Link building is a collection of various components & aspects. Especially regarding guest posting campaigns. What are the foremost you recognize? Backlinks of course. Backlinks are the ultimate destination you want to reach & also maintain further. So you can’t forget them. You make a separate record on Google Sheets & MS Office to reuse such sources of backlinks in the future as well. Creating fresh backlinks is also fun and sometimes consists of relative targets to achieve. How could you forget them? Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of Off-Page SEO & they are classified into varied categories. 

The categories carrying Anchor Text are guest posts, social media posts, online classified ads, blog comments, online forums, etc. So you’ve got ample sources of website traffic. What you need to do is to optimize your Anchor Text accordingly. In this article, we’ve comprehensively discussed Anchor Texts, their significance & optimization for better utilization. Following this, we’ve brought answers to the following webmaster queries:

  1. What are Anchor Texts & How to Identify Them?
  2. How Essential are Anchor Texts for SEO?
  3. Classification of Anchor Texts
  4. How to Optimize your Anchor Texts for Link Building?
  5. Closing Thought on Anchor Text

Anchor Texts often trigger your target web pages, top products & services. Hence you have to ensure a better information structure & UX on your website. Try focusing on your On-Page SEO status concurrently. If you haven’t broadened your digital marketing team as such, consult eGoodMedia & forget about added expenses. Our Award-Winning Search Marketing & Web-Page Optimization Services would reinforce your link building efforts like never before!

What are Anchor Texts & How to Identify Them? 

Anchor Text is the hyperlink text that addresses a specific website page, production description, or website ad. It can lead to other websites or other web pages on a common website. The text is often generated on a backlink that triggers a product, service, or information. The users who are in search of more information related to a term or product often visit such hyperlinks and make a buying decision in case looking for an online good. 

You might have seen a number of Anchor Texts on a website before but didn’t know what to call them. Because they are everywhere. Website content or blog without an Anchor Text doesn’t look relevant these days. The user knows about the basics of internal & external linking and doesn’t stay on a poor quality web page for long. They want genuine information on what they’re looking for. 

As such, you have to make sure of a considerable Anchor Text for your website as well as your guest post. Here are some identification traits through which you can figure out your Anchor Text:

  • Anchor Text relates to the web page information, blog, or article you’ve targeted
  • The relevance of Anchor Text is associated with the web page URL it’s targeted to
  • Anchor Text is also visible in the HTML format
  • Anchor Text is mostly in the form of a phrase addressing a solution to a user concern
  • You can put multiple Anchor Texts in a single article considering the length of the article
  • Anchor Texts are not purely keywords, they could be different from target keywords

Additionally, Anchor Texts could be in the form of questions the answers to which are found on the corresponding website URLs. Identifying the phrases & words to be converted into Anchor Text is an important Link Building Strategy you’re not allowed to miss amid your Off-Page SEO campaign. 

For more information regarding guest posting & Off-Page SEO, you can consult eGoodMedia & let us know if you’ve got a referral domain from where you want to link back. We’re a team of skilled Digital Marketing & Website Promotion Professionals based in Vancouver & Seattle providing for potential businesses across the world!

How Essential Are Anchor Texts for SEO?

You may evaluate the prominence of Anchor Text from your link building campaign. Especially the one which is associated with guest posting. Guest posting is an Off-Page SEO Technique in which you write informative articles for specified referring domains in order to request do-follow backlinks from them. However, it is not easy to persuade target webmasters to link back to you. You have to carefully decide on the Anchor Text you want to put in the guest post. After all, you have to post it on someone else’s website. 

