Don’t you think you have to promote your product after manufacturing? Everything is created to reach consumers and so is your website, and marketing is the medium. Modern website designers are not limited to merely designing jobs. Infect if you’re designing your own website, you have to pay attention to certain digital marketing concepts. SEO is a crucial one. Because most of the organic traffic or say website traffic comes from search engines. Your website building skills need to be acknowledged & praised. SEO is the tool!!

The origin of Search Engine Optimization & Marketing dates back to the early 1990s when the very first web page came into existence. It was published in August 1991 and was the first web information out there. The page is still available for review to the general public and talks about the World Wide Web. The same was followed by the launch of the first web search engine in 1997 which inaugurated the concept of SEO officially. 

Since then, SEO has been an inseparable part of website development & designing. Though it encountered very little changes until 2010, things changed drastically thereafter. The reason being smartphones & a consequent rise in the number of internet users around the world. Infect mobile phone screens became the foundation of Google MobileGeddon update in 2015. 

Through this post, we’d like to suggest some new SEO tips & tricks to website designers & developers out there. We’ll split the article into various sub-topics for better understanding:

  • Meaning & Significance of SEO
  • Fundamental Constituents of SEO
  • 9 Innovative SEO Tips For The New Website Designers
  • Final Thoughts on SEO Tips

Information is the tool we all could use to create wonders in the web media world. We are an expert WordPress designing & development team at EgoodMedia and we want to share different fragments of information to enhance your website development efforts!

Meaning & Significance of SEO Innovative-SEO-Tips-For-The-Emerging-Website-Designers

Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing technique comprising other sub-techniques that collectively aim to optimize your website for better search engine ranking. Following a special SEO strategy, you can optimize your website design as per the search engine norms. As such, the search engine crawlers start showing interest in your work & rank your web pages, landing page & other URLs in the top results. Apart from that, an SEO friendly website design could bring you the following advantages:

1. Improved Website Traffic

Website traffic is a crucial factor for the search engine ranking of your website pages. It helps you rank higher, easier & faster on the SERPs. An SEO friendly website design is one that is free from complications, easy to understand, appealing & includes appropriate information segments for the users looking for research. Your website design must engage research enthusiasts for a long time. Even if you don’t grab adequate traffic initially you’ll be able to intensify the existing one. 

2. Enhanced ROI

Whether eCommerce or blogging, you create a website to earn some form of compensation in the future. There’s a specified budget you have to invest in. And, there’s a Return on Investment (ROI) whether negative or positive you have to draw anyhow. A good ROI comes through customer satisfaction and SEO has so much to offer for user satisfaction. 

3. Growth of Business

The growth of your website or business depends on two parameters- Innovation & Security. If you’ve mastered providing for these 2 requirements you can trigger as many internet users as you can. The purpose of an SEO strategy is to timely remind you if you’ve got something fresh & revolutionary to analyze regarding search engine trends. It also reminds you whether you’ve failed to achieve the website security norms as suggested by Google or not. 

4. User Friendliness

Many aspects of search engine trends focus on user-friendliness & expect the budding website designers to produce accordingly. For example, the Possum Update (2016) of Google Algorithms focuses on providing for local search queries & encourages numerous website developers to build for the local users. That’s the influence of SEO. 

5. Consistency in The Outcomes

Digital Marketing is an ongoing process. Even after successful registration & publication of your web address, you have to continue your digital marketing operations. The same thing relates to SEO. You have to consistently work for your SEO strategy & have to face frequent outcomes. This helps you examine future threats ahead of time and make effective decisions throughout. Consistent results keep you active and looking for more objectives to overcome. 

6. Manage Competition

There are millions of breathtaking website designs out there. What do you stand in the race for? You have to come up with the elements that differentiate you & your services from others. The competition is never going to decline as long as the internet lives. With charming looks & appealing design, you have to deliver the best form of information and products & services through your website. You have to think beyond the local boundaries someday. 

7. Brand Awareness Goals

Website designing plays an important role to showcase your brand value & aesthetics before the visitors, internet users & associated business partners. However, is it possible without a dedicated promotional strategy? Obviously, you can’t shout your website name on the streets to trigger the leading users. Again, SEO is the tool. Many local service providers have placed themselves on the Google local listings through Google My Business Accounts, all for brand awareness. 

