Instagram is a brilliant source of social media marketing as it brings more user engagement to your posts and messages. The reason being visual and video-based posts. Instagram mostly has visual posts in the form of images and videos. Hence, the marketers have to make sure of their Instagram content. Visuals can draw more user attention than text messages. But, you should know how to increase engagement on Instagram for your business post. There are lots of competitors for your online business on Instagram. Hence, customer engagement is essential for your Instagram posts and ads. 

There are various online social analytics tools that help you track user engagement on your Instagram posts. Based on such records, you can decide on more powerful solutions for customer engagement on your Instagram stories and posts. Before you know how to get more engagement on Instagram you have to create your business profile and initiate your online presence on Instagram. In this article, you’ll get to learn the different ways to improve customer engagement on your Instagram posts and stories. 

We’ll also find out various aspects of Instagram promotion that you can use to optimize your digital marketing practices. Instagram engagement can bring huge traffic to your posts and also lead to customer actions on your posts. Instagram can contribute to your online marketing campaign effectively because it is able to generate considerable traffic for your posts. Here are the main subtopics you’ll go through in this article: 

  • What is Instagram Engagement?
  • How Instagram Engagement Contributes to Business Promotion?
  • What is a Good Instagram Engagement Rate?
  • 10 Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram
  • Conclusion of the Post

Social media marketing is an indivisible part of a digital marketing campaign and Instagram is one of the most visited social media platforms out there. You can visit eGoodMedia and consult our highly experienced online marketing team regarding your Instagram promotions. We’re an Award Winning Social Media Marketing Company in Vancouver helping different sorts of businesses around the world!

What is Instagram Engagement?

Social media engagement is an outcome of your marketing efforts associated with your social media posts. It may include Facebook Posts, Instagram Posts and Stories, Tweets and LinkedIn Posts, etc. Instagram engagement is also an outcome of user interest in your posts and stories. The more engagement, the better your Instagram content is. Moreover, less engagement can suggest to you what you need to do with your Instagram content. Enlisted are the different types of Instagram content you can create for your posts:

  • Open-Ended Questions
  • Fun Facts
  • Brand Story
  • Content in the form of Videos
  • Lifestyle Posts
  • Promotional Posts
  • Behind-the-Scene Content

These different sorts of content are responsible for different levels of Instagram engagement on your posts. However, you can increase or decrease your existing Instagram engagement rate using a particular Instagram content. You can contact eGoodMedia anytime to get dedicated assistance regarding your digital marketing project. Our experienced Social Media Marketing Company would help you achieve your online promotion goals effectively!

How Instagram Engagement Contributes to Business Promotion?

Instagram has helped many online businesses to amplify their popularity on the internet. From eCommerce websites to personal blogs you can promote everything on Instagram. To know how to increase engagement on Instagram you first have to figure out how it’s essential for business promotion. Customer engagement helps different businesses in different ways. In this segment, we will discuss how essential Instagram engagement is for your online business. Here’s how it contributes to business promotion:

1. Brings Stability 

Stability can help your online business survive in the online markets for a long time. And user engagement is the biggest source of stability in this context. The more they engage on your website, the better relationships they build with your online brand. These relationships can help your business stay longer on the internet. You can also approach a skilled Social Media Marketing Company to know and optimize your business stability plan and safeguard your business life on social media platforms.  

2. Engagement Brings Popularity

The customers who engage in your social media posts often like all your posts, products, and services. They become your followers and help your business grow on social media channels. They share your Instagram posts with their friends and folks further if they like them. But that’s only possible when your Instagram content triggers more traffic and user recognition. And, that’s only possible with the help of better customer engagement. An engaging Instagram content needs to resolve the user issues and queries on the search bar. To know how to increase engagement on Instagram you must figure out the existing popularity of your online business. 

