The internet has become a potential marketplace for many budding buyers & sellers all over the world. If you don’t find a particular product in your city or country, you can place an order from an outer country or city, all because of eCommerce businesses running throughout the world. Furthermore, you get to see multiple options of products & services to review before you make a purchase decision.

If you’re not planning to go for an eCommerce website you can also go for a social media marketing platform. Social media websites are not only for social media interactions. Marketers have special plans for sales on these sources & use such platforms as an opportunity to raise recognition & consideration for their online business. 

Hence, the term Social Commerce came into existence. The term consists of 2 different concepts- Social Media Marketing & eCommerce Business. You have to merge these 2 concepts to make a new & effective one for your digital marketing plan. Because social media platforms are providing for the likewise services these days. Now you can open your shop on Facebook & other social platforms and promote your top products & services right away. Facebook ads usually have some charges and you have to make some expenses accordingly. 

In this post, you can find what Social Commerce is all about & how you can conduct a social commerce campaign to promote your target products on social media platforms like Facebook. To make your learning experience better, we’ve divided the article into different forms as listed below:

  • Meaning of Social Commerce
  • Significance of a Social Commerce Technique
  • Leading Social Commerce Platforms
  • 8 Suggestions for Better Social Commerce Plan
  • Closing Words on Social Commerce

By going through these points you’ll get to understand a social commerce technique better. Moreover, we assure you added assistance & support if your social media marketing plan fails to allure target leads & conversions in the future. You can visit eGoodMedia and share your Website Marketing & Social Media Optimization concern anytime!

Meaning of Social Commerce

The purpose of digital marketing campaigns is not just to bring potential traffic to your site. If you’re looking forward to selling via your website, you have to convert that traffic into leads. That means your website visitors will make a purchase action to buy what you’re selling on the purchase page. Encourage them to take purchasing action for the product they like. The picture of the product is not enough to encourage a purchasing action. You have to educate your audience about the product these days. Hence social commerce is important.

Apart from an eCommerce website social media platforms also give you an opportunity to sell your products online. Social Commerce means you can sell your target products directly from a social media website like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. The customers can directly buy from the social media platform and you don’t have to redirect them to your website like traditional social media marketing norms. This saves a lot of time for the consumer to go for a purchase. 

However, this is not a good idea for marketers who are equally focused on improving their website marketing projects. Social Commerce is dedicated to social media marketing & advertising alone. But, if you’ve got an online brand you can promote the same with your Social Commerce plan too. If the users like your product, they will automatically remember your brand for a long time. You just have to create your impression. 

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Significance of a Social Commerce Technique

Everything has a role to accomplish in a social media marketing campaign. By everything, we mean the various techniques involved in the campaign. The role of social marketing can’t be denied in this context. Moreover, Social Commerce is also growing with the passage of time. The social media marketing websites are providing facilities for eCommerce businesses to sell anything that’s convenient as per customer requirements. Following this, you can also go through the enlisted points to specify another basis of importance that makes Social Commerce a considerable marketing approach: 

1. Customer Interactions

The foremost reason why Social Commerce is essential for your online business is that it encourages huge customer interaction with your product or company. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all are huge sources of customer interactions. Hence, these platforms are very crucial for your eCommerce business. Moreover, you don’t need to practice an outbound marketing strategy here. You’re not supposed to reach out to different customer groups & just need to post your advertisement & trigger huge traffic right away. The customers in need or looking for relative products will automatically come to review your product. 

2. Brand Recognition

If the users like the very first product you have offered through your social media ad, they’re most likely going to remember your brand. They will come back to your ads for more products somewhere in the future. That’s what brand recognition is essential for. Social Commerce can bring you brand recognition for your online business more effectively. We’re talking about specific products & services, but not a website here. Brand recognition can further lead them to your website in the future. It could be a great possibility, so you don’t need to care much about your website marketing campaign in this case.  

3. New Customers

Focusing on new customers could be a challenge. Because new customers are looking for new sorts of products, services, and websites to purchase what they want. Here, Social Commerce provides you another benefit. You simply have to concentrate on your social media ads & nothing else. You don’t need to devote days & months working on your website to encourage the visitors for a quick purchase. Instead, you can create multiple ads to serve your customer tastes & preferences and that’s what works better for both your business & your customers. You can save a lot of time and sidewise attract more & more customers to your social media ads. 

4. Faster Results

An advertisement is a faster technique of knowing the customer tastes & preferences. Either they buy your product or skip. If they buy, they soon share their views & experiences regarding the product and you get your results regarding how your marketing campaign is doing. You can further make changes to your marketing techniques and bring better Social Commerce facilities to your customers in the future. You can learn from your mistakes faster and go for better opportunities regarding your online marketing plans. The customers can also reach out to you faster than usual to know anything regarding the product or service they’re planning to buy. 

5. Faster Lead Generation

The traffic on social media advertisements is mostly the leads you’re looking for. Because such advertisements require users to take some actions that mostly redirect them to the main purchase page or simply reflect a final buying decision. Hence, you can expect faster lead generation outcomes for your business growth & development too. The people who visit your ads most probably want to buy something from the source. They’ve already taken a purchase decision and just want to click through a final buying procedure. 

So, that’s how significant your Social Commerce technique is going to be for your marketing plan. You just need to learn how you can conduct your marketing strategy in this direction. For added support & assistance you can consult our experienced Social Media Monitoring Team and get to know about better opportunities for your digital marketing plans. eGoodMedia is a renowned Website Marketing & Search Optimization Company providing for potential webmasters all over the world!

