How do you frame your social media content? What are the main highlights of your social content that let you execute your social marketing strategy effectively? Do you consider your social data to come up with an enhanced form of social content? More than 45% of social media marketers use this technique. What is your social media content, merely information? It is more than information. It is the information focused on user preferences. The information that users are looking for. Additionally, social media content essentially focuses on its size & readability to promote easy & faster conveyance of the message you want your audience to grab. 

There is no long-form content on social media. Using such strategies won’t help you out as social media is a place for social interactions, not research & development. No user is going to read a very long content to come to a purchase decision targeted by you. Only social media marketers need to conduct user research & collecting social media data is an example of it.

Collecting social media data will consequently assist you toward establishing more improved & lead-generating content for your social media handles. Therefore we have entailed this topic in the article to help you understand the importance of social data for determining better social content. The future is uncertain & social media marketing may require you to develop so many aspects from time to time. In this article we’re going to cover the following topics:

  • What is Social Media Data?
  • Main Components of Social Media Data?
  • 8 Ways Social Media Data Helps you Optimize your Social Content
  • Closing Thought

Social media is a fine source of website traffic & encourages your search marketing efforts exceptionally. But that’s not possible if you’re not able to influence your social media audience. Hence eGoodMedia suggests different techniques through which you can improve your social marketing campaign. Our Vancouver based skilled Social Media Monitoring & Digital Marketing experts are with you throughout your business development journey! 

What is Social Media Data?

A data is a form of information that’s collected and used to conduct a specific business operation. Data is also collected by nonprofit organizations in the form of consensus for government operations. When we talk about social media marketing, the data is going to essentially contribute to your business. There are other data varieties that digital marketers need for their website building requirements. 

Social media data represents information about the social interactions between your target users. The interactions may trigger your product, service, or social media content. The users either appreciate your social content or address certain loopholes in your product & services. You might have posted or are going to post your first social media ad for your leading product or service. You have to track the performance of such ads so that you understand what you need to post further. Digital marketing never stops as long as your online business lives. 

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Main Components of Social Media Data

Social media data is a collection of information that represents the likes & dislikes of users, their tastes & preferences, and their opinion regarding a particular product, service, or topic. Social media platforms are a great source of user interaction that gives you an opportunity to learn about your target audience & considerable competitors. Research & development is a subform of your business marketing, whether online or offline. And you have to conduct business research for your development & growth. In this segment we’ll discuss the prime constituents of social media data that you need to accumulate:


Social Media Shares essentially determine the emotion of the user associated with your social media content & posts. They can also share your social media ads with their friends & loved ones. There are certain products you sell through your online store that solve specified user problems & issues. The users appreciate such products and like to share them with their friends who also have got a need for the same. Getting data for your social media shares helps you analyze the popularity & importance of your social media ads & posts.

2. Social Conversions

If you run an eCommerce website, this data is quite crucial for your marketing goals. Social conversions simply depict that the user is interested in your product or service. However, the buyer’s journey doesn’t end up here. It means that the consumer truly wants to explore your website & maybe other product options out there. Speaking practically, social conversions represent the user actions or clicks that lead to your web page. Your social media content & posts may encourage them to undergo conversion as such.  


Comments bring you data for multiple users at the same time. If your Facebook post is interesting enough to raise a notable public conversation you can easily figure out how many people like or dislike your product. People also discuss their opinions & share suggestions about a specific product, service, or topic. You can use such suggestions to improve your social marketing campaign. Therefore, social media comments are considered an inseparable constituent of your social data. 

4. Brand Mentions

Brand Mentions also exhibit the popularity of your web page URLs & your products among target users on various social media platforms. You can also create brand mentions for your target URLs & products through your social media posts & content. It is the initial part of your social marketing journey. You’ve got a lot to see & experience in the future. Your brand name gets popular with the passage of time following your dedication & growth. And, your brand mentions increasing considerably across various social platforms. 

Ever seen social memes related to a specific product or service? Even such memes contribute to the popularity of your brand & your star products. In fact, these memes are initiated taking into account a popular brand or business name. You can make use of social data analysis tools like HubSpot, BuzzSumo, Sprout Social, etc to collect data regarding your brand mentions.


Social Media Likes simply depict the user’s appreciation and gratitude for your social media post. Now it doesn’t mean that you’re going to grab more & more likes for your product description or social media content in your initial attempt. The users are unaware of your website & your product & service offerings in the beginning. You have to organize your social media network for more likes, comments & shares. We recommend you to approach your friends & loved ones to recognize your social media pages & handles so that they could share their opinions & pass on your social media ads & content if feels so. 

Facebook likes generally depict nearly your total social content visits or views. The more likes the more users have visited your target URL or simply viewed your social media content. Your close friends & relatives often like all your social media posts without any intentions to buy something or to pass a corresponding opinion. This may encourage other unknown users to reach you & make a decision about your target products & services. 

6. Impressions

There’s another important aspect that works beyond your total conversion data. It is not mandatory that you always need to target your conversions. There are many users who just want to review social media information and don’t have any intention to go for a serious purchase. As such, you also need to take care of your social media content quality. If the users are merely reaching out to your social media posts it is a good signal. It specifies the user interest in the social media information you provide them. 

