Do you run an eCommerce website? Are you concerned about the traffic on this website? What tips & techniques have you used so far to bring potential traffic to your eCommerce site? Traffic on an eCommerce website is usually higher than the other websites. Because the users simply want to buy something from your website. Moreover, they get access to the product specifications & detailed description and therefore aren’t very much concerned about proper blog content based on the product. However, an eCommerce website’s performance is based on the very first outcome it generates with respect to the buyers. 

If the buyers like the concept of your eCommerce business, your website UI & UX, and most importantly your marketing style in the initial phase, they would further lead to more traffic on your eCommerce website. They recommend your business to others also. Consequently, your search engine rank also improves. There’s one more technique you can use to optimize your eCommerce website’s organic traffic that we’ll discuss in this article.

Automation is a renowned way to improve organic traffic on your favorite eCommerce pages. Automation means the user or visitor is inspired enough to reach your website again & again. Once the visitors get inspired they don’t need to have trust issues and remain using your eCommerce website for the long term. In this post, we’ll comprehensively talk about how you can optimize organic traffic on your website with automation. You will go through the following subtopics for better insight:

  • What is Organic Traffic?
  • How is Organic Traffic maintained on an eCommerce website?
  • Solutions for Better Conversions & More Traffic
  • Conclusion

Other than organic traffic you have paid traffic that’s also based on the principle of automation. There are different online tools you can use to bring paid traffic to your website. If you want to optimize your eCommerce organic traffic you can also approach eGoodMedia, your best digital marketing partner from Vancouver. At eGoodMedia we have skilled Social Media Optimization & Website SEO experts who are dedicated to your business visions & missions!

What is Organic Traffic?

If you’re new to online marketing or have a new website to promote, you first need to understand organic traffic. Organic traffic is the user traffic that comes through search engine results. That means the website page that you want your prospective customers to visit should be present somewhere in the top search engine result pages. For this, you have to come up with a good SEO plan. Website SEO is the technique of placing your top web pages & URLs in the SERPs. You have to make sure that your website URLs come on the first, second, or at least the third page of the Google search results.

People search for a query and get corresponding results. Then what they like the most in the prospective search results is going to be their next destination. So you have to work on your website content title tag as it’s the first thing the users are going to see in the SERPs. Search engines are the source of most of the organic traffic on your website. So you have to follow the existing search engine norms & protocols and maintain your website accordingly. There are more than 15 search engines that are a considerable replacement to Google out of which Bing & Yahoo are the most popular. 

Following the search engine norms & protocols that are suggested by Google, you can make your website perfect for organic traffic from other search engines too. Visit eGoodMedia if you want to get started with the website SEO plan that’s essential for online business goals. Our experienced Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Experts are there to assist you anytime!

How is Organic Traffic Maintained on an eCommerce Website?

To raise & maintain organic traffic on your eCommerce website you can either go for online Traffic Generator Applications or improve your website SEO by improving certain elements. In this segment we’re going to cover up both the situations and will suggest different ways you can maintain organic traffic on your eCommerce website. Let’s get started:

Traffic Generator Tools & Applications

As discussed earlier there are numerous tools & applications that you can use to get automated traffic on your eCommerce website. These applications also help you give an initial push to your online eCommerce business. The users get to know your website and start visiting. However, you have to make your website accordingly. The user expects very much from a new online shopping website, and you need to take care of the same. Here are some traffic generator tools & applications you can work with: 

1. Pro Builder Plus

The tool comes with a monthly plan that you can follow to get started with your traffic generation goals. Apart from traffic generation, you can also practice other training & business promotion operations. That’s the main USP of the tool. In this way, you can simultaneously work on two different aspects of your online marketing campaign. One more thing is that you can earn a commission by enrolling new members in the application for teamwork. Hence there’s so much you can expect from the tool. 

2. TrafficWave

Besides traffic generation, you have traffic maintenance. You have to safeguard the existing traffic on your eCommerce website. TrafficWave is the solution. Here are the top features you can enjoy in this application:

  • Sophisticated autoresponder for emails
  • 30-days trial for free usage
  • Use for your referral programs associated with accumulated benefits

TrafficWave can be a perfect tool for those who have an experienced eCommerce website and want to maintain their website traffic exceptionally. If you’re good to go with such an application you can maintain your traffic like never before. 


It’s not completely an automatic traffic generator. You can use a wide range of tools in this application to make your automated emails work properly. You can maintain & optimize your relationships with your existing customers effectively. You can also split test more than 100 elements on an existing page and make sure the right one is employed. Plus you can use their signature to exchange emails as such. You can follow these steps to get started with the same: 

  • Register yourself
  • Add your link to the list
  • A portion of that list is sent to the FFA members

So, it is indeed a unique tool you can use to not just generate traffic for your website but also maintain it for a long time. 

4. One Million Clicks

The name of the program matches its features exceptionally well. It is essentially based on a specified number of clicks it can bring for your target web pages. Moreover, it takes a very short time to collect considerable traffic for your target pages. You can earn cash through certain pay-per-view ads if you’re using a proxy list. However, it is used for testing in general. So what you have to do is to decide on your corresponding traffic variety in this context. 

