Being a marketer you must have acknowledged the transformation in the industry over the past decades. Many business have struggled to meet the new demands and other have taken the full advantage of the transition. During the transformation one thing became clear that business and marketer who are adapting and trying these new platforms have stringer chances of success than others. Reddit marketing is one among them.

Now you might be wondering, does it really worth spending time on Reddit marketing? Well, that’s difficult to answer because the first criteria of Reddit marketing as well as social media marketing are consistency, commitment, and engagement if you fulfill these then you are already a part of it. 

In this article we will be talking about one o fth most popular and widely used platform called Reddit. We will be answering some important question whether it is really worth spending money on reddit marketing or not? And taking a look at some of the important stempas on how redeit can be benificial.

What’s Reddit?

Reddit is considered as the collection of communities where most of the users spend time in exchanging their ideas and talking about different topics. You Can find any kind of community about any niche. If don’t believe us then once you are done reading this guide then you can open a new tab and visit reddit and type anything you can and the fun part is that you will find something. 

If you are someone interested in learning about different appliances then you can type a name like refrigerator and you will find subdirectories called “Appliances”. There are some popular subreddit with huge markets like bikes, houses, cars and more and once you dive in deeper than you may find other small communities. 

Reddit is considered one of the popular platform as it allows users to easily create account, take part in any type of discussion regardless of the industry you are working in and user can select a subreddits they wish to follow. Once you are done selecting subreddits then your front page will be filled with the post from the subreddits and community you followed. 

Why businesses and marketers should consider Reddit marketing? 

Most of the marketers wonder why Reddit marketing is important for businesses? There are many statistics that tell Reddit active users grew from 330 million to 430 in the year between 2017 and 2019. Reddit gets more than 21 billion monthly screen views. Among them, 6% of them are adult users. So if you are not marketing your business and product on Reddit then you probably losing the loss of potential customers every day. 

If you are a marketer and already have accessed Reddit then you might be complaining that Reddit doesn’t accept any kind of links so how are we going to drive traffic on our website, well you are doing it wrong, and don’t worry we will get back to it in the incoming paragraph. 

So coming back on point, every marketer looks at popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and maybe Pinterest for spreading awareness, advertising product,s and more. And the views of marketers happen to be right because these platforms have a huge user base with more active users. 

Reddit is another popular social media marketing platform using which you can create a strong presence if front for your communities. A right and positive Reddit mention can help you to get a hundred thousand visitors on your website and on your product.  Reddit allows you to take part in a specific topic where you can establish your authority by showcasing expertise which in the future can turn into marketing your product. 

Just like Quora and Facebook groups, Reddit offers a large group of your target market gathering on this online platform, looking to get an answer for their questions or problems. 

If you are looking to market your product then you need to reach out to them with the right approach and thet is the reason we have included tips that can help you to grow your business on Reddit. 

How to Use Reddit for your business 

As mentioned previously, it’s important to use Reddit in the right way if you want to enjoy results. You could go into all the subreddits that apply to your niche and spam photos, your brand logo, and all-caps posts discussing your service, but this will not help in the slightest. If you want genuine results, you need to approach Reddit carefully.

1. Become a Member of the Community

Most websites and businesses commit a mistake by considering Reddit as a marketing tool. Keeping that in mind most of the newly started marketers perform various marketing activities by embedding their website or product/service page link in the content. And guess what Reddit delete the post focuses mainly on generating leads and driving traffic. That is the reason why we recommend you spend time understanding how the subreddit works. 

What type of content do people post, the type of post that gets the most interaction, and also focuses on understanding the tone of the comment. The users on Reddit speak their hearts out, share their knowledge and are not afraid to offer a negative comment if the content is not proper. If you try to jump in without understanding the nuance of the subreddit and without knowing the guideline then instead of earning respect, no one will show interest in what you have to say. That is the reason why it is recommended to answer people’s questions and show you worth so that other users show interest in listening to you. 

2. Set A Goal For  Upvotes and Comments

Not to mention but different posts on Reddit get various reactions. For example, if you are offering a question then it will get comments because you are questioning from the members and if the question relates then people will engage with it by offering their opinion. On the other hand, if you are posting statement based content then you are more likely to get upvotes. The upvotes are nothing but the likes that you get in your post on Facebook and Instagram.

When you get started with Reddit then your goal should be to collect as many Karma points as you can. It will not help you in boosting your sales or conversion but will show you experience on Reddit and it will also highlight that you are an active member. Before you start posting too much content it’s recommended to build karma points. Or else people will start seeing you as an advertiser which will result in less to no engagement. Once the user starts seeing you as an active member then the link and the brand-related post will not look too selfish.  

If you wonder how you can get a karma point then here is the answer, you can obtain the karma point when your links and other comments start getting upvotes. That is the reason why we said it’s important for every business to offer real values. On the other hand, you may also lose the point if the links and comments start getting downvotes. 

3. Offer Attractive and Helpful Headlines

When users start scrolling on their front page then one thing that can stop them from scrolling down further is the heading of your content. The headline of your post will decide whether it will catch the user’s eye or not. Because Reddit is the place where hundreds and thousands of posts get posted every day and your content can be one among them. 

So your question should be how you can separate it out from the crowd. Well, the answer is with the help of your headline you can get as many easy as possible. During your research phase, you can easily analyze what works best and what doesn’t. Until you don’t opt for clickbait tactics and also don’t spam you will be able to grab the attention of users with an attractive headline. 

4. Cross-Posting

Some of the users on Reddit stick to one subreddit and focus on building their reputation by offering them useful and quality content. But when you are using Reddit then you get access to a huge community and you can take advantage of it through cross-posting. 

Every market has different subs on Reddit so if your market has four or five different subs then you can apply your post to all. This way your post will be reaching the maximum audience and more people will be seeing it across different subs. Reddit asks you not to perform any spam related activities but allows you to share the post on different subs. Instead of sharing it on all sub pick 4 to 5 popular subs and get started with them.


As long as you follow our advice, add value to communities, and use Reddit in the right way, it can be a marketer’s dream. As an additional tip, leave something behind. What we mean is, when posting something from your blog, don’t give them everything. Instead, post 60% and then send readers to your website to finish the rest. With images, plenty of links, and engagement, you’ll soon come to love Reddit like many other marketers around the world.