Why optimize social media shares? Do I need to track & utilize social sharing data associated with my company profile or social handle? How can I improve my digital marketing campaign by tracking social media shares? Answers to all these questions can enhance your marketing & promotional skills exceptionally. Social media is a perfect platform for online marketing practices. The reason is social media platforms accommodate millions of user groups & consumer communities together in one place. You can conduct several surveys & marketing research to understand the user tastes & preferences on social media sites. 

Social media shares also address data & information regarding the popularity of your promotional posts social media ads. You can track the user perception about your products, services & topics that you post through your social handles. If your social media post is shared more than usual, it is quite influential. If the same is below average you need to make changes or optimize your social media posts accordingly. 


However, there are also some tools & techniques available for your convenience. You can make use of them to optimize your social sharing strategy. In this article, you’re going to get a comprehensive overview of Social Media Shares, their corresponding significance in your business promotion & how to optimize them for an enhanced marketing campaign. Following this, we’ve divided the article into enlisted segments:

  • What are Social Media Shares?
  • How to Improve Marketing Campaign by Tracking Social Shares?
  • Popular Tools for Optimizing Social Media Shares
  • 8 Marketing Techniques for Effective Social Sharing
  • Closing Thought

At eGoodMedia we take care of the various online marketing aspects that contribute to your online reputation & popularity. By sharing your business ideas online you can gain not only target consumers but also user trust & reliability. If you’re finding it difficult to enhance your social media shares & consequently your marketing strategy, consult our Experienced Digital Marketing & Social Media Monitoring Specialists and intensify your business practices exceptionally!!  

What are Social Media Shares?

Social sharing is a popular social media function that lets users share a post they like with their friends & family. You can draw out your promotional opportunity from a social media share as they get multiplied within a small fraction of time. Social media sharing is a very fast way you can promote your target URLs that address a specified product, service, or information. You can also improve your website traffic targeted toward your website blog. 

Online markets are not just about products but product descriptions also. Users often look for information regarding their buying decision. Hence social sharing also promotes product information you’ve got for your target users. Social media sharing may involve comments & discussions and further sharing of thoughts about the post. It provides you another opportunity for market research & promotes brand appearance. 

In the approaching segment, we’ll discuss other benefits to your marketing campaign you can draw out of your social sharing data. You can share your social media marketing concerns at eGoodMedia anytime for dedicated advice & guidance. Our Award-Winning Conversion Centric Social Marketing Company understands your business goals & suggests you the best social media practices for considerable ROI!

How to Improve Marketing Campaign by Tracking Social Shares?

Tracking social media shares for your target posts & website URL is a very crucial part of your marketing strategy. Because social media shares encourage more & more users to watch your post & know about your brand & web address. Social share tracking is simply collecting a record of how many times your social post was shared across various sources. The users can share your post as their story on the same platform or other social media handles. When new users come to know about such posts, it is a plus point for your marketing campaign. 


So here’s how you can optimize your marketing campaign by tracking social media shares for your promotional posts & stories:

1. Pay Attention to Your Content

Your social shares tell you about the potential of your content. One is your social media content, other is your website content. You may post your web page URL along with your social content. Social content doesn’t cover a long-form story. They’re no longer than 500 words. Hence they grab notable user attention. The social media posts that link back to the website URL for detailed insight have another story to cover. 

The user may or may not find the internal portion of the story as appealing as your social media content. This way you pay attention to your website as well as social media content to maintain its appeal & keep alluring the users for overall traffic.  

2. Discover Links 

Social share tracking also encourages you to figure out the link between your social media shares & your website traffic. If you can’t figure out the links you can’t decide on the finest social media posts to publish on your social handles in the future. In place of traffic, you can also consider your social media sales or conversions. The shares that lead to potential conversions are associated with a considerable post you can use in the future as well. There can be many other social media posts in the database of your social profile for which you can find relative links. Hence we suggest you go for your social media tracking. 

