Are you looking to grow your business using Youtube marketing? Today video content has more engagement rate than any other type of content format, that is the reason why video content is considered as the key to getting success in content marketing. When we talk about videos then the first name that popup in every user’s mind is “YouTube”. 

A recent study shows YouTube overtook Facebook and is considered the second most visited website on the internet. Every user spends more than 4 hours consuming video content that means, if you are looking to grow your business in the competitive market space then you need to have a right Youtube marketing strategy for your business.    

Undoubtedly, Youtube is considered the best platform for influencers but it is often overlooked by the business and social media marketers. YouTube offers countless opportunities for businesses to grow in a competitive space, mainly when you don’t have your target competitor advertising their products and brands on Youtube. 

Today users spend more than one-third of their time switching video content online and youtube alone has more than 1 billion active users which means there is a huge probability that your potential customer might be hanging out on youtube. So if you don’t have a result-driven youtube marketing strategy then it’s time to create one.  

In this article, we are going to walk you through some of the important steps that you can use in 2020 to spread brand awareness, build a strong customer base, and grow your online business using YouTube Marketing below mentioned trio will also help you to 

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Get Started with YouTube marketing using the below strategies

When businesses and marketers talk about marketing on social media platforms then Facebook’s name always comes up on the top which is very obvious due to its huge user base. But when we talk about social media platforms with huge user bases then Youtube is nowhere left behind. 

Below we are going to list some of the important tips that you can use to grow your business using “Youtube Marketing”.

1. Create your business youtube channel 

One of the basic steps to get started with YouTube is by creating your business channel. You can use your business email or your regular Google account to create your youtube channel. A business or brand channel allows you to manage the editing permission and offers access to the fully optimized user-friendly analytical dashboard to check your video performance. 

Not only that but if you are operating with multiple video creators and editors then you can offer them access depending on the role of the person. If you are working solo then also we recommend you consider this feature for the future. Using a single business account you can manage multiple channels. 

To get started with youtube: 

  • Visit 
  • On the top right corner, you can find the account option (round gray icon)
  • Click on it to check whether you are logged in or not. 
  • If not then click on the sign-in option and use your Gmail account to log in 
  • After signing in you will find an option called “My channel” (click in it)
  • Next, you will be able to find an option asking you to create a channel 
  • In the same box, you will find an option called “use a business or other name” (click on it) 
  • Next, you will be redirected to an option where you can create your business account by entering your brand account name. 

If you are new and totally unaware of how you can create your business account on youtube then make sure to check the below-mentioned video. 

2. Optimize and customize your youtube channel 

Once you are done creating a business account next you can plan to customize your account. After creating your channel you will find an option called customize channel where you can add icons, create channel alert, and many more. 

So first you can start by adding your channel icon which will help users to identify your channel and make it memorable. So if you already have an online business then go with an existing one or you can create a new one. 

To add a channel icon you can click on the default profile picture (in blue color) in the top left corner of your channel dashboard. Next, you can jump onto adding channel art by clicking on the “add channel art” button placed in the center. Click on the mentioned link to identify the best youtube channel art template. 

After completing your channel art section next you can add channel description and make sure you use the targeted keyword in the channel description for better visibility. You can also custom your youtube channel appearance depending on subscribed and unsubscribed visitors. 

3. Understand your potential audience  

After completing your profile next comes the most important part i.e. creating a youtube marketing strategy for your business. If you are starting new then first we recommend you check out youtube demographics or statistics

Getting insight about youtube data like more than 5% of the youtube traffic comes from the US or the age range ( 81% youtube users age ranges between 18-30 years) and more makes your decision process more effective and result-driven. 

Collecting Youtube data allows you to create more targeted youtube marketing strategies that can offer you desired results. For example, if you are having an SEO agency then youtube can help you to spread brand awareness and educate the audience but very rarely companies get customers from youtube. 

However, if you are selling home-based appliances, pet products, and more then youtube can be the right place to take your potential customer from youtube to your website and encourage them to purchase your products. 

