The significance of the Google Knowledge Panel has increased effectively over the past few years. Now it represents brand value and recognition for popular businesses. There are 2 kinds of businesses that Google serves on SERPs- Local Businesses & International Businesses. A Google My Business profile can also be considered as a knowledge panel sharing information about local companies. A local company can operate within its national territory. Whether it’s a local or an international business, the knowledge panel is used to share quick information about the business.

The organic searches are focused on a quick overview of solutions. The users & searchers are concerned about faster information and usually don’t trust the websites and companies not listed on the Google Knowledge Panel. All the renowned companies in the world use Google Knowledge Panel to represent their online business identity faster than usual. In this post, we have mentioned how you can employ Google Keyword Panel to your website to earn more recognition & traffic.

Website SEO focuses on different internal & external sources that could assist you to improve your search engine ranking & online appearance from time to time. Google Knowledge Panel is an external source that attracts your website users the right moment they open specific search results on Google. However, it is possible when they specifically search for your company name. Through this post, we’re going to answer varied questions the webmasters have like:

  • What is the Google Knowledge Panel?
  • Why is Google Knowledge Panel Essential for Business SEO?
  • How to Claim the Google Knowledge Panel for a Company?
  • How Should I Update a Google Knowledge Panel?
  • Closing Thoughts on Google Knowledge Panel

If you’re one of those budding webmasters & online marketers, you must know & update your company’s Knowledge Panel. For relative improvement & assistance, you can visit eGoodMedia & share your existing Knowledge Panel Google status with our experienced SEO Company & Digital Marketing professionals. We’re a leading online marketing & promotion company based in Seattle & Vancouver providing for the emerging businesses around the West Coast!

What is the Google Knowledge Panel?

Have you seen a box of information in the right corner of a SERP when you search for something on google? Not every time, but yes you have. The box consists of information about a company that serves the user with the trust they want to invest in purchasing something from that site. If not purchasing, the users want to explore the latest business offers you have to exhibit. Google Knowledge Panel is the perfect solution to raise such website traffic for your site. 

You can also call it Google Knowledge Graph & organize your business information accordingly. However, first, you should know what you can post on a knowledge panel. Here are the leading components of a knowledge panel are represent specific information about your online brand: 

  • Name of the Company
  • Category of the Company
  • Logo & Pictures
  • Social Media Handles
  • Website URL (Landing Page)
  • Wikipedia Content Link
  • Stocks of the Company
  • Headquarters (if any)
  • Names of the Founders 
  • Date of Establishment
  • Current Offers & Discounts
  • Leading Terms & Policies etc

Additionally, the Google Knowledge Panel can consist of different other components of information. It depends on the subject for which the knowledge panel is created. Apart from online business, knowledge panels can represent celebrity information, information about a famous food item, information about public organizations & institutions, a famous place to visit, and more.  

The main aim of Google Knowledge Graph is to determine popularity for a specific subject. Therefore, it can work as a perfect Off-Page SEO strategy to enhance website traffic & leads. Let us know if we could suggest you other potential Off-Page SEO & Website Marketing services for your website promotion campaign. At eGoodMedia, we’ve got the best digital marketing team to support your online goals & projects very well!

Why is Google Knowledge Panel Essential for Business SEO?

The answer to this question resides in the fact that your business is online. The internet is filled with competitors who can do anything to bring overnight traffic to their specific web pages. In fact, they try to encourage instant sales of a particular product and reside on the internet for a specific time period. They can use various black hat SEO & unethical tactics to generate instant leads for their online products & services. They degrade your company identity and shine on the SERPs for a particular time period.

Google Knowledge Graph still keeps your company identity on the top of the SERPs. You can target the same number of users to reach your website accordingly. Enlisted are the other notable reasons why Google Knowledge Panel is important for your company:

1. Take Control of Your Brand Identity

Brand mentions can’t be controlled. Either you create them or the people who want to represent your brand name somewhere else represent it. You can control your own SEO operations but can’t control the number of external brand mentions. If your brand identity is not growing through time, you can take control in your hands & use a Google Knowledge Panel. Your competitors can also mention your brand name to degrade the value. Overcome them!

