What do you think about the Relevance, Authority & Trust associated with your website SEO campaign? Digital Marketing can’t be imagined without these three pillars of website SEO. Website SEO has different aspects to cover and you have to make your online marketing strategy accordingly. You have to understand what On-Page & Off-Page SEO modules you’re supposed to imply to your marketing project.

Your SEO operations could fail in the future if they’re not subject to specific marketing standards & protocols. These standards also help you organize your website SEO & marketing campaign perfectly. You have to prioritize what needs to be done in an online marketing process. 


Where SEO relevance represents the potential & compatibility of your SEO techniques, the authority helps you optimize the visibility & ranking of your site. Then comes the trust factor that specifies if your website SEO strategy is reliable or not. Because you have to generate a relative ROI for your project investment. You have given your precious time or budget to come up with the marketing solutions essential for your website promotion. Through this post, we want to address the importance of authority, relevance & trust for your SEO campaign. 

Based on the likewise information you can make changes or improve your existing digital marketing campaign. You can adjust the relevance by prioritizing your marketing operations. Similarly, you can improve trust & authority on your site. For better understanding, you can follow the enlisted sub-parts of the article we’ve created to serve your interest:

  • What are Relevance, Authority & Trust in Website SEO?
  • How to Imply Relevance, Authority & Trust to Your SEO Campaign?
  • How to Maintain Relevance, Authority & Trust on Your Site?
  • What to Remember Regarding Authority, Trust & Relevance?
  • Conclusion of the Study

Website SEO is a complicated process at times. But you need to keep patience & understand things in a comprehensive manner to avoid further mistakes. You can approach eGoodMedia anytime to specify the level of authority, relevance & trust for your website SEO project. We’re a famous Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Company from Vancouver and we provide for numerous businesses around the West Coast!

What are Relevance, Authority & Trust in Website SEO?

These are the three essential pillars of website SEO that together contribute to the foundation of your marketing campaign. Before discussing the 3 pillars we must understand how search engines work to rank your website. It is the core of search engine optimization and the marketers have to follow what a search engine suggests before introducing a marketing project. The search engines use three important procedures to rank your web pages against the relative user searches. These three procedures consists:


1. Crawling

There are search engine bots related to all kinds of search engines. These bots check millions of websites & web pages to define various search engine results for the user queries. It all begins with keyword research and webmasters aim to come up with solutions in the form of website content. The solution is based on the user queries and helps you grab your website audience for traffic & leads if possible. 

So, the search engine bots start crawling relative web page results to find out if the content is truly going to help the visitors get their solution. The search engine crawlers figure out the relevance of your content & your website SEO efforts. You also get an idea of improving your SEO relevance in this case. 

2. Indexing

The approaching step is indexing. You can’t ignore indexing anyway for your website content. It means providing a particular position to the web page if required. The SERPs keep on changing with time. So you have to work on your marketing strategy timely. Indexing can also help you find out the level of your website authority so that you could realize what to post & whatnot. Web page indexing is essential for all sorts of websites out there. 

To index your website pages you have to visit the Google Search Engine Console and register your website or online company profile. It requires a week to get you indexed accordingly.

3. Consequences

The last aspect is none other than the consequence of search engine ranking. The consequences generally show your web page position on the SERPs. If the position is quite notable, you can trust your website SEO strategy for future use. Moreover, you can also suggest the same strategy to your clients or marketing team for further application. Digital marketing trends keep changing through time. So, you have to hold your trust with an existing SEO strategy for a long time period. 

In this way, you can understand what search engines are looking for in your website SEO strategy. You can plan your Website Authority, trust & relevance based on such factors and deliver a perfect web page result to the audience in search. Moreover, at eGoodMedia we also assist you through your Online Marketing & Search Engine Marketing quest for a powerful online presence!

How to Imply Authority, Trust & Relevance to Your SEO Campaign?

Before implying the three pillars of SEO to your upcoming website ranking strategy, you must know about them. You must understand what your online business is capable of collaborating with. Website marketing can be challenging at times if you don’t have a team to discuss an idea with. Authority, Trust & Relevance work as three website SEO principles that every marketer should keep in mind.

Authority defines your limit of doing something promotional about your business. Trust gives you the confidence to perform likewise promotional activities on your site to make it better than before & relevance reminds you what you’re supposed to add to your marketing campaign to make it more effective. 

To imply these 3 pillars of SEO to your marketing campaign you simply need to remember the following points: 

1. Start with Authority

Authority comprises the overall appearance of your website & its potential for Search Engine Ranking. You can also call it domain authority (DA). It represents your website’s potential for the appearance and its overall rank in the search engine result pages. Moz is online software that measures your website’s share in the search engine results. The tool also provides information about a particular web page on your site. It is called the Page Authority (PA) and represents all your web page ranks accordingly. Why we start with the website authority section is to know the existing potential of your web pages. Or else you can’t go for a website SEO approach. 

2. Figure Out Trust

The reason why Google introduces varied algorithms from time to time is that the quality of certain websites is not up to the mark. The webmasters are looking for different black hat SEO techniques & shortcuts that approach instant lead generation. They use inappropriate means to serve their website marketing & promotion goals. Google doesn’t let such websites acquire the top SERPs for a long time. Coming back to your site, you also need to specify if there’s a compromise with your content quality of web page security. The trust factor works on the likewise parameters. Not only search engines, but your website visitors are also concerned about trust & security.

3. Focus on Relevance

Relevance specifies if your particular web page represents the right solution to the user’s problems or not. A relevant website can be experienced as relevant too. Off-Page SEO can help you improve relevance for your web pages accordingly. You can use a guest posting technique and get backlinks to your website pages from various referring domains. The more users come to your web page, the more your website relevance is going to increase. This can also improve search engine recognition for your site. 

