If you want to improve your website SEO results you have to please the Google search engine and other search engines with your web page content. For this, you must know how Google’s search engine works for ranking corresponding web pages on the SERPs. The Google search engine also analyzes your website on the basis of other essential factors. You have to take care of all such factors and maintain your website accordingly. Your website represents your online business goals and objectives and that’s what you need search engines to understand. However, search engines expect quality on your website and you need to bring that quality.

As such we suggest you improve your website design and content that together construct your website appearance and functionalities. Your website functions also contribute to better website SEO and user engagement. Following this, you can easily specify what Google needs to explore on your website. Even if you’re using an open-source CMS like WordPress to build your website, you have to specify how Google search engine works for ranking a WordPress website. 


In this article, we’re going to have a detailed discussion over how Google search works and how you can recreate your digital marketing strategy accordingly. But before that, you must make sure of your business requirements and website SEO approaches essential for your online business. Website SEO consists of various digital marketing operations that lead your website to a better ranking on SERPs. Hence, we suggest you give more attention to your website SEO techniques. Enlisted are the main subparts of the article: 

  • What are Search Engines?
  • Why is Google Search Engine Essential for Your Website?
  • How Search Engines Crawl the Websites?
  • Why are External Links Important for Google? 
  • How to Rank Higher on the Google Search Engine? 
  • Final Thought

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What Are Search Engines? 

Search engines can be defined as software systems that are dedicated to serving online search facilities to internet users. When users search for something on Google or some other software, they figure out different sorts of results that they can visit for answers to their questions. Before understanding how Google search works you need to know what search result components the search engines consist of. Besides links and URLs to web pages, the search engine results provide for the following aspects that you can use to represent your web pages:

1. Organic Results

Organic results are always inspired by the website SEO practices the marketers have conducted on their websites. Organic search results consist of the links to the corresponding web pages that majorly consists of a title tag, a web page URL, and a meta description. You have to create these elements properly to attract the attention of the Google search engine. Organic results are like the direct answer to the user queries and therefore, you must make it attention-seeking. 

2. Search Engine Marketing (Ads)

Another important component of the SERPs is your search engine advertising. If you have an eCommerce website, you can represent your products and services easily through such ads. You need to visit Google Adwords to create the best search engine ads campaign for your online business. But we suggest you first figure out what you need to sell directly on the SERPs. To specify how search engines work you need to make sure of the kind of business you’re running through your website. 

3. Local SEO Listings

When you’re using special keywords to find out results for a particular place associated with a product or service you have to go for local SEO listings. In case you have a local business you can rank your website better on Google searches. You can also share the Google maps directions related to your shopping store to help customers visit you physically, without any issue. Local SEO can help you approach new customers and website visitors for your online business. 

4. Knowledge Graph

The knowledge graph is a special feature that represents a special content box consisting of detailed information about a company name, address, contact details, date of establishment, products, services, and so on. The information varies from company to company and also links to company websites for SEO purposes. To know how Google search engine works you must go through all these aspects and optimize your website potential to be on the top of the SERPs. The knowledge graph is also found on the top of the Google results in the right corner. 

5. Images & Videos

If you’re looking to serve your website visitors by going through video results, you have to create special video content that represents your products and services. You can use YouTube to post such videos and link the same to your web pages for added user insight. But to create such videos you need a team of cameramen or consult a graphic design company for creating animated content. Similarly, you can approach an Experienced SEO Company to market your website images and videos in this context. 

Besides you can also find PAA boxes and further search suggestions that can lead to your web pages. It is not important that you always have to rank on the top SERPs. You may also get noticed on the second and third search pages. Hence we suggest you visit eGoodMedia and share your online marketing concern with our highly experienced team of marketers. We’re a leading SEO and Social Media Marketing Company in Seattle providing your best solutions for the online promotion of your business!

Why is Google Search Engine Essential for Your Website?


Without search engines, you can’t expect better organic traffic on your website. Search engines like Google are the biggest source of organic traffic and therefore, you can’t ignore executing a website SEO campaign for your website. Search engine optimization encourages you for multiple web marketing operations like keyword research, link building, content marketing for your web pages, and content to grow exceptionally on the SERPs. 

Before going through the different ways how Google search engine works for your website to grow, you must recall the different advantages of Google search engine for your website as mentioned below:

  • Google is the largest search engine in the world that consists huge traffic for your website pages and content to grow on the search results
  • Google provides multiple ways you can showcase links to your target web pages or home page like- Local Listings, Google Ads, Knowledge Graph, etc
  • Using Google SERPs, you can approach new website visitors and business followers from time to time. The perfect answer to the question of how search engines work is to specify what type of internet user tastes and preferences the search engines are providing for these days
  • Google never lets you go off the website SEO trends. The website SEO standards keep changing with the passage of time and that’s what you’re supposed to catch up over different segments of time
  • Google simply helps you advertise your leading products and services for direct lead generation that’s essential for your business to grow. 

