Do you want to improve your Instagram Marketing Strategy to promote your online business in 2021? Instagram marketing is a famous social media marketing technique based on Instagram posts and ads that you can use to raise the popularity of your business on the internet. You can also promote your online products and services on your Instagram business page. As of now, there are more than one billion active Instagram users worldwide. That’s a big audience and a fine opportunity for you to raise your products and service recognition on the internet. 

The latest Instagram Marketing Tips can help you target new customers and clients for your online business as the number of Instagram users keeps rising every year. Instagram is popular for its unique posts, stories, and advertising features. Instagram comprises different sorts of users and consumer groups. Even if you run a niche business, you can target that niche audience to check out your online offers. Moreover, if you have an eCommerce business model, Instagram has a special arrangement of stories and advertisements that represent your target products. 

With Instagram Marketing Strategy the brands can promote their products and services in various innovative ways. Because Instagram consists of various social media techniques that you can follow and attract your target customers to your advertisement. In this article, you’ll get to learn the emerging tips and tricks to improve your existing Instagram Marketing Strategy for more traffic and conversions on your Instagram posts and ads. Here are the main subtopics of the post you’ll be exploring

  • What is Instagram Marketing?
  • How Instagram Marketing Helps Businesses to Grow?
  • How to Set Up an Instagram Marketing Campaign? 
  • 10 Tips for a Perfect Instagram Marketing Strategy in 2021
  • Final Words on Instagram Marketing

The year 2021 is a great opportunity for marketers to optimize their online business presence through Instagram. You must know what you’re supposed to promote out of your online business components on Instagram. With eGoodMedia you can also learn how to market on Instagram initially to raise awareness for your business. We’re an Award-Winning Social Media Marketing Company in Vancouver and support numerous online businesses in the world!

What is Instagram Marketing?

Before discussing the Instagram Marketing Tips you must have a detailed insight into Instagram Marketing when it’s your first social media marketing campaign. There are different aspects of social media marketing as we’ve got different social media platforms to establish our campaign. Besides Instagram, there’s Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, and many other platforms where you can promote your business. First, you have to decide among all these platforms. Or you can also promote your business on each of these platforms. 

But, in that case, you have to think about the social media ads budget you need to invest in. Social media marketing is not limited to posting ads on social media platforms. It also provides a great opportunity for direct advertising for your business. Hence, you must focus on the Instagram Marketing opportunities available to you. Marketing on Instagram let you go through the following features to make your business promotion objectives easy to acquire: 

  • Instagram Provides Shoppable Tags to be added in the story
  • Instagram Live Videos feature encourage you to create innovative business promotion videos
  • With Instagram, you can also convert your existing posts into ads
  • Provides filters for different sorts of applications to your Instagram posts and ads
  • With the IGTV feature, you can now create longer video advertisements representing your new products and offers
  • Instagram Stories are also a great source of Instagram advertising these days

There are many other features to explore regarding the Instagram Marketing Strategies you need to employ. Hence, we suggest you review your online business requirements before marketing on Instagram. At eGoodMedia we suggest various online marketing solutions to grow your business ideas and website on the internet. We’re a Result Oriented Social Media Marketing Company in Vancouver helping various businesses with their social media marketing goals!

How Instagram Marketing Helps Businesses to Grow?

When you know How to Market on Instagram perfectly, you can amplify your business popularity on social media platforms. You don’t need to visit all the customers and followers one by one to promote your new business offers. Social media platforms provide you an inbound marketing approach using which you can easily attract your target audience to your products and services. You don’t have to approach the audience individually. 

Enlisted are the various points that suggest the importance of Instagram Marketing for your online business growth and development. Just go through them: 

1. Instagram Marketing is Based on Visual Content

Visual content is 2 times faster to grab consumer attention to your products and services. Fortunately, Instagram content is mostly based on videos and images. Instagram is famous for this sort of content and you’re required to represent your business offers, products, and services in the same way. However, you can also write for a graphical image to send your followers a text message about the latest offers. Hence visuals are the foundation of the Instagram Marketing Strategy you want to imply to your social media marketing project.

