Social media platforms are home to billions of user interactions & consequently form a database ocean. Marketers also need such data to conduct their market research & social improvement. Hence there are different kinds of social media content you can create or take your inspiration from. You can create your own advanced & better social media marketing strategy by going through the relative data. Moreover, you can also post interesting & attention-seeking content in the form of videos, audio & visuals to allure your target users. 

Encouraging user interactions and marketing messaging on social media platforms is a notable technique through which you can understand the user tastes & preferences. Social media interactions can provide you with emerging user priorities & market trends. Analyzing market trends timely is a very important step you have to take for remaining in the race. Or else your competitors can achieve the approaching milestones way ahead of you.

This article is initiated to share important information regarding Social Media Videos. These videos are just another variety of your social media messaging approach. Social media messaging simply addresses your social media ads & posts. It requires dedicated social media content writing skills on your part. If you’re able to deliver relatable & proper social media content, you can easily convey your message regarding your website products, services and URL. You might have certain queries to this as follows:

  • What are Social Media Videos?
  • How are Social Media Videos Created?
  • What to include in our Social Media Videos?
  • How Social Media Videos Can Help to Achieve Marketing Objectives?
  • Conclusion of the Discussion

In this article, we’re going to guide you regarding all such queries & doubts. We’re a Vancouver based Website Optimization & Digital Marketing Company interested in your marketing & promotional concerns. If you’re experiencing a complicated issue regarding your social media existence & aren’t able to draw adequate users for your social messaging campaign, you can reach out to eGoodMedia any moment!! 

What are Social Media Videos?

In simple terms, social media videos are a category of social media content that’s published on social platforms to serve the purpose of marketing messaging. Through marketing messaging you can collect important data related to your target user’s likes & preferences. Based on that data you can make alterations to your business model, your service & product offers. Moreover, you can improve your social existence as such. You learn to create better content, deliver improved & updated information about your products & service. 

Hence, we suggest you come up with a fine social media video. Social media videos are rich in visuals carrying motion graphics that are considered to allure emerging social media users & target consumers. This has inspired social platforms to offer social ad features for modern webmasters & website owners. Social media videos can also link to your other social channels like YouTube.

This way you can also draw social media traffic to your social posts & video messaging goals. In this way, social media videos are expected to consist of the following features:

  • Social media videos must address a solution to user concern
  • Social media videos aren’t supposed to misguide online customers
  • The videos essential relate to your social media content or caption
  • These videos can address an online product, service, or corresponding web page
  • Social videos should follow the terms & conditions of the social media platforms and must be free from corresponding report & blames
  • Social media videos should be appropriate with respect to the information, product or service you’re going to promote
  • The videos should be informative & easy to understand if you want to serve a marketing purpose

Social media videos can really help you out with your digital marketing goals. You have to learn how to create such videos & publish them on different social media platforms. If you want to promote uniqueness, you have to create your own fresh videos. In fact, all renowned companies offer video shooting contracts to visuals & graphic designing companies. The content could vary from social media ads to online guides & information. 

At eGoodMedia, we care about your social media content & suggest you the best social media video creation & editing solutions for your marketing requirements. You can reach our Experienced Social Media Monitoring & Online Marketing Experts for better advice & assistance and create revolutionary social content for your target customers!

How are Social Media Videos Created?

Social media videos usually vary in size depending on the nature of the content you need to deliver. As discussed earlier they can address the link to your YouTube Channel for a detailed overview as well. Most of them are short in size, especially the one that consists of a social media ad. To create engaging short videos for your social media handle you can follow these approaches:

1. Brainstorm your Thoughts

The very initial step is to come up with an idea. If you’ve got a website that you want to optimize through your social marketing efforts, you can take up ideas from it. Visit your cornerstone website content URLs & get started with your initial thoughts. You can convert your text information to videos & visuals. Your best blog posts await more traffic & appreciation. And that’s possible with the help of social media marketing. 

