Are you looking to get rid of bad backlinks for better organic traffic? Bad backlinks can badly affect your Off-Page SEO strategies and spoil your website promotion goals. Following this, you can’t improve your website rank on the search engine results. Bad backlinks come from bad sources that are not good for your online business. These are also called toxic links and you must avoid them to raise the level of website SEO for your website. Your backlinks are not situated on your web pages but the web pages of the referring domains. Similarly, you can also give backlinks to other websites from your web pages. 

If your website is not up to the mark, you could also become a bad source of backlinks for others. You should maintain your website for better user engagement and traffic. If you want to raise user engagement and traffic on your website, you must get perfect backlinks for your web pages. Through this post, we want to inform you about various types of bad backlinks you need to avoid to execute a good website SEO strategy. A good SEO strategy leads to a better website ranking on the search engines. SEO backlinks can also offer you another fine source of traffic for your web pages. It will not offer you quick organic traffic but can help you improve your website recognition on the search engines. The search engines consider these factors very crucial for ranking your web pages on the SERPs. On the other hand, if you have bad backlinks, the search engines lower down your web page ranking on the SERPs. So, create your Off-Page SEO plans accordingly. 

Enlisted are the main highlights of the article we’ve created to optimize your reading and learning experience:

  • What Are Bad Backlinks?
  • How Bad Backlinks Differ from Good Backlinks?
  • How Bad Backlinks Hurt Your Website SEO?
  • Different Types of Bad Backlinks to Avoid for Better Website SEO
  • Closing Thoughts on Bad Backlinks

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What Are Bad Backlinks?

Just like the normal backlinks, these backlinks are situated on other external URLs targeted to your web pages. However, these URLs are not reliable and of low quality. As a result, your website SEO outcome is affected leading to a terrible search engine ranking. You can call them bad backlinks and you must not use them to trigger your web pages on other websites. Bad backlinks target your website SEO efforts as they are also a part of a poor Off-Page SEO approach. Without proper website SEO, you can’t rule the SERPs, and therefore you should stay away from such backlinks. 

Backlinks help you create a network of numerous online paths through which search engine crawlers and website users can visit your target web pages. It is a medium of additional traffic to your website other than the organic searches. Moreover, you can use these backlinks to reach out to potential website owners again and again. In this way, SEO Backlinks become your best friend and you can improve your web page traffic using them. 

We suggest you stay away from bad backlinks if any are associated with your web pages. If you don’t have enough time to figure out such backlinks, you can visit eGoodMedia and share your problem with our skilled online marketing team. Our renowned Website SEO Company is ready to assist you throughout your digital marketing projects!

How Bad Backlinks Differ From Good Backlinks?

The primary basis of the difference between Bad Backlinks and Good Backlinks is the results related to search engine ranking. Bad backlinks are usually not a good option for search engine ranking and you should find and remove those backlinks if related to your web pages from any external URL. Given below are the different bases on which we can differentiate between these 2 kinds of backlinks:

1. Source 

The very first criteria that separate Good Backlinks from bad ones is the source of the required backlink. In fact, this source gives you so many sub-factors on the basis of which you can decide if your backlinks are going to be good or bad for your web page traffic and ranking. When you approach a website owner to share a guest posting offer you must check for your backlinks compatibility. In fact, you must choose a fine website for your link-building project. You can approach your website SEO team to understand the usability and convenience of the source. 

2. DA & PA of the Referring Domain

Though DA and PA of a website keep fluctuating due to various changes in the search engine algorithms, you can select the websites considering the current Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) figures of the website. The higher the DA and PA, the better your target referring domain is going to be. A good website always has high DA and a fine page rank for a specific page you want to target on your website. Whereas a bad website always leads to poor backlinks following a poor quality. The DA of such websites is little or soon comes down from a fine position in the past. This may result in bad backlinks

3. Unsecured Web Pages

Good Backlinks are also a consequence of secured web pages. Unsecured web pages don’t let the users trust the web page on the referring domain. That means very little traffic and dwell time on the website. You need to put your anchor text and hyperlink somewhere on the referring website you’re interested in. On the other hand, a backlink from an insecure referring domain is going to be a bad backlink. This backlink is not going to bring considerable traffic to your website. 

4. Bad Backlinks Doesn’t Support Search Crawlers

Besides website traffic, you also need to care about search engine crawlers. These crawlers are responsible for indexing your web pages for further ranking. However, bad SEO backlinks are completely against search engine crawling and don’t let you grow on the SERPs. You have to make sure on do-follow and no-follow links in this context to serve your link-building goals. 

5. Bad Backlinks Are Easy to Establish

Though link building is a challenging task, bad backlinks always make it easy for you. You don’t bother about the referring domain you’re going to follow and consequently degrade the quality of the backlinks to your web pages. Moreover, you don’t have to prepare guest posting content for the referring domain. The website owners simply give you a no-follow link from their web pages. On the other hand, good backlinks are usually hard to establish because the sources used to set up good backlinks are often high quality and quite demanding for the content you submit. 

So, that’s how we can differentiate between bad backlinks and good backlinks. Based on the differences you can decide on the right factors affecting your Off-Page SEO outcomes related to the backlinks. You can also approach eGoodMedia to get better insights regarding your website SEO requirements surrounding bad backlinks. We’re an experienced SEO Agency in Seattle providing for emerging businesses around the globe! 

How Bad Backlinks Hurt Your Website SEO?

Toxic backlinks can badly affect all your digital marketing efforts along with your website SEO campaign. That’s why these backlinks are supposed to be removed from your referring domain. Talking about website SEO campaigns alone, you must make sure that your website meets all the criteria for guest posting on a potential referring domain. If you get to the prospective clients and website owners you must have a fine website to represent your content potential. 

