Do you have a YouTube channel to facilitate traffic on your website content? Do you believe YouTube videos & content can enhance cornerstone content on your web pages too? Would you like to optimize your YouTube content & consequently raise traffic & recognition for your web pages as well? Then this post is deliberately going to help you out. Your website content is facilitated by your YouTube channel when your YouTube content is up to the mark. That’s why various SEO standards are also considered to optimize YouTube content as well.

You can also apply a YouTube SEO strategy to optimize your video content and bring organic traffic to grow your business over different platforms on the internet. YouTube SEO has different aspects to be followed & applied to your video content that comes under the SEO norms. You have to optimize your videos to place them in the top SERPs on YouTube. You can also make it trending as YouTube provides a special space for videos that become famous worldwide. 

We have created this post to introduce you to various YouTube SEO standards following which you can grow your brand value & business popularity online and also rank your website on the top search engine results. To make your experience more interesting & and intelligible we have divided the post into the following subparts: 

  • What’s YouTube SEO & video optimization?
  • Video content that wins appreciation on YouTube 
  • Basic YouTube SEO standards to follow
  • Advanced SEO standards to follow
  • Final words on YouTube SEO

Video content can help you optimize your social media marketing efforts. Consequently, your website SEO objectives can be achieved too. For enhanced suggestions, you can reach eGoodMedia anytime and get expert assistance for online marketing goals. Here we provide unmatched Social Media Management & Search Marketing support to numerous small to medium scale businesses around the West Coast!

What’s YouTube SEO & video optimization?

If you have experienced conducting website SEO for your web content you won’t face problems understanding the significance of YouTube SEO. The difference resides in the category of content you want to post on your YouTube channel. You have to optimize your videos as per the search engine norms to draw maximum traffic & make the video famous. But why is SEO specifically involved? Because YouTube is not just an online software or application, it is regarded as a search engine for videos as well. The entire world is using it, except for specific countries using homemade websites & programs. 

SEO means you have to create content related to your website or YouTube channel that exceptionally follows the rules & protocols set by search engines for ranking your content. Without a specified ranking, your content is of no use. No one is going to visit it and your investment carrying time, money & efforts will be wasted. YouTube has also got SERPs & a trending page too. Some videos, no matter to which category they fall, tops the trending page because of the content of the video and the search engine standards followed. 

Talking about the video you have to make sure what the market trend says about your online business status and consequently, you can make engaging & appealing video content for your channel. eGoodMedia helps you remain updated on various modifications you can employ to your YouTube videos to gain user preference from time to time. Our groundbreaking Social Media Promotion & Digital Marketing team brings innovative ideas for your online business development & growth frequently!

Video content that brings appreciation to YouTube

So what is this video content all about? You’re not supposed to top the trending section on YouTube, however, your video content must trigger considerable traffic & subscriptions on your YouTube channel. The video content needs to cover certain features that are focused on user tastes & preferences. Moreover, the video should bring a solution to the user issues deliberately. We have entailed some of those important features in this segment for better insight. Check them out:

1. Keywords

YouTube visitors use the search bar so frequently that it has got a separate significance of keyword research for social media marketers. The more the target keyword is used in the title, video description & channel description, the better ranking your YouTube Video acquires throughout time. You can also use complementary keywords that are asked as a YouTube query related to your target keyword to get more traffic on your video if the content includes the same. 

2. Subscriptions 

The content should focus on potential subscriptions too. It doesn’t mean you need to push your viewers to subscribe to your channel but to request them calmly. You can represent the benefits of subscribing to your channel in this context to let things work properly. Moreover, make sure to put such requests at the end of the video or such. This won’t ruin the user’s excitement at the beginning of the video. Though the user can forward the video within seconds they usually don’t like such interruptions in the middle of the video.

3. Engagement

The user engagement can be acquired within the first 1-2 minutes of the video. So you have to create your video accordingly. Keep it free from distractions addressing your channel details & opening graphic effects. Summarize the core of your video content and try to include the target keyword in that segment. That’s what you have to do for those initial 1-2 minutes. After that, you can go for a small introduction part. 

4. Length of video

Now comes the practical part. YouTube gives you permission to upload as long as a movie, but you have to specify if the size of the content is fair enough for your YouTube visitors & subscribers? What are they going to do with a product review or unboxing video that’s 3 hours long? You won’t find any renowned YouTuber doing similar stuff to his or her YouTube videos. It depends on the type of video you’re going to post on your channel. It should relate to your website products & services if any for more engagement & recognition. 

5. Time Spent

It actually indicates user engagement on your website. You can track the time people use to spend on your specific videos. It provides answers to many questions you might have about your YouTube performance. By calculating time spent on an average for your YouTube Videos, you can decide on removing or optimizing your videos for the future. 

This sort of video content would definitely bring appreciation to your YouTube channel. It may take some time for you to rise as a new YouTuber but you can do fantastic if you’ve got the video & motion graphics skills for creating a special channel. You can get further ideas about the marketing & promotion of your first YouTube channel & videos at eGoodMedia. Effective Social Media Marketing & Website SEO is our prime field of operations and we strive to enhance emerging business ideas all over the world!

Basic YouTube SEO standards to follow

Till now we were discussing what video creation measures you can approach to make your YouTube videos considerable for visitors. The approach move is to please the search engines. YouTube belongs to Google itself. Moreover, it is a search engine too. And search engines often follow protocols & algorithms which help them restrain content that’s inappropriate in terms of user welfare & national securities. You can’t post a video explaining how to create a nuclear explosive, how to hack into a nationalized bank’s server, or how to conduct a cyber attack on a country.