3. Determine Other Social Platforms

Social shares usually take place on other social media platforms. People like to share what they like on Facebook with their WhatsApp contacts. They like to show up their new shoes & clothes on their WhatsApp status. They also like to suggest a product or service described on Facebook or Twitter to their personal contacts on WhatsApp. Taking this into consideration, you can enhance your marketing strategy for future implementation. You have to track your social media shares to see other social media sources to where your target users decide to reach. 

4. Evaluate your Customer Sentiments

Customer sentiments are crucially associated with social media shares. The users like to share a social post with their loved ones & friend list. They often want to showcase their choices, likes, tastes & preferences before their friends & relatives and also look for their opinions about the product, service, or information. This symbolizes their sentiment & emotions and you can make use of the same to renovate your next marketing campaign. Marketing is all about new opportunities, tools & techniques to trigger consumer attention. 

5. Figure Out the Influencers

Influencers are the people who appreciate a social share about a product, service, or information related to your target website URL. You can approach such users for further marketing messaging & your digital marketing campaign to broaden your network. This way you can enhance your marketing campaign in a revolutionary & considerable way. 

Apart from these, social share tracking also helps you uncover social posts that are dedicated to ads, discover fresh content ideas for both website & social media handles, discover the hashtag combinations perfect for your social marketing strategy. Additionally, you can approach experienced Social Media Marketing & Content Optimization Experts at our company for the notable outcome of your time & efforts. At eGoodMedia we assist you throughout your social media marketing journey & enhance your marketing efforts for better results!

Popular Tools for Optimizing Social Media Shares

Experts suggest different tools with the help of which you can intensify your social media shares. Enhancing your social media shares helps you target more social media influencers & users for your marketing goals. The more shares, the more people get to know your online presence. Consequently, more people like your social media handles & pages. Social media platforms are the potential for additional website traffic. 

Social media content can also be considered as a link-building source to enhance your website traffic & online reputation before search engine crawlers. In this segment, we will discuss various tools that can help you optimize your social media shares as follows:

1. WP Social Sharing

Online Content Management Systems like WordPress offer you various plugins & programs with the help of which you can optimize your website UI. An optimized UI means you want to place certain layouts, buttons, and other frontend functionalities for user convenience. There’s no meaning in a website design that’s unable to provide for the user advantage. The social media sharing tools encourage you to add one more button to your webpage leading to the social media profiles of your target users. You can use the WP Social Sharing Plugin to encourage your website users to share what they like on your website. It could be a product page, service page, or a specified topic for information. 

2. Image Sharer

As the name suggests, the tool helps your website users to share attention-seeking visuals on their social media profiles. Certain pictures are capable of conveying what words aren’t able to. The website users like to share such pictures with their friends for personal as well as public purposes. Suppose a visitor liked a mobile phone picture along with the product description displayed on a web page of your website. If he is planning to buy that phone he’d like to share his opinion through the medium of a social media share addressing a picture. Image sharer helps him do so with exceptional ease. 

3. Social Rank

The next tool on the list lets you figure out your prime followers & target them for personalized marketing campaigns. Your prime followers are the ones who share your website & social media content on various internal & external platforms. Sharing internally means sharing a social media post as your own story on the same platform. Sharing externally means sharing your post on a different platform. Both work fine for your marketing campaign & Social Rank knows that. With the help of the tool, you can conduct the following operations on your prime followers:

  • Send direct messages for a personalized conversation
  • Export his sharing data to CSV for research & development
  • Creating lists of further influencers & followers
  • Saving the searches associated with your potential followers
  • Export the data for research to PDF format

4. Canva

Canva is another image-centric social sharing platform that allows you to create considerable images & infographics for your website content and consequently encourage users to share your website content on their social media handles. However, you have to decide for your target audience in advance. You must know what sort of website you want to create. Infographics are usually considered by technical information seekers who want to learn & share something new. 