To find your best performing website content you can approach Google Analytics. It is free of cost and provides reliable information regarding the performance of your website pages in accordance with the users & visitors who reach you from time to time. Follow these steps to conduct a proper analysis on this:

  • Visit your Google Analytics Account
  • Go to “Behavior” and then “Site Content”
  • Now select “All Pages”
  • You will get the list of all your website pages
  • You can review Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Average Time on Page, Bounce Rate, Entrances, etc for your website pages separately
  • For a comprehensive study, you can alter the date range on the top-right corner of the result page

In addition to your website content, you’ve got external sources from where you can get your inspiration for social media videos. However, make sure that those sources are related to your online services & products. You can watch videos on cooking if your business model associates cryptocurrency. 

At eGoodMedia you can get further suggestions for your social media marketing operations from skilled professionals. Our Award-Winning Digital Marketing & Social Media Optimization Company is dedicated to your business goals and brings you world-renowned solutions for your online promotion concerns. Just let us know!

2. Plan your Social Content

Planning associates with your social media messaging outcome. Before you post you should plan out certain things. Planning also builds relationships between your ideas & implementation. You have to plan how you can employ your social video ideas in your social media campaign. There are some common approaches that you need to follow to initiate an effective plan:

  • Your social media video is supposed to apprehend user attention quickly
  • The caption of the social marketing message you want to convey needs to be simple to understand
  • Decide on your video size ahead of time. Conduct a survey in this context
  • Make sure of the audio of your content. Users often don’t like default audio on as they are using the social media platform for their personal interests more essentially

These approaches are suggested by Facebook however you can go through other suggestions given by other renowned social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Quora & Twitter, etc. 

3. Record your Content

Obviously, as the content is in a video format, you have to record it individually. You can take help of your friends to mount the camera for short videos. For longer content there are so many mobile tripod or camera tripod stands available in the market. You can hold up your device in a recording position for hours. Coming to resolution & quality, you can’t compromise on the same as high definition videos exaggerate the colors & details of the video content far better than the normal setting. Managing good lighting & background is another important aspect you have to consider while recording an HD video. 

HD Videos can grab more attention in this context. Therefore, we suggest you to go for a mobile phone having a decent camera delivering at least a very good performance if not excellent. Moreover, if you’ve got a professional DSLR, then you’re way ahead of excellence too. Additionally, pay equal attention to the quality of sound & the microphone you’ve got. 

4. Editing & Modifications

Now comes the creative part. Editing & modifications enhance your video content for better experience & understanding. There are certain text messages & typography that you can embed in your social media content apart from external captions. You won’t see any promotional video without a text message within. Talking about eCommerce, you have to entail product descriptions in your videos to let users figure out what resides in. Apart from text, editing allows you to make changes to your content length at the beginning, end & middle of the video. You can make use of video editing tools like Quik, Animoto, Legend, etc.

5. Sharing & Publishing

When you’re ready with your social media video, share it with your team & client. If you’re working solo for a personal project, conduct a double check to see if there’s some mistake in the video. After that, you can go for an open publication on a social media platform. You can also share your video further from your social media handle. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, and other social platforms give your target users the facility to share your post, whether in the form of text or video, with their friends & close ones. 

You can also try tailored posts to schedule your social media video posts for special days. The videos are directly uploaded to your social media handles and your users get updated. In this way, you can create engaging social media videos to enhance your social appearance. Additionally, you can approach skilled Social Media Marketing Experts & Influencers at eGoodMedia for further advice on marketing & research. We’re a renowned team of Internet Marketers & Website SEO operating in Seattle & Vancouver!

5 Marketing Goals you can Achieve Through Social Media Videos

Now you’ve posted your social media videos for public interaction on social websites. What is the outcome of your social media video creation campaign in this context? You have to look at your social media marketing performance from time to time. You invest your valuable time & effort, maybe some investment too into your social media messaging. You can’t overlook your marketing outcomes as such. 

