What is the top social media messaging approach you practice amid executing your digital marketing strategy? Social media videos have become a crucial part of social media content in recent years. Though it hasn’t obsoleted the value of text & image messages so far and is not supposed to, it has introduced a whole new culture to social media interactions.

However, there are certain limitations & features associated with social video marketing that webmasters are keen to learn about & practice. Social media marketing is one of the most prominent & lead generating aspects of digital marketing that not only enhances your online existence but also lets you understand your target audience thoroughly. 


Moving ahead social media marketing consists of different operations that you can perform with the help of a dedicated social marketing team. Therefore, a separate digital marketing department is appointed by renowned corporations to maintain their online appearance. Social Media Video Length is just another operation you have to ensure for a better marketing outcome and we’re essentially going to discuss the same in this article. To simplify your insight we have distributed the post into the following parts:

  • What is Social Media Video Length?
  • Why deciding on Social Media Video Length is Important?
  • Kinds of Social Media Videos
  • Best Social Media Video Length Practices to Employ
  • Closing Thought 

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What is Social Media Video Length?

Social Media video length is a standard video duration that is recommended to the emerging social marketers for posting content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The standard video duration may vary from company to company & topic to topic. Social media platforms like TikTok have brought the trend of short videos into the world following which YouTube, Instagram & other nonsocial websites have also come up with short video creation tools & software in recent times. You can also introduce innovative short video strategies for your social marketing campaign.


However, make sure you’ve got innovation & information to serve your social audience. Whether website content or social media content, you have to consider your audience before delivering a post. You can raise or diminish your online reputation overnight through the user relation you have set up for your business. The social media video length also depicts different levels of user satisfaction. Hence you have to make your move to various social video lengths to choose from. 

Why Deciding on Social Media Video Length is Important?

The answer is social media marketing trends. They keep on changing and you have to alter your marketing strategies accordingly. The social media marketing trends usually address the user behavior, tastes, and preferences that could change with time. The social marketing trend also depicts your social marketing performance whether good or bad. You can conduct research regarding your corresponding success & failure and introduce improved content from time to time. Furthermore, there are other important reasons for selecting an ideal social video length as listed below:

1. Depicts your Objective

An advertisement or online commercial is never the size of a movie, not even a short film. It is generally compiled into a clip of 3-4 minutes or a maximum of 5 minutes. The commercials longer than that are usually neglected by most of the customers & users after one or 2 encounters. Why do people do that? You don’t need to run a consensus over your social media ads. Simply consider your personal case. Do you like to watch long advertisements on your TV in between your favorite movie or TV Show? You will change the channel soon. 

When a user evaluates your social media video marketing objective he’s not going to stick to your advertisement for a long time. Therefore, you have to decide on a short size clip to maintain your influence over the target user. 

2. User Engagement

It is not obligatory that you have to create videos within a specified time frame. The users also project different behavior & interests regarding different forms of information. So you have to figure out the factors affecting user convenience & engagement associated with your social media content. A longer advertisement video can disturb the user’s convenience. Similarly, a short social media online guide can leave so many questions unanswered in the mind of the user, you have to make it long & comprehensive. The target remains user engagement. 

3. Awareness & Knowledge

Visual content is a great source of information that the visitors remember for a long time. Video content is also considered one of the most influential sorts of social media content these days. For this reason, you have to decide on the ideal size of the social videos you want to post on your social media handle. Make sure that the videos are informative & longer than usual if your target audience wants to learn about an online topic and even needs to visit your website. It is probably the best opportunity you can raise for your online business. Don’t concentrate on selling something through your website but educate your top users & visitors initially. 

egoodmedia.com-Best-Practices-For-Social-Media-Video-Length-For-Better-Engagement3The social media status of your social handle can also suggest where you have to make changes regarding your content length. As such, there could be multiple aspects leading to your social video length. You can also consult digital marketing experts at eGoodMedia for better insight into your social media video length & relative requirements. You can apply our Award Winning Social Media Monitoring Services to your innovative business model and generate successful outcomes for your investment plans in the future!

Classification of Social Media Videos

That’s quite a trick you can use to decide on the best social videos for your online posts & content. Every social media video variety has its separate importance for the digital marketing strategy you want to execute and raise your business development. Therefore, they can suggest your marketing needs and you must review them one by one to choose the format sufficient for your social marketing project. Let’s explore the most popular of them:

1. Live Videos

Remember the marketing funnel famous for framing various digital marketing strategies & operations you need to conduct? You can make use of that funnel by deciding on the ideal social media video marketing content for your handle. Live videos are known to have generated considerable user engagement results at the time of social media posting. However, you have to ensure a potential time at which the social media users are exceptionally active. Talking about the digital marketing funnel, creating user engagement can lead to a notable user awareness that’s the very first experience of the buyer’s journey you can deliver to your customers. 

2. News Videos

News videos generally consist of information that keeps updating with time & market trends. It is recommended that you should keep such a video duration between 15 to 20 seconds. These videos also represent the awareness & consideration stage of the buyer’s journey or marketing funnel you want to create. The users don’t come to a conclusion so soon. They want to explore the consistency & uniformity with which you want to inform them & educate them about varied aspects of a service, product, or inline topic. That’s a very good card you can play to encourage user engagement & interest. 

3. Promo & Teaser

This type of social media video messaging is generally used to promote your Artwork, your Films & TV Shows. You can also advertise a Video Game, Music Album, or Automobile Advertisement that could raise excitement among your target audience. This can also lead to a specified conversion rate at the beginning. Suppose you have an online OTT platform & your leading products are the top TV Shows & Movies trending worldwide. A considerable promo & teaser can bring you powerful conversions overnight if the audience is already familiar with the upcoming TV Show or Movie. They might have seen it on YouTube earlier and want to watch it instantly. You’ve got the key to their happiness so don’t lose it. 

