LinkedIn is a social media platform for corporations, companies, and working professionals. It uniquely promotes professionalism and provides for innovative customer interactions. Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn also provides advertising services for marketers to optimize their product and service promotion plans. LinkedIn engagement is also an essential aspect to consider in this context. Your LinkedIn posts can also be a medium of advertising provided that these posts can fetch more engagement and user interest.  

Online marketing aims to target user interests, tastes, and preferences regarding a particular product or service. To know how to increase engagement on LinkedIn you must specify those interests, tastes, and preferences ahead of time. They usually represent the current market trends and every marketer needs to follow those trends. We want to discuss different techniques through which you can improve your LinkedIn engagement for your social media marketing campaign through this post. 

Better LinkedIn engagement also affects your website SEO operations and your website’s search engine ranking. It is essential as your online business needs to grow popular in the search engine results. The better it does in the SERPs, the more organic traffic you’re likely going to get on your website. You need to consult a good Website SEO Company to figure out and improve your website performance on the SERPs.   

We’ve divided this article into the following subtopics for better insight:

  • What is LinkedIn Engagement & Why It’s Essential?
  • What is LinkedIn Marketing? 
  • What Are LinkedIn Marketing Best Practices?
  • 9 Innovative Ways to Boost LinkedIn Engagement
  • Closing Thoughts on LinkedIn Engagement 

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What is LinkedIn Engagement & Why It’s Essential?

Social media engagement is essential for all sorts of social media posts. It helps you figure out the importance of your content and where you need to make changes in your content to make it more effective. Your LinkedIn post also consists of content and that content should bring user engagement for your business vision to grow out. LinkedIn is a great platform to raise brand awareness for your business and also bring added traffic to your web pages. To specify how to increase the LinkedIn engagement you should first understand it. 

Whatever you post on your LinkedIn profile needs to be interesting and attention-seeking. Moreover, customer retention strategies are also a plus point. LinkedIn engagement relates to your LinkedIn post and you must make such posts engaging and interesting for the followers to explore. LinkedIn can help you improve your business network and reach out to new customers and clients. If you run a B2B business model, LinkedIn is the best social media interaction spot for your business. There are numerous business profiles on LinkedIn that you can trigger. 

Given below are some advantages that you can draw out of your LinkedIn engagement strategy for your business:

1. LinkedIn Consists of Employee Profiles

Besides selling goods and services on LinkedIn you can also hire a potential workforce for your company. LinkedIn is also considered a fine job portal. As such, employee engagement is the leading aspect of user engagement on LinkedIn. When your customers and clients come to know about your brilliant workforce they approach your company to get into a deal. Hence, employee engagement is also crucial for LinkedIn engagement. Using LinkedIn user engagement strategy you can target various employees and job applicants to fill up your job roles. 

2. Strengthen Your Workforce

A strong workforce is built by recruiting the right people. And the right people apply to your job when you post your job properly on Linkedin. LinkedIn engagement can help job applicants understand your job offer better. Therefore, we suggest you employ innovative components to your LinkedIn post so that the users or applicants could spend better time understanding the post. Consequently, you’d be able to create a fine workforce for your company. 

3. Improve Your Job Roles and Offers

There could be many job opportunities that you have created in the past but never managed to recruit a fine bunch of applicants. To track these metrics you have to find out LinkedIn engagement associated with your job post. Moving ahead, you can develop better job roles and offers that look and sound interesting. Moreover, you can also find out what minimum salary slab your target job applicants are looking for. You can decide on offering a better amount in the future. 

4. Work on Your Website

Before you know how to increase engagement on LinkedIn you must make sure of your website quality. The job applicants are very much concerned about the business website and could find various reasons to call it a fake. It doesn’t mean you always need to have a high domain authority (DA). If you’re hiring for a startup, you can’t expect any extraordinary employees for your company. LinkedIn user engagement is essential for all sorts of businesses and job offers you want to execute on LinkedIn. Therefore, you build a website that could enhance their interest in your business anyway. 

