Do you offer local plumbing services in your homeland? What level of competition do you encounter serving your clients these days? Where do you stand amongst the local search results addressing your services? If you have a local plumbing business, you can’t overlook these questions forever. Infect you have to find answers as soon as possible. Or else, you’ll start experiencing a rapid decline in your clients & consumer groups in the near future. 

People don’t like asking around for a specified service from the locals these days. They instead trust google maps & Google My Business listing to reach their deal. But why Google? The reason is simple, the Internet. As of today, it has reached every dynamic part of the world. It is fast, convenient & more reliable considering the search engine protocols. The search engine rules & regulations have resulted in the best local business listings on the SERPs.

Therefore, you also have to outshine your business opponents on the SERPs. The tool that may require for your conquest is none other than SEO. Where there’s a search engine, there’s an SEO. SEO not only helps website developers & digital marketers to achieve top SERP results but also helps local businesses to rank higher before specified queries. This article will lead you to a detailed discussion on the significance of local SEO for your plumbing business. Here are the main highlights of the post:

  • What is Local SEO? 
  • Structure of A Local SEO Strategy
  • Why do Local Plumbers Need to Invest in Local SEO?
  • Guidelines to imply Local SEO For Your Plumbing Business
  • Conclusion

We are a reputed WordPress development & digital marketing service provider from EgoodMedia. We encourage many local & international businesses to grow out and serve internet user queries & requirements exceptionally. Let’s have a detailed insight into this topic! 

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is an amazing way you can represent your famous products or services to the local customers and outsiders visiting a corresponding marketplace. A marketplace comprises different shops & firms competing with each other to sell some common products & services. The consumer always looks for a marketplace to get varieties and alternatives. Therefore, whatever service you’re providing, you must acquire some space in a marketplace. However, when you’re in a marketplace you have to face competition. Local SEO is your new tool to defeat the competition. 

There’s also a marketplace in a virtual form present on the search engine result page. You must place your business idea at a local business spot like that. You might have seen a list of local shops, restaurants, plumbers, and other service providers on the top of the search engine results. The results often contain Google maps, address, contact details, ratings & reviews associated with the shop or company. That’s Local SEO. 

It helps the visitors to choose the best option to go with. If you succeed to place your plumbing business on the top of this list, you’ll experience notable improvement in the number of consumers & clients you serve. Building relationships & trust is the foremost principle of doing business. Therefore we suggest you must get started with your Local SEO strategy from today!

Structure of A Local SEO Strategy

Whether you’re planning for plumbing or electrician services you have to create an SEO strategy earlier. You must understand the basic structure of a Local SEO technique ahead of time so that you don’t get confused amid performing the operation. The structure of each Local SEO strategy you make stands on three layers of foundation:

1. Your Business Model

Your business model is your way of distinction. There are many other plumbers out there offering a variety of services. You have to ensure one thing in your business model that differentiates you from your competitors. If not differentiates, makes you at least the foremost choice of consumers. Your business model can be based on any of these parameters:

  • Single location services
  • Multiple location services
  • Home-based business & office setup
  • Virtual office setup
  • Multi-office campus setup
  • Single or multi brick & mortar setup

If you know how & from where to serve your customers effectively, you can win the half battle. A promising business location could bring more consumers to your business gateway. Plumbing services are a symbol of quality & perfection. After all, you can’t compromise on the health & hygiene goals of your consumers. 

2. Integrate With Google Guidelines

If your business model doesn’t comply with the search engine protocols & Google guidelines, you better fix it ahead of time. There are certain places that aren’t visible on Google maps. Try to avoid setting up at those places. On the other hand, your website URL plays an important role in ranking your plumbing business on the local listings. It is your responsibility to keep it secure & free from online threats. Consumers often like to review your web address, your products & services before reaching you in person. Your business address & contact details must provide for Google convenience as such. Or else you won’t get a chance to exhibit yourself anywhere on the listing. 