When you succeed to post on such websites and get prospective backlinks to your website you can optimize your website SEO outcomes right away. However, on the contrary, bad backlinks can hurt your website SEO in the following ways:

1. Your Website Gets Penalized

Google is often concerned about the backlinks on the websites for indexing and ranking. Therefore, a bad backlink can create problems for your website to rank on the SERPs. Google wants to represent the best results out there for millions of user queries coming per day. If Google penalizes your website for bad backlinks you can rank down on the SERPs right away. Even worse, you can lose your web page index completely. 

2. Affects Your Website Content

Traffic from a bad source can’t appreciate your website content. In fact, the traffic is usually going to be low and of poor quality. If you have a premium website to showcase your business online, your website content is surely going to be premium as well. As a result, wrong website traffic from bad SEO backlinks can be very hazardous for your content. As a result, your On-Page SEO efforts can be affected badly. A bad backlink can also attract the wrong audience to your target web pages at times. It can again hurt your website content. 

3. Degrade Your Online Reputation

Poor backlinks can be very harmful to your online reputation. There are so many online tools available these days that could assist your website visitors to figure out the potential backlinks associated with your website. Apart from visitors, your clients and search engine crawlers also want to review the quality of backlinks to your website. If there are too many bad SEO backlinks related to your target web pages, it can turn into a serious concern for your online reputation. There are many online platforms where users can review your business. 

4. Affects Your Keyword Research Strategy

Keyword research can’t be separated from a perfect website SEO campaign. However, a backlink with wrong anchor texts can spoil your whole guest posting process. Keyword research takes time and you can’t afford to create bad backlinks using the wrong keyword research strategy. We suggest you create a list or database of your keywords ahead of time so that you don’t need to go for new research practices due to bad SEO backlinks and corresponding guest posts.

5. Poor Image SEO

If you’re targeting your web page images through your guest posting and the relative backlinks, you can face trouble with bad backlinks. These backlinks can degrade the quality and originality of your web page images. Moreover, the search engine bots won’t be able to recognize such website images you’re targeting to improve website SEO. 

You need to protect your Website SEO efforts as it is the most important aspect of your digital marketing and promotion campaign. The right backlinks can be a great source of website traffic and user engagement on your website, so take care of the same. You can visit eGoodMedia and let us know if we could improve your existing website SEO strategy in this context. We’re a Result Driven Website SEO Company looking to serve innovative business ideas like yours!

Different Types of Bad Backlinks to Avoid for Better Website SEO

The bad backlinks can vary across different categories. Or you can call them different reasons behind bad backlinks for your website. These backlinks represent different sorts of websites on which you’re not advised to perform link building. In fact, you should not waste your time writing for such websites. Following this, we have mentioned the various types of bad SEO backlinks you must avoid, given below: 

1. Backlinks Addressing Spam Sites

Spam Websites are an enemy to all other sorts of websites, including yours. These websites have nothing to do with your business model and also consist of illegal products and service ads. These websites can also lead to malware threats at times. If you’re getting backlinks from such sources, your website is not supposed to grow in the SERPs. These backlinks can badly affect your online presence and user recognition overnight. You have to make sure that your website doesn’t have such connections with other spammy websites. 

2. Paid-Link Schemes

Another infected category of websites in this list is the Link Mill websites. These websites don’t have a proper niche to represent and provide backlinks to so many other websites. These websites usually offer paid link schemes but don’t comprise a quality to consider. In fact, websites with high-quality appearance and functions do not support such schemes. They simply demand a high level of the guest post to optimize their website content, without charging a buck. Websites with paid link schemes are just an example of bad backlinks you need to be aware of. 

3. Backlinks from Irrelevant Websites

Another common bad backlink source is irrelevant websites. Suppose you have a traveling niche website and you’re planning for backlinks from a signage services website, you’re simply inviting a bad backlink to your website in this case. There won’t be any traffic and even you’re not getting permission for guest posting on such websites, except for a link mill category. Moreover, this can ruin your online reputation if the users realize you mislead them to your web pages intentionally. So, take care of a relevant source for link building. 

4. Backlinks from Press Releases 

Backlinks from new releases are also not considered perfect by the search engines. The users are roaming around different websites to get information about certain products, services, or subjects. Though news articles are also a form of information that’s based on the facts and the latest statements of experts regarding a particular subject, they can’t be considered a blog post. So you better try to avoid such press releases and focus on a relative niche website content for pasting your backlinks. Google is also not going to rank you better if you’re getting bad backlinks from news-related websites. Hence, you must make sure of it. 

5. Backlinks from Forum Discussions

The backlinks from forum discussions can certainly do good for your website SEO but not always. Forums are totally based on a knowledge-sharing platform between experts from all over the world. Quora is also a kind of forum discussion platform, but you’re not supposed to link back from there. However, you can address knowledgeable content on your website through backlinks on such forums sometimes, not for ranking but to share your knowledge about a particular subject.

4. Backlinks from Blog Comments

The backlinks from blog comments also don’t address a specific keyword or user query that the users are concerned about. Why do they visit your website by just going through your comments on someone else’s blog? They want to get a detailed insight into a subject before deciding to visit the backlink you have provided. 

Closing Thoughts on Bad Backlinks

As such you can recognize bad SEO Backlinks for your website and frame your guest posting and website SEO strategy accordingly. At eGoodMedia we also strive to help you establish a potential website SEO campaign to serve your online business promotion. We’re a renowned Website SEO Company providing for various small and medium business models around the world. Let us know your concern today!!