4. Guides & Explainers

Now comes the non-entertainment part. The learning part. The Internet is the foremost medium of learning all over the world and it will surely replace books & physical libraries in the coming 200-300 years. The markets are slowly shifting to eBooks and encouraging publishing houses to partner with various online book stores. The videos used to address an online lesson or guide are simply called Explainers these days. Several online courses have helped aspiring students & work professionals to learn without getting here & there for education & development. 

Now coming back to social media videos, to promote an online business as such you can offer trial social media videos to allure your learner audience for applying for further courses. You have to come up with longer videos in this context. The videos may vary between 30 minutes to 1 hour. The videos essentially provide for the conversion & loyalty stage of your market funnel. 

5. How-to Information

How-To Videos are simply the solution to particular user issues. You can resolve a technical as well as not the technical problem by projecting a step-by-step guide through your social media video. In the meantime, you can represent your product or service as the solution to the user issue for creating potential conversions. The user if got a severe need to make use of your product will definitely come to a buying decision earlier than usual. 

For example, you’ve got a business of standard epoxy adhesive and you want to optimize your social media marketing strategy. You can come up with a video representing “How to Fix a Broken Laptop Hinge Permanently” or a relative topic to create a marketing funnel for your target users. You can create an explainer video yourself or approach a customer review from YouTube.  

In this way, you can easily specify your marketing funnel stage & add your social media videos accordingly. eGoodMedia is also with you throughout your social marketing campaign. Share your problems with our renowned Digital Marketing & Website Optimization Team and enhance your website position on the search engine pages for more & more users to recognize your services & products!

Best Social Media Video Length Practices to Employ

First, you have to specify how many social media handles you have to optimize regarding your business development. We recommend you set up your social media identity over as many platforms as possible. The more social URLs you acquire the more social media video length practices you can go through. Consequently, your experience will improve and you can come up with more influential social media stuff in the future. We’ve distributed the social media video length practices on the basis of varied social media platforms you can use as follows:

1. Facebook Video Length Optimization

Why not start with one of the earliest forms of social media platforms. Facebook has become a book of trends that users have introduced over different segments of time since the inception. The video length on a Facebook post can vary from 2 minutes to 2 hours. It is a network of billions of outbound & inbound links that lead to so many websites & online addresses. From regular people to powerful politicians & film stars, everyone resides on Facebook in the form of a personalized profile or fan page. 

Facebook also allows you to keep your videos on an autoplay mode so that the user immediately experiences your innovative videos & updates and gets into the awareness stage of the marketing funnel you’ve established. Facebook Live Streams are often considered the longest consisting of 8-9 hours of duration. 

2. Instagram Video Length 

Instagram also belongs to Facebook and follows the story mode for better execution of social media videos like Facebook. There are different arrangements for video posts available. Instagram has recently featured the Instagram Reel which’s a fine replacement of TikTok as the application got banned following security issues in several parts of the world. Here are the Instagram Video Length practices you can conduct for varied objectives:

  • Instagram Reel- 15 seconds
  • Instagram Feed Clips- 60 seconds
  • Instagram IGTV Videos- 1 hour

As such you can frame your social media marketing strategy properly. If you already use Instagram for your personal interaction you can simply distinguish between the 3 and create your videos accordingly. 

3. LinkedIn Videos Optimization

If you’ve got an online course for professionals or a B2B business model we recommend you to establish a social media handle on LinkedIn ASAP. You will surely get benefits for your business development goals. LinkedIn is a world-renowned community of corporate professionals belonging to varied industries & work sectors. The social interactions among LinkedIn users & companies are quite different from Facebook & Instagram. 

Discussions on more formal & industry-centric topics are comparatively higher, so you have to generate your marketing strategy accordingly. You can post a 10 minutes video on your LinkedIn Profile for maximum.  However, we suggest you keep it between 20-30 seconds if you want to create awareness for your brand. 

For more details regarding social media marketing on multiple platforms, you can simply contact eGoodMedia and get instant expert assistance for your business. We’re an Award-Winning Company providing unmatched Online Marketing & Social Media Optimization Services around the West Coast!

4. Twitter Video Handle

Twitter is a brilliant place where users come to share their essential views about some social issue. Consequently, there are a lot of user communities & groups you can target with your marketing strategies. Twitter is also considered the biggest social news network operating around the world. You can share information related to anything. But make sure to not go beyond 140 seconds while introducing social media video content on your Twitter Handle. You can grab 10 times more engagement than usual if you’re coming with a video marketing approach.  

5. YouTube Videos 

If you want to show your video creation skills specifically, you have the most visited social media videos platform right away. From advertisements to free explainers, YouTube has got everything from professional YouTubers to Companies & Websites. Make sure to entertain people along with your marketing style. YouTube has also introduced the revolutionary YouTube Shorts for regular users to post their entertainment stuff to approach fame. You can also create innovative short videos to represent your target products & services. 

YouTube Videos are home to various Movies & TV Shows available for free access. Therefore, you can upload longer videos beyond 1 hour to explain or guide the users over a specific issue. YouTube also provides you a facility for live streaming through which you can create awareness about your products & services so effectively. 

Closing Thought

Furthermore, there are other renowned & emerging social media platforms where you can review the conditions for your social media video marketing campaign. Social Marketing delivers multiple sources of website recognition you can make use of and enhance your website & business popularity instantly. Let us know if we could support you with your Website SEO & Social Media Marketing Goals. At eGoodMedia we pay equal attention to varied business requirements for better online development & growth. Talk to us!