5. Business Recognition

Even if your LinkedIn posts are all about hiring and recruitment you must focus on your brand promotion on LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides a fine opportunity in this context to help you grow exceptionally on social media marketing grounds. If you have a start-up firm also, LinkedIn helps you raise your online recognition faster. However, it is not that easy to shine on social media platforms so early. There are many like you, from your city or town who can raise competition for you. But you need to keep working on your ideas and innovation in the field of social media hiring and marketing. 

As such you can do better for your digital marketing goals collectively. Moreover, you can hire the best candidate for your company’s job roles from time to time. However, before understanding how to increase engagement on LinkedIn you can contact eGoodMedia and let us know about your business model and marketing objectives in detail. We’re an Award-Winning Social Media Marketing Company in Vancouver and help numerous companies optimize their online presence on different social media platforms!

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn is not just a job portal but also allows companies to interact with each other for business purposes. Moreover, the businesses meet their global clients on Linkedin and also discuss business opportunities with them. That’s what comes under the term LinkedIn Marketing. LinkedIn came into existence in 2003, but it was not a ready-to-use social media platform at that time. The idea of social media interactions helped LinkedIn find its path throughout the years, which’s unique from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. 

Before discussing how to increase the LinkedIn engagement you must decide on the different LinkedIn marketing strategies for your business. You can talk to various digital marketing experts at a Well Known Social Media Marketing Company for better assistance and support. With the help of LinkedIn you can share your promotional content and get connected with the enlisted professionals: 

  • Your Colleagues
  • Business Partners
  • Clients
  • Renowned Employers
  • Customers
  • New Employees
  • Competitors 
  • Recruiters and more

Therefore, you must optimize your marketing strategy accordingly. To know how to increase LinkedIn engagement you must understand that your business is unique from others and you have to maintain this quality throughout. That’s what’s essential for engagement regarding your LinkedIn content. You can offer something different to your target clients or job applicants. Moreover, you can also reach out to eGoodMedia and share your website marketing concern right away. We’re a leading Social Media Marketing Company in Seattle helping different small to medium businesses raise their online presence!

What Are the LinkedIn Marketing Best Practices?

Your LinkedIn marketing potential can change over time as the marketing trend also keeps changing over time and you grow numerous competitors around you. To know how to increase LinkedIn engagement you can follow these marketing practices initially to fulfill your online marketing goals. Here are the latest LinkedIn marketing best practices that we recommend you to go through:

  • You can customize and personalize your public profile URL
  • You can also think of a ProFinder Badge to represent your business profile 
  • You can run Search Engine Optimization (SEO) over your LinkedIn profile 
  • Make use of the saved searches and search alerts to conduct new recruitment or marketing campaigns
  • Use LinkedIn skills endorsements to target unique customer groups
  • Go for your network updates to reach out to more customers and clients in future
  • You can also find who has viewed your LinkedIn profile in the past
  • Build your LinkedIn group and start adding the interested members and customer groups 
  • Keep communicating with your LinkedIn group in the future and build your social media marketing team to handle such operations
  • Work on your LinkedIn Company Page and improve its overall appearance and functionality
  • Go for the Page Flow Button that leads to your website from your LinkedIn profile
  • Run LinkedIn Analytics to track your marketing performance and so on

There are many other ways you can optimize your social media marketing goals on LinkedIn. These marketing efforts are going to help you improve your LinkedIn engagement objectives as well. However, some other dedicated tips and tricks can help you improve your LinkedIn user engagement in a better way. We’ll discuss those elements in the next section. 

If you have any other social media marketing issues associated with your online business, you can consult eGoodMedia and talk to our skilled online marketers regarding your concern. We’re a result-oriented Social Media Marketing Company in Seattle looking to serve revolutionary website owners like you!

