gets rejected & overlooked by the target audience resulting in less traffic. Hence you can delete the post for performance & growth. Here are the other reasons you can consider before deleting the content:

  • When you want Google to rank other important content pages on your website, simply provide the google bots a single way to reach you out. Too many unnecessary web pages will only delay your search engine ranking procedure
  • If you want to optimize your website search engine you can go with deleting unnecessary content. It often happens, the users search for a specific term but get more than enough results on your website. Consequently, they get confused & fed up with your content organization & soon leave your website
  • You can delete similar or duplicate content on your website that has no use and make certain changes in the content for further use. For this, you have to conduct research on total web page visits associated with the content. You can make use of Google Search Engine Console to analyze the content visits in this case
  • Improving the domain authority of the website is also a very crucial step in which you have to see for your important website content & useless content

Upgrade old content

The next important approach is to make changes to the existing content for more traffic & engagement. That’s only possible if the existing portion of the content is still considerable and needs few adjustments to address user convenience. Information can be altered as per the visitor tastes & preferences and you’re not supposed to create new content again & again. Here are the top reasons you can follow amid updating your website content:

  • The website content must be still important from different perspectives
  • The website content still comprises notable online traffic & recognition 
  • The content is associated with a technical subject or topic that generally refines throughout time
  • You have good server space & website hosting support to run your cornerstone content & more pages on your website
  • The contemporary market trends & user queries are dedicated to the content update you want to employ 

In this way, you can understand whether you want to go with content removal or content update. You’re still advised to keep your website content untouched by both cases if you don’t think you need to perform severe alterations to your content database. Moreover, you can keep a backup of the website content you’re going to delete for further use if any. 

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How to delete or update old content on your website?

When you accept the fact that your website content crucially needs to be deleted or modified you have to think about the different approaches for conducting likewise website modification campaigns. Remember that you could have more than one content out there to perform your operations. It may take time & specialized efforts. We suggest you appoint a digital marketing team to handle such operations if you’re not into a marketing background. 

Moving ahead here are the approaches you have to follow while deleting or updating your website content:

Check the publishing date

The first thing you need to review before deleting your website content is the publishing date. Why is it important? Because it can specify if you truly need to delete specific content on your website or not. If the publishing date is not that old that means there’s something you can do to alter or update your content for better performance. Online products & services don’t get outdated enough to be not considered just after a few months of introduction. Even if you have made certain changes to the content publishing date, you can count on the relevance of your website content for quite some months. Therefore we suggest you to review your web page publishing date while deleting the content. 

Determine content quality

When you’re done with the publishing record of your website content you have to evaluate the quality of the content. No matter how contemporary ideas & elements you have put into your website content, you can’t compromise with the quality of it. The quality of the content would essentially comprise of the following parameters:

  • Source of information
  • Use of grammar 
  • Correct spelling 
  • No content duplicacy & plagiarism
  • Perfect content length as per subject & topic

All these components contribute equally to your website content quality and you can decide either to make considerable changes or go for new content if the quality of the old one doesn’t suit your marketing objective. 

Determine Content Accuracy

Even if your content quality is up to the mark, you may face challenges regarding the accuracy & precision of the website content with respect to user queries & preference. Your website content is expected to deliver a considerable solution to the prospective user queries present in the search engine. Following that, you have to create relatable content along with a title tag that triggers potential user attention and delivers the best solution to the corresponding queries. 

That’s what website SEO experts also suggest regarding content creation on your website. So you need to be on the track to educate your target audience and remove content that doesn’t give a proper solution for user concerns. 

Check if old pages start ranking again

This is what you have to consider in case you want to update your content. If they’re not ranking at all for quite a long time even after your content update efforts, it’s time to move on. However, if it does, you can think about a corresponding modification in the content. When old web pages start ranking again it means they still have the potential to allure prospective visitors regarding your product, service or website blog. They’re probably looking for more information that you can add in the form of images, infographics & visuals to your website content. 

There could be other reasons that are resisting users from visiting your web page content like insecure URL or content duplicacy errors, etc. When you remove such errors from your web page, users start visiting again. And there’s your chance to retain them for the future. To check old page ranks you can consider web analytics tools like Neil Patel & Google Analytics, etc. 

Lead A/B testing

There can be a case that your old website content is not that bad in comparison to the new & advanced one. If you’re still doubtful and don’t want to delete your old website content, store it in a backup and conduct an A/B testing for both the new & old content and track your results to choose the best one. We recommend you to go with a content update if you find the result of the test to be a tie between both the content. However, you cannot use both of them so as to resist content duplicacy. 

Bring your content identicals to eGoodMedia for A/B testing and we’ll determine which one is perfect for your website. After that, you can delete the inappropriate one and proceed with your website SEO campaign for promotion & growth. Our trusted Search Engine Optimization & Online Marketing Experts won’t let you fail through your digital marketing campaign!

Make Changes to Backlinks

If your website backlinks aren’t appropriate enough to bring you, potential visitors, you can make changes accordingly. Backlinks are also a part of your website content consisting of your target URLs & Anchor Text. The links are placed at different external sources like referring websites, online forums, blog comments, classified ads & business directories. If the backlink is not placed at the right source of user recognition, who’s going to visit your website with the right purpose. 

This will result in a high bounce rate & low dwell time and consequently affect your web page traffic & engagement. So, there’s no need to delete the content here and you’re only supposed to update your content backlinks for better outcome.
Enhanced Keyword Research

This is another content optimization approach focused on updates & modification. You’ll find many cases where you can modify your content for enhanced traffic & user engagement. So here you have to determine the best keywords for your target web pages. The search engines will rank your web page according to the search queries. But, for that you have to make sure of your target keywords and organize your website content & title tags accordingly.

You’ll need keyword research even after deleting your inappropriate website content. You have to ensure the use of the right keywords this time to avoid mistakes you’ve made previously. Also, ensure that the keywords you select aren’t outdated with respect to the market trends for specific topics. This way you can create new & improved content for your target audience. For keyword research, you can find these online tools quite helpful- Neil Patel, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, Google Keyword Planner, etc. 

Deleting your content

Make sure to learn how to delete your website content or make it quit the live status. Even if you make your website content dead, you have to maintain its database existence for no reason. Hence, we suggest you delete it forever. Deleting content from a CMS like WordPress is super easy. You’ve got your content posting record on your WordPress dashboard where all your website posts are listed. You can simply find the button to remove & delete the post forever. However, you can face problems if you’re not into a CMS-based website creation strategy. You can hire a web development professional for taking care of your frontend database management in this context. 

Analyze user comments

This is a marketing research approach through which you can evaluate the likes, dislikes, and opinions of your website users about the information you have delivered on your content. On the basis of such user opinions & thoughts, you can make changes to your website content and refuel your website SEO campaign for more traffic & recognition. Additionally, it will affect your online reputation and improve your relationship with the audience.

Analyze competitive progress

Competitors can surely guide you throughout your content optimization procedure. You can even run keyword research considering what they’ve offered in the search engine result pages (SERPs) against user queries. You can also visit their website blogs to find the contemporary writing techniques, styles & keyword sense they’ve employed for better user engagement & traffic. Use Mozbar to review the relative page rank on their specific content pages. 

Conclusion of discussion

So that’s how you can decide between deleting or updating your website content. We know that there could be more doubts & queries you have regarding your specified business model & digital marketing campaign. You can simply talk to our experienced online marketing experts at eGoodMedia to share your precious thoughts & opinions on the topic discussed above. We’ve got a groundbreaking Social Marketing & Website Content Optimization team support to resolve the market complications your website’s going to face. Let us know!!