Looking to create a Social Media Product Launch Strategy for your upcoming product? If so, then you have landed on the right article where we will help you with some tips that can enhance your product launch strategy on social media.  

Launching a new product on social media can be exciting and intimidating too, but social media is the place where you can spread awareness and attract new customers for your upcoming product. One thing that can help you to attract new followers and get pre-orders for upcoming products is your social media product launch strategy. 

No matter what type of product you are going to launch for your business, your potential customer is hanging out on social media platforms. Marketers and PR companies also consider social media as the best platform to create a buzz about an upcoming product. But for that, you  need an effective and impactful strategy  

Researching about your audience, cresting hashtags for your product, offering pre-order deals are among some effective tips that you can include in your product launch strategy. Well, there is a list of tips that you can consider to create an effective strategy for your product launch. 

In this article, we will walk you through some creative ways using which you can create a successful social media product pre-launch strategy for your upcoming product. 

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7 ways to create a successful social media product launch strategy 

1. Identify and define your goal

When it comes to creating a social media marketing strategy first you need to identify the definition of the goal for better results. If you are looking to make your social media campaign successful for your upcoming product then first you need to identify what success is? 

Once you successfully identify your goal then it becomes easy for you to come up with strategies that can help you to accomplish it. Now you might be thinking what can be your product launch goal? 

It differs depending on brands and businesses, most of the businesses focus on creating product launch strategies to drive sales from social media platforms. Whereas there are brands that focus on building awareness, engagement, grow the email list and encourage people to walk through the physical store.  

That’s why we recommended you to be clear with your goal to make your social media product launch strategy more impactful and revenue-generating.  If you are more focused on garbing user’s attention on your upcoming product then you can create a goal that focuses on driving traffic, impression, and engagement. 

If you haven’t set a goal for your product launch strategy then it’s time to define your goal and make your social media marketing campaign effective for your product. Keep your goal clear to be creative while making your strategy. 

2. Research about your audience 

Before creating your product launch strategy first and foremost thing we recommend is to research your audience and understand their behavior. Identifying your audience’s behavior can help you in making your product launch more effective and impactful. 

To make your campaign more effective, start from the user’s perspective whether the content or the campaign you’re created can attract their attention, encourage them to engage with your product, and persuade them to take action. 

You can go through your competitor’s audience behavior to get a rough idea about how they interact with their product and post. It will also help you to identify who your potential audience is. 

3. Identify and Set the best time for product launch 

Today timing plays a crucial role in making a post and brand successful on social media platforms. When it comes to product launch your timing can be the key factor in making your product successful. Before launching your product, set your timeline to make your product launch more effective and impactful. 

Creating a deadline gives you a clear idea about how much lead time you have for the product launch and how effectively you can make use of that time to scale your campaign. Having a deadline can really help you organize and level up your product launch campaign for better results. 

Not only that but in the same stage, you can determine how long you are planning to run your product launch campaign. Below we are listing the basic plan used by companies for product launch:  

  • Pre-launch buzz ( first week) 
  • Launch day (Next week) 
  • Product launch follow up (day 9-13)
  • Next, you can include your product into your normal posting plan to keep engaging your customers.

Once you successfully break down the day as mentioned above then you can make your strategy more creative depending on your pre and post-launch days. After setting up your timeframe you can plan out and create content that relates to your pre-launch strategy. 

4. Create hashtags for your product

Undoubtedly when we talk about social media then the first and foremost thing that pops up in every marketer’s mind is creating and marketing hashtags for the product. Today’s hashtag plays a crucial role in creating a buzz about the brand and product. 

If you are looking to make your product launch campaign successful and engaging then we recommend creating multiple hashtags for your product launch. Hashtags are the most effective way to categorize your product and make it reachable to your potential customers. 

When creating hasting make sure you create a unique hashtag and identify other popular hashtags that relate to your product. A combination of these two can help you to make your content reachable and separate it from others. Not only that but you can also encourage social media users to use your unique hashtag in their post for better reach.  

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5. Offer creative deals on the day of launch 

One thing that surely grabs the user’s attention is the discount and deals offered by the company. Many businesses and brands out there have used this technique by offering a limited-time offer on the product launch date to garb more pre-orders. 

This technique is still effective and impactful if your goal is to generate more sales and pre-orders on the launch date. Apart from that, you can be more creative when it comes to offering the deal to potential customers. 

To grab more customers you can ask users to share the product launch date or the product itself in return they get incentives like an extra 10% discount and more. If you have created hashtags for your product then you can also approach users and ask them to use the hashtag in their story and post to get exciting deals and discounts.  

If you want to spread awareness about your product and make the user remember your bard then you can create a coupon code on the name of your product and brand. There are many ways you can be creative when it comes to offering deals for your products. 

6. Share a small teaser or video of your product 

When it comes to creating buzz about the product pre-launch, we always recommend you to create and launch a teaser campaign for your product. An attractive and persuasive teaser can make users excited about your product when it can result in more users watching and engaging on product launch day. 

Getting the word out can be a difficult task, that’s when the teaser comes into the picture. It is considered the most powerful tool to grab the user’s attention and build anticipation about your product. You can market your teaser and be active on the platforms that relate to your product.

If you have an email list then you can also share the details with the teaser of your product to build anticipation. If your teaser is attractive and persuasive then most probably your subscribers may start sharing the product launch details with their closed ones.   

If you are planning to sell your product on platforms like amazon then you can partner with their team and ask them to display your teaser on their homepage to create a buzz about your upcoming product. There are many brands and businesses out there who have gained huge popularity and created a buzz for their product launch using platforms like amazon.

7. Deliver a story through blogging 

Apart from using social media for your product launch promotion you can also create and deliver a compelling story through blogging. You can tell your audience about how the product was created, who was involved in creating the product and how did you come up with the idea to create the product. 

By sharing this information you will be gaining the trust and authority which will help you after the launch of your product. In the blog, you can also mention how the product solves a user problem. By creating this type of story you will be creating different questions and offering an authentic solution that persuades them to buy your product.     

Many businesses out there uses innovative ways to share their product story. You can also create a short and compelling story and share it on the different social media platforms in to form of post carousel, image, and more. Not only that but you can also share your blog links on different social media platforms to drive organic traffic on your post. 

8. Create a post-launch calender 

Once you are done with creating your product launch strategy next comes the part where you should plan out your social media content. By creating a content calendar you can plan out each piece of content to make your campaign more impactful. 

Your social media content calendar will also help you to strategically decide your posting date and time depending on the day and occasion. Because once you make your campaign live then your post will play a crucial role in fulfilling your goal.  

Compared to other strategies social media content calendar creation is time taking process but will offer you impactful results. By creating these calendars you will be making your post-launch strategy more impactful.