Clicks & Actions

Most importantly you have to figure out how many people are interested in buying your product right away. This is again eCommerce marketing stuff. When you’re working for the promotion of your eCommerce store, things usually work contrarily. You have to pay more focus to conversions and accumulate data corresponding to such outcomes. If there are no considerable clicks & user actions inspired by your social media content, there’s no use of conducting social media ads campaigns in this context. 

In this way, you can collect your essential social media data to optimize your social media content for better marketing results. When you’re running through a business development strategy you can’t overlook your social media marketing efforts for which you need to conduct data collection & research. 

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8 Ways Social Media Data Helps you Optimization your Social Content

The approaching step is to use the social media data that you’ve collected from various sources and optimize your social content for further marketing operations. Remember that digital marketing is something you have to practice as long as your web presence exists. And social media marketing is also a part of your digital marketing campaign. Here are 8 important ways you can make use of your user data to improve your social media posting:

1. Specify your Victories & Failures

The foremost advantage of social data is that it determines your success & failure right away. You get to know the reasons behind your corresponding success & failures regarding your earlier social media campaigns. You can learn from your mistakes and create better social marketing strategies and content. You can also make changes to your proceeding content so that it could provide for your marketing funnel efficiently. 

Your social media content can encourage a specified part of your marketing funnel. The marketing funnel consists of the essential segments & levels of the buyer’s journey you want to organize. Look at the following distribution of digital marketing funnel you need to conduct:

  • Product Awareness
  • Product or Service Consideration
  • Decision Making
  • Adoption 
  • Advocacy

To create product awareness you have to reach out to new consumers. The next step deals with raising consideration for your target product. For that, you have to initiate the demand for the same. Then you have to draw potential conversions out of the decision-making segment of the marketing funnel. The approaching step deals with inspiring & educating your consumers about the product so that he goes for buying your product ultimately. 

2. Analyze your Best Performing Posts

The social media posts that are doing exceptionally well set an example for further market strategies. Either you can modify your old posts & re-publish them for the better performance ahead, or you can simply go for inspiring social media content. This may help you differentiate among your cornerstone content & your sub-pages that you want to target through your social posts. You might have promoted different products & services with your previous social media posts. Now, the social media data would suggest to you which product & service descriptions motivate you for further social media posting. 

3. Specify your Low-Performance Content

Irrelevant & low-performing social content contributes 45% to the disinterest of your target users. They often unfollow your social media pages or handles and don’t attempt to come back most probably. The data associated with your low-performing social content encourage you to avoid your mistake and come up with new ideas & approaches. Along with new content, you have to make sure that your social media handle is free from previous irrelevant content. 

Because the new users consistently visit whatever you’ve posted earlier if not familiar to your social media identity. Moreover, information seekers may also visit your older posts for research & analysis and consequently spread negative thoughts about your previous Low-Performance Content. 

4. Focus on User Emotions & Engagement

User engagement works everywhere, whether your web page traffic or social media. Therefore, you must understand user emotions projected by your social data. It is the best form of analysis of your user data. You’re a human being and you’re not supposed to merely look at numbers. You need to feel the user’s concern & adopt their point of view. For example, if the user is not comfortable with a wireless razor you shouldn’t just calculate the number of such users out there. You need to come up with a wired razor in your next social media post.

This can encourage users to form an emotional bond with your social media handles. Social media posts are a great way you can update your target user groups about your website blogs, products & services. This will consequently enhance your brand loyalty.

There are so many digital marketing principles that you need to undergo amid setting up your business development goals. You can reach out to eGoodMedia for a better understanding of your digital marketing roles & responsibilities. We’re an Award Winning Search Marketing & Social Media Monitoring Company from Vancouver and we assist you in understanding your user experience & emotions so that you can create better business relations with them!

5. Get Inspired by Social Media Analytics Platforms

Social media analytics assist you throughout your marketing messaging campaign. Marketing messaging is a personalized form of your social media posts & content. To collect data about your social media status you have to make use of these social media analytics tools. A fine social media analytics report can guide you regarding your future social media posting & content creation plans. 

If you’re concerned about your website traffic, the social media analytics report can suggest multiple ways you can enhance your content quality & stuff. You need to make sure that your social media content works like a solution for the user’s concerns. 

6. Encourage Brand-Centric Dialogues

Good social media data will always encourage brand-centric messaging & conversations. Sometimes you get misdirected from your social marketing objectives. You start promoting information through your social media content & forget to mention yourself. This can draw ample social media traffic to your post but they won’t approach your website URL at all. Remember that you need to enhance your search engine ranking & website traffic as well. 

Estimate your Competitor Force

Your social media data also encourages you to conduct dedicated research on your competitive status. When you have given your best with your social media marketing efforts and still get to see undesirable results, it’s time to figure out what your leading competitors are doing. You can make use of the social media analytics tools to stay updated on your competitive drawbacks. 

Encourage Innovation & Betterment

If you’re not dedicated to innovation & betterment you can’t cope up with the market trends for a long time. Consequently, your social media marketing potential would fail to bring you desired results. Hence, you’re often advised to stay updated on your competitive developments and what contemporary user groups are looking for.

Closing Thought

In the end, we’d like to suggest that you must keep calm & work with a social media marketing team consisting of experienced professionals & market analysts. Digital marketing has set up a relationship with the IT Industry to help emerging tech professionals run essential marketing principles over their projects. At eGoodMedia we also strive to introduce essential Digital Marketing & Social Media Monitoring services to your revolutionary business development projects. Let’s have a conversation over your leading issues & problems!!