Have you created a social media profile to represent your business ideas so far? Social media marketing helps you promote your online business more effectively than any other marketing technique. Because social media has got a live audience involved in regular interactions related to varied products & services available on the internet. There are many online businesses like yours, present on social media platforms.

So you have to measure your social marketing performance over time. You need to keep comparing your performance with your top competitors to know if you’re doing good with your business plan or not. You instead fail to allure your audience, however, you’re not allowed to stop learning from early experiences. 


The technique of measuring your social media marketing outcome in this context is called Social Media Analytics. It is actually a report you can generate across varied frames of time. And the measurement part is taken care of by the online tools & services available. There are several social media analytics tools you can use to find out your level of expertise to attract & retain your target audience on your social media profile. Through this article, we want to introduce you to relative social media analytics tools & techniques that are important for your business growth. 

You can understand the whole story going through this post where we’ve organized the topic into the following sub-topics to help you grasp varied aspects of social media analytics. Here’s what you’ll go through: 

  • What is Social Media Analytics?
  • Factors Affecting Your Social Media Analytics Report
  • How Important is Social Media Analytics for Your Business?
  • How to Execute Social Media Analytics for Your Project?
  • Closing Words on Social Media Analytics

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What is Social Media Analytics? 

Whether email marketing or website SEO, you have to measure the performance of your digital marketing campaign over time. Digital marketing is a complete website promotion process that requires relative expenses on your part, sometimes. Especially, when your company is big & your project is bigger. You can’t take a risk going with an average website marketing plan in this case. Therefore, generating better ROI for your digital marketing budget is equally important. And Social Media Analytics essentially contributes to what your ROI collectively comprises. 


Social Media Analytics is a report about your social media marketing performance for a specific time period. You can make use of this report to take meaningful decisions about your website promotion & growth in the future. You can also do modifications to your existing social media marketing standards to make it more productive. A Social Media Analytics report usually comprises the following components you have to take care of: 

  • Audience Analysis
  • Social Listening Report
  • Social Monitoring
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Metrics
  • Image Analysis
  • Competitive Benchmarking 
  • Campaign Analysis etc

Your social media marketing campaign is a blend of varied aspects that you have to maintain over time. Or else you can undergo a Social Media Crisis soon. The analytical report helps you understand your user prerequisites over time. These requirements keep changing and you have to recreate your marketing strategy accordingly. Therefore, we suggest you build your analytics report timely.

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Factors Affecting Your Social Media Analytics Report

Your social media account is associated with varied factors affecting your social media presence. Every social media platform is an ocean of data. This data represents worldwide user interactions & conversations along with business entities all over. People get into promotional interactions about a particular product or service.

So we can say, there’s so much you have to care about amid running your social media marketing campaign. Your social analytics report also depends on such factors and you have to make changes to your existing marketing approach accordingly. Let’s discuss such factors thoroughly: 

1. Audience

Most of your Social Media Analytics report is based on the audience’s reaction to your social media ads & posts. You create your social media marketing campaign for the audience. In fact, the foundation of your online business never stays untouched by the audience you’re looking to target. A business is all about people. Therefore, the audience is the biggest factor that’s going to affect your social media performance report. You have to serve them on a priority basis. Take care of what they are expecting from your social media advertisements & posts consistently. 

2. Social Media Posts

Marketing messaging is a crucial part of your digital marketing practices. It is usually employed in your social media profile where you can interact with your audience on a regular basis. You have to come up with your social media posts frequently or else your followers become bored of your initial messages & posts very soon. Social media posts let them stay updated on your upcoming offers, your products & services. It is important to hold the user’s attention for the long term. They trust you and can often talk to you about your business visions & missions. 

Coming back to Social Analytics Report, you will find out that your Social Media Messages & Posts essentially affect your social media performance. And consequently, your Social Media Analytics report also shows you what resides likewise. So, pay attention to what you represent through your social media posts. 

3. Your Business Model

You can’t expect huge traffic on your social media posts, messages & advertisements addressing a specific business model sometimes. Because you’ve got a niche market to showcase. It doesn’t mean you won’t get any traffic at all. But you also have to face notable competition associated with what you have to offer. But then social media platforms also keep expanding and so is your business opportunity. You have to keep calm in the initial phase of your social media marketing process. Your business model is going to decide what type of audience you’re going to trigger & the relative traffic and leads you’re going to generate. 

4. Marketing Techniques

There are varied marketing strategies available for different types of online marketing modules you’ve implemented to your website growth. These techniques & strategies help different businesses to grow & develop on different grounds. The way you promote your products & services on social media platforms needs to be somewhat unique from your competitors. That is not possible though you have to specify what works for your business strategy very well. There are varied marketing techniques on a social media ground as well that you have to specify ahead of time. 

5. Social Database

Another important factor that affects your Social Media Analytics results is your existing social media database. That means, how many social media followers you have, how many clients are associated with your online business, and how many links you have with corresponding business partners. Your relationship with 1 or 2 clients may be unsound, but that doesn’t mean your entire Social Media Analytics report is going to disappoint you. You have to make sure that most of your social media followers are happy with your services & resolve their issues if any in time. If you have a strong social media database, you’re not going to face any issues with your analytics report as such.  

