Is your Website Redesign idea becoming a barrier for your website traffic? The website traffic contributes to the website SEO and helps to achieve better search engine rank for your web pages. So, you need to maintain your website traffic throughout your online existence. But your website design could create disturbance for your website UX in certain cases. The recent Google page experience update also deals with the website UX and ranks the web pages accordingly. Website Redesigning can affect your existing website UX and lower down your website traffic.

Website Redesign can lead to various SEO mistakes that are not good for your online traffic. Moreover, your search engine rank is also going to be affected. Website SEO consists of various components of digital marketing that you have to review before creating your web design strategy. Because web design affects your website SEO to some extent. Web design provides for your web page appearance that plays an important role in On-Page SEO.

Coming back to Website Redesign, you can face problems retaining your website visitors & users when it comes to a fresh design because the website visitors are used to the previous one. Initially, they find it difficult to adjust to the new website design and you have to find solutions to the relative concerns. In this post, we’ve explained what website redesign is all about and how it can become an obstacle for your website SEO outcomes. 

We’ll also discuss how you can avoid SEO mistakes during web redesign for your website. Here are the main highlights of the article we’re going to cover:

  • What is Website Redesign?
  • Why is Website Redesign Important?
  • How Website Redesign Causes Traffic Drop & Poor SEO?
  • How to Avoid Traffic Drop (SEO Mistakes) After Website Redesign?
  • Closing Thought on Website Redesign

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What is Website Redesign?

Website Redesign is the process of modification of your entire website appearance & functions. The website design consists of numerous components that together contribute to your web page appearance & functions. Besides appearance, the website visitors are also concerned about doing some online activities on your web pages. And, web design techniques encourage them to do so on your website. When it comes to redesigning, you must ensure that your website users don’t find it difficult to use your web pages the same way they used to with the old design. 

The process of website redesign may include a complete modification of the following web page elements:

  • Content Structure
  • Position of Website Ads
  • Navigation Menu
  • Location of Breadcrumbs
  • Location of Online Forms
  • Placement of Blog Comments
  • Placement of CTA Buttons
  • Availability of Headers & Footers etc

To improve website SEO for the upcoming website UX trends you must redesign your web pages. However, a redesign can itself create problems for your SEO goals. We’ll discuss this in the approaching segments in detail. You can consult eGoodMedia to get solutions to your specific SEO-related issues & queries. Our highly experienced Website SEO Company is ready to assist you with your digital marketing projects effectively!

Why is Website Redesign Important?

Business development is not possible without a change. Your business model has to undergo various changes to rule the online market. The reason behind these changes is the user’s tastes and preferences that also keep changing. As your business model changes your web design outcome modifies. That’s why website redesign is required. Besides, there are other essential factors that represent the importance of redesign your website. Let’s explore them:

  • Website Redesign can help you in rebranding your online business
  • It can help you at the time of a new product or service launch 
  • Redesign assists you in adding more innovative functions to your web pages
  • A redesign can trigger new users and promote better website UX for usability
  • Focus on generating added responsiveness in the design
  • Works on the website performance and improvement of SEO 

It is true that web redesign improves your website SEO outcome, but during the website redesign process, you may undergo various SEO mistakes that lead to a notable traffic drop on your website. You should avoid SEO mistakes during web redesign because user engagement & traffic can’t be overlooked if you want to rank exceptionally on the SERPs. 

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How Website Redesign Causes Traffic Drop & Poor SEO?

Although the aim of Website Redesign is to improve the existing web page appearance and functionality, it can affect your current SEO status very negatively. During the redesign process and after the completion of one, your web pages can experience various SEO mistakes that lead to a poor search engine ranking. Following these mistakes, you will get to see a traffic drop on your website that you must overcome ahead of time. In this segment, we’re going to address such mistakes to inform you in advance about your website traffic drop. 

You can take certain preventive measures in time to protect your website SEO campaign and retain your website audience to offer better products and services in the future. Now let’s discuss the SEO mistakes to avoid during website redesign as mentioned below:

1. Poor Redirect

The redirect links don’t let the user waste time on inappropriate web pages. As a result, they build more trust and reliability in your website content. If you’re redesigning a web page or completed one, you must provide a good redirect link that takes the website visitors to the right URL. When you keep the URLs the same but don’t use a redirect link, it can be a notable mistake that misleads the search engine crawlers to the wrong web pages. Redirects help the search engine crawlers figure out the new version of all your web pages that you’ve recreated. 

2. Fresh Site Copy

Website Redesign can lead to a fresh site copy that doesn’t support your previous content & blogs. Due to this, your previous content organization & keyword structure is going to be affected. Your web page keywords indicate your cornerstone content. If your cornerstone content is not represented anywhere on the SERPs, following the redesign process, you’re probably going to lose your website traffic. Therefore, make sure that the web page elements that are essential for SEO are not compromised. 

3. Unclear Site Structure

The website structure that appears after web redesigning should promote familiarity with respect to a standard web design. It doesn’t mean you have to copy everything from the old design. However, you must follow the basic standards of web designing that don’t disturb your website audience from exploring your business offers. All web design outcomes should aim to user participation, trust, and convenience, whether new or old. But, at the time of the redesign, the web designers often ignore such factors & leads to poor website SEO for online businesses. 

4. Leave the Development Spot Crawlable

If you’re conducting your redesign campaign for 2-3 web pages, you must make sure that these web pages are not crawlable by the search engine bots during the process. Especially, when you get most of your website traffic via these web pages. You must restrict your website visitors and search crawlers from reaching that web page until you introduce a perfect redirect link for that web page. When search engines crawl the right web pages and information on your website, your website SEO efforts also improve.  

