How is your website content structured? Do you have certain pages that you want to rank as your best? Or do you pay equal attention to each on your website? Many of you won’t do that as you always have to decide on a foremost & an inferior part of your website content. The reason is the distinction between hub pages & subpages on your website. Creating a content hub is a popular website traffic building strategy. If you’ve got an online product to sell, a content hub can generate good user awareness for your target audience. 

Internal linking is a great On-Page SEO technique for your website user retention. Information is a crucial factor in your website traffic. Whether online shopping or holiday booking, they visit you for an explicit amount of information. Without information, the users won’t reach a buying decision on your website. Therefore, the objective is to retain them as long as possible.

We have created this post to share awareness regarding the meaning & significance of Cornerstone Content for your online marketing campaign. After going through this information you’ll be able to create a hierarchy regarding your content preferences to serve the user requirements efficiently. The following are the main emphasizes of the topic we’d like to cover:

  • About Cornerstone Content
  • Link Structure & Optimization of Cornerstone
  • How to Build a Cornerstone Content Strategy?
  • How to Choose Your Cornerstones?
  • Final Thoughts 

Nevertheless, establishing inappropriate & wrong Cornerstones could flip the situation around. You have to face unacceptable consequences regarding your website traffic. At eGoodMedia we consistently work to maintain website traffic & user convenience on your website. In case you’re undergoing corresponding challenges with your website marketing approach, you can reach our Award Winning Search Marketing & Website SEO Services popular around the West Coast!

About Cornerstone Content

Content writing requires a lot of time initially to create your website information structure. As such, you can’t wait for years to reach the top search engine results. The idea is to create a couple of web pages that may lead your website visitors to other pages in the future. The technique is widely known as Cornerstone Content. Cornerstone Content is the most important website page after your homepage to which you have to bring a notable portion of your website traffic. Don’t confuse a Cornerstone Content with a Content Hub.

Where a Content Hub Page on your website triggers a precise form of information, Cornerstone is associated with a comprehensive explanation of a specific topic. It is a group of the most important articles on your website. Such articles or website blogs are quite long in size and covers a detailed description of a product, service, term, or concept. Though product descriptions are also included in this category, they are only created for the purpose of information sharing, not promotion. Here are some features such content needs to exhibit:

  • The content should be long-form
  • It must be to the point & comprehensive
  • Should act as a solution to the user queries
  • Must be serving practicality & reasons & facts
  • The content should be well written & up to date
  • Must reflect your business objectives slightly
  • Must rank for your target keywords

Cornerstone Content also contributes to user engagement with its long size, interesting & knowledge carrying stuff. However, there’s more you have to learn before initiating your Cornerstone Content Strategy. Content marketing is an indivisible part of your website SEO campaign and therefore, at eGoodMedia we suggest budding & experienced webmasters like you build a content writing team at your workplace. Or else you can consult our highly skilled Social Media Monitoring & Online Marketing experts regarding your website content optimization!

Link Structure & Optimization of Your Cornerstone Content

To understand the link structure of Cornerstone Content on your website, you have to link your regular small website blogs to your Cornerstone Content. The more internal linking you perform, the more intensified your Cornerstone Content strategy gets. Remember that your Cornerstone Content can also be a part of your Hub Page. However, you have to make sure that your Cornerstone Content is more comprehensive as compared to the hub. Just like hub pages, you have to link back from your subpages to your Cornerstone Page.

If you already have a Cornerstone Content Group on your website, don’t forget to optimize the same timely. Initially, your website has a small number of subpages or small size blogs. That’s not a good sign for your Cornerstone Content building strategy. You have to increase your content building speed to reach out the better results. Additionally, Yoast SEO is a trusted WordPress Plugin for intensifying your Cornerstone Content strategy. Here are the tools it provides for your content optimization goals:

1. Text Link Counter

With Yoast SEO Plugin you can review your Cornerstone Content List where you can easily find the total backlinks to your Cornerstone Content & the links from your Cornerstone Content to other subpages also. This will help you create your content optimization strategy accordingly. Your Cornerstone Content needs months of care & maintenance to shine on the SERPs. 