The problem arises when you’ve got a fresher website but requesting a very high webmaster profile out there. Though it could work in certain situations, you have to create very high-quality content following multiple webmaster instructions. Anchor Text would also play an important role in this context. Here are the significances of a Good Anchor Text for your SEO plan:

  • Anchor Text is based on non-machine language & therefore is easy to be recognized by the users
  • Good Anchor Texts could bring potential website traffic on your target web pages
  • Anchor Text also help search engines understand your SEO strategy
  • A good Anchor Text helps in Link Building through guest posting
  • An Anchor Text often address the user queries & concerns and redirect them to your products & services right away
  • The technique of link building associated with an Anchor Text is useful for your On-Page SEO efforts as well
  • Right Anchor Texts may encourage Google to rank you better in the search engine results
  • Anchor Text enhance the value of your target website URLs & Cornerstone Content

Anchor Text does not merely focus on generating leads for your top products & services, it is also a gateway to prolonged information & knowledge the users are searching for. They would decide on buying a product only when done with all the information. They’ve got easy access to the internet these days & you should know that. So better choose your Anchor Text carefully!

Classification of Anchor Text

Anchor Text is often called Link Text or Link Label. It is because Anchor Text is further classified into various categories. Different categories mean different sources of utility. It is used for both internal & external linking. Therefore, it has got several positions to be embedded & provide for the marketer goals efficiently. Depending on these factors & marketer objectives Anchor Text could be divided into the following categories:

1. Brand Name

The Anchor Texts which trigger a famous eCommerce website or a renowned website landing page simply exhibit their corresponding brand name. The same thing could be done when you want to target a specific online tool that you have developed as your brand & domain name as well. For example BuzzStream. Brand names are easy to recognize when they become popular. In this way, you can draw considerable website traffic for your new products & offerings. 

2. Name of your Website

The name of your website is a potential Anchor Text as long as you’re providing the users with potential solutions for their problems. Users are concerned about their health, fitness, lifestyle, eating preferences, traveling plans, shopping preferences, and more. If you run a particular niche, you have to decide on your Anchor Text accordingly. You have to initially think about Anchor Texts that simply address the user’s concern. Then you can switch to your Website Name. The users get used to your website name after using your services 4-5 times. 

3. Title of the Blog

Sometimes the title you’re using to address your guest post or website post simply consists of a solution to user concern. You can make use of it in your content body fully or partially, depending on the keyword you want to target. As such, you’ll be able to use it as a Potential Anchor Text for your link-building campaign. You can also plan to do so while internally linking among your top website pages. Remember the buyers’ journey is not going to be that straight & easy. You have to create multiple channels of information so that your target users start to trust you. 

4. Focus Keywords 

This is the most utilized form of Anchor Text and SEO experts are usually concerned about creating guest posts that target specific keywords & phrases. These keywords & phrases are often inspired by the search engine queries carried out by the users. Conduct keyword or phrase research associated with your business & services. Then you have to make a list of such keywords & phrases that are potential enough to bring fine traffic to your website pages. We’d recommend you download a CSV & review it whenever you want to create a new guest post.

Guest Posting is a powerful technique for link building & your Off-Page SEO strategy, however, you’ve got a lot of work to do. You have a pool of articles to create & fill up with potential keywords & Anchor Texts. You better need an Off-Page Team. Or simply visit eGoodMedia, your ultimate digital marketing & website promotion partner. If you think you’re undergoing a burden conducting your first link building strategy as such, reach out to our amazing Conversion Centric Website SEO & Online Marketing Services & intensify your business objectives right away!

5. Alternative Keywords

As discussed earlier, your Anchor Text isn’t obliged to carry your target keywords. So you can make use of alternative keywords as well to trigger your target web pages. But make sure that the webmaster allows you more than one do-follow link. You can also write multiple posts for the webmaster to use varied versions of your target keywords. This way you can generate multiple channels for your website users to reach you & enjoy your services. 

6. Genuine Words & Phrases

Remember that Anchor Texts are never required to display a fake picture of your products & services. Neither are they focused on addressing unrealistic information. So you have to represent a logical group of keywords or phrases that matches your promises & website information properly. You could bring that originality by conducting detailed research on the user queries & issues. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is a renowned tool for aspiring website developers like you to understand another important aspect of internet marketing. Try it!

As such, Anchor Texts could be your best friend if you understand how to make smart use out of them. Try to work with each of these categories mentioned above and you can open doors to multiple opportunities awaiting your link-building campaign. All the best!

