Looking to grow your business using Facebook messenger? If yes then you have landed on the right article where we are going to highlight some important tips that you can use to scale your business in the competitive market space.  Facebook Messenger is one of the most important messaging apps brands use to connect with customers worldwide. Every month, businesses exchange more than 20 billion messages with people on Messenger. So Social media messaging apps are indeed a brilliant source of user interactions with brands & businesses.

More than 1 billion Facebook Messenger users interact with each other in a month around the world. Don’t you think you can construct a brilliant marketing strategy around these social messaging apps? Though users not just use Facebook Messenger to get in touch with businesses alone, around 60% of customers in the US are reported to communicate with varied companies & online service providers the previous year. Quite an impressive number, isn’t it? 

That is the case of the US alone. How about discussing the rest of the world? You have a great opportunity to reach out to consumers in different parts of the world. In this post, we’re talking about the various uses of Facebook Messenger to optimize your business strategies and bring you revolutionary outcomes that you won’t believe. To make it more substantial, we’ve divided the post into the following sections:

  • Introduction to Facebook Messenger
  • How to use Facebook Messenger for your business marketing?
  • Advantages of using Facebook Messenger for business?
  • Final Thought

Your business ideas are made to serve the emerging market trends. The consumers are expecting more innovation & features on your products & services. Therefore, you’re not allowed to miss any of the potential opportunities out there to communicate with your customers. 

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Introduction to Facebook Messenger

It’s a social messaging app developed by Facebook & initially launched in the year 2011. Though it was not converted into a dedicated application at that time, the popularity of social messaging encouraged different android & iOS application developers to come up with specialized applications for social chatting & conversation. Whatsapp was a fine example of it. It further influenced Facebook to introduce a dedicated messenger to its existing interface. 

Now Facebook Messenger is linked to the messaging segment on the Facebook News Feed & one has to download & install separate applications to interact with friends & folks on Facebook. Later on, Facebook also acquired Whatsapp to run its social messaging operations worldwide. Both of them have become a great source of marketing messaging so far. You can create your business handle or social media page on Facebook representing your business profile to approach potential user attention by the way of social media posts & content. 

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How to use Facebook Messenger for your business marketing?

If you’re not into the digital marketing profession, you might wonder how Facebook Messenger works as a marketing messaging tool? You have used it as a personal messaging app so far. To use Facebook Messenger for business purposes you have to set up your business objectives very first. There are a lot of marketing scams going across various social media platforms and users are usually aware of such scams. Decide on a realistic online offer about your products & services and make sure not to mislead the user anyhow. 

Moving ahead here are some important standard aspects you can follow amid organizing your Facebook Messaging Campaign to raise your business recognition & potential:


This aspect works when you’re already engaged with a specific consumer group or a solo customer for quite some time. You have to maintain his or her trust in you and that’s why responsiveness is important. The customer can face some issues accessing your website or shopping through your online store. Additionally, there can be some issues arising post-purchase of your product or service that the user wants to share with you. You have to stay conscious of such issues and suggest to your customer from time to time regarding relative solutions. 

Reply to the customer response even if they’re positive. You can thank the user for his support and trust in your online business offers. You can build a strong relationship with your customers for doing long term business with them and generate goodwill & brand loyalty thereafter. Being further innovative, you can also develop & assign advanced messenger chatbots to save your time & effort for other marketing responsibilities of your website. Here are some renowned chatbot builder tools you can use:

  • TARS
  • Hubspot Chatbot Builder
  • Botsify
  • MobileMonkey
  • Wit.ai and more

Raise your brand voice

Try to employ brand mentions of your business in your Facebook Messenger conversations. You can create your social media video cards for digital use to optimize your brand mentions in your Facebook Messenger conversations. This way you can raise your brand voice to an exceptional extent. You can add similar ideas to your chatbot interface for Facebook Messaging. But make sure to not force or exaggerate your brand mentions beyond the usual limit. The aim of marketing is to raise customer awareness & insight about target products & services, not manipulating them. 

You need to make your customers remember your brand in a good sense for years. Hence you have to focus more on the inbound marketing standards. Outbound marketing is useful in certain cases but social media marketing is not entirely something about it. At eGoodMedia we suggest where you need to employ an inbound or outbound marketing technique. We suggest you not make any sudden decisions regarding your social marketing campaign and consult our groundbreaking Social Media Optimization Services for a better outcome!

Personalize your messages

That of course doesn’t mean you have to ask personal questions from your target audience. You just need to chat in a personal tone. You can start a conversation by calling the name of the customer. Remember you not only need to generate corresponding leads through your Facebook conversations but also provide a very good experience to your customers. Make sure they remember your brand & come back to talk to you in the future also. You have to personalize your chatbot for the other side of the campaign. Personalized messages grab more customer attention as compared to formal ones. Moreover, the customers feel exceptionally recognized and develop an interest in listening to your business offer. 

So in this way you can use Facebook Messenger to optimize your business marketing strategies and let your customers recognize your online presence and remember it for years.

Advantages of using Facebook Messenger for business?

The next segment of the post entails different benefits associated with Facebook Messaging that you can enjoy for your business development goals. Facebook is one of the most visited social media platforms in the world and you can plan a brilliant marketing strategy for your leading products & services through its varied marketing messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Facebook Ads, Facebook Community & Service Pages, Facebook Posts & Videos. Given below are the leading benefits of using Facebook Messenger to enhance your business: 

Initiate Conversions & Lead Generation

The conversation that starts with a personalized tone on your Facebook Messaging inbox soon leads to potential conversions against your product & service offers. But it doesn’t happen every time. There are certain marketing conversation traits that you need to follow to engage the customer in the conversation you have started. Even if the customer approaches you to know about your business offers you need to follow those traits to convert them into end consumers. 

If the customer is not satisfied with your product or service you don’t need to force conversion with the help of inappropriate means. Business ethics should live in all aspects of your social media marketing campaign. Think smart & customer-centric while conducting your Facebook Conversations with your prospective customers. For this, you have to research corresponding user queries & issues related to the product or service you offer. 

Running Customer Support

Customer support is very important if you want to elevate customer trust for your online business. They’re usually concerned about online security on your website and don’t want to face malware or similar issues browsing links & ads focused on your product purchase pages. Through Facebook Messaging you can provide them support against various doubts & queries they have regarding your products, services & website. 

Encourage Quick Purchase

There are some customers who visit your eCommerce store with the objective to purchase a specific product right away. They’ve already conducted ample research regarding the product earlier & simply decides to purchase from you. However, they can go through a little conversation to clear some small doubts that remain. Through Facebook Messenger you can enable approaching transactions to encourage the customer to make a purchase right after the conversation is over. It will consequently optimize your lead generation outcome. 

Better Consumer Relationship

Establishing a consumer relationship is what you need to intensify your business life. If you want to stay longer in the market you have to generate & maintain brand loyalty for your business. Ongoing customer support & assistance can raise your goodwill in the market resulting in better customer relationships. You can also know about the leading drawbacks & faults in your business model, your marketing strategy, products & services getting into the right Facebook Conversation with your customers.

Final Thought

Going through the post you might have experienced how crucial a Facebook Messenger conversation could be for your business promotion. If you have further doubts regarding Facebook Messenger & its various business development applications you can talk to our digital marketing experts. At eGoodMedia we consistently find solutions to the emerging Online Promotion & Social Media Marketing problems the aspiring business leaders face. Let us know if we can help you out!