2. Evaluate your Cornerstone Content

Internal linking is not the only solution. Internal linking only enhances your website traffic to a specified extent. It doesn’t improve your content quality. Even if you achieved potential visitors for your website you won’t be able to conduct user engagement. Likewise, Yoast SEO introduces another feature by which you can review the quality of your Cornerstone Content. The Cornerstone Analysis in Yoast SEO lets you examine your content on the basis of SEO & readability status. 

3. Internal Linking Advice

Maybe your Cornerstone Content Strategy is not up to the mark. Why worrying though? You have got the revolutionary digital marketing plugin on your WordPress Admin Dashboard. You just have to open it & turn the table for yourself. Talking about internal linking, you can’t always rely on your own plan. The plugin comes with a premium plan offering the best internal linking suggestions out there. You’ll be advised where you need to place your backlink & to which destination. You can easily see the top relative subpages to & from where you should link back.

This way you can optimize your Cornerstone Content against future discrepancies. The discussion isn’t over yet. You still have to choose your top Cornerstone Contents & initiate a content building approach if you have just started with your website creation plan. Talk to the leading Social Media & Search Marketing Experts at eGoodMedia & let us know if you’re experiencing any issues regarding your website promotion!

How to Build an Effective Cornerstone Content Strategy?

A Cornerstone Content approach majorly relies on the focus keywords you trigger to rank for. Following this only you can decide on your corresponding sub-pages & topics also. Therefore, experts always suggest you conduct keyword research from time to time. Besides, a Cornerstone Content Strategy could also cater to your old website carrying thousands of keywords & internal link clusters already. Enlisted are the techniques through which you can create an effective Cornerstone Content Strategy for your website pages. 

1. Analyze your Target Keywords

Keywords are the backbone of website SEO that you need to conduct for your online promotion. Marketing is all about listening to your consumer issues & providing them with an appropriate solution through your products, services, or information. Digital marketing is again associated with the solutions users are looking for within your website. As such you have to analyze various user queries or say keywords encompassing the search engines like Google. In short, you have to conduct keyword research to initiate your Cornerstone Content Strategy. Here are some of the best tools you can use: Uber Suggest, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, SEMrush, KWFinder, etc. 

2. Review the Corresponding Posts

You can do this whether you have an old website or just started with a fresh one. If you’re new to your web designing & marketing career you can review competitor websites and get content building ideas for your Cornerstone Strategy. You can do this considering your selected keywords or user queries. 

Review the “People Also Ask” Box (PAA Box) to get more user queries related to a specified product, service, or knowledge your website offers. On the other hand, if you have a website already embedded with groundbreaking posts & articles, you have to review them one by one and find the loopholes in your Cornerstone Content. 

3. Recreate or Modify

This often happens to many fresher webmasters, especially designers & developers. They’re unaware of the leading online marketing norms, tools & techniques. Some of them don’t even know the meaning of website SEO. As such, they create websites & start doing their designing & developing stuff and forget about a potential Cornerstone Content Strategy at the beginning of their content creation process. 

If you’re one of them you can recreate or alter your website content as per various Cornerstone Content Creation principles. You can make use of the WordPress Plugins available to you like Yoast SEO to evaluate your website content for Cornerstone. The foremost components you have to take care of are:

  • Make your content SEO Friendly
  • Make sure on the length of the articles you select (long & comprehensive)
  • Don’t miss the readability factor besides long-form content
  • Use appropriate heading tags like- H1, H2, H3, etc
  • You can also use an index or table of content at the beginning of content
  • Make sure of the growth & betterment of the article in the future

4. Optimize your Sub-Pages

If you haven’t inter-linked properly among your best website pages, here’s the time. There could be a possibility that you have created a Cornerstone Content earlier but haven’t conducted a proper internal linking approach so far. To optimize your sub-pages you can make use of long-tail alternatives of your focus keywords associated with your Cornerstone Pages. For example, if your focus keyword is “Steel Fabrication Services” you can create the subpages considering “Best Steel Fabrication Service Near Me” or “Top Steel Fabrication Services in Australia” or so on. Remember you have to use short keywords for the Cornerstone & Long Tail Keywords for the sub-pages as such. 