8. Affordability & Cost Efficiency

There’s no giant investment to do SEO for your website. Infect, in the initial years of your website development you don’t have to spend anything but to learn & imply. If you’re a WordPress designer, you’ve got more options to skip your payment liabilities. Being innovative & curious about information can let you save a lot of money on your digital marketing strategy. You’re just required to stay active to research & find alternatives throughout. 

SEO is a pool of alternatives where you could find 10 different solutions to one problem. Your website designing objective becomes more fun with the WordPress plugin library support. Switch to WordPress to learn new & trendy things. In the next segment, we’ll discuss the main components of SEO.

Major Constituents of SEO Innovative-SEO-Tips-For-The-Emerging-Website-Designers1

Ready to form your first SEO strategy? Remember that you’ve got different aspects to note down & include in your SEO operations in the future. SEO is distributed in 2 basic forms- On-Page & Off-Page. Where On-Page SEO deals with your web page & domain optimization, Off-Page triggers external relationships of your website pages. 

In other words, On-Page SEO focuses on your website’s internal affairs & Off-Page deals with external. Both efforts lead to a considerable search engine ranking. Below are the fundamental components of a strong SEO strategy you shouldn’t overlook:

1. Keyword Optimization

Keywords are needed to be optimized for both on-page and off-page operations. In on-page SEO you have to optimize them as per your blogs, service pages & other pages that relate to the search queries of users. You have to make sure that your keyword selection must provide for a user issue so that when someone types an associated query in the Google search bar, your website URLs come in the leading results. On the other hand, you have to put your target keywords externally at different sources to earn website traffic. The Google crawlers lookout for both kinds of keyword networks associated with your website & rank you accordingly. 

2. Website Content

Your website content is simply your information structure. It could be a Blog, Service Page, Product Description, or Company Description. The goal is to ultimately prepare a pool of information for the website users you want to target. Your website content also has to build a network internally & externally to grab maximum organic traffic out there. For that, you have to link it in & out. Internal links and external links also enhance your website engagement and encourage you to come up with more information throughout. Moreover, you have to design it in a way that your visitors don’t get disturbed while reading something.

3. Link Building

A strong SEO strategy can’t be imagined without backlinks. Also known as external links these are essential to bring organic traffic & improve your SERP rank faster. Backlinks not only bring regular internet users but also other businesses to join you. You might have plans for search engine marketing & establishing yourself on Google Adsense in the future. You can’t think of it without having a good backlink reputation before the search engine crawlers. Your website design must gratify the leading referring domain webmasters out there. They’ll provide you with your dream backlinks. 

4. Networking

Networking is only possible through citation & business listing. Like usual directories, there are business & service directories on the internet. Though regular users don’t consider visiting these directories much, you can reach many renowned business owners & clients by showing up on these directories. On the other hand, for users, you can approach the Google My Business listing. Whether you’ve got a local website designing business or an international level setup, Google My Business can help you get noticed right away. Google My Business also gets you an alternative source of website traffic. What more do you expect?

9 Innovative SEO Tips For The New Website Designers Innovative-SEO-Tips-For-The-Emerging-Website-Designers2

If you’ve started with a fine SEO strategy considering all the above-mentioned constituents you pass the initial test. Now you need to move to the advanced SEO segment. The advanced SEO brings you added digital marketing principles & aspects you can use to reach among the top service providers on the SERPs. Various online programmers keep bringing tools & techniques from time to time to help emerging website designers & developers to stay 2 steps ahead. Here are some innovative tips and tricks you can use as a web designer to enhance your website ornamentation plan:

1. Make Sure On Mobile Friendliness

Let’s start with flexibility and compliance. Your website theme should essentially integrate with the smartphone resolution. Though it is an old SEO principle, it is not outdated. Infect it will trend as long as the users are using smartphones or a similar device. To keep your website mobile friendly you can either review the features of the website theme your service provider is offering or make use of a responsive design tool. The best ones we would recommend are Bootstrap, FitVids, FitText, Wirefly, etc. You might have heard about them if you’re an experienced designer. 

