If your website organic traffic is totally dependent on search engine result page ranking then it’s time to reconsider your strategy. Other than Google search every brand and business has different options (source) to drive organic traffic without ranking on google. 

Organic traffic is something that is liked by every website. But due to the highly competitive market ranking on the top for competitive keywords becomes difficult for low authority or newly launched websites.

Discovering different ways to drive organic traffic enables small businesses and newly launched websites to become competitive in the market. Today consider Google as your primary and only source of traffic and slow your online growth and revenue. 

Where you are aware or not but your traffic can be wiped out instantly due to major algorithm updates and other malicious SEO practices carried out by your website. That’s why it is recommended to leverage other platforms and channels to drive traffic organic traffic on your website.

In this article, we will help you to determine how you can drive organic traffic on your website without ranking at the top in the search engine result page (SERP).

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Drive organic traffic without ranking your website in Google 

Create and promote video content 

Today video content is considered one of the best ways to drive traffic and engage users. Creating and publishing video content that can educate the user and helps them to solve their queries has the capability to drive conversion-centric organic traffic on your website. 

Many businesses and brands around the world are leveraging video marketing strategies to promote their videos with the goal of driving organic traffic and sales. 

According to the recent report by Oberlo, internet users spend more than six hours a week watching online videos. More than 54% of the customers like and want to watch more video content which shows the demand for video content. 

From all the above stats we can determine that you have high chances of engaging the user’s through video content. You don’t have to run here and there to create attractive and educating content for your website. Instead, you can make use of your existing content and convert them into short video format to educate users.

There are many video sharing platforms that allow you to add annotation and different cards in your videos that can redirect viewers to the desired website. 

Not only that but you can make use of the description box to display your website or product page link. Remember if you want your viewers to click on your link then you can give them a persuasive reason and direct where they will find the link in your video.  

Most of the time websites come across issues like the shift in their rank (downfall) because of algorithm updates that directly affect their traffic.  If you have video content up and running then it will not affect your organic traffic from video streaming websites.

Make use of infographic

Creating and sharing infographics are one of the underrated processes but the most effective one in driving organic traffic on your website. It’s true that in today’s highly competitive market ranking your non-authority website for a highly competitive keyword is not an easy job. But sharing infographics is one of the best strategies to drive traffic on your website. 

Many authorities, as well as the non-authoritative websites (new website), are leveraging infographic sharing methods to grow their organic traffic as it is cost-effective and the best way to drive organic traffic within a short period of time. 

Yes, it’s true that it will not give you instant results. According to quick sprouts after the release of an infographic, it drives 22.6% less traffic than a regular blog post. But over the year you can expect 35.1% more traffic from your infographics. 

Using infographics you can deliver a brief introduction about your website and content. But to do that first you need to indemnify how you will create attractive and informative infographics. With the wide variety of infographic tools available, you can pick anyone to create an infographic. 

While free tools offer limited features, using the premium tool you can create an infographic that can fulfill your desire. Premium tools are also differentiated in two types of tools with higher cost and lower cost.

If you are having a small business with a tight budget then you can opt for infographic tools with lower costing whereas if you want to access advanced features to create high-quality infographics then tools like visual.li, canvas, and more can be perfect for your business.

Drive Traffic from other search engines

Undoubtedly Google is one of the popular search engines with more than 6.9 billion searches in a day. That means users are relying on google to solve their queries. Because of that most of the websites focus on ranking their website on the top in google to get the maximum number of organic traffic.  

But we forget that other than google there are other popular search engines like yahoo, Bing, and more that can help you to drive organic traffic on your website. According to Ahrefs, Bing search engine gets 530 million searches per day. 

Most of the website and SEO experts spent time and effort in ranking their website on the top in the search engine result page of Google. But if your goal is to drive organic traffic then you should always consider Bing and Yahoo. 

Yes, There is no doubt that Google can offer you an immense amount of traffic if you are ranking on the top for a particular keyword. But ranking on the top for highly competitive keywords becomes difficult for the newly launched website. 

Remember your ultimate goal is not to rank on the top in google but to drive organic traffic by ranking on top in SERP.  which you can achieve by putting your time and efforts to rank your content page or website ranking in other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and more. 

Ranking your website in bing can help you to gain rank in Yahoo search as well.  Because Yahoo search is powered by Bing that helps you to gain a competitive advantage in Yahoo search. Ranking factors for Bing is very much similar to google.  

Blog commenting on high authority website 

From the heading, you may think we are asking you to follow the old spammy link building techniques that are not valid or considered by Google. No, we are not, but we are recommending you to leverage blog commenting techniques to drive traffic on your website. 

Don’t paste your website link directly in the comment section, instead, you can make it meaningful by writing small paragraphs on high authority websites that belong to your niche. 

Earlier many websites used to perform black hat SEO by creating hundreds and thousands of links in the blog comments. Today all those links are considered spammy links. 

So the question is how to paste a website link to drive traffic? 

You can start by participating in the conversation going on in the comment section of a blog. In the same conversation, you can display your website or content page link naturally. 

Sometimes authors remove unwanted links from their comment section that’s why it is recommended to contribute regularly and build a strong relationship with the author and their readers so that they acknowledge your comments and link present in that content. 

Make sure that you are not trying to promote your website or product. These types of practices can make your profile and comment look spammy. That’s why it is recommended to focus on building relationships so that your links look natural and your profile looks more authentic.

