Website SEO is a blend of different online marketing operations. These operations help you rank your website pages & your content on the top search engine results. You can also come across various tools & techniques amid running a Website SEO project. You need to figure out the essentials of your specified Website SEO projects. Businesses differ from one another and so is the online marketing strategies. The first thing you have to keep in mind is what your online business idea consists of. You have to specify what kind of audience you’re going to serve with your products & services. Additionally, the information on your website also matters a lot. 

There are different user groups dedicated to different sorts of website content. Some are looking for text, others are looking for videos. Hence, you have to decide on your website content accordingly. Apart from content, there are other essential components of your site appearance that can help your visitors explore your website more effectively. Breadcrumbs are also one of them. In this post, we’re going to see how Breadcrumbs affect your website SEO strategies. They essentially trigger your web page structure or layout and make it a fun and memorable experience for your website visitor to roam through your website content.’re-For-SEO1

Search engines also pay more attention to such web page layouts and structure as they can easily go through the same. They need to rank your web pages with the help of crawlers. So Breadcrumbs can prove to be a great support for your website ranking in this way. Through this article, you’ll come to know about such website Breadcrumbs in detail. We’ve divided the article into the enlisted important subparts: 

  • Meaning of Website Breadcrumbs
  • Classification of Breadcrumbs
  • How to Make Use of Potential Breadcrumbs for Your Website?
  • How Essential Are Breadcrumbs for Your SEO Campaign?
  • Final Words 

Website SEO can be complicated at times. Especially when you’re in a learning phase or just started with your first digital marketing project. Thereby, getting expert advice can be a great idea and won’t let you get off track regarding your online marketing goals. You can share your concern anytime with eGoodMedia and let us work on innovative solutions for your online promotion issues. Our Conversion Centric Website SEO Approach is perfect for emerging & experienced business models!

Meaning of Website Breadcrumbs

The story begins with understanding. Search engine optimization presents you with so much to learn about your website’s ranking potential. There are many other websites and online business undertakings like you on the internet. To defeat them and be in the race for top SERPs you have to constantly come up with new SEO ideas and On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO plans for your business development. Breadcrumbs can also be a part of such plans. 

Breadcrumbs generally provide an indication of where the user actually resides on your website. The user can remember from where he or she has got to the target web page on your site. It generally happens when the user initially enters your homepage or landing page and decides to explore further. You have to arrange corresponding Breadcrumbs in this path. There are several benefits of organizing such Breadcrumbs throughout your web pages. 

For better instances, let’s assume that X is a frequent user of your website. X comes to your website Homepage and sees a particular blog corner in the navigation. The blog is associated with Mexican Ethnic Wear. It is further divided into Men’s, Women’s, and Kids Wear. X chooses to go with Men’s Wear in this context. Later on, there are other classifications associated with the Men’s Ethnic Wear in Mexican. Let’s say X decided to go with a Charro Suit.

Now the sequence he followed to get to his favorite blog related to Charro Suit can look like this:

Homepage > Blogs > Mexican Ethnic Wear > Mens Wear > Charro Suit

Now, this is what you can call a Breadcrumb for X. He can easily jump to another web page in the queue and identify easily where he’s located existing. Breadcrumbs are usually placed on the top of the web pages right below the main navigation. You can talk to our On-Page SEO Experts anytime for dedicated assistance. At eGoodMedia we care about your Online Marketing & Search Engine Ranking requirements better. Just share your business model with us!

Classification of Breadcrumbs’re-For-SEO2

Breadcrumbs can also be of different varieties. The importance of different varieties is that your website users can use different functionalities and get a variety of experiences. UX design is also dedicated to user access that encourages them to return to your website again and again. This can also result in brand loyalty and goodwill in the future. Here are some specified categories of Breadcrumbs you can decide on for your search engine optimization goals: 

1. Hierarchy Based Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are usually classified on the basis of the type of path the user has taken to reach a specified web page. Hierarchy Based Breadcrumbs are the ones that is simply associated with the site structure. The user gets to know where he or she is in the site structure. The users also come to know how many steps they’ve come through so far. For example, here’s a Breadcrumb to define the variety properly:

Home > Devices & Gadgets > Audio > Earphones > Wireless

We can easily specify a case of hierarchy in this context. Every previous field in the Breadcrumb comprises the next field along with other relative options. So it consists of a pool of options to choose from until you get to your favorite product. 