2. Instagram Marketing Leads to Story Telling

Marketing on Instagram leads to storytelling and that’s pretty good for consumer engagement with your ads and posts. The Instagram stories feature helps you stay active and connect with your followers regularly. You must keep encouraging your followers and customers about your new business ideas, products, and services. In this way, your business stays shining on the social media platforms and keeps your followers updated on your business offers. 

3. You Can Target Your Community

For a start, you should let your native people know about your business ideas. After that, you can globalize your business strategy to other countries. The Instagram Marketing Tips can help you target your community in different ways. You can prepare a calendar of holidays and festivals that you need to promote your business offers on. 

Moreover, you can also list different communities associated with your online business and frame your Instagram Marketing Strategy accordingly. It is important for the local growth of your business and consequently contributes to global growth in the future.

4. Reach Out to Large Audience

The larger the audience, the more business development opportunities you’ve got. That’s why social media marketing is essential for businesses. Social media platforms are a great source of user gathering that helps your business grow exceptionally. A lot of people can come in contact with your Instagram stories at a time and you can market your goods and services more effectively. 

Even if there’s a lot of competition for you on Instagram, you can trigger a notable audience to share your business ideas. Additionally, the new Instagram Marketing Tips can help you target a better audience for your online business. 

5. Better User Feedback 

The customer feedback equally contributes to your business growth as you can figure out the drawbacks in your current Instagram Marketing Strategy and work for the improvements. User feedback can also help you establish good relations with your business followers and customers for the long term. Instagram provides the users with the facility of commenting on your posts. It leads to essential user interactions and participation in your business offer. The more you communicate with them, the better your business development goals are going to be. 

6. Monitor Your Competitors

Another notable advantage of Marketing on Instagram is that you can consistently analyze your competitors and their contemporary marketing techniques that could also help you remain in the race. You’re not required to copy what they’re offering the customers, but to get inspired for your social media marketing actions. You should know what is important for your business success and determine your marketing strategy accordingly. 

Besides, there could be other Instagram Marketing advantages you can enjoy on your particular online business. You can get started with your Instagram Marketing campaign to specify your business growth potential in this context. In case, you find your existing Instagram Marketing Strategy not working well as per your business objectives, you can visit eGoodMedia for better assistance. We’re a Revenue Generating Social Media Marketing Company in Seattle delivering world-class digital marketing services to various businesses around the West Coast!

How to Set Up an Instagram Marketing Campaign?

If you’re unfamiliar with an Instagram Marketing Campaign you can’t decide on a perfect Instagram Marketing Strategy for your online business. To set up an Instagram Marketing Campaign you need to focus on your content first. Your Instagram promotional post or ad is going to address content that’s needed to be innovative and unique for more customer engagement. Consequently, you need to open an Instagram account, if you don’t have one. Given below are the steps you need to follow to set up your business account on Instagram:

  • First, you have to download the Instagram App on your device
  • You can either go for an iOS or an Android device to get started with your campaign
  • After that, you need to open the application and sign up for your account
  • Go to “Create New Account” if you’re using an iOS device
  • You can also signup with an email or phone number in case using android
  • Then you have to tap “Next”
  • You’re required to create a username and password in the approaching step
  • After this, you need to fill up your profile information and go to “Next” 
  • Now you’re supposed to change to a business identity
  • Visit your profile and tap the hamburger icon at the top
  • Now go to the settings and specify the “Account” option
  • There you get the option of “Switch to Professional Account”

In this way, you can get started with your Instagram marketing campaign. The approaching step is to optimize your Instagram marketing campaign for more customer engagement, traffic, and conversions. You can talk to our social media marketing experts at eGoodMedia on How to Market on Instagram effectively. Our Award Winning Social Media Marketing Company is ready to assist you with your business development plans!