4. Select a clear and compelling title for your videos 

Undoubtedly your video content plays a crucial role in grabbing the user’s attention but video content can be attractive only when you have a compelling title for the videos. When we say compelling then it means your youtube video title should offer a brief description of your video, should contain targeted keywords, and more.   

So if you are looking to optimize your video title for better views and ranking then check the below points where we are going to highlight some of the best title optimization tips: 

  • Use the right keyword in the title so that when google crawlers can easily identify the purpose of the video. 
  • Avoid using the long title, instead, go with the small title for better results (within 60 characters)
  • Create a clear and informative title 
  • Your title should tell then why they need to watch it 

To create your video title 

  • Identify the main idea behind making video 
  • Come up with a keyword that describes the purpose of your video 
  • Type the keyword in the search bar to identify who is ranking for your targeted keyword 
  • Check their title building technique 
  • Create your video title that answers viewers’ questions and includes all the necessary keywords that define the video.  

5. Identify and Learn from your competitor 

Generally, businesses don’t have business accounts on youtube but if you have your competitor business on Youtube then before getting into aggressive youtube marketing we recommend you to identify and learn from your competitor.

Your target keyword or business name will help you to identify whether you have a competitor on youtube or not. If so then make sure you analyze their work before creating a youtube marketing strategy for your business.

Not only that but you can also check your favorite youtube channel and analyze how they work on youtube what makes them get more views and the type of content they produce to attract more users.  You can take note of techniques that grab your attention while analyzing your competitor and favorite channel.

To get the more detailed information you can take a look at some of the videos that are trending on youtube. Even if the video does not relate to your niche, you can learn a lot from them. While watching the different video you can take a look at the following things: 

  • Whether the channel video is shot casually or using high-end tools 
  • What type of background are they using? 
  • Identify their video length 
  • Are they adding special effects in the video? 
  • What type of video content are they offering? 

6. Create persuading Thumbnail

Before the title or your video content first, the thing that is viewed by users is “thumbnail” that’s why it is said to create a Youtube thumbnail that stands out from the crowd.  Attractive and effective thumbnail encourages users to click on it and helps you to grab more viewers and subscribers. 

You can write a short and persuasive description and use a relevant image in your thumbnail that defines your video content and helps them to understand the purpose of it. More than 90% of videos on the internet perform well just because they have attractive thumbnails. 

You can create a custom attractive thumbnail that stands out from the crowd and offers reasons on why users should avoid other videos and check your content. While creating your thumbnail its size is maximum 2Mb and specs are 1280 X 720 Pixels. 

7. Create a Keyword-Rich description

One thing that will help you to rank your video on the top is the number of times targeted keywords are used on your page. When it comes to inserting description in the comment box then there is no better place then description. You can follow the below steps to make your video description attractive and conversion-driven.  

  • While writing a video description make sure the first two lines contain the targeted keyword 
  • Avoid keyword stuffing 
  • Try to keep important points of your video under 300 characters as youtube displays a maximum of 300 characters 
  • Make sure you add your website or product link in the description 
  • You can also add an auto-subscribe link in the description

8. Work with influencers

When it comes to marketing, influencers can play a major role in growing your brand and product in a competitive market space. More than 60% of the users on youtube subscribers follow influencers and make their purchase decision after watching their video from their favorite creator. 

You can either hire a creator or work with them because it’s easy to get influencers and creators on youtube and with the right partnership you can grow your brand and product online presence. When it comes to working with an influencer to=give them full liberty to create content for your product. Pressuring them or trying to get control over them will impact your product performance. 


By now you might be having a clear idea about how you can grow your brand and business using youtube marketing. Make sure everything depends on how effective and problem solving your content is for the user. To get more effective results you can get an in-depth idea of what is working best in the market and the type of content expected by the user. 

Not only that but you can also create educational content, humorous content that talks less about your brand, and more about users. In the initial stage work for the user once you start getting more followers than you can start noticing your product that too in the right and strategic way for better results.