Content marketing is constantly evolving to meet consumer expectations and search engine requirements. Toady content is not only developed for users but websites have also started to produce high quality and problem-solving content with the goal of getting links back form other websites. 

Today getting a link back from an authority website is really tough and day by day it is becoming difficult for a new beginner to get a link back to form a high authority website. Not only thet but worlds leading search engine Google have already introduced E-A-T and YMYL which means a website ranking is very much depending on the type of link they are getting for the authority website.

One thing that can help you in getting a link back from a high authority website is nothing but the “Content”. Yes, today content creation and marketing play a major role in the link building process. By producing high quality and problem-solving content you can make your web page eligible for getting a link back from authority websites. 

By publishing data, research, whitepaper, infographics, videos, and more you can earn credit from another website in the form of a link. Long gone are those days when websites used to buy link now search engine give preference to the website that product quality content and earn the link.  

Today SEO experts are more focused on leading content-based link building campaigns. Creating data-driven and infographics based content more useful than just writing long content. 

In this article, we are going to highlight some important tips and techniques that you can use to build links through content marketing. 

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Different Ways to build links using content marketing 

Identify your target market problems

When it comes down to creating content that grabs user attention and encourages other websites to give a link back then focus on identifying your target market problem and find a topic that can work. 

Investing time in finding target market pain point or their requirements and creating content on the same topic can benefit you in many ways. For example, if you have an SEO agency then you can create content on topics like the latest google algorithm update, link building techniques, and more to get a link back from your niche website.

You can make use of tools like BuzzSumo, Google trends, and more to find the topic that can help you to get more traffic and links. 

Select a content format to deliver your solution

Once you are aware of the topic that is working for your niche next you can select the type of content thet you are going to select to deliver your topic. One of the biggest misconceptions in today’s Marte is, content means blogs, articles, whitepapers, and more. 

Apart from text content, there are other types of content like video, audio, infographics, and more which you can select to deliver your content. Once you are aware of the topic next you can research what type of content is working best for your competitor and what type of content is liked by the user. We always recommend you to create content in all the formats.

There are different type of content that garbs link form another website like 

  • A how-to guide
  • Reviewing products, services, plugins, case 
  • Detailed case studies
  • Surveys
  • Data infographics
  • Charts 
  • Videos 
  • Podcast 
  • And many more  

Create Your content 

Once you are aware of the type of content, next you should start creating your content. Remember your content goal is to get it ranked on the top so that you can drive traffic and encourage other websites to give a link back to your content. 

Focus on producing hogh quality and SEO optimized content that can fulfill the search engine requirements for better rankings. Make sure your opening paragraph explains what you are going to discuss in your whole content. There are a few strategies that you can follow to enhance your  content creation process: 

  • Focus on producing long content as longer content performs netter then short content 
  • Optimize your content appearance by adding infographics, images, and more. Place your visuals at the right place for better traffic and backlinks 
  • Create your own infographics 
  • Make your content actionable 
  • Avoid using too many jargons to make your content easily accessible and readable 

Start Promoting your Content 

Your consent success lies behind how you promote your content. Even if you want a website to give a link back for your effort then you need to place it on the top page in SERP. Have you ever heard the website giving a link back to web pages positioned on the second page? Probable, No right (until its a paid one). 

Every website wants to offer the best results and that is the reason why they create a link back depending on google’s suggestion which means pages thet rank in the top in SERP.  So to get your content positioned on the top you need to follow the basic promotion or content marketing strategies like: 

  • Promoting your content across different social media platforms
  • Doing SEO of your content 
  • Making use of email newsletters
  • Creating internal links on content that are performing well 
  • and many more 

Type of content that gets backlinks

1. Interview Industry Experts 

Earlier we have mentioned every time you talk about something or write on a topic, you are creating content and that is the reason why we ahve included interviews in our list. Yes, it’s very obvious that interviews take time and lots of back end efforts like taking the date for the interviewer, arranging the time, palace, topic, questions, and many more. 

But once you are able to arrange an interview with an expert or your industry leader then it will become a great medium to earn links. While taking an interview you can highlight some important insight into the industry problems. You can create a list of question or topic that relates to the problem and ask you interviewer right solution for those problems. Focus on solving your potential customer pain points for better results.

By encouraging your interviewer to share their expertise, advice, tips, and more you can make your content more effctive that can result in getting the link back from other websites. Today every website knows, if they want to grab more traffic they need to offer valuable content. And if your content is valuable then other websites will never hesitate in including your content and providing a link back in the form of credit.     

2. Infographics

Today infographics are one of the best ways to get a link back from another website. Produce content that is liked by the user and encourage other websites to use your infographics in return of giving credit in the form of backlink. More than 53% of SEO experts believe thet infographics are the best way to get a link back that is the reason why they focus on producing more and more infographics.  

Focus on producing high-quality infographics that stand out from the crowd because today publishers consider these factors before linking out any infographics. If your infographics are simple with the same content that is already revolving in the market then there are fewer chances of getting a link back. That’s why to focus on creating infographics that offer valuable content to the publisher as well as users.

3. Producing Whitepapers and research papers 

Today research-based content gets more links than any other type of content. That’s why we recommend creating whitepapers and research papers that can help you to get industry-specific links. 

By offering a research-based content you are adding value and offering detailed information on a particular topic. If you like to dive deeper then you can partner with a local university or an expert to perform research on a particular topic for better results. 

When it comes to research you can partner with a university student to make it more cost-effective and efficient. Even if you are an online retailer you can create research on a particular topic giving insight about you the uses of the product.

4. Create Educationation Guide 

An educational guide or long-form guide is another type of content that encourages the publisher to give a link back. These types of guides add values and offer deep insight into the topic and contain all the information that is required to educate users. 

Identify what type of questions users are asking and creating a detailed guide on the same topics can encourage users to visit your content and publisher to give a link back. You can make use of Quora, social media comments, Google, and more to identify users’ pain points and questions.  

These types of content get a link from the website that is producing content on the same topic but not giving detailed information that is when they display a link of a long from guide asking users to click on the link to get detailed information on the particular topic.  


By now you might be familiar with some important tips and techniques that can help you in getting links back from other websites. Content marketing will always be one of the most effective ways to earn links. You just need to focus on producing quality content that can add value to publishers’ websites or content. 

It’s not necessary thet all types of content get backlinks that’s why we recommend you to experiment with a few contents and identify the content that gives you desired results. Make sure your content is in all formats that mean in the text, videos adn audio format.