Ever tried rock climbing on a nature trip? Many of you might haven’t. However, the climbing professionals you see on TV or in films often look bold & audacious. It takes them years of practice & passion to achieve their aim. Throughout setting a world record they have to undergo hundreds of drops & lifts. Search rankings also witness certain drops & lifts from time to time following varied factors. However, webmasters are advised to stay calm & optimistic and keep looking for a solution. 

It feels horrible when you work hard to place your web information, products & service descriptions on the leading search engine results & suddenly drop down to the worst. For newbies & freshers, it is often hard to digest the fact. But there are solutions too. Staying encouraged is the key to the solution. You often enjoy struggling while doing your favorite job.=

Coming back to Google rank drop, you have to accept it and remember that it is not the end of the world. You can lift up your search engine results higher again. Experienced web developers & internet marketers are often used to it. If you’re new, the following segments of information will help you get a better understanding & solution of your Google rank drop issue:

  • What is Search Rankings Drop?  
  • Reasons Behind Search Rankings Drop?
  • How to Recover Your Search Rankings Drop?
  • Final Thoughts on Search Rankings Drop

Search Rankings Drop could affect your website traffic & consequently your business offerings & services. At eGoodMedia, we support your website traffic improvement objectives & keep you notified against various digital marketing problems out there. In this article, we want to spread awareness on Google Rankings Drop & how budding webmasters could overcome this issue. Let’s get started!

What is Search Rankings Drop?

egoodmedia.com-Search-Rankings-Dropped-Here’s-How-to-Recover-Back1Search Rankings Drop is a crucial condition of your web page results on the SERPs. Your website page lies among the top 3 search engine results today, & suddenly disappear from the whole SERP the very next day. It may shock a new webmaster or digital marketer managing SEO or a search engine marketing campaign. Even if your search engine ranking is stable you can’t count on the future. There are lots of factors that affect your Google ranking and there could be many other approaching factors as such in the future. 

Search engine rankings are very crucial as they are the biggest source of organic traffic on the internet. In fact, organic traffic is the biggest traffic your website aspires to achieve. The most number of your website users belong to search engines. So you can’t overlook a single search rank drop associated with your website. Before shutting your website or taking the wrong decision we suggest you concern a prospective internet & search marketing company around. 

Reasons Behind Search Rankings Drop


So, how would you find if your website’s capable of overcoming a Search Rankings Drop? Simply digging through its respective reasons. There could be many internal and external reasons with respect to your website. Your website always shares information & creates a network across the internet. So you must understand, it is not just about your website or your business plan on the search engine result page. It is also about the search engine norms, protocols, internet users, search engine crawlers, support, amenities & features that you use. It is a network of relationships your website needs to build. 

Many of your reasons behind Search Rankings Drop rely on these networks. So, do you need to break them? Absolutely not. As your web presence grows on the internet your network extends accordingly. You can’t stop it or keep it limited except for a particular category of business. Here are some notable reasons behind your website’s Google Rankings Drop.

1. Poor Tracking Of Ranks

The leading reason behind your Search Rankings Drop is your negligence & carelessness. You’ve got ample reasons to track your search engine ranks daily. Plus, you could find better solutions way ahead of time if you’re tracking your website performance on a daily basis. There are varieties of Website Analysis Tools on the internet to help you assess your web page performance from time to time. 

For example, Uber Suggest, Google Analytics, Rank Watch, Woo Rank, Ahrefs, etc. We suggest you make use of any of these tools & maintain your search engine ranking regularly. The tools also give you online advice on how you could improve your SEO & search marketing skills. You can estimate your search engine ranking condition every day to avoid further issues.  

We know that you’re busy with your organizational plans & could not give adequate time to your website tracking stuff on a regular basis. In that case, you can consult our traffic improvement & search engine marketing support. We’re eGoodMedia & we help you enhance the social media & search engine presence of your business from time to time.