9 Innovative Ways to Boost Linked Engagement

LinkedIn engagement is somewhat different from LinkedIn marketing. It is like a contributor to your LinkedIn marketing goals. But bringing LinkedIn engagement also requires numerous tips and tricks essential for your business goals. In this section, we’re going to talk about those tips and tricks in detail. Let’s explore them out:

1. Select a Personal Profile 

Every social networking site offers a separate facility for company profiles and business accounts these days. But, the thing is that people still trust personal profiles and connect more often with such profiles on LinkedIn. People are in search of people on LinkedIn more than companies and corporations. Moreover, here are some other reasons to consider in this context: 

  • You can’t send personal messages from business pages
  • People engagement is more preferred than company engagement
  • Not able to use LinkedIn publisher from a business page
  • Personal profiles have more followers than business profiles

As such you can maintain LinkedIn engagement on your personal LinkedIn profile more effectively. 

2. Optimize Your Information

Your business identity is going to take different forms in the future. As a result, you have to update your personal as well as business information on LinkedIn. It is crucial for user engagement as they trust whatever changes about your business on LinkedIn. They also trust you for your information-sharing efforts and take interest in your new business offers or job offers in this context. You can approach a Well Known Social Media Marketing Company to work on occasional information updates about your business on LinkedIn. 

3. Make use of Updated Photos

Visuals can help your clients and customers remember your business identity on LinkedIn. Therefore, we also suggest you polish your LinkedIn photos and images over time. There are two important photographs that you’re required to update timely: 

  • Your Headshot and
  • Your Background Image

These two images are going to be your primary identity and most of the users remember your LinkedIn job and promotional posts through these images. 

4. Compelling Profile Summary & Content

Content is the key to success for every online marketing project. Talking about LinkedIn, there are many forms of content that you have to maintain over time. Your profile summary is also a form of content and you must work on it and keep it better for future exploration. It is usually going to be a personal profile and therefore lots of users are going to review it. Also, to know how to increase the LinkedIn engagement you must focus on your LinkedIn post content as well. 

5. Optimize Mobile Characters

The next essential factor to consider is your mobile phone character limit. You aim to retain your LinkedIn customers, clients, or job applicants on your content and for that, mobile optimization is very crucial. We don’t recommend over-filling your profile so that the users find it hectic to go through your profile. Many of your followers are expected to be mobile phone users and therefore you need to frame your LinkedIn engagement strategy accordingly. 

6. Represent Your Skills

LinkedIn profile writing also consists of a very important aspect to consider here. If you show your professional skills in your business profile content, you can fetch extra customer attention for your profile. Moreover, they also go through your LinkedIn posts very carefully and devote time for the same. This is because particular expertise and work experience say many things about you. 

7. Grab Recommendations

For doing so, you can approach your past business partners and clients to whom you have provided your services. This will increase the user trust in your LinkedIn posts and identity right away. The more recommendations you have, the more popular your LinkedIn profile is going to be. As a result, you can understand how to increase engagement on LinkedIn better. 

8. Work on Existing Posts

Improving existing LinkedIn content can help you save your precious time and efforts creating new ones. Your existing LinkedIn posts may comprise your text posts, videos, images, and articles. You can add more content, or remove a part of the content to optimize user engagement on your LinkedIn profile. To improve your existing post you must consult your content writers again.

9. Approach LinkedIn Ads

Advertisements usually grab more user attention and user engagement than any other form of content on your social media profiles. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, an advertisement can create a more powerful impression about a product or service. You can also use LinkedIn to create personalized ads for specific followers and reach out to them through their inboxes. You can also enjoy the feature of dynamic keyword insertion to let the followers reach out to a product purchase page on your website. 

Closing Thoughts on LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn follows a different social networking standard from other social media marketing platforms. Likewise, LinkedIn engagement also depends on different sorts of factors that you need to consider and keep in mind. At eGoodMedia, we help you maintain your LinkedIn profile perfectly through your online marketing campaign. We’re an Award Winning Social Media Marketing Company in Seattle dedicated to assisting your online business promotion. Let us know your thoughts!