2. Information Structure

Web information is represented in different forms following different web designs. However, you need to make sure if your information structure is convenient enough to provide for the users. Certain websites are organized in a very innovative manner. They draw adequate user attention in the beginning but fail to impress ultimately. A complicated & annoying information structure could lower your web page Dwell time & consequently hit your organic traffic. It may also affect your web page indexing run by the Google bots. Choose a simple yet appealing designing strategy as such.

3. Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is a very important aspect of your web page information structure. Early users didn’t use to pay adequate attention to this factor but now things have changed significantly. The navigation menu often resides on the website header on a dedicated bar. It comprises various options with links to different web pages. The options vary depending on the priorities of the visitor. It is like providing random access to important categories & subcategories of your website information to your visitors. Here are some examples of website navigation menus that give you better-designing ideas:

  • Politico
  • Punk Ave
  • NKI
  • VERK
  • Alfa Charlie
  • Gusto!
  • ETQ
  • Dataveyes etc

You can find and review all these revolutionary website navigation styles on the internet. 

4. Web Page & Site Speed

Site speed is a crucial factor to enhance or degrade your website traffic. Site speed depends on the number of plugins & built-in applications & themes you’re using, the age of your website, the size of your database & most importantly your website server. To overcome this problem, you must switch to dedicated hosting from a shared or semi-shared server. Moving ahead you must decide on the right website theme. We recommend you must start with a WordPress Starter Theme if not used to huge projects. It will not only help you maintain the website speed but also help you learn things faster. Make sure not to install any irrelevant plugins & focus on the updates from time to time. 

5. Optimized Images

What are optimized images? The answer belongs to your website content. Your blogs, articles, product descriptions & service pages are your mirrors. They help your visitors figure out your website building objectives. And then comes to your web page images. Images & visuals have become an indivisible part of website content in the last few years. Google suggests content without images & videos aren’t going to rank in the future. Optimized images are the ones having a decent size, appropriate link, meta description, and clear relativity with the topic. 

6. Avoid Flash Promote Readability

We’re talking about search engine readability here. Your certain website pages could distract the Google Bots from reading your stuff and flash is responsible for it. You can instead make use of HTML5 and let search engines read you properly. You can improve your web page SEO by simply omitting such errors. There are other distractions like the unnecessary application of robot.txt (do not allow) command in the HTML. Avoid these things!

7. Use Search Engine Snippets

Featured snippets are usually displayed on the top of the SERPs. It is a quick summary of the answer to the user query in the search bar. It helps the internet user to analyze your whole web page & information structure on it. He could decide right away whether to visit your website or simply pass on. If he likes the summary he’ll surely be going to visit you some time & vice versa.

8. Dedicated On-Page Optimization

A dedicated on-page optimization may require you to follow certain norms. It will help you understand the core principles of internal SEO or inbound SEO. Your strategy must involve the following:

  • Internal linking to other web pages on the website
  • Proper keyword research & selection of the right topics
  • A better content organization with relevant keywords & user queries
  • Engaging Content Title & Sub-Titles, Images with Meta-Description Tags, Engaging Excerpt if required. 

Don’t forget to install the Yoast SEO plugin to analyze your website content step by step on the basis of readability & SEO. Yoast SEO helps you to learn the leading on-page SEO concepts easily while you’re creating content for your website. 

9. Optimize Voice Search

It is estimated that by the end of 2020 nearly 50% of google searches are going to become a voice. Budding voice assistants like Alexa are capturing a notable share of the tech market and you have to draw benefit out of it. We suggest you conduct detailed research on how voice search queries differ from the written ones. Note down some voice questions on your corresponding topics or try to ask yourself from the user’s point of view. 

Final Thoughts on SEO Tips

There could be more tips to follow as SEO is an entire pool of subjects. However, by reviewing these points you can assess the modern trends in SEO. Website designing takes effort & time to create whatever’s not easily available, but you ultimately can’t compromise on the tips & tricks for the promotion of your final product. Keep visiting EgoodMedia for corresponding pieces of information, we’re happy to serve you!!