What are your top priorities for ranking your website on Google Search Engine? Surely you won’t fail to mention backlinks in the discussion. Infect Google also considers it an indivisible factor while ranking the search engine results. The significance of backlinks could not be neglected amid evaluating website traffic also. It is a network of different channels through which your website users & search engine bots reach you. Sharing your website content & information is not a one-direction journey. You have to reach consumers, subscribers, clients, investors & future business partners equally. 

Backlinks are also classified into various categories associated with your business model like- Guest Post Backlinks, Backlinks From Classified Ads, Social Media Post Backlinks, Backlinks From Blog Comments, Backlinks From Existing Post, Guest Post Bio Backlinks, and more. Now you can estimate how diversified your backlink network could be, and how many different ways you could allure your website visitors to your target web pages

In this article, we will discuss another important aspect of backlink collection that you could make use of within specified situations. We’ll discuss how you can replicate backlinks from various referring domains that are targeted toward the competitor’s website. It is an amazing, simple way you can build your backlink network faster. The main highlights of this topic comprise:

  • What Does a Replicable Backlink Opportunity Mean? 
  • Things to Remember Before Assessing Competitor’s Backlinks
  • How to Review Backlinks For Specified Web Pages or Domains?
  • How to Get Replicable Opportunity From Competitors? 
  • Conclusion

Backlinks are an important factor to enhance your website’s search engine presence & you can’t overlook them while approaching a long-term business plan. At eGoodMedia we serve you the best search engine ranking solution for your online business. We are a Vancouver & Seattle based search engine marketing & social media optimization company providing for emerging businesses around the west coast!

What Does a Replicable Backlink Opportunity Mean?


Your website competitors are your internet rivals as well as your online companions. They indirectly help you evaluate various Dos & Don’ts of your website building & maintenance journey. The Internet is a universe of data and there are billions of websites created and destroyed on a regular basis. As such you need to maintain your search engine appearance from time to time. Coming back to your website competitors, you can make use of their website backlinks & replicate them to your target web pages. However, it is not that simple.

First, you need to ensure the perfect tools to find your leading competitors. The Ahrefs Site Explorer is the best we can recommend. It not only helps you figure out your top Competing Domains but also the corresponding Common Keywords, Keywords Unique to Competitors & Keywords Unique to Target. This way a replicable backlink opportunity can show you where you reside as compared to your competitors!

Things to Remember Before Assessing Competitor’s Backlinks


We’re simply talking about the backlink records of your competitor’s website here. The source is usually called a referring domain. Finding your competitor’s referring domains & pages may help you evaluate his business model & his information structure. You can get ideas about your content organization from there. To find your competitor’s leading backlink sources you can again proceed to a Website Analytics Tool. Follow the enlisted steps for better understanding:

1. Make Sure on Your Prerequisites

Finding replicable backlinks is a website analytics operation. You have to accumulate information about your competitor’s website or else you can’t reach your target. Therefore you must decide if your website really has a requirement for backlinks. If you have a new website to maintain for the future you can’t find anything on a Website Analytics Tool. Therefore you have to specify your requirements. Though you will get to know some elementary facts and details about your website, they have nothing to do with your backlink replication plan. 

2. Do You Have Any Potential Competitors? 

There you have to review your website’s age one more time. A matured website always has competitors. However, it is not important that a fresh website doesn’t have any competition. There are ample newborn websites on the SERPs and you have to compete with them on some initial parameters. You have to initially work on your on-page SEO requirements. If your website is internally weak you can’t count on your external performance. Moreover, you have to ensure the business category your website’s going to exhibit. If you get started with an eCommerce website you’re more likely to see a notable competition soon. 