5. Makes Changes to Ranking Images

Another SEO mistake that can cost you a big traffic drop is your decision to use fresh images. Though it can help you target new traffic on your web pages, it is not a good idea for a mature website. There are different old user groups & customers associated with your online business for years. Many of them approached your online business through various image links and sources that target your web pages. 

Moreover, if those images are not stock images but your original images, you shouldn’t go for the new ones. If your old images are not a good source of website traffic, you can think about other stock images that are in demand to be used on your new web pages. However, the new images should cope up with the new layout and information structure. To avoid SEO mistakes during web redesign you must consider all the traffic generating factors essential for your website.

6. Delete Web Pages

Sometimes a web redesign strategy doesn’t allow you to use some old web pages. You must ensure that these web pages have little or zero shares in website traffic. Or else, you have to pay a huge price for your website traffic. When people don’t find their best web page on your website, they slowly start to skip your search engine results and move to other URLs delivering solutions to their problems. 

Hence, this is one of the leading SEO mistakes to avoid during a website redesign. You can make relative changes to your redesign strategy to make it compatible with your top web pages. Discuss your concern with your web design team thoroughly. 

7. Changing Page URLs

Changing the page URL is a notable SEO mistake until accompanied by a redirect link. The designers or website owners can commit such mistakes when there are so many web pages to redesign out there. These URLs can represent various SEO mistakes to avoid during website redesign collectively. Even if you’ve included better content and layout in your new web page URLs, it may take a huge amount of time for you to trigger the same sort of traffic that you had on the old URLs. You need a redirect tool to help your redesign project validate your new web pages. 

8. Poor Check on Web Page Functions

Your old web page functionalities must be organized into a list and repeated in the new web pages. Of course, you can add new functionalities to your web pages after website redesign but can’t ignore the old ones. Especially the ones that used to promote high levels of user engagement and traffic on your web pages. Web functionalities are a crucial part of a web design project and also contribute to the website SEO goals by supporting website UX. Here is a list of the functions to consider as an example: 

  • eCommerce functions
  • Contact forms
  • Multimedia players
  • Analytical tools
  • Tools for user interactions (Advanced Chatbots, Voice Search, etc)
  • Dynamic Ads 
  • Tracking Pixels etc

To avoid SEO mistakes during web redesign you must recognize your mistakes. If you’re unable to figure out your leading SEO mistakes it can become challenging for you to revive your old position on the SERPs. To know more about how your web redesign strategy is affecting your website SEO performance, you can consult eGoodMedia. We’re an Award-Winning Website SEO Agency and we strive to help many small & medium businesses with their SEO objectives!

How to Avoid Traffic Drop (SEO Mistakes) After Website Redesign?

As of now, you might have gone through the various SEO mistakes you can commit during web redesign. In this section, we’ll talk about the different ways you can avoid SEO mistakes during web redesign. If you handle the web design responsibilities for your website, you can also share these guidelines with your SEO team to establish good support for your project. Take a look: 

1. Pay Attention to Details

Website SEO relates to numerous small web design parameters that are often overlooked at the time of redesigning by web designers. The solution is that the web design & SEO team should work together in case of such projects. The SEO team should inform the designers from time to time, what needs to be done with the new web design strategy for a better outcome. They must inform the designers what mistakes they’re performing while redesigning. The designers need to know how website traffic is going to be affected by their actions. 

2. Reconfigure Your WordPress & Plugins to Live Server

A complete website redesign is further expected to go live on the internet for crawling and indexing. After checking the new website functions and appearance you can proceed to make it live for user recognition and actions. If you have a WordPress site, you can easily reconfigure your website and plugins for a live status after migration. For example, you can visit your Yoast SEO Plugin and check whether the “Search Engine Visibility Section” is checked or not to enable your website for new search engine crawling and indexing. 

3. Get SEO Advice

If you don’t have an SEO team to support your web redesign campaign, you can get expert advice through different channels on the internet. You can either read SEO blogs, watch tutorial videos on YouTube and decide on some SEO tools relevant for your redesigning project goals. You can also consult SEO companies & professionals around the world to give you perfect advice for your web redesign projects. However, you have to share your website’s link and the details of the project to let them understand what’s required to be done. 

4. Apply 301 Redirects

To maintain website traffic you need to use this feature so that the visitors don’t get confused roaming here and there for answers to their queries. Your web page acts as the answer to multiple user queries and organic searches on the internet. When you apply the 301 redirect function to your old web page URLs, the users automatically reach out to the new web pages you want to target. The content remains the same, but the URL address changes. It is a crucial way you can avoid SEO mistakes during web redesign and afterward. 

5. Generate a New Sitemap

A sitemap is a brief overview of your website pages. After a complete website redesign, you must update your new sitemap before your website goes live again. The list of pages should not be more than 100 on the site map so you better select your web pages accordingly. You can share the best web pages with the most traffic on your website. Moreover, you also have to take care of your analytics tracking code to be placed perfectly on your website. Without it, you can’t track the new traffic on your website. As such, you can overcome a big traffic drop on your website after redesigning. 

Closing Thought on Website Redesign

The website redesign & website SEO strategies should walk together for exceptional user engagement and traffic on your website. To achieve the corresponding website building goals you need to approach expert advice and assistance. eGoodMedia is a one-stop solution for your multiple search engine optimization requirements. We’re an experienced Website SEO Company in Vancouver providing the best digital marketing solutions across the West Coast. Let’s have a conversation!!