Participate in Forums Discussion and show you authoritativeness

After the blog comment, the forum is another source through which you can drive organic traffic on your website and web pages.  But most of the time site owners commit mistakes by spamming links in every exact match keyword anchor text occurrence. Once you get caught with spammy links then there are chances of getting your id blocked because of that all your hard work can go in vain. 

Firstly it is recommended to identify forums that belong to your niche and become an active participant in the forums. Don’t rush, be patient, and read all the instructions before joining any forums. 

Instead of directly creating an anchor text of your website or content page, start a discussion or join any discussion going on in the forum. Start showcasing your knowledge in front of forum members. Because members in your forms are smarter than you they can easily identify a spammer. 

Don’t be a spammer that tries to promote links with the aim of getting traffic. Instead, showcase your expertise by recommending different authority blogs that can help forum members to get their answer. 

Once your forum member starts trusting you then you can use branded anchor text, naked URLs, and naturally created anchors to promote your web page content. Become a reliable forum member and focus on building strong connections with your forum members with the goal of educating members and driving traffic on your website.      

Make use of email list 

Emails are another way to drive traffic on your website. Whenever a user lands on your website try to capture their email so that you can inform them about an upcoming product, new content, and more.

There are many websites that are using email to promote their newly created content that’s why it is recommended to leverage email marketing to promote your brand new content. If you don’t have an email list then you can build one by promoting lead magnets that help customers to solve their problem.

Once you have an email list then first you can send the introduction email and welcome email. One they become familiar with your website then you can start leveraging email to promote your newly created content. 

Remember the organic traffic you generate will surely help you in your ranking factor. Implementing these types of practices will help you to drive the same for even if your website comes across a shift in rank position. 

Create and publish Podcast 

There is no doubt that emails, forums, blog comments, video, infographics are the competitive source through which you can drive traffic but you will surely find your competitors doing the same. Creating and publishing Podcasts are considered as another best way to drive organic traffic on your website. 

Podcasts have low competition that enables you to boost your organic traffic and increase your brand and business awareness among users. A podcast can be easily accessed by mobile devices making it a mobile-friendly option to engage users in a more convenient way.

With the increase in popularity and listeners, many content creators are considering podcasts to deliver their information and educate their audience. Not only that many top influencers and industry leaders have started to create podcasts to increase their authority and grow their traffic base. 

Ranking in Google requires time and effort but putting the same effort to grow your authority and loyal traffic base by creating and publishing podcasts can really help you to get quick and impactful results. Once the user becomes aware of your brand and services then it will also help you in getting a high rank in SERP.  

If you are not aware of how to create the podcast then you can start by listening to your niche podcast to identify the structure and process. Not only that but you can also make use of different tutorials and guides which can help you to get started with your podcast making.    

If you are still confused about why to create and to publish podcasts then the below-mentioned points will surely help you to get rid of your confusion.

  • The podcast has low competition 
  • Build authority and loyal fan base using podcast 
  • Engage your audience using audio content   
  • Allows you to offer the convenient and mobile-friendly content option 

Answer question in quora 

With the increase in the popularity of Quora, most of the users are relying on it to find their answer. It helps you to establish authority 

And the best thing is that your answer is displayed in front of other seekers too. That means if a user is posting a question on quora how to potty train my dog? It is one of the common questions that can solve many user’s queries.

If you are having a proper solution or your website niche relates to the question then you can answer the question and create the anchor naturally. Today quora is the best way to respond to questions that belong to your niche and build authority and generate organic traffic by displaying your website links.

If you wonder whether quora can help you in driving traffic and sales or not then the short answer is yes it can. It depends on how persuasive and goal-focused your answer is to the displayed question.    

Note each type of question will not help you to get organic traffic on your website for that you need to find the question that drives traffic. You can make use of tools like ahrefs to find a question that gets maximum search traffic


With the increase in the number of searches, Google is continuously focusing on updating the algorithm to improve user experience. These types of updates are benefiting users but making it difficult for the websites by increasing competition. Earlier it was easy to rank on google but today with the wide range of websites it has become difficult for every website to get positioned on the top page. 

Competition is making it difficult for newly created websites to drive organic traffic on their web pages. That’s why we have listed different ways that you can use to drive organic traffic without ranking on google. 

Today’s SEO is more about patience than immediate results. If you are doing SEO for your website then you have to patiently wait to see the result that takes a minimum of 3-6 months to offer results. Using the above techniques you can drive traffic alongside working on SEO to get an overall boost in your organic traffic and results.  

Frequently Asked question: 

1. How can I increase organic traffic to my website?  

  • List your business in the online directories 
  • Build authority backlinks 
  • Leverage social media 
  • Make use of landing page 
  • Target long-tail keyword 
  • Make use of Guest blogging 
  • Use email marketing 

2. How can I check traffic to a website? 

There are various popular tools available like ahrefs, similar web, and more that can help you to identify and check how much organic traffic a website is getting. You can also identify and make a list of keywords that your competitors are ranking. Next check the search volume, ranking, and ctr for each keyword for different countries. Identify and estimate how much traffic thet website gets from different keywords. Next, add all those to know the organic traffic thet your competitor website is receiving.

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3. How can SEO be used to generate more organic traffic? 

Optimizing your website for search engines helps your website to rank and allows users to find your website in the search engine result page. On-page and off-page SEO optimization are the important aspects to rank on the top in the search engine result page.