3. Enhanced Purchase

Businesses can’t survive without considerable sales. The more customer engagement you’re able to generate through your Instagram posts, the better chances for products or services purchase you can create for your business. Sometimes your Instagram engagement rates don’t tell anything about your product sales outcome. A high purchase rate is also going to improve your business’s popularity on the internet. By improving the purchasing power of your Instagram posts you can also attract more clients and customers to your web pages. 

4. Customer Actions 

Customer actions are the very first steps to business promotion and also lead to potential conversions for your products and services. Moreover, customer actions also relate to various functionalities on your website the users want to operate. Coming back to business promotion, customer actions also include sharing posts for further recognition that can bring more clients to your business. Instagram Engagement helps the customers thoroughly understand your business offer. As a result, they could decide on some actions on your website. 

5. User Trust

Another essential consequence of Instagram Engagement is user trust. Engagement leads to customer’s trust in your posts. As a result, they often go for social media interaction on your post and share your post with their friends. And likewise, your online business presence is accelerated. More people come to know about your online business and you can bring other groundbreaking posts to your Instagram Company account.

As such, you can promote your online business with Instagram Engagement and create better strategies for your overall digital marketing campaign. For dedicated assistance, you can also visit eGoodMedia and let us know about your social media marketing concerns right away. We’re a Well Known Social Media Marketing Company and we support different online marketing projects for businesses across the West Coast! 

What is a Good Instagram Engagement Rate?

The approaching segment is about finding out what could be a good Instagram Engagement Rate. Instagram has a specific engagement rate for all sorts of posts and you can specify these rates in the form of percentages to differentiate between multiple posts on your Instagram. You can make use of various Instagram Analytics Tools as given below to find out various engagement rates:

  • Sprout Social 
  • Keyhole
  • Social Rank
  • SquareLovin
  • Iconosquare

By finding the right Instagram Engagement Rates you can perform the following actions for your digital marketing campaign:

1. Change the Content 

You can change whatever resides in your existing Instagram content and trigger more online users for your business promotion. You have to differentiate between the posts that are performing better and the posts that are performing worse. Then you have to make considerable changes to the posts that are not good for your Instagram assistance. While changing the content, you must find a good replacement for your existing content. To know what is a good engagement rate on Instagram you have to compare various content on your Instagram profile. 

3. Remove the Content

There could also be some old content on your Instagram posts that represent an outdated picture of the subject matter. Remember that you’re not supposed to provide outdated information or wrong information about something on your Instagram posts. By removing such content you can ease your Instagram database and also think about new ideas to put into your social media profile further. You can also retain your Instagram followers and visitors for more information to come up. By removing such content you can also restrict your followers from visiting wrong links to your web pages. 

5. Add More Functions

Instagram posts do not have a load of functions but there are certain functions that encourage the users for Instagram engagement and actions on your posts. In case your Instagram post lacks a specific function, you may experience lesser Instagram engagement rates for the same. You can add those functions and analyze the difference for further improvement. You need to consult a Social Media Marketing Company and share your Instagram Business profile with the experts and they would suggest you the best solutions for your online marketing goals. 

6. Add New Videos

Instagram is famous for its visual content and the trend for the kinds of videos you post changes from time to time. There are so many different sorts of videos on Instagram and you can take ideas from there about your video posting strategy. You can also review the videos of your competitors thoroughly to figure out your drawbacks. You have to find those drawbacks or else you can’t trigger better traffic on your Instagram posts. You can review the weaker engagements on your Instagram profile and compare their content with others to know how your videos fail to attract users. 

7. Inspiration for Further

Moving ahead there could also be some good Instagram posts associated with your business profile. These posts usually represent higher engagement rates and you can take ideas from such posts to continue your Instagram messaging and targeting new customers. Before knowing how to get more engagement on Instagram you should strengthen the posts that are already providing decent customer engagement on your Instagram profile. However, you also need to take care of the latest Instagram trends for posting your business stories. 