4. Create a Workflow

You have a raw idea in your mind about your website marketing strategy. You have to pen it down in the form of a workflow to organize your digital marketing goals perfectly. You have to mention your authority, trust & relevance goals in your workflow and share the same with your marketing team so that they introduce a marketing solution inspired by the three pillars as explained above. Creating a workflow means you organize your digital marketing strategy perfectly. The process of handling different website marketing aspects can be difficult sometimes. Hence, you have to plan things up!

5. Communicate with Team

Your website relevance, authority & trust is very essential to be communicated with your marketing team, especially the new members. They can have varied experiences related to website SEO in the past. Moreover, their working style can also create problems for your digital marketing campaign at times. You have to communicate your promotion ideas with them. They can suggest to you where you need to improve or know about their mistakes too. Communication amid the execution of a marketing campaign is very helpful to avoid severe mistakes. 

6. Evaluate the Results

Finally, you have to ensure that the pillars have no problem carrying your website SEO campaign for a long period. In the future, there could be different solutions for similar problems. More pillars could be added or existing pillars could be removed. But to know this, you have to consistently specify your website marketing consequences. 

For more information regarding your Website Marketing & Website SEO Campaign, you can visit eGoodMedia. We have an expert team that suggests to you the fundamentals of better online marketing and how you can promote your website exceptionally on local & well global platforms!

How to Improve Authority, Trust & Relevance on Your Site?


If you’re new to website marketing & succeeded in conducting your online marketing campaign along with better Authority, Trust & Relevance factors, you’re good to go for the upcoming challenges. The story is not over yet. You may build a marketing team in the future. Your co-workers or employees don’t know about the level of authority, trust & relevance you have created for your website SEO campaign earlier. They don’t know the foundation of your digital marketing campaign. You have to communicate how you work for your website promotion. To maintain your marketing principles throughout you can follow the enlisted ideas: 

1. Find Customer Issues

This is something you have to do as long as your website lives. Your online business is just a solution to specified user queries & issues. Your website marketing strategy revolves around customer tastes & preferences. You have to fulfill their demands through your online products & services. Based on the customer queries on search engines you have to create your web page content. You further share that content on SERPs and gain website authority for your site. This authority is going to help you rank your website effectively on the SERPs. Hence, finding user issues is a never-ending process. 

2. Keyword Research

Don’t confuse keyword research with customer issues. Customer issues are a part of keyword research. Keyword research is a broad website marketing process that doesn’t end up with a particular project. Keywords can be of varied categories: 

  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Short Keywords 
  • Mid-Tail Keywords

These three kinds of keywords consist of all other sub-categories of keywords out there. Long Tail Keywords consist of phrases where short tail keywords consist of one or two-word keywords. Select the right keywords and you can improve the authority of your website & web pages. 

3. Write Better Content

The next essential approach is to entail good website content. It is going to serve your authority SEO strategy very well. You can acquire more traffic & customer recognition for your content. The content can be promotional or informative, however, the customers are concerned about both. In fact, they behave more consciously while buying something online. They care about a malware or virus attack on their device, hence, you also have to take care of the trust factor on your website. Coming back to better content, you’re not going to lose your authority in providing genuine & reliable information to your customers. 

4. Maintain Security

By maintaining security you can maintain the trust factor for your site whether related to your website visitors or search engines. The website trust works like a magnet & keeps attracting your website visitors from different sources. First, you have to work on your website URL. Whatever web page you have, its URL must show an icon of lock that’s closed. It is situated on the top left corner of the URL bar. The users often see that lock in the URL and then proceed to your site. Your website can show an unlocked icon due to a mixed content error. If using a WordPress or likewise CMS you can approach certain plugins to remove such errors. 

In this way, you can maintain the three pillars of your website SEO for a considerable time. Reach out to eGoodMedia and we’ll discuss other revolutionary website SEO tips & tricks for your business growth. We’re an Award-Winning Website SEO & Marketing Company based in Seattle dedicated to emerging online promotion projects, just like yours!

What to Remember Regarding Authority, Trust & Relevance?

While running your website marketing campaign you’re supposed to ensure certain things about the three pillars of your website SEO. Digital marketing collectively requires you to work on multiple operations. There’s on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC & more to cover. You need a team to distribute all the duties & responsibilities effectively. Here’s what you have to specify regarding your authority, trust & relevance:


1. Audience

Domain authority is the result of what you have mentioned in your web pages & content. Therefore, you can’t overlook your audience’s tastes & preferences. You also have to review their difficulties & problems. These problems can address online products, services, or even website functions & amenities. You have to work for the solution and it can truly affect your website authority for better customer recognition. 

2. Your Promotion Budget

Digital marketing doesn’t require a huge budget to promote a website essentially. Especially, a new website doesn’t have to be seen for a heavy budget. You just have to care about your domain name & website hosting service. You can improve authority for your website pages without going for a large budget. However, going for team support becomes essential in the future. There you have to invest some budget. Or else you can approach a digital marketing company to get better advice & dedicated support for your project. 

3. Your SEO Expertise

Website SEO is a set of digital marketing skills that help you rank your website pages on the leading SERPs. When we talk about the three pillars of website SEO, you surely need to think about the corresponding skills & abilities. Either you have to master such skills or hire the right SEO experts to share your marketing plan. You can easily improve the relevance of your website content & pages for enhanced customer engagement in this way. 

Conclusion of the Study

As such, you can improve authority, trust & relevance for better website SEO campaigns & grow your online business effectively. At eGoodMedia we bring you likewise articles & posts to optimize your insight into the subject of website promotion. We hope this post helped you improve authority, trust & relevance related to your existing website marketing status. In case you have any doubt you can contact our experienced Website SEO & Social Media Marketing team for custom assistance & support!