Are you looking to enhance your SEO content readability for a notable digital marketing performance? Content readability is a crucial factor in deciding your website SEO performance and you can improve your marketing strategies accordingly. Your website content is the biggest source of traffic and search engine recognition for ranking. You have to rank it better on the SERPs so that your online business gets popular for different organic searches. Though there are different plugins and online tools available for readability tests, some readability mistakes can’t be triggered by such plugins as well. 

In this article, we’ve discussed such mistakes and the different ways you can overcome the mistakes to improve your website SEO efforts. Through this article, we’ll also suggest to you different content marketing approaches that are healthy for your website SEO goals and objectives. Content creation is important for your website SEO and well social media marketing campaign and therefore, you need to optimize its readability for good results.

Content could be of different types like- Video, Audio, Infographics, etc. In this segment, we’re specifically going to address text content as the readability factor is involved. You must hire a content writing team to create frequent website content that serves the SEO readability needs effectively. You can also consult a Well Known SEO Company for enhanced results regarding your marketing campaign. We’ve divided this post into the following subtopics for good understanding:

  • What is Content Readability?
  • What is an SEO Friendly Content Readability?
  • Why is Human Readability Essential for SEO?
  • 5 SEO Readability Mistakes the Plugins Can’t Trigger
  • Final Words on SEO Content Readability

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What is Content Readability?

Readability addresses good quality content. As the name suggests it is an important web content characteristic that encourages users and customers to read out what you have to offer in your website content. As a result, your content marketing goals and objectives are accomplished and your website SEO outcome is also affected by the same. Yoast SEO is a famous website SEO plugin that you can use in a WordPress website for tracking the readability of your web content from time to time. Yoast SEO helps you figure out your readability test before posting your content. 

Yoast SEO can help you reach a readability score that could assist you with your website SEO project. Better readability means less reading difficulty to the users. The more the reading difficulty, the higher the chances of bounce rate or low dwell time on your web pages. This leads to poor traffic and user engagement on your website. Additionally, your website performs poorly on the SERPs. Different factors together contribute to poor SEO readability in this context. You need to find those factors and get rid of them for considerable results. 

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Besides, you can also share your existing content marketing issues and figure out what your target customers are looking for on your content. Content marketing comprises various aspects that you need to cover while creating content. Moreover, you must approach skilled and experienced writers who could write SEO-friendly and result-oriented content for your website. 

What is an SEO Friendly Content Readability? 

An SEO-friendly content readability score can improve your web recognition on the search engine because search engines consider such factors important for ranking web pages on the result pages. For a good score, you must follow the standard SEO-friendly content readability aspects properly. Using Yoast SEO you can easily specify these aspects and work on improving your readability score in the future. Here are the main aspects of readability analysis you can review on Yoast SEO: 

1. Transition Words

Transition words are very helpful to maintain user engagement on your content because these words establish a connection between various words, sentences, and phrases in your article or blog. When there are no transition words in your content, the reader starts forgetting what resides in your content shortly. This leads to a declining interest in your content and you can lose your best website visitors and customers right away. Hence, fewer transition words can lead to poor SEO readability. Enlisted are the transition words examples you can review to improve your content: 

  • Moreover
  • As well as
  • Similarly
  • Furthermore
  • Likewise
  • Additionally
  • Also
  • Again
  • Then
  • Identically
  • Uniquely
  • Like
  • As and more 

2. Flesch Reading Ease Score

The next important aspect is to check the Flesch Reading Ease Score. This score is measured on a 10-100 scale and specifies how difficult a passage is to understand. The ease of reading an entire paragraph can increase the chances of engagement more effectively. The SEO content you’re planning to create must retain the user interest and that’s why the Flesch Reading Ease score is essential for contributing to your readability score. You need to make sure that you don’t use complicated jargon and synonyms for your content and keep the writing style simple, especially when you’re targeting audiences from different parts of the world. 

3. Use of Passive Voice

Another essential criterion of scoring as per SEO-friendly content is to use as much active voice as possible. Plus, you need to avoid the passive style of writing because web content is not about what you write for a novel or literature. Here, you have a product or service to promote. Even if you have a blog you must use an active writing style and promote directness. Besides product and service purchases the users are also concerned about a detailed explanation of the products and services. So, you have to create better product descriptions as well. 

4. Consecutive Sentences

Sentences are very crucial to build connections between different phrases in your content. As such, the formation of consecutive sentences is equally essential for the content. A consecutive sentence means the current sentence should look like a consequence of the previous one. You don’t need to create every SEO content accordingly for your website. However, content with consecutive sentences can attract better user engagement and for a longer period.  

5. Organization of Subheading

Subheadings make your content easy to understand. No one likes to read very long paragraphs and subheadings distribute your SEO content into smaller and easy-to-grab paragraphs. The longer your content size is going to be, the more subheadings you have to apply. The subheadings are usually distributed among the following forms- Title, H1, H2, H3, and so on. Additionally, it is suggested that you must choose between the Title or H1 tag. The subheading must also relate to the main topic of the content. 

6. Length of the Sentence

The sentences of your content are the main source of user engagement and therefore, you need to decide on the ideal size of those sentences. Certain sentences need to be created longer than usual but not each sentence. In the case of longer sentences (more than 40 words), the readers have to slow down their website exploration and understand thoroughly what the sentences need to convey. Short sentences are irritating and harder to understand and consequently affect your readability score. Avoid passive voice to control the size of the sentences. 