2. Historical Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are not necessarily based on hierarchy every time. The user can sometimes go to the previous page before getting to a final buying decision multiple times. Historical Breadcrumbs are generally based on what the user has reached previously. It can be understood as follows: 

Home > Previous Page > Previous Page > Existing Page

Now, these previous pages could be anyone irrespective of a specific hierarchy. There’s no logic to be analyzed. As such, you can encourage the user to again go to the previous page to see if he or she has decided correctly for the next page or not. These Breadcrumbs are just history, they’re not bound to a logical sequence at all. 

3. Breadcrumbs Following Attributes

Attributes are the various characteristics & features that are associated with a particular product. The visitors usually get to decide regarding such features on different eCommerce stores. Attributes can be based on Gender, Age, Size, Region & Culture of the Customer also. Based on these attributes there could be different categories of products available for sales. Consequently, the Breadcrumb should also be arranged accordingly. Attributes also don’t require any special sequence to be added in this context. 

So, that’s how most of the Breadcrumbs are classified. You have to arrange such Breadcrumbs to cover varieties of website visitors. However, there’s no rush at the very beginning of your website SEO project. There could be other important SEO operations you’re required to run initially. Talk to the experienced Online Marketing & Website SEO Experts at eGoodMedia and share your concern for better guidance & assistance for your marketing project today!!

How to Make Use of Potential Breadcrumbs for Your Website?’re-For-SEO3

Breadcrumbs are a specific website functionality that you have to offer your website visitors for better performance and engagement. Website marketing essentially focuses on user engagement and more traffic that’s not possible without better UX. To make use of the Breadcrumb feature in your website you need to specify your website creation technique. There are different ways of website building available out there. The 3 widely preferred are:

  • Website building through website builder tools
  • Website building by hiring a web designer
  • Custom website building with the partial help of web designers

All these cases further depend on 2 types of website building styles- Putting Breadcrumbs in a Non-CMS Website & Putting Breadcrumbs in a CMS Based Website. We suggest you go for a CMS-based website creation option. It is smart, simple, and doesn’t eat up your precious time dedicated to other online marketing operations. WordPress is an appreciable CMS in this context. You can use 2 different features on WordPress to employ & manage your web page Breadcrumbs for better performance. Let’s explore them one by one:

1. Breadcrumb Support from Yoast SEO

It is a renowned WordPress plugin that takes care of your website SEO status and recommends the best solutions for improvement over time. Hence, it also knows what your web page Breadcrumbs mean to your website SEO. Yoast SEO offers you built-in support for the website Breadcrumbs that you can imply into your marketing strategy. The tool also gets your Breadcrumbs ready to serve the Google Crawlers too. Moreover, some WordPress themes are also available along with Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs that you can track and manage further. 

If your WordPress theme doesn’t cope up with the Breadcrumbs Yoast SEO offers, you can employ the following code into your WordPress web pages single.php or page.php files above the title, that require such Breadcrumbs:


if ( function_exists(‘yoast_breadcrumb’) ) {

  yoast_breadcrumb( ‘</p><p id=”breadcrumbs”>’,‘</p><p>’ );



Additionally, Yoast SEO would also suggest to you if your Breadcrumb setup for a particular web page is up to the mark or not. Remember that you’ve got a bunch of search engine crawlers to impress through your marketing operations. 

2. WordPress Block for Breadcrumbs

Another technique could be associated with your WordPress block editor. You can make use of the Yoast SEO Breadcrumb Block to address individual website pages. You can easily get rid of any coding process and still create effective Breadcrumbs for specific pages & posts. You just need to hit the erected icon of a + and there you go. You can easily find a Breadcrumbs block of your choice related to your Website SEO goals and your web page structure. These Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs can intensify your web page performance more effectively than usual.