How to Optimize your Anchor Text for Link Building?

We hope you’ve got a pure insight into the varied versions of Anchor Texts & how & where to use them effectively. However, you can experience certain mistakes at the beginning of your link building campaign, everyone does. You should take care of certain things & improve your Anchor Texts if not working well for a specified situation. Following this, we’d like to suggest certain tips & tricks you can use to optimize your Anchor Texts as per varied circumstances:

1. Be Natural & Real

Remember that you don’t have to confuse or misplace the users & information seekers at any cost. The users often don’t like to get disturbed while gathering information about a specified good, service, or concept. They just want to be in the flow & even visit the corresponding website page links you’ve provided to know more. Here, you have to play your card & redirect them to another informative website URL on your website. And, a relative Anchor Text is your top priority for this. Make sure that your Anchor Text essentially provides for the user flow!

2. Make Sure on Your Landing Page

The website URL you’re targeting through your Anchor Text needs to relate to your text anyhow. You can leave a very awful impression on your referring domain owner & most importantly your URL visitors by redirecting them to a completely different link that has nothing to do with your Anchor Text. Either it could be a mistake or a plain intent, but you have to skip both. If the webmaster informs you about the unsuitability of the landing page you want to target, just listen to him & make alterations to your backlink & Anchor Text accordingly. 

3. Take Care of Your Page Quality

There are multiple factors affecting your page quality & you have to follow up on them. A dominant Anchor Text is never expected to lead to a poor quality web page. Even if you’ve added enough information & solution to the user concern, you have to face a vicious bounce rate. The reason being losing trust & reliability. Here are the factors you need to take care of:

  • URL security of the page
  • Malware or viruses associated with the page
  • Page with poor quality content
  • Poor quality or copied visuals & effects
  • Too many advertisements & video commercials
  • Keyword stuffing in the content
  • Pushy shopping & lead generation elements
  • Negative but genuine blog comments
  • Poor layout leading to a poor experience
  • Poor page rank & DA and so on

Another solution to this issue is to select your Anchor Text carefully. If you’ve just started with a new website you’re free from faults as you’re unaware of so many things. As such you can select your referring domains accordingly & decide on the right Anchor Text as such. 

eGoodMedia would also help you understand the dos & don’ts of the first link-building strategy you’re going to execute. We are always concerned about aspiring business leaders who want to represent their ideas before the internet & digital platforms. In case you have a doubt you can reach our groundbreaking Digital Marketers & Website SEO Experts & make a fresh start!

4. Double Check your Link Text

The requirement of a double-check depends on different factors. Sometimes, the link remains unclickable or inactive. It means all your time & effort is worthless. Furthermore, you won’t be able to approach that webmaster again following a wrong impression. Another reason could be a mistaken landing page that you’ve attached with the Anchor Text. Mistakes can target your first impression & you have to pay attention to your goals & objectives. 

You have to create a habit of double-checking whatever resides along with your Anchor Text. The Anchor Text could be identified at the first sight by displaying a blue or equivalent color & an underline that allures users right away. However, you should make sure what’s being embedded into it. 

5. Don’t use Target Keywords & Phrases Directly

Another important piece of advice you can follow is to recreate your Anchor Text using quotes. Don’t use the topic as it is in your Anchor Text. The Yoast SEO platform never suggests this. Forget Yoast & imagine the users visiting your web page without reviewing the continuity of your target keyword. That’s not going to happen frequently. Even search engines would not support a link-building strategy like that. What you have to do is to put your target phrase into a quote or inverted commas & represent the same in an unstuffed form. Google needs you to don’t trick your readers at any cost so you have to make sure of such factors. 

Closing Thought on Anchor Text

Anchor Texts are fun & exciting to be embedded on the guest posts you want to target back to your potential web pages. They recall you about your Off-Page achievement & encourage you for further link building campaigns. eGoodMedia would like to commend you for the initiative you’ve taken to share your business ideas over the internet & online platforms. In case you find any problem related to your Website Marketing & Social Media Promotion goals you can reach us anytime for a consultation. Let’s talk!!