What search engine norms & standards are you following these days to optimize your On-Page SEO practices? The principle of website SEO is essentially based on the existing search engine protocols and the website marketers have to specify if they’re following these guidelines perfectly amid running their On-Page SEO operations. Search engine optimization helps you make your website convenient as per search engine norms & standards. Search engines decide where your web pages need to be situated. They decide your online business status on the internet. Every other webmaster has to follow the search engine protocols to get organic traffic on their site. On-Page & Off-Page SEO are the keys to success for website promotion. 

Website promotion is not an easy deal to be executed these days. There are so many competitors fighting for a common position on the SERPs. However, if you have proper knowledge & experience about how you can mold your website so as to achieve better SERP, you can do miracles with your marketing campaign. In this post, we’re going to address the E-A-T & YMYL standards of the Google Search Engine and will find out what you can achieve on your On-Page SEO by following these standards. 

Both On-Page & Off-page SEO comprises varied digital marketing operations that the marketers have to undergo. You must also integrate these operations with the E-A-T & YMYL prerequisites of the search engine. Here are the leading highlights of the post we’re going to cover: 

  • What is an E-A-T Score?
  • How E-A-T Score Affects Your On-Page SEO? 
  • How to Enhance Your Website E-A-T?
  • What is YMYL & Why is It Important? 
  • Conclusion

The search engine norms keep changing over time. Because the website creators & emerging webmasters are consistently making use of unethical practices to raise traffic & recognition for their site these days. You’re not advised to take any inappropriate shortcuts to reach your goals like that. If facing a problem likewise, you can simply visit eGoodMedia and tell us about your marketing model. Our Award-Winning Search Engine Optimization Services & Company are looking to assist you throughout your project!

What is an E-A-T Score?


Despite its identity to improve the page rank of a website, it is not considered the only factor to raise your website rank on the SERPs. However, E-A-T can be considered a great instrument to improve your website SEO these days. E-A-T further stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness. These are some qualities on the basis of which you have to come up with your website SEO plan. These qualities can surely bring you the user recognition & popularity that you wanted to raise for your website. Search engines have got website raters who consistently keep an eye on what’s good & what’s bad for the SERPs and rate the website results accordingly. 

These raters make use of the E-A-T framework to specify which results work fine for the SERPs. Hence, you also need to frame your website SEO strategy accordingly. Let’s understand the E-A-T model properly: 

1. Expertise

The first module of the study relates to an expert implication. We’re talking about the website content you have. The website content must exhibit a matter of expertise associated with your website. That means the search engine raters must analyze that the content present on your site is a consequence of expert practices. Make sure that your website content is always created by content writing experts who even understand what your website content means to your website SEO campaign. Here are the qualities you can expect from a content writing expert in this context: 

  • Should know about the ideal word length
  • Must know the impotence of the right meta title
  • Should understand the importance of SEO writing 
  • Needs to be better in language & grammar
  • Should have a better word choice & know how to withstand plays etc

Expertising web page content doesn’t mean you’re just supposed to take care of your website blog & articles. The content is also available in the form of videos, GIFs, Animation, PPTs & so on. Moreover, you’re also advised to pay attention to your website UI & UX. 

2. Authoritativeness

The second quality that your web pages need to follow is accessibility. Both your website users & search engine crawlers are looking for pages that are absolutely free to access. They don’t want to face any disturbance reaching out to your site. And, you have to encourage them in this case. Authoritativeness also reflects the status of security on your website. Talking about the E-A-T model, authoritativeness is usually concerned with the internal links that you have included in your website content. The website visitors often consider such links as an important route to further exploration on your site. They want to know more about a particular topic and that’s where you need to support them. 

3. Trustworthiness

Moving ahead you have to make sure that your web pages promote trust & confidence among your website visitors and search engine raters. The very first aspect you have to take care of is your website URL. Your website visitors are surely going to review the URL before exploring your website content. The visitors may be anyone among search engine crawlers, users, or search raters. Moreover, your website UX & UI components are also evaluated after a dedicated usage. Make sure that your website is accessible at different levels to make things easier for your website visitors. 

So, that’s how an E-A-T score works for the evaluation of your website SEO performance. In the approaching segment, we’ll figure out how you can optimize your website SEO with a fine E-A-T score. To evaluate the overall performance of your website SEO campaign you can consult eGoodMedia anytime. Here we try to help out numerous webmasters to improve their Website Marketing & SEO outcomes and bring better ROI for what they’ve invested in. We’re a leading Search Engine Marketing & Optimization Company from Vancouver!

How E-A-T Score Affects Your On-Page SEO?


In the previous segment, you come to know about the meaning & the foundational composition of an ideal E-A-T Score model. Now let’s talk about what this model is capable of delivering your website SEO campaign in detail. But before that, you need to specify a particular website SEO plan for your website promotion. If you’re already running a website SEO campaign you can draw certain benefits following the likewise E-A-T score for your website. Listed below are the points that specify different effects of an E-A-T Score on your website SEO: 

1.  Ranking of Your Site

Search engine ranking is essential for every website out there. It enables the users to reach out to your cornerstone content and start recognizing your online business for further approach. The organic traffic on your site is also a consequence of a better ranking on SERPs. An E-A-T model often helps you improve your web page rank as it is focused on the quality & reliability of your website content. Your On-Page SEO efforts are also going to be facilitated by a considerable web page rank. A good web page rank can promote your business among new clients & users over time. The overall DA of the website increases following the same. 

2. More Focus on Content

The E-A-T model is directly associated with your website content. And your website content is a crucial part of your On-Page SEO approach. A website’s content is always needed to be improved over time. Online marketers & content writers also apply different content marketing techniques to make it search engine friendly from time to time. The E-A-T model concentrates on establishing skilled content creators & experts for your website. If there’s something wrong & non-appealing with your content team you can share with them your ideas of improvement. In this way, you can optimize your website content for not only a better E-A-T Score but also an enhanced user experience. 

