Have you written content for a website other than your own before? If you have not, then start writing and you’ll realize the worth of your writing skills right away. When you don’t know what your consumer or client prefers to read or understand how can you shine on the search engine results? After all your ultimate goal is to consistently acquire recognition among the top SERPs. That means you never stop as long as you are running an online business. Neither the search engine & internet marketing norms encompassing your online business plan. 


Hence initiating an external writing strategy is really important for you. Who knows what future webmasters & blogs are going to expect from your writing style? Website SEO has an inseparable aspect of digital marketing for your business. In the same way, guest blogging is also vital for your website SEO scheme. Guest blogging is not compatible with varied business models, and there are other efficient ways to capture backlinks from different resources. 

Still, emerging webmasters are showing interest in generating their website blog & invest their time & efforts in creating informative content for the users. Why is it so significant? We have written this article to exchange information regarding Guest Blogging and its importance for your off-page SEO approach. We’ll try to cover the subject by understanding the following modules one by one:

  • What’s Referral Traffic & How to Figure Out Right Referring Domains?
  • What Are the Various Forms of Referral Traffic?
  • What Are Various Guest Blogging Challenges You Can Face?
  • How Guest Posting Brings You Efficient Referral Traffic? 
  • Final Thoughts on Guest Posting

Link building is always focused on website traffic and enhances your Google Indexing for better search engine outcomes. But is that a case for Guest Blogging? It is just a link building technique that doesn’t solely focus on backlinks but the reading interest of your website visitors. We’re eGoodMedia and we encourage you to initiate a fine Guest Posting strategy for your link building goals. To enjoy our award-winning Search Marketing & Website SEO services you can reach us via phone or email anytime!

What’s Referral Traffic & How to Find Right Referring Domains?


The main objective of link building is to raise referral traffic for your website. Many of you who have just started with their website design & development operations for the first time could address search engine queries to be the only source of website traffic. But that’s not true. In internet marketing, there are many other alternatives to organic traffic that you have to examine to overcome different aspects of competition. Webmasters are way smarter these days and find different mediums of link building available on the internet. We’re not talking about any Black Hat SEO practices here and Guest Posting has nothing to do with that unless you approach the wrong referring domains for a backlink. An inappropriate referring domain could be:

  • An insecure website with a high DA
  • A multiple blogging niche website
  • A webmaster looking for only paid guest posts
  • A web address involved in illegitimate activities etc

Each of these webmasters is easy to approach and execute a deal thereafter. However, you can’t hit the bullseye wearing a blindfold. You have to analyze the importance of your referral traffic and the right referring domain to place your backlinks. To figure out a potential referring domain for your link building strategy you must ensure the following traits:

  • Your referring domain must be having high DA and free from insecure URL
  • The webmaster should clear his terms ahead of time
  • The webmaster usually demands a very high-quality guest post
  • You won’t experience the webmaster asking for a paid guest post, or he would ask for a very little amount 
  • A good webmaster won’t appoint 3rd parties through Google Plus or likewise applications to reach you
  • A reliable webmaster is the one who doesn’t demand a link exchange or guest post exchange
  • The webmaster will highlight so many little mistakes on your guest post to reach perfection, etc

All these traits could help you find the best-referring domain owners out there and consequently build high-quality referral traffic for your website pages. For detailed assistance, you can visit eGoodMedia based Website Design & Marketing specialists. Our goal is to provide for your website building approach & to illuminate your mindset against various internet challenges!

What Are Various Forms of Referral Traffic?

Referral Traffic is not merely associated with guest blogging. As there are varieties of websites, online tools & open-source software on the internet. Guest posting is often exercised for information sharing and exchange related to a specified product or service. However, as discussed earlier, there are other sources of link building and backlinking processing that webmasters often target. In this segment, we’re going to talk about different forms of Referral Traffic your website can acquire. Let’s proceed!