A good Instagram engagement rate can relate to different online marketing results and outcomes you have planned for regarding your business. Hence, you can’t refuse to make it even better for your posts and messages. In the next segment, we’ll talk about the various tips and tricks you can use to improve engagement on your Instagram posts. 

At eGoodMedia we care about each and every social media marketing aspect essential for your business development. We’re an Award Winning Social Media Marketing Company in Seattle and we help different small and medium scale businesses to grow exceptionally around the world!

10 Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Now let’s talk about the different ways you can enhance customer engagement on Instagram related to your business posts and messages. If you have a business account on Instagram you can understand these ideas better and improve your online marketing strategies accordingly. Here are the 10 ways you can follow in this context:

1. Analyze your Timing

If you want to understand how to increase engagement on Instagram, start with the time. You can choose a specific time zone to promote specific Instagram posts representing your business. First, decide on the audience you want to serve. If you have a global business setup, you may have to go to different time zones. But, it is not necessary that you post every day. You can select a specific day and consequently a better time to reach out to your customers. 

2. Analyze New Content

The approaching idea is to go for new content. New content can help you stay connected with the trends. And the trends let you reach out to new customers and website users. You can also make new clients for your business growth and in this way, you can analyze your business worth more effectively. The skills that your content writers and graphic designers possess are also going to be polished and improved when they work on creating new visual content for your Instagram post. It can also improve Instagram Engagement for your posts. 

3. Interact on Instagram Stories

You can also raise user engagement by interacting with your Instagram post visitors about their experience. You can start with commenting on your post and also replying to the user comments. Instagram stories also provide the facility of adding action-oriented stickers that the users can apply amid giving their reactions. Interactions on your Instagram posts can lead to better Instagram Engagement Rates that can help your business get popular on social media. 

4. Share the Right Data for Your Audience

Right data means the data your audience is going to like. Figure out their interests, tastes, and preferences. In this way, you can easily create the best content for your Instagram posts. But we also suggest you represent everything in a true manner. We don’t suggest representing false information about anything just to acquire user attention and engagement. The social media platform can penalize your business page or profile in case you find out you’re manipulating sales of your products and services on Instagram. 

5. Generate “Saveable” Content 

Your Instagram feed content could vanish after a specific time period. Sometimes you don’t get better traffic and user engagement for that following limited time. As such you can put that content in the saveable category and let the users review it again in the future. This can also lead to better Instagram Engagement for your posts. This sort of Instagram post can grab multiple user engagement rates over time. 

6. Add Long Captions

Though social media content usually doesn’t consist of so many words, you have to make sure that for Instagram posts, you add longer captions and attract more user attention and engagement. You’ll find many visitors who like to read along with exploring the visuals so we suggest you go for a likewise captions style.

6. Don’t Miss Out an Element of Fun

The next important aspect to consider is to make your posts entertaining. For this, you can approach some graphic designers and work on your content for better user attention. To know how to get more engagement on Instagram like that you need to get expert advice on visuals and animation also. 

7. Brand Awareness

Your Instagram followers and customers also need to know about your online identity, that’s your brand. Social media marketing can’t be imagined without brand awareness and mentions. Your brand mentions can help visitors remember your business identity online. 

8. Don’t Forget the Hashtags

Moving forward, you’re advised to use the best relative hashtags to represent your Instagram content. Hashtags would help them remind what they’re looking for on your Instagram post if the post is longer than usual to read and understand. Moreover, using hashtags you can target more new visitors looking for specific content on Instagram.

10.  Sharable and Video Content

When the users find out the sharing option on your Instagram post, they show more interest in your content. They often specify what’s going to be in the whole content body in advance and move to other posts but come back to the main post they have decided to go for if the post consists of a sharing option and a video clip. 

Conclusion of the Post

Ultimately, the importance of Instagram posts is different for different businesses. You must figure out what social media marketing goals your business is required to achieve. Visit eGoodMedia and know how to increase engagement on Instagram for your specific business idea. We’re a Well Known Social Media Marketing Company in Vancouver looking to support your business goals!