3. Optimized Website Content 

Optimized website content is your 3rd attempt to strengthen your Local SEO strategy for the future. Plumbing services accounts for various aspects of information. Through a dedicated content or blog section on your website, you can encourage your customers to contact you or get in touch either physically or virtually. This will automatically generate leads on your side and help you create an effective Local SEO strategy further. Remember, building relationships & trust is your foremost priority for running a successful business. 

Why Do Local Plumbing Firms Need to Invest in Local SEO?

The answer is simple, to rank higher in the Google local business listings. Why do you need to do so? Because you’re not the only fish in the lake. Not only plumbers, but every third local business owner switched to Google local listing these days. Search queries like “nearby Chinese restaurant”, “best plumbing services in Dallas TX”, “best kids fun center in LA”, etc have inspired Google to create a dedicated local business segment for various service seekers out there. The enlisted reasons will help you understand the whole thing properly:

1. There’s no ‘Yellow Pages’ Any More

That’s right. There’s no perfect alternative for Google’s Local business listing on the internet. Online business directories like Yellow Pages have lost prominence after the introduction of advanced Google platforms. Although they are still used as a second option, they can’t replace Google as such. Alternatives give you a chance to surpass your competitors, however, alternatives must have the potential to contend. Therefore, you can’t ignore a Local SEO strategy along with your web development & digital marketing goals. 

2. A Medium of Free Website Traffic

No special efforts, no plans, no SEO strategy, and you get free traffic through your Google My Business profile right away. Your Google My Business profile is your very first step to perfection on the Local Business Listing. It allows your consumers to visit your important web pages, review your products & services, read your informative blogs & create a buying decision for themselves. Consequently, they start recognizing your web presence & recommend your services say plumbing to their friends, family & relatives. Would you still skip that?

3. Rapid Results

Though there’s tough competition for whatever business plan you’re going to execute, you find some relaxation on your Local SEO campaign. Here you have to compete against a few service providers as there are limited resources in remote areas & small towns. Even more, you have to compete against a common contender with a common purpose. As a result, you grow faster on the local business listings & gain prominence within a few weeks. The purpose of the Local SEO campaign is to make you the best plumber in your area, not in your state or country, or continent. However, you could make it to the top with added strategies and plans.

Guidelines to imply Local SEO For Your Plumbing Business

Now how would you do it? Of course, it is not a one day show. You always have to maintain patience till you rank remarkably on the search engine results. Whether Local SEO or the regular website SEO, you have to essentially wait for progress. As such, you have to keep learning & implying. Your Local SEO strategy for plumbing follows the same principle. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you with your Local SEO campaign. We hope it will assist you throughout your Local plumbing business objectives. Let’s get started!

1. Start With Keyword Research

Remember that you’ve got a website to maintain as well. A good website can intensify your Local SEO strategy. Therefore we can say you have to start assessing your website SEO performance first. And, that is not possible without keyword research. If your web pages do not link to the right keywords you’re not going to improve faster. Infect, you have to search for the most relevant keywords or queries people often have about household & commercial plumbing. You have to trigger the emerging consumer issues and problems & relatively come up with corresponding solutions. Then you have to mention those solutions in the form of services you offer. 

Moving ahead, create a Google Adwords Account and use the keyword planner tool to assess all useful keywords you’ll require further. There are 2 kinds of search queries your consumers are going to put:

  • One with a “hiring intent”
  • Another with a “research intent” 

The keywords that trigger “hiring intent” are usually associated with direct action. This means the consumer simply wants to conduct a purchase & wants to talk to you right away. The second category of keyword depicts the consumer’s intent to research. You have to establish a balance between the utilization of both categories of keywords. Moreover, you have to analyze which keyword to use where.