3. Keyword Application

The E-A-T model is always in favor of your keyword research efforts. It encourages you to include the right keywords as the user searches on the search engines are nothing but the keywords you have to mention in your website content. You’re supposed to develop a solution on behalf of such keywords and represent it through your website content. You have to place this keyword in the meta title, descriptions & other portions of your website content & search engines rank your website page accordingly. For keyword research, you can approach varied online tools & programs like User Suggest, Ahrefs Keyword Planner, etc, and trigger specified user groups & searchers. 

4. Internal Links

The E-A-T approach also specifies the quality of your internal linking strategy as the users are very much concerned about the authenticity of the same on your website. They don’t want to waste their time & efforts finding information on something inappropriate. You’re not advised to manipulate them for views & traffic. Help them in a genuine manner. Information is a crucial part of a website structure and information helps you grab more & more visitors for your site. Internal links are also a source of information & you have to understand this efficiently. 

All these factors can encourage you to create a better website SEO plan because these factors are focused on the core constituents of a website SEO strategy. These are the foundation for what you want to do to enhance search engine recognition for your site. For added assistance, you can approach eGoodMedia and know more about your E-A-T status and the corresponding level of your website SEO efforts. We’re a renowned Website SEO & Social Media Optimization Company based in Vancouver dedicated to serving emerging online businesses like yours!

How to Enhance Your Website E-A-T?


If you’re already facing problems with the existing status of your website E-A-T, we’ve further solutions to help you out with your website SEO project. To improve your website E-A-T you have to look into your existing SEO status. You have to figure out where your website stands with respect to the contemporary search engine norms. Google algorithms are updated every year. However, there are some major updates that are made available within a span of 2-3 years. Moving ahead, enlisted are some tips & tricks you can use to improve your existing E-A-T status. Just check out: 

1. Specify Your Authors

Representing the name of the author at the bottom of all of your website blogs & content is a very important technique you can follow to encourage user engagement on your web pages. It is something you can do to enhance the security of your website. You might wonder how? A website blog addressing an anonymous writer is usually not trusted well. The users are keen to know who has written that fine piece of information they were looking for over a big-time period. They want to read more articles and know more about a particular subject sometimes. 

Hence, they want to remember your author for further approach. So you better keep this in mind and introduce your web page writers to the users. This will also encourage your writing team to come up with more important stuff to be published on your site & appreciated by the visitors. 

2. Content Quality

Content quality is not just defined by the writing stuff on your site. You also have to specify the age of your varied website content. Some content is extremely old and you don’t need to keep it & the corresponding URL on your site. You can either remove such content from your website pages or simply modify them as per the ongoing trend. In both cases, you give your website a chance to improve as per the E-A-T standards. Because content is a priority here and you’re not supposed to compromise with its quality. 

3. Optimize Your Contact Information

Optimizing your contact information means that you have to make it very easy to find so that your website visitors could communicate with you in case of an issue related to your website content or design. This will facilitate the trustworthiness state associated with your website. Trust can’t be developed overnight. You have to give your users a chance to reach out to you directly & share their problems once. You have to make your contact information easily accessible & reachable from varied external sources too. This will also improve the page rank for your contact info page. 

You can also focus on your online business reputation to integrate with your website SEO outcomes. Website SEO is an ocean of concepts & consistent marketing operations that you need to specialize on. You can approach eGoodMedia to improve on your Digital Marketing & Search Engine Marketing outcome for enhanced online presence & appearance. Our groundbreaking Website SEO & Digital Marketing Company is there to support your business plans exceptionally!

What is YMYL & Why Is It Important?

YMYL stands for “Your Money or Your Life”. To raise your website SEO standard to these sorts of websites, you have to think out of the box and need to optimize your website as per 4 essential factors- Happiness of the Visitor, Health of the User, Safety of the User, and their Financial Stability. You can see, these 4 factors together contribute to building websites that are usually larger in size & structure. These websites need a team of website creation, designing & marketing teams and often address big organizations & business entities. Enlisted are other important features of YMYL websites: 

  • The website can sell varied products or services
  • The website also specify a particular category of information or content to trigger a particular user group
  • You can expect a niche market to be covered via this kind of website
  • The website needs to trigger the happiness of the customers 
  • It must promote the financial stability status of the website users 
  • The website is extremely safe for further user functionalities & actions that generate leads out of the total website traffic
  • The standard of such websites stands at the top of Google’s SERP list. These websites are simply in a position that holds very few competitors for the business 
  • The famous industries we can highlight in this context are- eCommerce, Legal, Healthcare & Financial Services
  • Your website content needs to be extremely supportive & free from any manipulative stuff. You’re not supposed to represent something that looks fake or attention-seeking
  • The quality of your website security must be exceptionally brilliant 

That’s how you can come up with a YMYL website for your target audience. You have a unique audience to serve in this context. That audience is smarter than the rest. Consequently, they’re smart enough to figure out if there’s something inappropriate about your online presence. Hence, you’re also requested to clean up your online reputation multiple times. 

You have to figure out if there are any baseless allegations about your business on your social media handles or your Google My Business profile too. If you’re suffering a social media crisis immediately work on improving your online reputation or else you’re going to face notable issues!


Following an E-A-T or YMYL standard is going to help you improve your website quality except for the top SERPs. However, you have to work hard to bring up your website SEO & marketing approach in this manner. You can get dedicated advice regarding your Website SEO & Search Engine Marketing situation & improve your digital marketing potential accordingly by visiting eGoodMedia. We’re a dedicated team of Website SEO & Marketing Experts from Seattle. Let’s have a conversation!!