Do you have an online business? Which social media marketing sites do you consider for an online business? Instagram is also a notable social media platform to be included in this list. By scheduling Instagram stories you can do free promotion of your online products & services easily. Moreover, the platform is available with many other essential features that can aid your marketing campaign. To schedule Instagram stories you should have a marketing objective. You need to plan what you have to promote through Instagram.

Instagram stories represent the routine status of a person, business, product, or service group. The stories consist of photos or videos that are active for 24 hours for user recognition. After that, one can’t review such stories. The Instagram story marketing concept depends on these 24 hours. You must target your followers according to the time frame they’re mostly active in. You can conduct social media analytics operations to figure out when your target audience is good to be approached.

Before you schedule Instagram stories for your business profile, you must ensure the topic of the story. If you’re planning to promote something through your story, you must make sure that the offer is genuine & realistic. Some marketers want instant outcomes of their social media marketing efforts & manipulate sales through unrealistic Instagram stories. The aim of Instagram stories is to update customers about the new offers & business schemes. 

Through this post we want you to understand Instagram stories & their significance to your business goals. Given below are the main subtopics we’ll cover in this context: 

  • What is Instagram Stories?
  • How to Schedule Instagram Stories for Your Campaign?
  • How to Use Instagram Stories for Business?
  • How to Get Views on Your Instagram Stories?
  • Final Words on Instagram Stories

The concept of Instagram Story Marketing is not very old & is helping the emerging website owners & online marketers promote their business exceptionally on social media. Let us know if we can assist you in creating potential Instagram stories for business ideas. eGoodMedia is a popular Social Media Marketing Company & here we support your digital marketing goals & objectives for enhanced outcomes!

What is Instagram Stories?

Social media marketing platforms provide a facility for social sharing. Whatever thought or idea you have, you can share through posts & stories & it can be about your online business offers as well. Your company’s social media handle needs to be updated frequently. Because you’ve got followers who like to see your posts. Instagram stories can be your top companion to update your customers & followers accordingly. To schedule Instagram stories you must get an idea of what these stories are & how they can benefit your online presence. 

Instagram stories were introduced in August 2016 as a new feature to let people share their personal experiences on a regular or occasional basis. Companies & businesses also consider this feature to be a game-changer for sharing quick information about their business on a frequent basis. Enlisted are the main features of Instagram stories that help you with your Instagram story marketing campaign:

  • Instagram Reels 
  • AR Filters
  • List of Close Friends
  • Shoppable Tags 
  • Instagram Create Mode 
  • Music Stickers & more

Using these features you can enhance the videos & pictures you’re going to use in the story. Additionally, you can provide information about the content you’ve posted as the story. The objective to schedule Instagram stories for a business is to share information in a more fun & relatable form. You must know how to attract Instagram users to your business offers. 

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How to Schedule Instagram Stories for Your Campaign?

We hope you get an initial insight into the Instagram stories in the previous section. Now you might have a question regarding how to schedule Instagram stories. By scheduling Instagram Stories you can prioritize your business goals & objectives. This can help you target the right audience at the right time to generate more leads for your products & services. Enlisted are some ideas you can follow to schedule Instagram stories to accomplish your business objectives perfectly: 

1. Don’t Look for Instagram Built-in Support

You must know that Instagram doesn’t provide any built-in feature to let you schedule your stories. However, you must schedule such stories to save time. The solution is external tools. You can approach external tools like Later, Buffer & Hootsuite to schedule your stories very easily. You can use their special features & plan your Instagram schedule accordingly. Different tools mean different standards & features. These tools also suggest how to use Instagram stories for business. Therefore we suggest you go for such tools to schedule your stories properly.

2. Prioritize your Stories

The approaching step is to find out which stories are important & which are not as per your marketing campaign. Social media marketing involves numerous operations you have to conduct for your business promotion. Therefore, you have to organize your promotional duties accordingly. The concept of Instagram story marketing also belongs to the marketing campaign you execute. Hence, you have to organize it for better performance & outcome. 

3. Set Up Date

You can trigger a specific audience by setting up a proper date for your schedule. There are numerous social events, festivals & get-togethers that encourage the followers to post their experience on Instagram. On that day, you can draw enhanced user attention to your Instagram stories. You have to make sure that your content also addresses something special about that day. For example, a specific story for Thanksgiving Day. Similarly, you can schedule your Instagram stories for the upcoming festivals. 

4. Decide on Time

Another essential factor to consider in this context is the time period. You need to trigger a potential time period so that more & more views could be targeted through your story. To schedule Instagram stories time plays an important role in the interest of the followers. You can also integrate an ideal time period with a specific day out of the week. Social media channels are usually more crowded on the weekends than the weekdays. Hence, you can speed up your activities on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. 

5. Preview your Content

An Instagram story is not an ocean of content. It consists of a picture, video & a couple of additional texts & graphical effects that convey the message behind your story. So, it is not a pool of content but still important for your followers. Before you schedule Instagram stories for your business, you must ensure that the content provides for user engagement & interest. 

You have to make it attractive & knowledgeable so that the followers perfectly grab your product or service offer. You can also represent business events & wishes for a festival to stay active among the followers. 

As such, you can schedule your Instagram stories in a fine way to fetch more & more user recognition. Your Instagram followers can raise your business popularity very quickly & you can also optimize your website SEO & search ranking through your social media marketing campaign. You can contact eGoodMedia for more tips & tricks related to your online marketing goals. Our famous Social Media Marketing & Optimization Company can suggest to you the finest online promotion solutions for your business!

How to Use Instagram Stories for Business?

Over 500 million users visit Instagram stories every day. No matter what’s the content of the story, the users review multiple stories associated with their friends & businesses. They can also review something educational or subjective to stay updated on their favorite online topics. In this way, Instagram becomes another notable social media destination for marketers & business owners. To specify how to use Instagram stories for the business you must decide on your business model first. 

