Are you looking to improve website ranking on mobile devices? You must implement mobile-first indexing to your website pages so that the search engine crawlers rank your web pages accordingly on the SERPs. Mobile-friendliness has become a crucial part of website SEO these days. If you’re running a website SEO campaign you can’t overlook this factor. Mobile searches have increased exceptionally with the introduction of smartphones in the last decade and digital marketers have used it as an opportunity to rank their websites on the search engine results. 

You may also use this opportunity to grow your website rank on the search engine results. The better your website rank, the more visitors are going to visit your website to find answers to their queries. Through mobile-first indexing, you can trigger more traffic on your website. It is an essential SEO approach that leads to better search engine rank. Nowadays, mobile phone browsing has become more popular than browsing on a PC. It’s got more audience and user participation than the PC. However, you still have to improve mobile search ranking for your website from time to time. 

Website SEO helps you rank perfectly on the SERPs and improving ranking in mobile devices represents an improvement in website SEO as well. Through this post, you’ll learn different ways to improve website ranking on mobile devices. You help you with your learning experience, we’ve distributed the post into the following categories: 

  • What is Mobile-First Indexing?
  • What are the Important Aspects of Mobile-First Indexing?
  • Why Do You Need to Improve Mobile Search Ranking?
  • 9 Ways You Can Improve Your Website Ranking on Mobile Devices 
  • Final Words on Mobile-First Indexing

To improve ranking in mobile devices you should also work on your existing web design strategies as well. Mobile-friendliness comprises a unique website UX and website UI approach that your web designers need to follow. If you already have a mobile responsive UI but are still facing problems ranking your web pages on the SERPs, you can consult eGoodMedia. We’re a Conversion Centric Website SEO Company in Vancouver helping various businesses to grow their online presence around the West Coast!

What is Mobile-First Indexing?

Google is the biggest source of web page indexing and ranking of millions of websites out there. It serves a huge share of organic traffic that you target through your search engine results. Consequently, you also have to make sure that your website’s mobile version is indexed on a priority basis. In this way, you can attract more traffic to your web pages. Google also prioritizes mobile-friendly websites to rank on the SERPs. Hence, mobile-first indexing comes into the picture.

To improve mobile search ranking for your website, you have to undergo different web design and website SEO measures to maintain mobile-friendliness on your website. Mobile-first indexing was enabled as default by Google in July 2019 and is still active to analyze the corresponding search engine results. To get your website ready for mobile-first indexing, you must change your existing web design practices and focus on mobile-friendly appearance and functionalities. 

Moreover, you have to work on your website SEO strategies and integrate them with your web designing operations. Website SEO consists of On-Page and Off-Page SEO practices that need to be mobile responsive. You should go for an SEO-friendly design that represents mobile friendliness. When you improve ranking in mobile devices, the other website SEO aspects you handle also get improved. Mobile-First Indexing suggests different ways you can optimize your website SEO strategy from time to time. 

Despite having a good mobile search ranking for your website, you can face some Website SEO issues related to traffic and conversions on your website. You can reach out to eGoodMedia and share your website marketing concerns with our skilled digital marketing team. We’re a renowned Website SEO Company in Seattle supporting the likewise search engine optimization projects around the world!

What Are the Important Aspects of Mobile-First Indexing?

Before you improve mobile search ranking for your web pages, you should get a detailed insight into the mobile-first indexing components. Mobile indexing is based on different factors that contribute to a good website SEO as well as search engine ranking of the web pages. In this segment, we’ll discuss all those factors in detail. Let’s get started:

1. Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design allows search engine crawlers to analyze your web pages on the basis of different screen ratios and sizes. Moreover, with a responsive web design, you can target numerous devices and relative website users. Mobile-First Indexing can’t be expected without a mobile-responsive web design strategy. You need skilled web designers to conduct the relative responsive web design operations for your website. 

2. Loading Speed

Apart from design, mobile-first indexing also relates to website speed. Mobile phone users usually look for websites that open faster and skip your website very soon for other results in the SERPs. There’s a lot of competition out there and you can’t survive without a decent web page loading speed even if you’ve got a mobile responsive design. 

To improve ranking in mobile devices you must make sure that your website hosting support is up to date and free from any online issue. However, you’re not supposed to worry about the poor internet connection your website visitors are having.

3. Website Functions

Website functionality comprises the various actions the users take on your web pages. A responsive web design plays an important role to maintain various web page functions on the website so that the users don’t leave the website when available on mobile screens. When your web pages become mobile responsive, they can undergo some online errors affecting the functions. You need to consult your web designers on this and find the solutions ASAP.

4. Ad Placement

A mobile phone device has a small screen when compared to a PC. Therefore, you must make sure on the web page distractions your website visitors could face while going through your content. Ad placement could be a serious concern in this context. The mobile version of your website generally requires fewer ad placements as compared to PC. Hence, to improve mobile search ranking for your web pages you must decide on your Ad placements carefully. 

5. Visual Content

You can’t move all your visual content from your PC to the mobile version. The visual content on a PC-centric website differs a lot from the mobile-centric website. We’re not talking about the content material but the content size and format. The content could be of any form- text, video or audio, etc, but the mobile responsive version of your website could create problems when the user opens your web page on a mobile screen. Don’t forget to use alt text that gives your website images a text identity in case the image does not open on mobile devices. 

Apart from these, you can also consider the Table of Content, Metadata, and Structured Data to be other notable factors affecting your mobile-first indexing goals for better search engine ranking. You can contact eGoodMedia and share your existing low mobile search ranking to get a perfect solution for your Website SEO objectives. We’re an Award-Winning Website SEO Company helping different small and medium businesses around the world!

Why Do You Need to Improve Mobile Search Ranking?