Moreover, you don’t have to include inappropriate content in your videos that has nothing to do with reality & the observable world just to draw attention & traffic for a specified time. Users often search these things on YouTube and there are service providers who promise them silly things through their videos. It can lead to a black hat SEO strategy which only focuses on instant traffic & conversions. Here are some basic standards you should follow to let search engine crawlers believe in your video content and rank it accordingly: 

1. Title of Video

Titles or title tags have an old relationship with the SEO of the content. Like Google search engine results, YouTube search engine results consist of a title tag. The title tags represent search queries essentially. You can make use of keywords inspired by the user queries associated with what you generally offer on your website or business address. A title tag with the right keywords can fetch potential attention from the search engine and let you rank higher in the SERPs.

2. YouTube Description

To improve SEO on your video content you have to come up with a fine description in the bottom of the video. YouTube description allows both your channel visitors and search engine bots to recognize what resides in your video. It is a kind of structured data or data organization that you can conduct for better understanding & differentiation between your content & someone else’s content. Description can be of 2 types:

  • Channel Description 
  • Video Description

3. Thumbnail

Keep your thumbnails relevant as per your video content body. You can take the help of online thumbnail creator tools or programs like Canva, Fotor, or PicMonkey, etc to create thumbnails that associate with the entire content effectively. Thumbnails are the small pictures that are attached with videos on the search results that depict a visual form of content summary for your video. It is also playable these days. The user just needs to put the cursor on the thumbnail and it starts playing a short summary of the video. Google can rank your video content on the basis of thumbnail as well. 

4. Tags

Tags are the links to complementary videos or web pages that are discussed in the main video. The users would definitely explore the links if it is an explainer video addressing something important focusing on knowledge & awareness. You can also call it complementary keywords related to your target keyword in the video. It helps users jump to other videos on your channel or specify if there’s more information in the main video. The more tags you mention in the description, the more users come to watch your content. 

5. Playlist

Playlists can specify a navigation menu on your YouTube channel. You can create a playlist and add inter-related videos to it to target bulk users to access an entire segment associated with a common topic. YouTube SEO is nothing but the expansion of your video content into varied directions so that the search engine ranks you faster than usual as per user queries. But you have to ensure numerous videos to be posted frequently to generate your playlist on YouTube.  

In this way, you can achieve your basic SEO goal to optimize traffic & search engine recognition for your video content. We can help you specify your social media marketing goals for YouTube and other powerful platforms. Consult our experienced Internet Marketing & Website SEO team at eGoodMedia and get assistance throughout your business enlargement process online!! 

Advanced YouTube SEO standards to follow 

Moving ahead there are advanced SEO approaches you can follow to make more improvements to your content and reach added users & visitors. Advanced SEO means advanced techniques to please search engines & visitors through your content. Advanced SEO may include personalized settings that you can make to your content for better performance. However, here are some ideas that anyone can practice on corresponding videos:

1. Disable or Enable Comments

Until you post something controversial or a testing video, there’s no need to disable comments on your website videos. The opinions could clash in as well as against your favour. Hence, we suggest you must enable comments. The users post inappropriate links in the comments though that can degrade your video existence and you need to stop them. Moreover, you can also report intentionally negative comments on your videos so you don’t need to disable them essentially.

2. Restrict Specific Ages

To safeguard your content from reports & complaints you can restrict specific users from watching your videos. This will surely improve your online image before the search engines and let you post your content fearlessly. But remember you shouldn’t post something that’s illegitimate or unethical in terms of human rights, animal rights, national security, or international security. There is some video content that isn’t appropriate for children & kids to watch. You have to restrict such content so that the parents don’t complain against your YouTube channel. 

3. Content Category

The content category is your YouTube channel tag that differentiates your content from others. You have to specify your category at the time of commencement of your YouTube channel. You can assign more than one category for your channel. And if you don’t find one for your content, simply put it into the “entertainment” tag. Besides you have up to 15 categories to choose from. Don’t worry if your content belongs to a sub-category of the available categories. You can proceed with the corresponding category and generate multiple tags in the description addressing multiple queries related to a common subject. 

4. YouTube Notifications

You can make use of this feature to notify your subscribers of all video updates. Subscribers often remain connected to your channel & you can build your YouTube community this way to support you in the long term. The notifications enhance bonds between you and your visitors and encourage familyhood for your YouTube channel. Meanwhile, they talk to you in your video comments and share important suggestions for improvement & change. They encourage you for more specified & custom content this way. So don’t forget to notify all of them. 

5. Language

You can target a specified group if you’re able to deliver content in more than one language. For example, you belong to a Spanish origin but have been living in the US for the past 10-11 years. You can generate content in both languages to address two different audiences out there. This will definitely help you enhance traffic on your YouTube channel & consequently better search engine ranking. But make sure to either create two different channels or split the content into two different series on a single channel. Mixing up things can complicate things. 

6. Promote Community Talks

Community talks are very crucial to intensify the popularity of your particular video for some time. There are many others who are not subscribers but take an interest in the live YouTube session you’re hosting and representing your thoughts right away. You can host a personal Q&A session, or an online webinar to allow numerous visitors to listen to your ideas & visions and then share out suggestions that could help you improve your channel, products, services, or website. You can also evaluate video statistics related to such content later to specify the level of your popularity on YouTube in this context. 

Final words on YouTube SEO

So finally you can think of determining a corresponding social media marketing strategy for your video content. Videos & visuals have always been considered an easier approach to understand & memorize something. Hence creating an online marketing workflow around a video development program is quite an effective solution. Visit eGoodMedia and share your social marketing vision with our fine Digital Marketing & Search Engine Marketing team and let us know if we can establish a notable business relationship together. Looking for your response!!