Social Media Analytics is just a result of what happens on your social media handle on a regular basis. It comprises the admin actions & the audience actions with respect to what you have represented on your social media profiles. Hence a collective approach is essential while you come up with your marketing strategies. 

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How Important is Social Media Analytics for Your Business? 

Now comes the business part. In this section, we’ll understand how important a Social Media Analytics report is going to be for a business goal. You surely have a business goal. Even if you’re running a blogging website. Performing Social Media Analytics you have to review your business objectives. Because your marketing performance has a direct impact on your business. Whether negative or positive. Enlisted are some points that reflect the importance of conducting Social Media Analytics for your business welfare:


1. Multiple Reports

You might have your business account on varied social media platforms, not just one. Following this, you get a chance to generate multiple reports for your business maintenance. You have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In & other options to raise your business recognition before your target audience. Generally, big business entities are required to post on multiple social media platforms. This will maintain their popularity among the general public for quite a long time. Therefore, Social Media Websites provide you an opportunity to conduct multiple Social Media Analytics for a collective analysis of your business performance. 

Following multiple Social Media Analytics reports you get to know about your marketing potential. Social media is a huge portion of your overall digital marketing campaign. Hence, a dedicated Social Media Analytics report is very crucial to be developed & used!

2. Emerging Followers

Apart from your existing social media database, you’re required to pay attention to bringing more to your social media handles. Your social media followers cover a large portion of your database. You should expand this database further. And for that, you need to grab more new followers. You don’t have to request the new followers to like your social media handle. It is not an outbound strategy at all. They subscribe to your handle themself. You just need to impress them enough to take a step ahead. But how would you know that your database has extended even a little bit? Social Media Analytics is the answer. 

In this way, Social Media Analytics gives you an opportunity to figure your new product & service lovers out there. These new followers are your chance to optimize your online business and make it better for a better future. With the help of a Social Media Analytics report, you can find out the emerging followers & trigger them for future promotions too. 

3. Unfollowers

Moving ahead, you can also find out if you’ve got some unfollowers for your business recently. Following this information, either you can approach them & find out the problem if any to bring down a solution, or you can leave them apart & focus on your new followers. We suggest you save your time & efforts to invest in your new social media users & followers. Moreover, you can learn from the experiences of your unfollowers to employ what’s important to your marketing campaign in the future. Social Media Analytics helps you get rid of the followers who are intentionally going to harm you in the future too. Some of them could be your fake followers too, so you need to be conscious. 

4. Engagement

If you know the level of user engagement on your social media posts & ads, you can come up with better decisions regarding your online marketing approach in the future. You will understand the tastes & preferences of your followers and create your social media posts accordingly. Moreover, if you’re experiencing better user engagement on your social media posts already, you can take inspiration from the same to improve other social media posts on your handle. That’s a comparison between your varied social media ads & posts. 

You can also specify the total reach & mention of your online brand on different social media sources by simply conducting Social Media Analytics on your handle. If you don’t have much time apart from your Website SEO campaign, you can also consult eGoodMedia to support your entire digital marketing campaign. Our renowned Social Media Monitoring & Website Marketing services have so much to offer your marketing campaign!

How to Execute Social Media Analytics for Your Project?

The approaching topic addresses the different steps you need to follow to execute your Social Media Analytics. Without proper execution of your social analytics campaign, you can’t understand your online marketing drawbacks & how to deal with your social media followers. Let’s explore how to execute your analytics plan: 

1. Create a Spreadsheet

The story begins with data organization. If you have your social media accounts on more than one social media platform you have to create separate spreadsheets for relative accounts and organize your data accordingly. An organized data is always going to help you find information for future implementation. Even if you have one social media account, you have to create a spreadsheet accordingly. Unorganized data can confuse you in the future about what you’ve decided to do with your social media identity. 

2. Extract the Reports

The approaching step is to go for the corresponding social media platforms where you have a handle representing your online business and extract the Social Media Analytics report you’re looking for. You can take the help of external tools to create your report or simply use the social media platform functionalities to generate the report. Most of the social media platforms have their own setup for the creation of the report. 

3. Input the Data Into Spreadsheet

Moving ahead you have to accumulate your data and start adding to the spreadsheet you’ve created earlier. Before transferring data, you can specify in which format you’ve got the report ready. You can either change the format or use the existing one if that suits your spreadsheet file accordingly. You can appoint a team to handle your operations in an organized form so that one could not face a burden. Follow these steps: 

  • You have to create tabs for each month
  • Then you can go for separate metrics column
  • Carry forward data from the reports to the columns 
  • You can also specify positive or negative trends associated with the same

4. Review the Data

Any correction in this context can lead to severe consequences and you can make wrong decisions for your social media marketing campaign in the future. Therefore, we suggest you review your data again & again amid transferring from one place to another. 

5. Determine the Metrics That Declines

Now you can easily determine the metrics that decline. You can further come up with solutions with the help of expert advice to improve your social media marketing efforts accordingly. Don’t forget to create an action plan against your previous mistakes.

Closing Words on Social Media Analytics

Social Media Marketing has come a long way since its inception and you’re advised to follow each & every aspect of the same especially amid the promotion of your business online. At eGoodMedia we suggest the best solutions for your digital marketing issues and help you create a better online reputation for your business. You can talk to our experienced Social Media Marketing Experts anytime for added support & assistance. Let us know!