Leading Social Commerce Platforms

Besides understanding the different bases of importance for a Social Commerce plan, you also have to specify what platform is better as per your marketing objectives. Moreover, you also have to specify your audience. You can’t create Facebook-style ads to allure consumers on LinkedIn. Therefore, specifying your business model is also very important in this context. Given below is a list of the leading Social Commerce platforms that we’d like to suggest for all kinds of business models out there: 

1. Facebook

The social media platform is probably the oldest one on this list. And that’s why it stands essentially on other important social media lists as per the researcher’s demand. It is a brilliant Social Commerce platform too. Facebook marketing could be learned as a separate subject in this context. Moreover, Facebook advertising strategies also keep changing over time. It has got a dedicated Social Commerce store where you can post your ads & trigger your customers right away. 

2. Instagram 

Followed by is Instagram that’s known as an identical twin to Facebook. But it’s not. It gives the users a different perspective of posting their personal life on social media. There are more pictures & video content than on Facebook. However, you don’t need to care about your social media content. You’re not supposed to go for that sort of marketing strategy. Remember, we’re doing some Social Commerce here. And Social Commerce comprises social media advertisements that have nothing to do with promotional posts & messages. But you can face notable competition from your Social Commerce rivals on every social media platform including Instagram. 

3. Pinterest

Pinterest has emerged as a powerful social image-sharing platform where you can share your photos along with links to your website. The information is available in the form of photos and videos & nothing else. There are captions that define these photographs exceptionally and differentiate them from one another. Talking about Social Commerce, Pinterest gives the facility of creating buyable pins where you can represent your target product along with corresponding information & buying setup very easily. 

4. Twitter

If you’ve managed to get some Twitter followers for your Twitter profile so far, you can attract notable leads to your Social Commerce products effectively. You just have to concentrate on how to build your advertising campaign accordingly. In the meantime, you can also share your marketing tweet or marketing message and inform your target audience about your product. That means you can run a double marketing strategy to allure your customers to your product. Twitter gives you the option of adding a buy button to your promotional tweets. 

Choose what’s best for your promotional campaign and talk to our skilled Social Media Marketing Experts for added suggestions if you have a need for the same. eGoodMedia is all set to support your online business & marketing objectives & offer you the best solutions around!

8 Suggestions for Better Social Commerce Plans

To make your Social Commerce plan generate better ROI for your marketing campaign you can follow the listed below suggestions. If you’re planning Social Commerce for the very first time you can use these tips for a better outcome:

1. Selecting the Right Platform

The story begins with the social media platform where you want to establish a likewise social advertising campaign. You have to select the right platform for your advertising campaign. If you have a notable budget & a corresponding business idea you can also go for more than 1 platform. However, if you’re new to the business we only suggest you go for one platform initially as Social Commerce advertising can demand some expenses on your part.

2. Customize Your Plan

After selecting your social media platform you’re advised to customize your advertising setup accordingly. You’re not supposed to copy someone’s style. Instead, you can hire experienced graphic designers to work on your social media advertisement whether in the form of videos or images. If you have some experience regarding the same, you can yourself create appealing & engaging advertisements for your leading products & services. Customizing your plan helps you differentiate your social advertisement from the competitors.

3. Specify Your Audience

You can specify your audience on the basis of your business objectives. There is a specific audience for every product or business type. You have to figure out your audience too. You can specify your audience on the basis of the following parameters:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Custom
  • Culture etc

After that, you need to integrate your business ideas & your audience’s perspective together. You have to ensure your audience that you’ve got the best product as a solution for emerging customer issues. 

4. Upload in Installments

The approaching point is about uploading your Social Commerce advertisements. You might have a huge inventory to showcase through your social media advertisement but you should go product by product to raise awareness about your brand in your initial marketing phase. You have to analyze your performance first. On the basis of your existing performance, only you can think of proceeding with your online promotion. You can also get expert advice amid running your marketing campaign and know your drawbacks way ahead of time. 

5. Simplify Purchase

Now comes the time for the buyer’s journey. The better the buyer’s journey, the better the buyer’s experience would be. As a result, your buyers decide to visit your social media ads again & again. They trust your product & your services too. Hence, the need for simplifying customer purchases came into existence. You also need to follow this concept to make the buyer’s journey comfortable and easy. And your social media buyers would recognize your brand for quite a long time. 

6. Optimize Brand Value

Another important aspect you need to remember in this context is the brand value that you have to raise. You get a chance to do so amid building your Social Commerce marketing plan. Mention your brand in different advertisements at least once and your customers start to remember your online business identity. You can represent your logo or name with a special font that helps your initial customers remember you for the long term. 

7. Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness has become a crucial part of website designing & online marketing these days. From website SEO to social media marketing, everything revolves around mobile-friendliness these days. Because mobile phones are the biggest source of web surfing and you can’t deny the fact that the number of mobile users is increasing day by day even today. So you have to make sure that the platform you have chosen provides for likewise Social Commerce advertising outcomes. 

8. CTAs

Finally, the moment comes when you want your customers & visitors to take some actions toward conducting a purchase of your top products & services. You have to add a Call to Action (CTA) button on all your social media ads. Without a likewise button you can’t convert the traffic on your ads to your potential leads. Call to Action means you care about your marketing campaign very much and want a serious ROI against your marketing investment. \

Closing Words on Social Commerce

We hope this post encourages you toward a healthy social media advertising approach that you’re planning to accomplish. Social Commerce can help you raise instant sales for many of your target products or services. Hence we offer you our amazing Social Media Marketing & Advertising services for better ROI against your online marketing budget. You can contact eGoodMedia anytime & let us know how we can assist you through your digital marketing quest. Let’s talk!!