As a marketer, you’ve had a front-row seat to watch your industry transform over the past decade. While some businesses have struggled to cope with the new demands of the market, others have thrived during this transition. Either way, it has become clear that those who adapt and try different platforms have a stronger chance of success than those who don’t.

Now you might be wondering, does it really worth spending time on Reddit marketing? Well, that’s difficult to answer because the first criteria of Reddit marketing as well as social media marketing are consistency, commitment, and engagement if you fulfill these then you are already a part of it. 

Today, we want to talk about a platform that seems to be growing in popularity for businesses and marketers: Reddit. As well as explaining the basics, we’re going to look at seven ways that the platform can help you achieve your marketing goals.

What’s Reddit?

Essentially, Reddit is a collection of communities where people come together to talk about their favorite topics. Called ‘subreddits’, you’re likely to find a community about everything and anything. In fact, once you’re finished with our guide, open a new tab and type in anything you can think of followed by ‘Reddit’ and you’ll find something.

For example, if you type ‘washing machine Reddit’, you can quickly find yourself scrolling through discussions on a subreddit called ‘Appliances’. While some subreddits cover a huge market, like cars, others delve into specific niches where the community is much smaller.

Why is Reddit so popular? Because users can create an account, take part in discussions regarding their favorite topics, and choose the subreddits they want to follow. Once subreddits have been selected, the front page will be filled with posts from these pages.

Why businesses and marketers should consider Reddit marketing? 

Most of the marketers wonder why Reddit marketing is important for businesses? There are many statistics that tell Reddit active users grew from 330 million to 430 in the year between 2017 and 2019. Reddit gets more than 21 billion monthly screen views. Among them, 6% of them are adult users. So if you are not marketing your business and product on Reddit then you probably losing the loss of potential customers every day. 

If you are a marketer and already have accessed Reddit then you might be complaining that Reddit doesn’t accept any kind of links so how are we going to drive traffic on our website, well you are doing it wrong, and don’t worry we will get back to it in the incoming paragraph. 

So coming back on point, every marketer looks at popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and maybe Pinterest for spreading awareness, advertising product,s and more. And the views of marketers happen to be right because these platforms have a huge user base with more active users. 

Reddit is another popular social media marketing platform using which you can create a strong presence if front for your communities. A right and positive Reddit mention can help you to get a hundred thousand visitors on your website and on your product.  Reddit allows you to take part in a specific topic where you can establish your authority by showcasing expertise which in the future can turn into marketing your product. 

Just like Quora and Facebook groups, Reddit offers a large group of your target market gathering on this online platform, looking to get an answer for their questions or problems. 

If you are looking to market your product then you need to reach out to them with the right approach and thet is the reason we have included tips that can help you to grow your business on Reddit. 

How to Use Reddit for your business 

As mentioned previously, it’s important to use Reddit in the right way if you want to enjoy results. You could go into all the subreddits that apply to your niche and spam photos, your brand logo, and all-caps posts discussing your service, but this will not help in the slightest. If you want genuine results, you need to approach Reddit carefully.

Here are seven ways marketers can use Reddit to their advantage:

1. Become a Member of the Community

We want to start this first option with a warning because we see many businesses making the same mistakes time and time again. If you’re looking at Reddit as a marketing tool and nothing else, we advise you not to take action just yet. Instead, hang around the ‘sub’ (subreddit) for a while and get to know how it works. What do people post, what posts get the most interaction, and how is the overall tone of the comments?

For all the benefits of choosing Reddit, one of the biggest negatives is the anonymity of it all. With this in mind, people aren’t afraid to speak their minds. If you go in without understanding the nuances of the sub and without reading the guidelines, you won’t earn respect, and nobody will be interested in what you have to say.

On the other hand, if you do everything right, you can answer people’s questions, join conversations, and show your worth to your target market.

2. Aim for Upvotes and Comments

While getting involved, know that different posts will generate different reactions. For example, leaving a clear question will generate comments; people want to get involved with the discussion and provide their own opinion. Alternatively, posts that are more statement-based are more likely to lead to what we call ‘upvotes’. This is essentially a ‘like’ on other platforms, but it shows a user’s support for your post.

In the early stages of your Reddit experience, it’s all about accumulating as many ‘karma’ points as possible. On the face of it, karma points don’t have any real value; this isn’t a metric that will transform your business. However, karma points will show your experience on Reddit and they show that you’re an active member.

We recommend building karma before posting too much because otherwise, it will seem as though you’re on Reddit purely to advertise your brand. If you show that you’re active, the external links and brand-related posts won’t seem so selfish and self-centered.

Wondering how you get karma points? You obtain them when your comments and links get upvoted (this is why providing REAL value is so important). Unfortunately, you lose points when comments and links are downvoted (this is why you can’t just plug your brand ‘cold’, so to speak).

With karma points, an active profile, and as you become a member of the community, your opinion starts to become valued and it becomes easier to point people in the direction of your brand.

3. Offer Useful Headlines

As people scroll through their front page, they make a decision whether or not to show your post attention within just seconds. Therefore, you need to catch their eye with a great headline.

Since the most successful headlines can vary from one subreddit to the next, we recommend seeing what does and doesn’t work during your research phase. As long as you don’t spam and you aren’t using clickbait tactics (promising something the post doesn’t deliver), you should attract some attention.

4. Cross-Posting

For some, they stick with one subreddit and try to build their reputation on this page. However, there’s another way you can use Reddit to your advantage: cross-posting. If there are five different subs that all apply to your market, increase the chances of people seeing it by posting it across them all.

Again, we aren’t saying you should post the same content once an hour on every single sub. Yet, you can still post once so you’re maximizing the exposure of your content.

5. Use Your Links

For many brands, they’re used to being active on social media platforms where people are wary about leaving the page. With Reddit, this is a completely different arena and most users welcome being introduced to new websites. If you follow the advice we’ve provided before, there could be a real opportunity to send people over to your website.

Since every member of the subreddit has an interest in the topic, they welcome suggestions for resources and content. According to many statistics, external links receive more upvotes than text-based posts, so this proves what we’re saying.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Sell

People can be mean; they can be blunt, rude, and nasty. If it isn’t to you, it will be towards someone else. Once people know that you’re a marketer, many will look through your history and try to pull you up on every single post you’ve made. As long as you have a clean history and they see your genuine and honest attempts to help members of the community, they can’t really have much to say. If you’re providing value to a community, your marketing posts will be forgiven so keep this in mind.

7. Subscribe to Favorite Subreddits

Finally, another way to use Reddit to your advantage is to subscribe to subreddits that take your interest. On Facebook and other social media platforms, we would tell you to keep personal and business accounts separate. On Reddit, we recommend finding subreddits that you enjoy even if they don’t have anything to do with your marketing role.

We recommend this for two reasons:

  • It provides opportunities to build karma.
  • It shows yet again that you aren’t just using Reddit for marketing purposes.


As long as you follow our advice, add value to communities, and use Reddit in the right way, it can be a marketer’s dream. As an additional tip, leave something behind. What we mean is, when posting something from your blog, don’t give them everything. Instead, post 60% and then send readers to your website to finish the rest. With images, plenty of links, and engagement, you’ll soon come to love Reddit like many other marketers around the world.


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