1. Guest Blogging

Why not begin with the main highlight of the topic? Guest blogging is an off-page SEO technique through which you may request your favorite webmasters to link back to your website. However, you have to submit your article along with the link & anchor text to the webmaster. Remember that this sort of link building is never done through existing posts on the webmaster’s website. The webmasters often have various writing prerequisites from your side and want to exhibit the best piece of information on their website pages. 

So you have to create blogs, articles & content structure accordingly. Here are some instances of the webmaster’s demands we can consider:

  • Specified Title
  • Determined Content Structure 
  • Keyword he wants to rank his website on 
  • Length of the guest blog
  • Plagiarism check on a specified or any online tool
  • Check grammar & readability of the content
  • Provide author’s bio along with the content in case of ghostwriting
  • Provide meta tags along with the article

Therefore, guest blogging is often considered a very customized & optimized form of link building. You have to make sure of each prerequisite of your webmaster in order to get posted on his website pages. We suggest you must hire an off-page SEO team as this is not a one-man show at all!

2. Email Marketing

Email Promotions & newsletters are other potential ways you may reach your prospective webmasters, businesses, or clients. There you simply have to offer your products and services through the way of a short description & backlink to your target web pages. It often looks like a spamming strategy but it is not. You can reach your webmaster in the future as well if captured your first deal. With innovative email marketing tools like MailChimp & BuzzStream, you can let your designers create promotional emails consisting of infographics & visuals, etc. 

3. Advertising

Online advertising & classified ad platforms like eBay, Backpage, Craigslist, etc are often considered wrong SEO strategy elements but that is absolutely wrong. If you’re going to initiate an eCommerce campaign through your website, backlinks from classified ads could really work for you. You can create small form blogs, product descriptions & service descriptions to showcase your web presence before your target audience. Even you can provide b2b service through backlinks from such platforms as many renowned companies visit such websites to find their favorite products & services.

4. Social Media Groups, Pages & Communities

Social media is everywhere. When you say social media you address the people in general. That means a virtual place where millions of people interact, share daily routines & actions, and information through the way of pages, groups & communities. Now you have to find the right medium for your website backlink. You can consult a specified social media page or group to publish your social media post along with a backlink to your website page. You can also create your own social media community on different websites that could attract various consumer groups together. 

5. Business Directories (Local or International)

Another important form of referral traffic is the Business Directories & Local Listing platform. There’s no fine example other than Google My Business to determine this revolutionary aspect. Google My Business not only intensifies your local SEO efforts but also improves your online business presence on global grounds. You can easily showcase your business address, contact details, product & service information, consumer reviews & ratings at one place. Moreover, you can mention your website URL & main web pages for the visitors. 

What Are the Various Guest Blogging Challenges You Can Undergo? 


As of now, we have discussed the meaning of referral traffic and how many different ways you can draw your referral traffic through various channels including guest blogging. But is it going to be that simple? With guest blogging, absolutely not. Guest blogging includes different characters & chapters of one story. There are villains, companions, a hero, and a heroine of course. There’s a goal to accomplish as well. Let’s throw light on the leading guest blogging challenges that SEO professionals often face:

  • Guest blogging is time-consuming
  • Guest blogging requires dedicated skills & experience
  • Guest blogging may require you to pay in certain cases
  • You have to deliver consistent efforts to create quality content
  • You need to learn various content writing skills and write like a pro
  • Conduct time-consuming research for certain topics & subjects

For showing up on multiple websites or webmasters you must employ a content writing team or consult corresponding service providers. At eGoodMedia we provide the best Website SEO & Digital Marketing services for all our Seattle & Vancouver based service seekers. You can reach us anytime with your web design & development issues!

How Guest Posting Brings You Efficient Referral Traffic?