8. Length of the Paragraph

The length of the paragraph often depends on your website appearance and content layout. When content is informative and reliable, the users don’t bother much about the size of the paragraph. However, a very long paragraph can create problems for anyone. Even if you’re offering infinite scrolling on your website, you need to distribute your content into various paragraphs. Different paragraphs should represent different aspects of the article, but they should also connect for good understanding. 

That’s how you can bring SEO-friendly content readability for your blog posts and web articles. Remember that ranking on the top SERPs is very important for your web pages and for that you have to come up with the right content organization schemes for your website. You can reach out to eGoodMedia anytime to share your content marketing and maintenance concerns with our highly experienced online marketers. We’re a leading SEO Company in Vancouver and we help different businesses optimize their online presence!

Why is Human Readability Essential for SEO?

SEO content readability is also known as human readability because the main focus of such content creation is user engagement on your web pages. The search engine bots only consider the information and content organization style of your web pages. But the users are human beings and constitute some emotions with your blog. They like to come back for more attractive and useful stuff. Therefore, you need to make your SEO readability integrate with the user’s tastes and preferences. Enlisted are the points that address the importance of human readability perfectly: 

1. Contributes to Website UX

Good SEO content can lead to fine user engagement on your web pages. As a result, your website UX also improves and the users start recognizing your content quality for future use. You also have to ensure that your content is up to the mark and your website functionalities are working well. These factors are also responsible for better user engagement on your website. You can also decide on certain WordPress plugins that could contribute to your content structure and layout anyway. For example, Jetpack Spelling & Grammar, Canva, Essay Geeks, Just Writing, etc.

2. Ranking for Voice Search

Voice search is trending like fire these days and has a notable future in the Google search ranking system. Many cloud-based smart home improvement devices are emerging in the marketplace like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc. As such, the SEO readability factor can prove to be your finest companion to rank well for the voice search too. The reason being the use of the right keywords and control on keyword stuffing in your website content. These factors also contribute to better readability and better readability is also going to rank your content for voice search. 

3. Search Engine Demand

Search engines are consistently working toward the improvement of user searches and experience amid finding solutions to their queries. They want to ensure that the users aren’t finding it difficult searching for their favorite topics, shopping stores, and information on the internet. Consequently, the website owners and marketers also have to follow certain search engines’ protocols and standards. Website SEO is the technique to follow all such standards properly. The content marketing techniques are also dedicated to these search engine demands. 

SEO Writing is human-friendly writing and the content creation plugins can suggest the right ways to structure and organize your content. However, website building and promotion through all such aspects could be a challenge in the beginning. If you don’t have an online marketing and SEO department to run your content marketing operations effectively in this context, you can approach eGoodMedia anytime. We’re a result-oriented SEO Company providing for various website promotion projects around the West Coast!

5 SEO Readability Mistakes the Plugins Can’t Trigger

Besides applying a perfect content creation strategy and using the best website SEO plugins you can still face problems with the readability status of your content. These readability mistakes can’t be tracked with the help of plugins too. Therefore, we’ve discussed 5 essential mistakes that you need to review and wipe out of your content to improve its readability for better search engine rankings. These mistakes can ruin your website promotion plans and content marketing goals drastically and you need to remove them in advance. Let’s take a look:

1. Lose on Your Click baits

Click baits could grab notable user attention but it is often considered as a black hat SEO strategy. The users also find them disturbing at times and don’t want to proceed reading what you have posted. They assume that you’re pushing a particular product or service through your website content and your piece of information. The SEO and content writing plugins are also not able to track such items and their effect on your SEO readability, so we suggest you remove some of these click baits from your web page content. 

2. Control Keyword Stuffing

Unfortunately in some cases, the keyword stuffing on your content is also unrecognized by the plugins, but you can. Using target keywords in the content you can rank your website very effectively but keyword stuffing can ruin your ranking strategy right away. For 700 words content, you can use your target keyword 4-5 times and make your content creation strategy accordingly for other content lengths. 

Remember that you also need to include some secondary keywords in the content and for that, you can not count on keyword stuffing. You have to leave enough space for other important keywords related to your content so that different types of website visitors could approach your content. 

3. Control Over-Paragraphing

Another important mistake you need to review and overcome is over-paragraphing and you can learn very exceptional things from the same. Over-paragraphing takes place when the writer takes over interest in a topic and goes into detailing work regarding the SEO Content. As a result, the writer doesn’t remember he has to take a break from writing. This sort of writing style can be considered useful in academic and literature writing at times but not at all sufficient for web content. 

4. Avoid Over Formatting

Another important issue that the plugins can’t review is over formatting which relates to over-styling of the content. It is like if you’re including more than usual styling and content organization elements. It could be done in short content but when you’re creating longer content, you need to focus on a better size paragraph for your content so that a sort of user engagement could also be promoted. Don’t use different types of fonts and bullet point options for different paragraphs. 

5. Think Before Link

The links on your website content are very crucial for search engine ranking. These are either internal links or outbound links. Internal links are targeted to other web pages and content on your website and outbound links are the links from your website to some other website. Many of your website users would like to approach these links. Therefore, you must ensure the authenticity and usability of such links ahead of time. So it is an important content marketing aspect to consider!

Final Words on SEO Content Readability 

The importance of SEO Content Readability is increasing over time as new sorts of searches are taking place in recent times. The future of searches is going to be uncertain and you have to work on your web content creation strategy accordingly. For more innovative advice and support, you can contact eGoodMedia anytime. We’re a leading SEO and Social Media Marketing Company in Seattle helping emerging business ideas like the one you have. Get in touch!