2. Updated Information

The Knowledge Panel Google is updated occasionally & frequently as your business grows. Different content modifications take place as a business model is subject to changes. Even your business logo also changes after a quite long time. Updated information helps you maintain user trust & convenience. You can easily update your business information with the help of a knowledge panel anytime in the future. 

3. Update Social Media Handles

Social media handles are usually present on the Google Knowledge Panel associated with all sorts of companies. You have to maintain these social media handles for added traffic to your social media ads & posts. Consequently, the traffic is redirected to your target website pages. In this way, knowledge panels can help you improve your digital marketing campaign via dual channels. Social media marketing also contributes to your website SEO operations exceptionally. 

4. Use Featured Images

The Google Knowledge Graph also helps you post featured images that represent your website content effectively. Featured images can suggest to your website visitors about your web pages & content. The users want to have a quick review of what resides in the website content. They don’t want to waste their time going through inappropriate information & products & services. So, you can give them an instant idea of what’s there in your web pages earlier. 

5. Relationship with your Brand

The program helps you establish a brand relationship with Google. Even if you bear a contemporary fall in your business, Google maintains your identity for a specified time on the SERPs. When old users have a problem with your business, new users come. You can still maintain your brand presence on the internet with the help of the Google Knowledge Panel. You just have to build and maintain your website relationship with Google. 

Following this, you can enhance your online business appearance & search engine ranking for your site. As a result, your company’s online presence is enhanced & you can enlarge your business ideas for the future. At eGoodMedia we care about your website promotion plans & objectives and assist you through your Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization project. We’re a renowned Website SEO & Social Media Optimization Agency in Vancouver!

How to Claim the Google Knowledge Panel for a Company?

Google Knowledge Panel can relate to your business identity if you represent a specific online product, service, or information. You should know what your online business is all about. Following the enlisted steps, you can easily claim the knowledge panel for your business. Let’s check them out:

1. Open Your Google Account

Without a Google Account, you can’t proceed to a Google Knowledge Graph for your company. Google is a platform that serves different tools & techniques, along with organic search, to help the budding & experienced webmasters optimize their site for better search ranks & user recognition. Most of the Google tools & programs are free of cost. However, you need an account to get started with your knowledge panel. Either you can use your personal account or create an account on behalf of your company or website. 

2. Find Your Topic 

After opening your account, you have to search for specific topics that relate to your online business. For example, if you sell Curtains & Blinds on your business website, you can search for the same. While searching you can think of custom keywords that represent a local business identity if required. Moreover, if you have a website already, you simply have to search for your business entity, name, brand, or organization. The search result may or may not display your business name or website URL in the top right box. 

3. Go to the Knowledge Panel Link

If you find that your brand entity or search result is showing your name in the SERPs, you can simply claim that Knowledge Panel for your company right away. However, you have to make sure that the search result genuinely shows your website name or business name. You can review your business logo for deeper insight. But don’t claim someone else’s Google Knowledge Panel. Wrong claims could create problems for your business. 

4. Relate to Your Social Media Profiles

Google also specifies various other external factors that prove your ownership to the corresponding Google Knowledge Panel. You can sign in to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram Account to show Google that you’ve got a business entity there also. The business entity should be related to the business entity available on the Google Knowledge Graph. You must have active social media accounts representing your online business. Make sure to have notable social media followers for your business.

5. Provide Access

Providing access will help you build healthy relations with your website marketing & design team. You’re not supposed to manage the Knowledge Panel Google for your company forever. If there’s something the marketers know that needs to be updated on the knowledge panel, you must give them access to making likewise changes. Follow these steps to share the access: 

  • Login to your Google account
  • Visit the “Google’s Manage User” Page
  • Add people & their email addresses accordingly

In this way, you & your marketing team can together claim Google Knowledge Graph for the respective business entity. For other important Website SEO suggestions & solutions you can contact eGoodMedia and let our expert team figure out your online marketing potential thoroughly. We’re a Vancouver based Search Engine Marketing & Optimization Company dedicated to likewise online promotion projects!