Guest blogging is an efficient way of link building. It is a time-consuming yet fun experience that teaches you so much about online writing. Content Writing can be distributed into various categories and a link building strategy can be associated with different kinds of content. Coming back to guest posting, these are usually long from content varying somewhere from 800 words to 2000. It again depends on the type of content your webmaster needs you to deliver. For example, website content can go above 2000 words whereas an SEO web page content is better up to 1500 words. Here’s how guest blogging brings you potential referral traffic:

1. Guest Posting is Informative

This is the age of information and data sharing & conversation. Because data is invaluable. A couple of years ago it was not possible to store a huge amount of data on a notebook or even a giant text. Today we’ve got cloud libraries that are accessible from any part of the world consisting of an internet connection and a relative web-surfing device. Infect various renowned gaming companies are deciding to shift their products to the online cloud interface these days. This will help gaming freaks from all over the world access their favorite games on the internet without a high configuration system. 

Coming back to guest blogging, it is another form of information that internet users are often looking for. It usually happens with technical blogs. When internet users need to get information regarding a technical subject they often find it difficult to understand and keep roaming across different websites. However, referral links help them jump to another informative website instead of leaving it back to the SERPs. And, there’s your chance to throw your backlink.

2. Guesting Blogging is Natural & Authentic

As compared to backlinks from existing posts, guest blogging requires your honest efforts & originality. Moreover, guest blogging never supports plagiarism, and most reliable & trustworthy webmasters always condemn the use of rewriting & copying. That means if you generate fresh & plag free content you’re most likely going to be approached by top webmasters. Additionally, that would be content your website visitors will surely trust and figure out going one step ahead through your website backlink. 

Even if you want to target your best products or services you have to raise that faith & trust among your visitors, and that could be possible through a fresh & authentic guest blog. One more benefit of the originality of your guest blog is that your webmaster prefers to work with you again & again. You may also ask him or her for further references. 

3. Includes DA & PA check

A Website’s DA & PA usually depicts its organic & other aspects of traffic. The higher the DA & PA the more online traffic the website’s capable of drawing. While you’re going through your off-page SEO strategy you have to review the DA & PA of your target websites. You can make a list of prospective websites you want to link back from. After that, you try to communicate with corresponding webmasters of those websites to request guest posting. Now if you have checked the DA & PA of such websites you can negotiate your terms as such and analyze where to post your guest blog so as to target the most number of users out there.

eGoodMedia serves you with the finest Web Design & Marketing solutions to amplify your website SEO programs. We are a West Coast-based web development & design company providing for emerging entrepreneurs around Vancouver & Seattle! 

4. Easy to Conduct

Though content writing takes time to execute your link building goals it has a very easy to conduct guest post strategy that you may undergo. Guest posting begins with the research you have to conduct to reach out to all the prospective webmasters out there. Prospective webmasters means the ones who is popular & trustworthy in the eyes of numerous users & internet surfers looking for corresponding sets of information. To reach such webmasters you have to prepare an email outreach strategy. It works perfectly most of the time. 

You can make use of cold emailing tools like BuzzStream, Reply.io, MailChimp, etc to reach out to such webmasters in bulk. The tools give you access to varied features like A/B Testing, Outreach Ideas & Templates, Outreach Threads & Corresponding Schedule, etc. But how to prepare an email list? Not to worry, there are more online tools to help you out like Hunter. When you succeed to convert your outreach to better opportunities, talk to the webmaster and explain your guest blogging requirement properly to them. That’s it!

5. Guest Posts Remain to Live for Long

Another amazing advantage of Guest Blogging is that each of your guest blogs remains life for quite a long time. That means if you’ve invested your time & money approaching some fine webmasters, you’re surely going to hit the bullseye this time. The websites with high DA & consistent website traffic are most likely going to intensify your link building goal. All you need to do is to ensure them quality content, no matter what bites your way. Now when you succeed to post your blog on such websites, then chances are you’re most probably going to draw big referral traffic to your website pages. Therefore, trust yourself and prepare a guest blogging plan today!!

Final Thoughts on Guest Posting

Many people consider Guest Posting as a fine experience as it helps create a fresh skill set and introduces new challenges with respect to the off-page SEO procedure you wish to encounter. The digital marketing world keeps surprising you and your website building strategies from time to time. You must keep patience & hope of the best. For added assistance, you can consult the search engine marketing & social media monitoring experts from eGoodMedia anytime to raise your web appearance exceptionally!!