Because mobile phones are the future of internet browsing. Before 2011, people often used to visit a nearby cyber cafe to get important information about something. Though smartphones were also available at that time, the internet wasn’t available to a wider extent. Later, the internet market also started growing and today is on an exceptional level, because of the rise in sales of smartphones. When you improve ranking in mobile devices your website traffic grows remarkably. Here are the added advantages you can experience by improving mobile search ranking for your website:

1. It Can Bring You Conversions

More website traffic can lead to more conversions for your online goods or services. Better mobile search ranking can help you target more traffic on your website. Because mobile phones have more internet users out there. Conversion also depends on the user’s trust and convenience, so you have to offer genuine deals to them. Moreover, you need to ensure security on your website so that they don’t feel worried about malware and viruses before reaching out to the purchase link. 

2. New Clients & Customers

If you want to target new customers on your website, you have to remain active on the mobile internet. Decide on your business model, whether B2B or B2C, and optimize your website for mobile use accordingly. Based on these business models you also have to decide your web design strategy and Website SEO operations. To improve mobile search ranking you have to decide on your existing business model and objectives in advance. Moreover, you must introduce innovative business ideas to your website’s appearance and function. 

3. Improves Relationship with Search Engines

Search engines can help you grow your online presence in the future. But for that, you must build strong relationships with them. If your website is mobile-friendly and perfect on other website SEO parameters you can be one of the favorites of the Google search engine. A good mobile search rank will always maintain your online reputation before the search engine crawlers and website visitors. They trust you and visit your website even if your search engine rank goes down due to some search engine protocol in the future. 

4. Improve Your DA & PA

The Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of your website reflect the quality of your website content, products, and services before the search engine crawlers. To check DA and PA you can use the Mozbar extension available on Google Chrome. Good mobile-first indexing can help you improve your website DA and PA for more user recognition in the SERPs. More DA and PA can also bring you notable guest posting offers, but make sure where you’re required to link back to. 

These were some of the leading reasons why you need to improve mobile search ranking for your website. You can further share your Website SEO doubts and queries at eGoodMedia and get expert advice from our skilled digital marketing team. We’re a famous Website SEO Company providing the best search engine optimization solutions to numerous online businesses!

9 Ways You Can Improve Your Website Ranking on Mobile Devices

Moving ahead, there are different ways you can optimize your current website rank related to mobile searches. This will let you improve your Website SEO strategies for better search engine recognition in the future. This will also help you develop your existing website design standards. To improve ranking in mobile devices you should focus on your existing business model and decide how it’s going to benefit the mobile users. Follow the enlisted 9 ways to improve your website ranking on mobile devices:

1. Use Schema Markup

Structured data can represent your web pages in a revolutionary way. Not only visitors but search engine crawlers also find it easy to analyze your web page content. Consequently, they help you to improve ranking in mobile devices as mobile responsiveness has become an indivisible part of search engine results these days. You must apply the schema markup technique to your cornerstone content and top web pages. 

2. Add a Responsive Web Design

The internet browsing devices used by the visitors consist of differences in screen sizes and resolutions. Hence, a responsive web design strategy is essential to bring considerable mobile traffic to your web pages. A responsive web design adopts multiple screen size ratios to provide the users with a better experience on your website. If you don’t have a responsive web design you can approach a web designer team or company providing the likewise services. 

3. Work on Your Website Images

The approaching technique is to change the size of your website images. Images can be a great source of traffic on your website. They can also optimize your search engine rank by answering the different user queries. People usually search for particular topics in the Google Images Section. If your website image answers a specific query, it may help you rank better on the SERPs. However, you must compress these images before optimizing for mobile phones

4. Apply AMP Markup

The Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) Markup can further help you improve your web page speed to be reviewed on a mobile phone device. It helps in mobile-first indexing of your website by improving the performance of your web pages. When users quickly open the web pages on your website, they engage with your website and like to open more pages to explore further. However, your website content should also be up to the mark. 

5. Review Your Website

The best way to capture user experience is to check your website design on the mobile phone. You can either request your web designing team to conduct an appearance check on your website pages. You can also let your website SEO team work together to figure out the flaws in search engine ranking in this context. You can check the compatibility of screen size with respect to your web page. 

6. Use Free Google Tools for Website Analysis

Frequently checking your web design and website SEO outcomes can help you improve mobile search ranking for your website effectively. You can’t overcome your mistakes if you don’t know about them. Google Analytics can assist you with your research regarding the drawbacks in your search engine ranking on mobile devices. The tool is absolutely free for use among different types of websites.

7. Improve Your Website Content

Website content plays an important role in the website SEO campaign you’ve executed. Your website content is your way of expressing a solution to the user queries. Therefore, it should be easy to read, free from duplicate elements, sound at grammar, and highly informative. You can hire a content creation team and assign their respective duties and responsibilities. You must share the objective behind content creation with them to avoid further mistakes in the content.

8. Tag Relative Posts

You can also use additional tags to represent specific mobile searches. Using this strategy you can attract more and more website traffic and even target conversions at times. Certain users come to your website page reading these relative tags that are related to the main subject. 

9. Don’t Use the Popup Messages

Another important change you have to implement to your mobile responsive website is to remove the different popups from the same. They can create more disturbance on a mobile phone screen as compared to a PC. The pop-ups could represent any ads or unwanted notifications on your website. 

Final Words on Mobile-First Indexing

Ultimately, to improve ranking in mobile devices you should analyze the user behavior while browsing on smartphones. You can target exceptional traffic and user engagement through your web page content and functionality maintenance in this context. At eGoodMedia, we focus on delivering groundbreaking website SEO services to aspiring businesses like yours. We’re a leading Website SEO Company in Vancouver. Let us know your thoughts!!