How Should I Update a Google Knowledge Panel?

It’s quite obvious that your business model is going to be modified somewhere in the future. Hence, the information structure is also going to change. The companies even change their logos after a specific time period amid business growth. Similarly, the Google Knowledge Graph is also going to be modified. You may require your marketing team support here to specify what’s needed to be edited & changed accordingly.

To update your Google Knowledge Graph, you can follow the enlisted guidelines: 

1. Review Your Business Objectives

The first thing you’re supposed to do is to review your company objectives. Your business objectives are a part of your business aims & visions. Once a specific objective is achieved, you have to plan for the other. Following this, your online business identity changes. Your website appearance also modifies. You can make changes to your website content, navigation, your services & product offers too. And it consequently affects the Knowledge Panel Google. Hence, you have to review your existing company objectives first. 

2. Analyze the Information 

Sometimes the existing information on your knowledge panel is up to the mark. You don’t really need to change anything. It has nothing to do with the business objectives & corresponding changes. The Knowledge Panel Google you have to recreate must be relevant & consist of genuine information. So, you’re not supposed to do baseless editing on your knowledge panel if not required. You can review the existing information and easily count on the relative drawbacks.

3. Ensure That the Panel Belongs to You

Before editing, you must ensure that the panel truly belongs to your business. Certain confusions may arise due to identical names of the businesses sometimes. This usually happens in the case of local businesses that are not registered to their state or national legislation perfectly. You must strengthen your online business identity ahead of time. The Knowledge Panel Google you want to modify for your company identity must be free from duplicity. 

4. Sign In to Your Google Account

You have to again sign in to your Google Account. This time you have to review your existing Google Knowledge Panel. You can either change the components or the characters filled earlier for the same components. You must choose the Google account that you’ve used to claim your knowledge panel earlier. Your Google Account should not be blocked or facing any login issue amid performing a relative edit. Moreover, you must remember your password for the same account so that you don’t face any problems updating your knowledge panel. 

5. Go to “Suggest Edit”

After the sign-in step, you’ll get to see your existing Google Knowledge Panel by conducting a small search. You can go to the link at the top of the panel representing the “Suggest Edit” section. There you’ll be suggested about your most important editing parts and you can recreate your panel accordingly. You get relative suggestions about what you have to change on your site. 

6. Select your Options

The approaching step is to select what you want to change on your Google Knowledge Graph. The graph represents your old knowledge panel information. Based on the business modifications you have made you can select what’s needed to be changed. You can also involve your marketing team if you’re not handling the SEO campaign alone. 

7. Fill the Updates

Along with the suggestions of your marketing team & your own SEO insights you can start editing your Knowledge Panel. Make sure that you’ve decided properly on each and every character you’re going to add up. Your new Google Knowledge Graph should be free from mistakes & inappropriate content. Or else, it may risk the user’s trust. 

8. Wait & Recreate Suggestions

Ultimately you have to wait for some time so that your new Google Knowledge Graph gets updated. After that, you can add more characters representing your new business ideas & content. In this way, you can update your knowledge panel for improved search engine usage. An updated knowledge panel can bring exceptional results to your website SEO operations. You can talk to your marketing team to come up with a revolutionary plan for your SERP appearance in this context. Moreover, you can consult online marketing companies near you for dedicated assistance. 

Closing Thoughts on Google Knowledge Panel

We hope this post has served your elementary insight into the Google Knowledge Panel & would help you improve your existing business appear on the search engine. For more brilliant Website SEO & Social Media Optimization ideas you can consult eGoodMedia & raise your online business recognition effectively. We’re a leading Digital Marketing & Website SEO company serving various businesses across the West Coast. Looking for your response!!