As such, Google search engines act essential for your website promotion and business growth. You can further contact eGoodMedia and get revolutionary ideas for marketing your website content on the search engine results. Then you can know how Google search works more effectively. We’re a famous SEO Company in Vancouver providing the best in class search engine optimization solutions for your website! 

How Search Engines Crawl the Websites? 

If you don’t know what website crawling is, you can’t find how Google search engines work. Website crawling is the process of website analysis that the search engines execute for ranking the websites against various search queries the users have. Google consists of search engine bots or spiders that crawl all the websites ready to serve Google indexing after going live on the internet for the first time. The initial crawling starts with the different web pages created on your website. These usually include the following:

  • Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Online Services Page
  • Product Page
  • Blog Page
  • Contact Page
  • Testimonials
  • Terms & Conditions 
  • Privacy Policy etc

For indexing these pages you can visit Google Search Console and create an account representing your website and your online business. After adding your website’s main URL and other details you get started with your website indexing process. The Google crawlers consistently track your website pages and content added to your database for further ranking. So that’s how Google search engines work on your website to position it perfectly on the search engine result pages. 

It may take some time for Google to index and start crawling your website in the beginning but you’ll soon find your web pages somewhere on the search engine results. The next step is to work on a proper keyword research strategy that could help you trigger the right website content topics and solutions you need to execute on the SERPs. 

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Why are External Links Important for Google?


To see how Google search engine works impressively, you must add some external links to your website pages. These links are not found on your website but some other external source or website. But you must ensure that the external source is trusted and reliable as the wrong source can bring wrong things to your website. The search engines love these external links as they could be a separate source of website traffic and also lead generation at times. Google likes to rank websites with better external links and also appreciates your website-building efforts in this context. Here are the different reasons why external links are important for Google:

  • Google can figure out the quality of your website right away
  • Google finds it easy to rank your website from time to time
  • Good external links lead to better website SEO outcomes and Google likes that
  • You don’t have to prove that the external websites are of premium quality, it is visible in the results
  • It helps Google rank those external websites also without conducting any separate indexing actions on the website

In this way, external links also contribute to how Google search works on deciding the true positions of websites on the SERPs. The better Google crawlers experience your online presence, the better search engine rank they’re going to provide your web pages. Hence, we suggest you work on more external links to your web pages. 

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How to Rank Higher on Google Search Engine?

Before you rank higher on the Google search engine you must understand how Google search engine works. After that, you can easily decide what you need to do with your website content and your On-Page SEO operations. On-Page SEO focuses on your website content, your title tag, keywords, images and visuals, and everything associated with your web page content. All these parameters help Google crawl your web pages with immense ease. Moreover, Google gets more information regarding your website and doesn’t face any difficulty deciding a fine search engine rank for your website content. 

Besides there are many aspects that you also have to keep in mind for ranking your content higher on Google search results. Let’s talk about those aspects: 

1. Index Your Website

When you launch your website for the first time, you need to index all the main web pages that you have created. You need to visit Google Search Console for indexing your website. Basically, the indexing part is undertaken by Google, you just need to offer your website URL for indexing to Google. You need to create an account on the search console related to your website and after 1 or 2 weeks you can see your web pages on search engine results. Though these web pages don’t rank exceptionally on the search results, you simply get a space on the SERPs to showcase. 

2. Create Content

Without content creation, you can’t think about a good rank on the SERPs. In fact, we must call it quality content creation. You must focus on your business goals and objectives to focus on quality content for your website. It is an important parameter to specify how search engines work to prioritize content on search results. Here are the main components of premium quality content: 

  • Content should be original and free from plagiarism
  • Content must be relative and attention-seeking
  • Should consist of a good title (50-60 characters long)
  • Should have a target keyword used multiple times in the content
  • Must contain some secondary keywords and tags associated with the content
  • Content should be sound as per Grammarly basis
  • Should not link back to harmful sources 

These conditions also specify what you need to do to achieve your website SEO objectives. 

3. Link Building

Link building is an Off-Page SEO strategy that’s essential for your web pages to rank better on the SERPs. Link building increases your web page worth as there are two different sources from where you get traffic on the likewise web pages. The first one is the search engine organic traffic, and the second one is the traffic from the external referring domains. Both the traffic are essential for your web page rank to grow on the SERPs. If you’re able to improve one web page rank on your website, the users start reading your other blogs and articles also. You can build a relationship with them soon. 

4. Paid Ads 

Google also provides you an opportunity to market your online products directly on the SERPs. This will help you get straight-away conversions and leads for your target products if you’ve got an eCommerce website to promote on Google. To analyze how Google’s search engine works more effectively you can use these ads to showcase your goods and services for direct sale. You can also come up with new offers about the same and attract more new customers to your website right away. Even if they don’t buy anything on your website, you get huge traffic on your product pages. 

Final Thought

We hope this post truly helped you understand the worth of Google search engine and other search engines for your online marketing campaign and how they work to establish your business more effectively across the search engine results. To know more about how Google search works to raise your website’s search engine presence, you can reach out to eGoodMedia and let us review your business model. We’re a leading SEO Company dedicated to serving your online marketing goals. Let’s talk!!