2. Gone Backlinks

There could be many backlinks associated with your website pages on a temporary basis. Lots of newbie webmasters make these mistakes. Off-Page SEO is an ever-going process. When you approach a referring domain you can’t be sure of the validity of the backlink. A very few webmasters across the world allow a lifetime do-follow backlink from their website pages or guest posts to your website pages. However, the solution isn’t going anywhere. There may be many reasons for this:

  • The webpage from where you’ve got the backlink expired
  • The webmaster wants to put another piece of information on the relative web page
  • There is some maintenance issue with the target web page
  • Webmaster removed the information forever
  • The keyword that was supposed to be triggered gone irrelevant after a specified time

All these reasons could ruin your plan to remain on the top search engine results for a long period. Therefore, you must execute a backup plan for all your gone backlinks to avoid future difficulties.  

3. Google Algorithms 

Google algorithms are something you can call a season because it is ever-changing. Moreover, sometimes it is unpredictable. Google algorithms always keep improving the user experience and focus on the reliability & security of the search engine. Therefore, irrelevant and poor quality content could not be promoted through this great search engine. As such, your website’s search engine rank could get affected anytime anywhere. 

There were more than 3000 improvements recorded in the year 2018 & even more the very next year. If any of your website content doesn’t cope up with these improvements it is likely to decline from the top search engine results. However, these improvements aren’t solely related to your website content. You just need to take care of the updates related to your website stuff. The notable updates that webmasters need to remember are:

  • Google Panda Update (2011)
  • Google Penguin (2012)
  • Google EMD (Exact Match Domain 2012)
  • Hummingbird Update (2013)
  • Google Payday (2013)
  • Google Pigeon Update (2014)
  • Mobile-Friendly Update (2015)
  • Rankbrain (2015) 
  • Google Possum Update (2016)
  • Fred Update (2017) 
  • The Latest BERT Update (2019)

These updates never get outdated over time. That means whether new or old, every webmaster has to follow each of these protocols to remain on the leading SERPs. Google’s Rankbrain Update introduces the machine learning technique to analyze advanced user search queries. That means you exactly need to provide for the search engine queries through your website content. All the above mentioned Google algorithms trigger your digital marketing & search engine marketing efforts, therefore, must stay updated with them. 

4. Overlook Manual Actions & Warnings

Google employees often tell you about your search engine presence, relative problems & bugs. You are supposed to fix those errors ahead of time, or your website results get penalized on Google SERPs. It’s not important that the same is going to happen on other search engine results too. However, disappearing from Google is quite a matter of concern. Using Google Search Engine Console could find you a better solution to this. You can assess all your manual as well as automatic penalties from there. 

The Search Engine Marketing & Optimization experts at eGoodMedia also help you assess your website’s search engine faults & drawbacks and enhance your search engine rankings consistently. We also suggest various techniques through which you can intensify your website traffic. You can reach us anytime for dedicated assistance!

6. Competition From Others

Of course, you could face serious competition from your internet rivals. There are over 1 billion websites on the internet today and whatever you hold on your website is present on a thousand other websites. Therefore you have to analyze what’s being scarce on your website as compared to other websites. You can control competition by consistently offering something unique or more improved. 

New webmasters often don’t assess their competitor’s website and don’t conduct a precise research to study the competitor’s website. Where it is a basic constituent of business to conduct competitor research. This is digital marketing, and this is so related to business. Ahrefs provide you a simple & reliable way of competitor analysis. Go grab your search rankings!

There could be many other reasons encompassing your search rankings like- Ordinary Alterations in Google, Broken Redirect Links, Problem of Servers, Web Page Speed, Poor Quality Linking & Other Technical Issues. It depends on your personal conditions and therefore getting expert advice through a search marketing company is indeed a smart move. 

How to Recover Your Search Rankings Drop?


Recovering out of a Search Rankings Drop can take a long time. If your whole website has undergone a massive degradation, you surely need professional support. However, if you restrain your entire website by yourself you can protect your website against various search engine threats. But that’s not possible. Most of the time you have to appoint a dedicated digital marketing team or consult a search engine marketing company to manage things around. Though you can review the following tips to overcome your Search Rankings Drop issues. 