You can follow the given below aspects to using your Instagram stories to improve the business plans & objectives you have. Just go through them:

1. Focus on Improving Engagement

The engagement of followers can bring you exceptional results for your investment. No, you’re not supposed to invest money in your Instagram stories, but your time & efforts. If not you, then your team has to give their time & effort to the same. Hence, you can’t overlook the user engagement on your posts. You can use a social media analytics tool to figure out how much time the user spends on your posts. Though Instagram stories are not very long to explore, you still need to target user attention & interest. So, make your content accordingly. 

2. Draw Sales from Your Story

If you’re running an eCommerce business you must schedule Instagram stories to ultimately grab sales for your online products & services. Without sales, you have no direction for a relative business model. You can use numerous product stickers to highlight your goods & products perfectly. The followers can simply tap to view the product & visit your purchase page. 

It is not necessary that the followers are just going to buy the product right away, but review detailed information about the product. Add a picture or a short video of the product for a visual experience. You can also put direct links into your stories if you have 10K followers on Instagram for better outcomes.

3. Grow your Business 

Moving ahead you must think about growing your business popularity & potential through Instagram stories. For this, you can promote your brand so that the followers remember you for a long time period. To optimize your brand value via Instagram stories you can use the following techniques: 

  • Introduce a branded GIF to represent your business
  • Generate shareable branded assets 
  • Execute a branded AR Filter for your stories

Through this Instagram story marketing technique, you can easily optimize your business identity as mentioned along with your stories. 

4. Schedule your Instagram Stories for Business

You can target an upcoming festival or holiday to schedule your Instagram story for huge traffic & engagement. Figure out your primary followers, their tastes & preferences, culture & nationality if needed. This can help you schedule your stories more effectively. Before you schedule Instagram stories you should know what to schedule, how to schedule & when to schedule. The answers to these questions are online tools for Instagram stories like Later & Hootsuite, etc. 

5. Instagram Stories Representing Brand

Brand awareness is also going to intensify your social media marketing efforts on Instagram. You can use the Instagram built-in design tools to create specific templates for your stories. These templates can represent your brand impressively so that the followers remember you for a long time. You can also use the GIF option in the create mode to provide enhanced exposure to your brand. You have to schedule Instagram stories to consistently promote your brand identity. 

6. Sponsored Partnership Content

Instagram also assists you in sharing sponsored content on behalf of someone else’s business. However, you need to deliver full disclosure of your partnership with the business. You’re not supposed to manipulate the followers with attractive pictures & stuff. These kinds of stories require you to represent your partnership brand name or link for dedicated user exposure to the product page. So, this is how to use Instagram stories for business innovatively.

8. Improve the Stories

As your business model grows over time you also need to focus on improving your Instagram stories. Figure out that your stories are updated as per the emerging tastes & preferences of the follower. For this, you have to conduct social media analytics for your Instagram profile & review the elements of concern. You should also stay updated on the new Instagram features that can improve the content of your story for better user recognition & attention. To Schedule Instagram stories you must make sure that your existing stories are performing well for marketing purposes.

That’s how to use Instagram stories for business growth & development. Share the details of your business goals & objectives at eGoodMedia & let us suggest to you the finest social marketing & Instagram promotion strategies to uplift your online business. We’re a potential Social Media Marketing & Promotion Company in Vancouver supporting revolutionary business ideas like the one you have!

How to Get Views on Your Instagram Stories?

Besides different actions that you perform to optimize your Instagram Stories, you should also focus on the consequences. The primary basis of the result should be your Instagram story views. Though initially you’re not supposed to target a huge audience, you must not neglect the average views on your story. Before you schedule Instagram stories you must create a target of views to achieve. In this segment, we’ll suggest multiple ways to increase views on your Instagram stories. Let’s check them out:

1. Make it Appealing

The main advantage of Instagram stories is that it consists of visual content. Visuals target more user attention than text content. When you schedule Instagram stories to have to target different sorts of images & videos. You won’t see a story completely filled with text messages. You have to make your campaign as attractive as possible. You can approach Instagram designers or your marketing team to create colorful content that targets the attention of the followers right away.

2. Analyze Your Mistakes

An Instagram story marketing idea consists of numerous mistakes that you’re unable to recognize until you review the performance of your campaign. Social media analytics tools like Sprout Social can assist you with your Instagram analytics results. Going through the results you can find out the leading drawbacks your Instagram story consists of. You can work on your mistakes & remove them accordingly. However, to understand the analytics you have to devote ample time & effort. We suggest you appoint a social media marketing team for better outcomes.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are famous among different social media platforms. They help users & followers to figure out the posts & information regarding a particular product, service, or subject on social media platforms. These hashtags can also help you improve the visibility of your story on social media platforms. Hashtags create familiarity for the content that the users are looking for. 

5. Use Location Tags

Instagram provides stickers for specific locations that you want to add to your story. Before you specify how to use the Instagram story for the business you should decide on the required location to promote your product, service, or content. You can represent a business event or similar occasion to use location tags on your story.

6. Keep Posting

For consistent views, you have to post consistently. That means consistent use of the Instagram features essential for your story. It may take regular time to post the stories if you have a big business identity to represent on social media. You can work with a social media marketing team for enhanced results in this case. 

Final Words on Instagram Stories

We hope this post helped you improve your existing Instagram stories for a better social media marketing campaign. Now you can schedule Instagram stories that create a difference for your online business presence & performance. You can visit eGoodMedia for added support & assistance on your social media marketing projects. We’re a renowned Social Media Marketing & Monitoring Company in Seattle dedicated to serving the likewise business marketing goals!