3. Decide on a Website Analytics Tool

The next step is to decide whether you want to go with a premium or a free website analytics tool. We often recommend the one that has a diversified form of information to offer. The more information you have about your competitors the more confident you are to replicate backlinks from that source. The reason why we mentioned Ahrefs Site Explorer in the previous section is that it provides a diversified user interface that’s embedded with the following forms of information along with you & your competitor’s backlink record:

  • You can conduct specified keyword research for search engine appearance
  • You can evaluate search traffic for a specific query or keyword
  • See to the search engine result history
  • Analyze the ranking history of your website or competitor
  • You may also analyze internal backlink records of any website address
  • Review CTR & CTA data of your target website pages
  • See for your backlink growth or downfall from time to time
  • Gives you an opportunity to get new backlink alerts frequently
  • SEO issues with your website’s performance on SERPs
  • Provides the opportunity to guest post on potential referring domains and more

4. Make Sure on Your Competing Domains

Websites often start acquiring competing domains thereafter establishment. However, are those domains worthy? Absolutely not. In your initial years of website designing & development, you have competitors with a common level of interest. That means they hardly acquire a substantial group of backlinks you want to replicate. It doesn’t mean you only have this sort of competing domain. You just have to choose the right ones if you’ve got a potential web page for the visitors. 

5. Establish Yourself

Creating a revenue-generating & search engine dearly website is not a one day carnival. Hence we recommend you to keep calm & organize your objectives in a systematic way. If you’re ready with a business model in your mind you must establish yourself on the internet. If you’re not established or still in the coming soon phase, a website analytics tool can’t mention your website status. The first thing you need to do after getting your website hosting is to place it on the Google Search Engine Console for website indexing. Google indexing places your initial website pages on the SERPs for further development. 

Google Indexing can initially test your time & patience so keep calm for a few days. For dedicated assistance, you can visit eGoodMedia, for all your Search Marketing & Social Media Monitoring requisites. We’re an award-winning Digital Marketing & Creative Web Design company in Vancouver & Seattle!

How to Review Backlinks for Specified Web Pages or Domains?


When you’re ready to conduct your Backlink Replication function on the website analytics tool, the first question that will come to your mind is if you could see backlinks for a specified web page of your competitor’s website. And, the answer would be yes. At least on the Ahrefs Site Explorer, you can do so without any complications. However, you have to get a premium plan for a customized form of a survey, maybe in the future. The tool is not free at all, you can start with the Lite Version for your growing website. Now here’s how you can find backlinks to your selected competitor domain or web page: 

  • You can first decide on your favorite monthly or annual subscription plan
  • For that, you have to “Sign Up” to Ahrefs & create an account 
  • You can initially start a 7-day trial when out of money at the moment
  • When you’re ready with your subscription plan visit Ahrefs Site Explorer 
  • Visiting there you’ll find various options for your Organic Search, Backlink Profiles & Pages & Traffic
  • Paste your target website URL or homepage address in the “Search Bar” on the top of the site explorer
  • Visit the “Backlinks Report” on the left-hand side menu 
  • You will be redirected to the backlinks page where you will also find additional information on Anchor Texts, First Seen, Search Engine Traffic on the Specified Web Page, The Referring Page, etc
  • You can also customize your results as per Exact URLs if any
  • You can also customize your results for All Links, One Link Per Domain, Link Type, Platform, Language Traffic, Recent, Historical, Live Links, etc. 

The tool gives you a detailed insight into all types of backlinks available on your selected competitor website pages so that you don’t experience a scarcity of alternatives as the next segment is going to be how you can get a replicable backlink opportunity out of all such backlinks from your competitors. Let’s proceed!

How To Get Replicable Backlink Opportunity From Competitors?


The first thing is first, you must analyze your online competitors properly. You need to trigger a backlink not an approaching problem for your future website development goal. Before you replicate your favorite backlinks make sure of the website security of your competitor’s website. An insecure website URL could possess mixed content errors and unreliable backlinks. If you’re ready to get started with a specified list of competitors, here’s what you need to accomplish:

1. Conduct Page by Page Research

And what does that mean? You may experience several backlinks on your competitor web pages but have you ever thought about why they are linked back to the same? You have to understand the relevance of those backlink pages. You can also conduct research on what anchor texts have been associated with such backlinks. Moreover, you also have to analyze your competitor’s web pages. Getting confused? Let’s make it clear with a simple example. Take a look at this one:

Suppose you own xyz.com & abc.com is one of your prime competitors. You can review different web pages like “abc.com/innovation/futureweapons” on your competitor’s website. Let’s assume that “abc.com/innovation/futureweapons” is a potential web page with considerable backlinks to replicate. Now, the thing is, you can’t just replicate such a backlink without assessing its end source. You have to conduct corresponding research on the source of the backlink. And thereafter you have to decide if you could go with that backlink or not. 