In this segment, we’ve entailed 5 important marketing goals the social media marketers may acquire publishing social media videos as their marketing messaging efforts. These points can encourage you toward creating the best social videos for your social media existence. Let’s take a look:

1. Amplify your Brand Awareness 

The leading prerequisite of social media marketing is brand awareness. Brand awareness doesn’t mean your product or service, it reflects your online presence, your website. Most of the social media handles & pages are linked to a website. Only some personal information-based pages are different from the rest. Before social media platforms, creating brand awareness was quite a challenging task. It’s even today, however, a lot of people keep joining social media platforms consistently. The competition is rising & you can’t imagine your business presence without social media. 

Social media videos can represent your brand as an influential & powerful one. You’ve got animation, color editing, visual effects & brilliant typography support on social media video creation tools. You can show your creativity in your Facebook & Instagram Ads and highlight your logo on the top right or left corner of the video to remind your audience about your brand again & again. Great visuals can help your target audience to remember you for a long period. 

2. Educate your Audience

Whether you run a personal blog or an eCommerce store you can’t compromise on the information. Creating user interaction & engagement for your social media posts is only possible when you share information regarding your product, service, or web page content. Even social media ads contain product descriptions & short explanations of the video in the form of captions & video typography. We suggest you keep the content genuine as there are a lot of other reliable sources of information for your audience. 

If your audience comes to know that you’re sharing false information for quick promotion of your product or service they’re soon going to skip your way out and also report against you regarding social media manipulation. You can represent your business solutions in the form of online tutorials and hire experts to record & act for such videos. You can also approach renowned & experienced YouTubers to sponsor your product or service in the form of a video but make sure that the expert has never been reported as a fake by users.

3. Share Real-Time Experiences

This is the most incredible way you can make use of your social media videos. If you’ve got a popular & experienced business undertaking you’ve got your chance to reach out to your best consumers & let them share their experiences. You can arrange a professional video shoot team to initiate your campaign. But where would you find your most satisfied consumers? Internet of course. If you haven’t created your business listing on Google My Business or other business directories, just go for it first. You can figure out the user reviews, ratings & comments for your online business through analyzing such platforms. 

Consequently, you get to know your business appreciators & offenders right away. Moreover, you can learn from the comments where you need to improve & where you need to get rid of something. Now you can make a list of such people & reach out to them to share their personal experiences in the form of videos. Certain consumers may don’t like to be captured for your social media promotion, so you don’t need to force them. Simply approach other users if interested. 

4. Run Influential Videos for Longer

Another important step is to hold your content up for a long time, especially the one that’s able to draw adequate traffic in the future. Sometimes you might come up with a future-oriented product that seems to have nearly zero impact on the users. But you need to keep calm & give it some time to shine out. There are different types of consumers in terms of awareness for a new product & trust:

  • Loyal Consumers
  • Impulse Customers
  • Bargain Seekers
  • Need First Consumers &
  • Wandering Consumer

All these consumers share different kinds of brand awareness & usage preferences for your products & services. Some want to try your product as soon as possible, some ignore it initially & some approach you very last.  

5. Customer Satisfaction

Ultimately you have to give out to customer satisfaction with your social media videos. Creating customer loyalty is the foremost requirement of a long-term business plan. There could be certain up & downs in the future, however, consumer loyalty can provide you a sort of business security for years. Therefore, you should consistently contribute to consumer satisfaction as such. 

Conclusion of the Discussion

Experts suggest that companies that make use of video content for their social media messaging campaign are 45% faster on generating potential ROI against their social media investment. Therefore, you’ve got a great opportunity to amplify your social marketing potential. Visit eGoodMedia to know about your marketing potential and get expert advice for your business development. We’re a team of Skilled Online Marketers & Website SEO Experts providing for emerging website owners across the West Coast. Let’s talk about your social media marketing concern today!!