In this way, you can apply essential Breadcrumbs to your website pages to enhance user experience on your web pages. Consequently, you can intensify online traffic on your website and approach better ranking on search engine results. eGoodMedia is also there to support your business vision. Our Award-Winning Website SEO & Search Engine Marketing Company understands your website promotion issues essentially and expects you to share your concern!

How Essential Are Breadcrumbs for Your SEO Campaign?

Now comes the benefits parts. You might wonder how important the Breadcrumbs could be for your website promotion. The thought is quite relevant. Website SEO is a complete process. You have to keep patience to get to a considerable outcome against your marketing efforts in this context. Now, as your specified energy, effort, and time is invested in this process you always look for corresponding results. In this segment, we’re going to explain the different advantages of using Breadcrumbs in your posts & web pages to encourage you for more enhanced marketing performance in the future. Let’s begin:’re-For-SEO

1. Search Engines are Pleased

The foremost advantage of using such campaigns is that you can impress the search engines effectively for your target web pages. It is a good sign that you have organized your web pages for better users’ convenience and systematic utilization. Unorganized data doesn’t let search engine crawlers examine your website pages properly. Following this, the concept of Structured Data has recently been introduced to advanced SEO operations. So you’re advised not to ignore Breadcrumbs in your website posts and pages. Breadcrumbs also help you organize your web page data and facilitate the visitors & crawlers right away.  

2. Helps Minimizing Bounce Rate

Bounce rate can affect your web page rank exceptionally. Though it doesn’t have anything to do with your website’s Dwell Time, you have to pay attention to your specified web page performance. Because some web pages have comparatively more potential to attract prospective users and rank higher on the SERPs. These pages can alone intensify your online recognition within a few months. So you’re not advised to raise too much bounce rate on these web pages. Breadcrumbs are the perfect solution. Breadcrumbs let the visitors remember where they were previously and this may let them visit the corresponding web pages again. It increases the chances of diminishing bounce rate very effectively. 

3. Improves UX

User experience is a very crucial aspect regarding website SEO goals. The users are not only looking for an answer to their respective queries all the time. They expect to be treated like the ultimate guests on your website. Following this, they love to visit your website again & again. And, even recommend your website to their loved ones. Breadcrumbs give them access to the previous web pages they’ve visited recently. And with immense ease, they could do this. Isn’t it an ideal marketing operation for a better user experience? Of course, it is. 

Using Breadcrumbs you let the users save a lot of time and effort searching for and going back to corresponding previous pages they’ve lost. They might want to explore more from a list of products, services, or topics that they have lost along with those previous pages. 

4. Engagement

User engagement always intensifies the interest of the user regarding your website content. It is very important that you offer them a relatable ambiance so that they never get bored exploring your website. If they want to read more, you encourage them to read more. If they want to switch to another page in an emergency, you encourage them to switch. It is a relationship that you have to build in terms of the mood swings of the users. As a result, they feel completely satisfied with your online marketing services and decide to return back again when they want to use your website. Breadcrumbs can also let your website visitors remain busy and interested in your website pages and corresponding content. So, never miss it!

5. Options

Breadcrumbs mean more options for your website user to explore out. That means more engagement and more satisfaction. This will result in more expectations at times. You’ll get to know what more you’re required to introduce to your online store or website content. This way you can improve your website for further recognition and acceptance on search engine standards & norms. The number of users would start increasing and so is your website traffic

You can also encourage the search engine bots to go through these additional options and in this way you can open multiple doors for your other web pages to rank higher on the SERPs. Collectively your website domain authority (DA) would also be improved and you’ll be able to make your mark on the search results more effectively!

Final Words

In the end, we’d like to suggest that you must go for a corresponding website SEO strategy and start adding potential Breadcrumbs to at least your top web pages. Website marketing always keeps improving with the passage of time and you have to track your opportunities consistently. At eGoodMedia we stay updated to the digital marketing opportunities that you’re not allowed to overlook very easily. Just let us know about your business strategy and we’ll come up with the best Search Engine Optimization Solutions for your business development goal. Let’s talk!!