You can make your decision beneath 2 important circumstances:

  • If you want to link back to your existing website content or article
  • If you still need to decide on the content you want to feed the backlink into

This way you can make a perfect choice for your backlink replication goal!

2. Accumulate the Backlinks 

To replicate backlinks considering any of the above-mentioned 2 circumstances we have to entail different approaches. These approaches will help you choose the appropriate replicable backlinks for your website. If you want to link back to your existing website content follow these guidelines:

  • Start with finding similar web pages on your competitor sites
  • Make sure that the web pages have notable backlinks
  • Now go to Google and search for the topic on your existing web page
  • You can also fill a similar topic on the search bar & click “Search”
  • Pick out the top 10 search results accordingly
  • Now return to the Ahrefs Site Explorer and paste the top 10 results you’ve got, one by one
  • Review their corresponding backlinks to replicate further
  • As an alternative, you can also use the SERP Overview feature in Ahrefs Keyword Explorer to save time. You can review the total number of backlinks for all top 10 search results concurrently. 
  • Now you’ve got all popular pages with the most number of backlinks to replicate back
  • Choose any one of those URLs & reach the Ahref Site Explorer, now you have to assess the backlink report associated with the selected web page URL

Proceeding to the other condition, if you want to organize your website content according to the best replicable backlinks out there, you have to find a competitor web page that has a lot of backlinks. Make use of Ahrefs Site Explorer accordingly. Once you get inspired, create your content. Make sure it’s better than the one you reviewed. 

Now go to Site Explorer, Paste a Competing Domain, Go to “Pages”, then “Best by Links” and add “HTTP 200”. This will represent the website pages with the most number of backlinks on your competitor’s site. To avoid irrelevant goods & services pages on this list you can make use of the “prefix” mode in the site explorer. This way you can accumulate all the desired backlinks for further filtration. Remember you have to choose all the replicating ones. 

3. Backlink Filtration for Replication

Now there you’ve got an ocean of backlinks to choose from, isn’t it? There could be different reasons to reject many of them. After all, you want to be noticed around the most visited search engine in the world. Backlinks can be of different categories like Do-Follow, No-Follow, Foreign or Irrelevant Language, Temporary or Permanent Backlinks, Classified Ad Backlinks, Blogging Backlinks, Social Media Post Links, Links from Forum Posts, and many more. Now, what you have to do is to filter your backlinks list on the basis of these 3 main criteria: 

  • Type of the Link (Do-Follow or No-Follow)
  • Your Prefered Language and
  • The Backlink Platform

All these 3 factors are crucial when you’re focusing on building your website’s content structure & integrating the same with the Search Engine Ranking norms. You can sort these essential elements on the Ahrefs Site Explorer itself. One more factor you may consider to filter your replicate-backlink list is the associated traffic on them!

Additionally, you can approach eGoodMedia anytime to intensify your website SEO efforts as link building is an inseparable aspect of the same & takes a lot of time to upgrade. We are an experienced search marketing & social media optimization company that focuses on building conversion-centric websites across the globe!

4. Analyze the Replicable Backlinks

This is the time to look back and see the prerequisites you actually have with respect to the backlink replication. Do you really want to do this? Is your website ready to undergo this sort of alteration? Do you actually have that sort of competition to experience forcefully? To get answers to these questions you have to analyze your competitor’s referring domain, their DA & PA & their level of existence on the SERPs. You have to evaluate your website, your content structure, your search engine rank & your potential to ask the corresponding webmaster to replicate his links to your web page. 


At last, we just want to suggest that website creation & internet marketing always move together and you must upgrade your research & exploration skills from time to time to fetch corresponding success in the field. If you’re not able to devote ample time to manage everything efficiently, you must build a team or approach dedicated service providers. eGoodMedia is your true Web Design & Marketing partner in this context. Never hesitate to reach us in case you’ve got a problem!!