5. Shareaholic

The tool is simply dedicated to the enhancement of your website content so as to make it a perfect sharing product. An ideal sharable content is rich in information & online appearance that encourage anyone to share. The tool helps you acquire a notable audience, promotes user engagement, and lets you analyze your audience for better marketing practice. All these traits lead to an optimized social media sharing potential. 

At eGoodMedia we suggest other essential social sharing tools like Reddit, Tewriod, Portent’s Content Ideas Generator, etc in this context. We’ve got the best Social Media Marketing Experts to assist you in this. Let us know how we can help to optimize your digital marketing practices!

8 Marketing Techniques for Effective Social Sharing

Marketing is everywhere- to please your target audience & to enhance your business development goals. Digital marketing techniques inspire you to do experiments with your web content so as to make it user favorable from all sides. Here’s what marketing techniques bring for your social sharing efforts in this context: 


1. Prioritize your Content

You might have gone through a social media sharing test earlier. If you haven’t, you can’t easily specify what content to be considered first & last for social sharing. However, there are some basic prerequisites you need to keep in mind before prioritizing your website content for social sharing:

  • The content must be appropriate
  • The content is not supposed to be copied or replicated
  • Make sure on the grammar of the content
  • Make sure of the readability of the content
  • Specify the date of publication
  • Specify that the content is up to date

2. Optimize your Captions

Captions play an important role in providing a brief summary of whatever lies in the content body. Captions are usually put in the social media posts you want to conduct addressing your website URL. We may also call it social media content. The caption also carries hashtags that are associated with a specified product or service. The caption must address your website content perfectly.

3. Mobile Responsiveness

Moving ahead, you have to make sure that your social media content links back to a mobile responsive web page. If the users don’t find it convenient enough to share they won’t share your post further. UI is an unparalleled aspect of user convenience & mobile responsiveness is one of the most important aspects of web designing & development these days. 

4. Specify Ideal Posting Time

Let’s understand this with personal experiences. Have you ever noticed that whatever you post on your social media profile determines various time slots for likes & comments? Compare the number of likes you get on your social media posts from 4 in the morning to 4 in the evening. You’ll get your answer. You have to specify the perfect time on which you need to post your social media content to encourage maximum shares. 

5. Ensure on Trend & Fashion

Whatever you offer your target audience has got a trend. A trend is for a product, service, or information. Information changes from time to time for user convenience & knowledge. You have to make sure whatever you post provides for trends & fashion. But there’s an exception too. If you’re running a pawn shop or posting about an antique you’re not supposed to think about a corresponding trend or fashion. Analyze what you’ve got to offer.

6. Encourage User Response

A user response essentially represents the best chances for social media sharing. User response simply determines user engagement. And user engagement raises the interest of your website user. Following this, the user would definitely think about suggesting your content to his friends & family. He could also share the content publically to raise awareness regarding your product or service. 

7. Simplify your Sharing Technique

Ever shared a meme on a social media platform? What exactly annoys you if you want to go for a direct share? The additional functionalities of course. The platform suggests you add a caption, tagging your friend, share location, etc. But you simply want to share your meme. Sometimes you don’t need words to express something when you’ve got the perfect visual. Hence simplify your sharing technique & make it quicker for your followers to share.

8. Don’t Forget Infographics

Where you have to add infographics add them right away. Don’t look for a second thought. Infographics can work as an opportunity for your social sharing goal. They’re informative & easy to grab and users often like to share them to promote awareness & knowledge about something.

Closing Thought

Digital marketing consistently suggests you amplify your consumer ecosystem. The more consumers or website users you manage to add to your social circle the more recognition your brand & business name is going to acquire. Following this, we often try to enhance your awareness regarding your digital marketing status at eGoodMedia. We’re waiting to analyze & deliver a solution to your Social Media Marketing & Search Optimization concern. Let’s talk about it!!