1. Examine If You Really Dropped?

This is the worst state you may undergo. When search engines & your favorite website rank tracking tools don’t integrate with each other, the problem arises. Consequently, when you review the search engine results you get disappointed. On the other hand, when you see your website tracking you could face doubts. You may also doubt the search engine after going through your website tracking results. Your website pages might be temporarily placed somewhere else when Google encounters some technical advancements. 

2. Manage Website Modification

Website alteration may touch different aspects of your search engine ranking. There is content, then there’s a website theme, a navigation menu, information structure & design. This may lead to countless disappointments. To overcome this issue you can follow the enlisted guidelines:

  • You can consult your digital marketing team to whether there could be any drastic impact on the search ranking for your website. You can raise such queries by conducting a meeting before the execution of website modification. 
  • Review your project management programs and analyze if they are going to be a matter of concern for future rankings drop. 
  • Conduct research on your SEO marketing tools. It could help you figure out the future problems that are going to arrive and conclude whether you can proceed with the project or not.
  • You may also demand a technical check on your website’s HTTP Codes, Code Repository, Robots.txt Commands, Meta Robots Tags, Hreflang, Canonical URL, URL Security, etc. Your On-Page & Off-Page SEO team could ensure you whether you can proceed with the changes or not. 

Website modification can bring you horrible results on your Search Rankings Drop. eGoodMedia is a one-stop solution for your Website’s Google Ranking goals. We provide added support for your web page’s conversation optimization & social media monitoring!

3. Update Your Website 

Of course website modification hurts, but, there are a few changes that Google often suggests to you itself. That’s right, we’re talking about the Google algorithms. These are world-renowned search engine standards & norms that are applicable to every website domain present on the SERPs. Most of these algorithms are focused on providing for the quality of information & services offered by different websites on the internet. The main highlights covered in these protocols are: 

  • High quality, plag free & grammar friendly content
  • Use of appropriate keywords in the content
  • No keyword stuffing practices allowed
  • Content should be free from duplicity & forced ads
  • Content shouldn’t contain too many outbound links
  • Should be free from spam or irrelevant links
  • The presence of over-optimized anchor text is not acceptable
  • Over optimized websites aren’t an option 
  • The website resolution, design, navigation menu & content structure should be mobile friendly
  • Use of long-tail keywords 
  • Content targeted on search engine queries
  • Websites providing for local search queries and more

So you can see, there are many aspects considering which you have to become the hero of search engine rankings. You essentially need to hire an SEO team or a digital marketing team to remain in the race.

4. Maintain Website Security

Cyber threats are not only evil for your website users but for your website also. They could be a notable reason behind your Search Rankings Drop. Along with your website visitors, Google crawlers may also boycott you for threatful content. Nobody likes to get hacked or malware for the sake of information except a specified age group surfing the internet. And they get infected. A lot of anti-malware are available in the markets to withstand hackers & viruses, then why Google stays back. Ensure top website security for your visitors & Google Bots and get a Website Security Certificate ASAP.  

5. Assign a Team

Unless you’re running a personal niche blog you don’t need to care about a team. However, if you’re planning to execute a dedicated eCommerce company you have to build a digital marketing & website development & design team. Or else you have to generate a contract with a potential search engine marketing company. Without a professional team, you can’t maintain search rankings for your website in the long run.

Apart from this, you also have to analyze the change in search intent from time to time. The internet users are switching to voice search trends & you must recreate your marketing strategy accordingly. Additionally, the user behavior & preferences keep on changing. Your competitors could be your best companions on the journey. You can learn how responsive they are with respect to the same search engine uncertainties you’re experiencing. 

Moreover, we’d like to suggest that you must analyze your lost backlinks & guest posts. It is not necessary if a thing goes off the trend won’t likely come back. There could be chances that you may use your guest post articles on other referring domains. You just need to conduct fine research. One more thing you need to remember here is that there could be a problem with your web page indexing. If they’re not indexed properly by the Google bots you can face a severe misunderstanding. Stay smart!

Final Thoughts 

In the end, we suggest you to not panic on your website’s Search Rankings Drop as the rock climber never sets a record without facing a single drop. eGoodMedia stands with you throughout your search engine marketing & website traffic generation goals. We’re happy to help you with any doubts & queries. Let’s have a fine conversation!!