2. Keyword Optimization

Once you have analyzed the main categories of the consumer search queries that your plumbing services are required to fulfill, you have to optimize those search queries accordingly. You may also call them keywords. So the keywords will be distributed among your website pages and your Google My Business account. Remember you have to maintain your local business presence across both platforms. Here’s a detailed overview of the case:

  • First, optimize your keywords as per your Google My Business Account
  • For this, you have to target your prospective clients & consumers and their respective household and commercial needs for plumbing
  • You have to claim your business page and undergo a proper verification process
  • You have to make sure that your plumbing service address, contact details & name is compatible with Google My Business norms & conditions 
  • Moving forward you have to ensure all the categories & subcategories of services you provide or going to include. You can select from the options available on your Google My Business account
  • After that, you can describe your plumbing business in brief
  • Stepping ahead from Google My Business, you reach your Website Optimization Plan
  • Start with the homepage & optimize your selected keywords as per your homepage information structure
  • Followed by are your title tags, meta descriptions, tags & headlines
  • You have to maintain your website content & your blogging section accordingly
  • Make sure to optimize all your plumbing service pages, whether categorized or sub-categorized into different web pages. 
  • Try to bring the best information to serve the “research intent” queries of consumers out there. That’s it, you’ve completed your keyword optimization successfully.

3. Website Citation & Link Building

Don’t forget off-page SEO & external integration. It helps you gain popularity amongst complimentary & associated service providers like Residential & Commercial Cleaning, Electricity, Hot Water, Laundry, Alarms & Smoke Detectors, Air Conditioning, Heat & Ventilation, etc. They can recommend your services to direct consumers & clients via reviews & ratings. 

Talking about citation, it is another kind of business listing you have to conduct on other websites. That’s right, we’ve reached the “Yellow Pages” again. Personal business listings help you attract other local businesses. These have nothing to do with your end consumers. You’ve got the following varieties of directories to display your plumbing business:

  • Plumbing-Specific Directories
  • National Business Directories
  • Local Business Directories

Coming back to link building, Google often ranks your Local SEO identity going through your external linking condition. If you’ve linked back to your target web pages from considerable referring domains & high ranked web pages on other websites, Google gives you priority for that specified local service. Therefore, we recommend you must maintain your off-page SEO.

4. Service Reviews & Rating

The next important aspect of your Local SEO campaign is to achieve better service reviews from time to time. Better service reviews mean enhanced website traffic and more consumers. It will consequently bring you top rank in your local business listing. If you’ll get 3rd party reviews for your plumbing service, the consumers will trust you more. 3rd party reviews are genuine most of the time and tell you about your service drawbacks & failures. 

Google My Business reviews are clearly visible to internet users and create an effective first impression about your local business. So you can’t compromise on their quality. Here are the different ways through which you can achieve fine Google reviews.

  • Focus on delivering excellent plumbing & maintenance services & promote quality
  • After delivering, ask your consumers to review your service, whether positive or negative
  • Conduct an email campaign to reach your happy customers & provide them the link to your review box
  • You can also create your business visiting cards & hand them over to your consumers and clients after delivering your services. The card should contain a link or address of your business review section. 
  • Redirect your web pages to your Google reviews section. Though users may or may not review your services in this way, you can engage them with your website blog. 

Additionally, you must ensure if there are any paid reviews representing your services negatively. Google allows you to delete such comments & reviews from your review section & block the source right away. Isn’t it effective?

5. Analyze The Outcomes

At last, you have to track whatever is achieved. It could be either negative or positive but we recommend you must keep calm, be patient & remain positive. A negative result is not the end. You can upgrade various aspects of your plumbing services that are mocked by the consumers. To analyze the outcome you can start with your web page ranking. Visit Google Search Console for 100 percent genuine, free & reliable results on your page rank. You can either visit Ahrefs page rank for a better overview. 

Moving ahead you need to check traffic on a target web page associated with your plumbing services. It could help you analyze whether your consumers are happy with your information or not. The next step is to check conversions. You can track the number of phone calls you’ve received within different time frames. Google Analytics is the best tool we could recommend.


So, that’s how SEO is going to bless your local plumbing business model. We hope this article brought you so much to learn & cleared your doubts about establishing an effective Local SEO strategy to rank in the top local business listings of Google. At EgoodMedia we often find it fun to share information on such topics & like to have your precious views on the same. Let’s talk about other aspects of digital marketing someday!!