Have you considered low Google Search Volume amid doing keyword research for your SEO campaign? Of course, you have. Google is the biggest source of organic searches all over the world. And, organic searches are very crucial for your web page ranking. You should convert these searches into organic traffic. It is a brilliant search engine ranking factor that every website marketer has to think about. A low search volume keyword can also be very helpful for your website SEO goals at times. 

Low search volume keywords usually have less competition as compared to others. But that doesn’t mean there’s no traffic involved. In fact, you can trigger different web page traffic depending on the location selected. Initially, you have to generate user recognition, whether more or less. You must concentrate on your website content & user satisfaction. The low Google search volume keywords have their own benefits for your website content.

In this post, we want to discuss those website SEO benefits you can draw using low search volume keywords in your website content. You can also use these keywords in your title tags, meta descriptions & meta tags to optimize your website pages for better user consideration. For easy understanding, we’ve divided this post into the following sub-topics: 

  • What Are Low Search Volume Keywords?
  • Reasons Why You Need to Target Low Search Volume Keywords?
  • How to Make Use of Low Search Volume Keywords?
  • 8 Ways You Can Improve SEO & Conversions With Low Search Volume Keywords
  • Final Words on Low Search Volume Keywords

To trigger low search volume keywords you have to review your business prerequisites first. You can’t totally ignore high-volume keywords for specific cornerstone content. If you run an eCommerce website, you have to focus on high-volume keywords even if the competition is high. 

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What Are Low Search Volume Keywords? 

Unless you don’t put a target keyword in a keyword analytics tool, you can’t figure out the exact search volume & the popularity of the keywords. The volume of the keywords keeps changing over time. Whether it is a product, service or online subject, the popularity changes. Because the customers & users are not focused on a particular subject for a long time. Hence you have to keep updating your content. Low search volume keywords are related to a specific good or service. These goods or services don’t achieve notable popularity. Because these are related to a single subject of interest.


For example, there’s an online book store & shop. If you work for its website marketing, you can’t target beyond specific website traffic. Because not everyone is interested in reading books. And so will be your Google search volumes. You have to experience low Google search volumes for many relative keywords. However, you can’t run away from these keywords. Instead, you can make them an opportunity for specific content on your site. 

A low-volume keyword can be a short or long-tail keyword. It can also showcase a little CTC for marketing purposes. A keyword with no search volume is not going to help you with your content, so make sure you don’t go for a very little volume either. You can consult eGoodMedia to know more about the Low Search Volume Keywords that are convenient for your web page content. We’re a notable Search Engine Optimization & Website Promotion Company from Vancouver!

Reasons Why You Need to Target Low Search Volume Keywords

A low search volume of a keyword depicts that you can’t target huge website traffic. Then why do marketers approach these sorts of keywords? The reason is less competition. Less competition brings quick traffic to your web pages. Even if it is less for a particular time period, it can increase in the future. You must bring better solutions to the user queries through your content. A low search volume can also bring you better website traffic in the future. 

In this segment, we’ve mentioned different important reasons why you should go for low search volume keywords. Let’s talk about them in detail:

1. The Competition is Less

When you set up a new website for your business, you have to rank faster than usual. Because when a huge audience becomes familiar with your online presence, they stay in your business for a long period. They develop trust in your business and want to approach your site again & again. To generate familiarity you must post on a regular basis, and the content must be of premium quality. Then you can go for a low search volume of a keyword also. 

2. The Interest of the User

A lot of low search volume keywords depict different user interests. The users want to know about unique products & services that are not available on the websites on top of the SERPs. They want to get information about a niche subject that’s difficult to find in the search engine results. However, you’re not supposed to offer information that’s unethical, unrealistic & promotes any illegal means. If the interest of the user or search engine query is answered through your website content specifically, you can do better with less traffic also. 

3. Long-Tail Keywords

Numerous long-tail keywords are there on the search engine & consist of low search volume. Consequently, there’s less competition for them. However, long-tail keywords have one advantage, that’s high volume short keywords. We’re not talking about personalized long-tail user queries. 

Let’s take an example. We have a short keyword “Women Shoes”. If you have a local shoes business website you can trigger long-tail keywords like “Best Women Shoes in San Francisco”. The competition will also be less for such keywords, still, you’re going to target ample traffic. So these are not actually low Google search volumes keywords. 

4. You’re Running a Niche Website

Before finding the search volume of a keyword you should decide on the website niche you want to target. Some niches are very challenging to find the right keywords to target. For example, you create a website based on quantum physics. That’s quite educational & relates to a particular audience or a group of students only. No one else has the time & interest to go through such website pages. Similarly, you have to experience low search volume on relative keywords. 

5. Small CPC

A high Cost Per Click (CPC) means you have to bear a lot of competition from rival websites. The users are never going to visit your website pages if you want to rank through such keywords. In fact, your web page is not going to be displayed on the top SERPs anyway. High CPC is always for high-ranking keywords. You can also plan for corresponding ads on your web pages in the future. So, if you have a small CPC in your mind, you’re possibly targeting low search volume keywords. 

6. Link Building through Guest Posting

If you’re planning for link building, you can face bigger challenges targeting high-volume keywords. Guest posting is a renowned off-page SEO & link-building technique. If you approach a referring domain to post your content & get a backlink to your site, you must go for low-volume keywords. You must talk to the website users about it before preparing the content. 

Certain website owners focus on high-volume keywords but some of them could go for the low ones also. The traffic on the referring domain remains the same. But you can optimize traffic on your site more effectively. So stick with low Google search volumes

The low search volume of a keyword can help your online presence grow exceptionally. But first, you have to analyze your website audience. For good online marketing & SEO advice, you can consult eGoodMedia & decide on your website audience & relative website content effectively. We’re a Seattle-based Digital Marketing & Search Optimization (SEO) Agency & assist website owners from all over the world!