5. Link from the Tail to Head

This is the most important strategy you have to follow. Whether you create Cornerstone or a Sub-Page first, you have to link from the Sub-Pages first. Google Bots usually like to reach the head from the tail. This way, they recognize your website’s information structure well. Consequently, your search engine ranking is enhanced. It doesn’t mean Cornerstone is not required to link back to any other page. You can link it back to the associated sub-pages. 

So that was the Cornerstone Content & link building approach you can follow to optimize your website content structure. You have to keep patience & consistently work through your website SEO plan to remain on the leading search engine results. 

At eGoodMedia we consistently help budding digital marketing professionals or web designers like you review your leading drawbacks regarding online business promotion. We’re a Vancouver & Seattle based Conversion Centric Website SEO & Social Media Monitoring Company that focus on producing revolutionary online businesses for global welfare!

How to Choose Cornerstones?

Moving ahead we must understand without a specified group of Cornerstone Content there’s no use of a potential link structure or an optimization strategy. The ultimate requirement is to choose the best Cornerstones for your link building goal. There are several factors you have to keep in mind. Since it is a form of your website content you have to ensure a good SEO follow-up & considerable readability. You should know how precise & comprehensive the article is going to be. 

Furthermore, you should know the importance of Cornerstones for your website SEO. It will encourage you to pay attention to your website promotion plans. To get a clear insight into this you have to decode 3 important queries webmasters often have regarding a Cornerstone Content approach. Let’s explore them together:

1. What are the most important articles on my website?

There could be different factors leading to the answer to this question. Many things collectively contribute to a perfect article. After all, it is a collection of information. It has got so many words, keywords & visuals that are a matter of user engagement. So you can’t rely on a specified writing style & stuff in the content. To find out the most important posts on your website consider the following essentials:

  • See if the post is comprehensive
  • Examine if the post is not written in a hurry 
  • Analyze if the article perfectly fits for a target search query you want to bring a solution to
  • Ensure whether the article is easy to understand
  • See whether the article is to the point or diverts user objective
  • You should know if the content is up-to-date
  • Make sure whether the post leads to multiple sub-topics
  • Make sure on the nature of focus keywords & other keywords in the article
  • Integrate the content with the market trends
  • Check the number of words, headings & subheadings used in the content
  • Check the grammar, spelling, word choice & plagiarism of the content  

Following all such prerequisites, you can conduct a fine Cornerstone Content Strategy for your website information structure that will please both your website users & search engine crawlers. 

2. Which are the perfect ones?

There could be a possibility that a large number of your website contents are following the Cornerstone traits as discussed above. You can make them all Cornerstone. This will lead to keyword stuffing & a pushed-up promotional approach that is unacceptable to the search engine norms. You’ll end up creating problems for yourself. 

In such a condition, you have to carefully examine your top products & services. The products & services that are greater in demand across the online markets. Remember you can develop 4-5 Cornerstone Content for your website, so choose your top products & services accordingly.

Moreover, you can pick any 5-6 articles if all of them are extremely related to your leading products & services. The rest of the articles could be included in a list of the approaching special website pages.

3. Does this Cornerstone Content Group address my target keywords?

The Cornerstone Content features that we’ve discussed earlier could be associated with more than one Cornerstone on your website. Another thing that would differentiate your decision will be the keywords that you target through your content. 2 different Cornerstones means 2 different keywords. Though you can mix up the content with unfocused keywords, you have to make sure that such secondary keywords are also related to the focus keyword somehow. Whatever is the case, don’t make use of long-tail or complimentary keywords in the Cornerstone Content bodies. 

The answers to all these questions collectively answer how you could choose your Website Cornerstones. Your website SEO efforts can lead you to various other queries that are unanswered. Therefore, we suggest you consult digital marketing experts right away!

Final Thoughts

We hope this article thrives to vanish your varied doubts & queries regarding Cornerstone Content Development. Website building is a quest with unlimited levels as technology is immortal. At least as long as the advanced human civilization exists. Hence we suggest you stay conscious of severe digital marketing trends & transformations. Additionally, eGoodMedia stands strong with your website against future search engine uncertainties. In case having an issue feel free to reach our revenue-generating Website Optimization & Social Media Monitoring expert team & outshine your search engine rivalries right away!!