10 Tips for a Perfect Instagram Marketing Strategy in 2021

Is your Instagram Marketing Strategy outdated for contemporary social media marketing campaigns? Then you must make changes to your existing strategy so that you could withstand your competitors in the long run. Following this, we’ve got 10 Instagram Marketing Tips you can go through and improve your strategy to attract more customers in the future. Given below are the tips and tricks you need to go through:

1. Set Up Your Goals

Your Instagram content is the result of your pre-determined goals. These goals need to be created ahead of time or else, you will face problems representing your business offers. Additionally, you must accomplish these goals timely to set up further social media marketing goals. Goals provide consistency for your social media marketing operations and let you organize your marketing actions better. You won’t experience any confusion regarding your marketing strategy in the future. 

2. Improve Your Profile

The next essential trick is to optimize your existing Instagram profile. You can create a fresh Instagram bio representing your business identity and services. Keep the bio short and ensure that it’s not longer than 150 characters. You can approach content writing experts to create a perfect bio for your Instagram business profile and encourage the customers to review your social media identity more effectively. To optimize your profile you can add the following information for the users and followers to review:

  • Your Name
  • Our Web Link
  • Your Business Category
  • Contact Information
  • Username
  • Call to Action etc

3. Go for a Business Account

An Instagram Business Account comes with additional features like Instagram Shopping, Instagram Insights, etc that can help you appear uniquely on Instagram. Your account need not get disturbed by the business notifications and operations. That’s why we suggest you go for a separate business account representing your business entity, offers, products, and services separately. It is a fine Instagram Marketing Strategy that helps you focus on your business promotion and corresponding social media marketing goals more effectively.

4. Get a Relative Profile Photo

This is another notable idea we can include in the Instagram Marketing Tips for 2021. A corresponding profile picture can let your followers remember your business identity for years. They like to visit your social media offers again and again. Moreover, you can also differentiate your business identity from your competitors. Uniqueness is always going to serve your online business objectives and let your target audience recognize you for future business opportunities.

5. Specify Your Gift Card Stickers 

Instagram also provides an opportunity to sell gift cards from your Instagram stories and for that, you need to specify the right gift card stickers for what you’re offering. The platform lets you add the corresponding call to action (CTAs) buttons on your stories and encourage more and more people to review your Instagram story. You can choose a good photo for your Instagram story and then add the corresponding gift cards to the story. 

6. Decide Your Hashtags

Hashtags can optimize your social media network and let you target different kinds of customers for your Instagram marketing campaign. It is one of the most common Instagram Marketing Tips but still important for all sorts of businesses out there. These hashtags help the users crawl your Instagram posts and stories based on a particular topic or subject. If you have a niche website, you must specify the hashtags you can use in your social media content and posts so that people could find you without searching for your Instagram profile initially. 

7. Focus on Visuals

You must add innovative visuals to your Instagram stories and posts. Instagram is famous for visual content and that’s how you’re supposed to draw your target audience and conversions on your Instagram ads and promotional stories. You can go for Quote Based Images, Reels, Behind Scenes Posts, Instructional Posts, and more. 

8. Get Started With Instagram Shops

Instagram is also a potential place for eCommerce businesses to raise their popularity. Its amazing shopping feature can help you establish your online store on Instagram and post direct advertisements for your leading products and services. However, to imply this Instagram Marketing Strategy you need to have a business account and decide on the corresponding products ahead of time. 

9. Use Instagram Reels

The new feature Instagram reels are also getting popular among various Instagram users in the world. However, the videos you can create for Instagram reels consist of a specific period. You have to create your promotional videos taking into account this essential factor. 

10. Make a List of the Holidays & Festivals

It is an Instagram Marketing Strategy you need to follow every year. You must think of something new every year to attract new followers and customers to your business offers. You can also target a different community if you’re looking to globalize your online business through Instagram.

Final Words on Instagram Marketing

So, that’s How to Market on Instagram in 2021. Instagram is a great social media platform that you can use to improve your online business presence and target fresh customers for your products and services. At eGoodMedia we help you gain expertise over different social media platforms to promote your online business. We’re a leading Social Media Marketing Company in Vancouver. Let us know your online marketing concern today!!