How to Make Use of Low Search Volume Keywords?

The leading use of Low Volume Keywords is to improve website SEO. Even if the strategy leads to low website traffic, the marketers approach it to overcome competition. In this segment, we’re going to discuss how this keyword research technique can be used to optimize your online visibility. Let’s take a look at the following points: 


1. Specify Your Content

The keywords you select are needed to be embedded somewhere in your website. Content is the key. You should know what sort of content you have to post on your site. You can also create content for your social media posts and use the low-volume keywords there. Those keywords can also be converted into backlinks to other web pages on your site. Your content must suit your target keywords perfectly. Keywords with low Google Search Volumes can also trigger notable traffic. 

2. Make Them Interlinks

Internal linking is a crucial part of website content. In this way, you can improve other web page traffic on your website too. However, internal linking must be effective. You’re not supposed to mislead the visitors to an inappropriate page carrying low-quality information. The keyword is going to represent a solution to the user queries, hence you can’t use it the odd way. Remember you have to improve your web page rankings & keywords are important for that.

3. Include in the Title Tag

The title tag of your website content is going to be situated on the SERPs carrying a link to your website page. You must include keywords with low Google search volumes in the title tags. And make your title tags perfect as the answer to the user queries. This is important for website SEO too. The title tag needs to be easy to understand and integrate with your target keyword without any problem. You can consult content marketers for better support & assistance on your project. 

4. Search Relative Keywords

The content is not completed with the application of a single keyword. You have to include meta tags & more relative keywords to open your web page for added organic traffic. It is not necessary that the users are always searching for the same keywords. To get an idea of the relative keywords you can approach the keyword research tools. The tools automatically recommend the relative keywords when you search for your target keywords. The relative keywords are also going to be low volume. 

5. Use in Link Building

Besides internal linking, external linking can also help you trigger added traffic on your site. You can use the target keyword to link back to your web pages from a reputed referring domain. Decide on the search volume of a keyword and share it with your content writing team. The team can also suggest if you’re good to go with a relative guest post or not. 

In this way, you can use your low-volume keyword perfectly. All the above-mentioned points contribute to the website SEO campaign you have. If you’re facing problems executing your SEO & digital marketing operations you can talk to our experienced online marketers at eGoodMedia. We’re a famous Website Promotion & Search Engine Marketing Company providing services all over the West Coast!

8 Ways Low Search Volume Keywords Can Improve SEO & Conversions


All keywords contribute to the website SEO in a positive or negative way. If you use the wrong keywords, you degrade your website SEO & vice versa. Wrong keywords mean inappropriate keywords for your web pages. Enlisted are the 8 ways you can improve your website SEO & Conversions using the right low search volume keywords. Take a look: 

1. Content Planning

You can get a lot of ideas of low-volume keywords for your content organization. You can create a list of such keywords to accomplish a content writing objective. You can set an objective of writing a “n” number of website content within a specific time period. You can share this plan with your marketing team and assign the duties accordingly. This can help you get rid of confusion & future uncertainties very easily. 

2. Switch to High Volume Keywords

The low Google Search Volumes Keywords are also going to aid you in the future to decide on high volumes. In fact, the low-volume keywords you promote through your website content can acquire high volume in the future if more users come to know your website. Some user queries encourage other users to put their questions in the search engine. And that’s how the popularity of the keyword rises. 

3. You Write for Your Business Niche

An appropriate niche can support your website promotion ideas perfectly. A multiple niche blog can’t be managed properly by a single writer. You need a writing team to handle such projects. However, if you select to go solo, you have to analyze your business niche way ahead of time. If you’re prominent in medical science, you should not write for buildings & construction. The website is going to require different content ideas in the future. 

4. User Satisfaction

When you have a limited audience to cover, your content is more concentrated and of perfect quality. This may result in lead generation for specific products or services. Though it won’t be a huge opportunity for you, it can still contribute to your online presence. With a low search volume of a keyword also, you can approach website traffic that trusts your website information & products perfectly. User satisfaction needs to be your initial goal. 

5. Focus on Interest

Have you satisfied the users? Good enough. The approaching requirement is to optimize their interests. That’s not possible without consistent writing & topics. Even low-volume keywords can inspire you for more stuff to include in your website content. When you focus on their interests, you create more opportunities for traffic & conversions on your site. 

6. Grab Attention from External Links

Who told you that organic traffic is the only way you can improve your website SEO & conversions? Off-Page SEO is a brilliant search optimization technique that helps you create a network of traffic for your target web pages. You can grab the attention of additional visitors for your low Google Search Volumes Keywords very easily. 

7. Encourage Ideas

You can figure out the user requirements more effectively when the traffic is initially less on your site. This can help you make changes to your website content & web pages very quickly & perfectly. You can return with better products, services, and information on your site. 

8. Stay Updated to Search Engine Updates

A low search volume gives ample time & opportunity to concentrate on other aspects of your website marketing. These keywords can help you understand online trends & search engine updates better. Because high-volume keywords usually have nothing to do with the search engine updates, they’re focused on particular products & services in trend. 

Final Words on Low Search Volume Keywords

So, have you decided to switch your keyword research strategy to Low Search Volume Keywords? There are other essential keyword research standards you might need to learn in this case. Visit eGoodMedia & let us assist you thoroughly if you have a new website to maintain & promote. We’re a leading Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Company based in Vancouver. Let’s have a detailed conversation!!