5. Monster-Traffic

Monster-Traffic is another important tool you can go for in this context. You can use it for free for all types of advertising lists. At the time of registration, you get a free solo ad that you can make use of. Sign up and enter the link into their system. The same is added to a roaster that reaches other members of the group. And the story continues just like others. 

Moving ahead you can also talk to our skilled Search Engine Optimization Experts anytime to know about numerous website traffic techniques better for your eCommerce business. At eGoodMedia we strive to come up with revolutionary website SEO solutions that can enhance the potential of your eCommerce website exceptionally! 

SEO Solutions

Now comes the SEO part. Here you have to simply give your time and efforts to the SEO standards and techniques that can help you draw more eCommerce organic traffic for your website. You don’t have to invest anything, you don’t have to get a membership of a tool either. In this section we’ve mentioned some SEO techniques that you can imply to your website traffic generation campaign as follows:

1. Don’t Use Big Images

The images that cover up your entire web page are not a good sign in this context. You have to understand that an eCommerce website has a different type of navigation and different UI from a personal blog. The users are concerned about the latest offers, the product lists, categories, classes, and lines. They don’t want to see an enlarged image, especially on your eCommerce landing page. Even if you convert your personal blog into an eStore in the future you have to take care of the following aspect. This is a part of on-page SEO that you can follow to reach out enhanced outcomes regarding your website traffic. 

Sometimes a huge image means a huge page loading time. Hence you also have to make sure that your hosting support is up to the mark, not just for images but also for your eCommerce interface. There are numerous elements present on an eCommerce website that could make your server slow at times. You have to take care of the same so that your website traffic lives longer. 

2. Work on Dwell Time

Dwell time is the time period the user spends on your website page before leaving out the search engine results. You have to make sure that the visitors spend more and more dwell time on your website before jumping to other competitive websites. This is indeed a good sign that your website deserves to get more & more traffic. A good dwell time can also represent your website’s position on the SERPs. Search engine results are decided by the search engine crawlers that roam around billions of websites, whether eCommerce or others across the world. 

To improve your dwell time you can add informative videos on your eCommerce homepage. However, the video shouldn’t cover a space bigger than usual on your website. You can make use of your website content to get inspiration for your homepage videos. If you’ve got years of experience regarding your eCommerce business you can hire advertisers or graphic designers to make creative videos for your website landing pages. 

3. Improve your Search Engine Ranking

A better search engine ranking means better organic traffic. The users are searching for the top 5 results usually to review their target product. Now you’re not supposed to come in the top 5 very soon. Nobody can. You have to work hard on your on-page & off-page maintenance from time to time and hold patience for a couple of years sometimes. Search Engine Ranking can be achieved if you follow the search engine norms & protocols across the time. These protocols can be related to the following aspects:

  • Your content quality
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Plagiarism in the content
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Inappropriate links 
  • Duplicate content
  • Affiliate Ads
  • Affiliate Links

You have to take care of the above-mentioned aspects so that the search engines can rank you well for more traffic and website visits. 

4. Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are also a part of the search engine results like website URLs. These are usually situated on the top of the search engine results and represent detailed information about your website. Rich snippets count for nearly 55% of all the SERP clicks from the users. That means rich snippets can truly bring you the website traffic you’re planning for. However, you have to create potential rich snippets for your website URLs first. You need to make sure of certain elements important for a snippet structure in this case. A rich snippet usually consists of the following elements: 

  • URL
  • Date Information
  • Product Reviews 
  • Title Tag
  • Description
  • Product Images 
  • Price Information
  • Ratings etc

You have to fill your business, product, or service details in the rich snippets accordingly. You can leave a particular detail if you’re not available with corresponding information. Remember that you don’t need to create an irrelevant snippet to encourage forced traffic on your website. If the users don’t find your target URL good enough regarding their online shopping desires, you can face a serious bounce rate & dwell time instead of potential traffic on your eCommerce website. 

So, that was all about how organic traffic could be maintained on an eCommerce website. You might go through some individual doubts regarding the same. eGoodMedia is with you throughout your search engine optimization efforts. Based in Seattle our experienced Social Media Marketers & Website SEO experts often know what you’re looking for regarding your website traffic!

Solutions for Better Conversions & More Traffic

The emerging step is to know about various factors that are responsible for better eCommerce website traffic & consequently better conversion rates. You have to take care of these components so that you can manage to attract more traffic in the future. Moreover, following these factors, you can intensify the relationship between your website & your target customers for a long time. Here are the solutions for better conversions & traffic in this context: 


You have to build trust with your initial sales and eCommerce business. You shouldn’t be concerned about your first income entirely. You have to make sure that the product the user is searching for on your website is available. If not available in the existing time you can indicate something that assures the return of the product. Moreover, the website content, for whatever form it has, should provide for the trust of the customer. It should never be manipulative but informative. You can add information or product descriptions in a way that serves facts & truth. If the users find you’re just promoting your products forcefully, they’re not going to come back on your website again. 

Quick Revert

This is another important solution you have to think about essentially. You need to answer the user queries quickly as they’re not going to wait longer for a product if they want to purchase in a hurry or excitement. And, most of the shoppers are like that. Moreover, they’ve got more options in the online marketplace increasing risk for your eCommerce website more aggressively. You can make use of a website bot if you think you’re not available sometimes to answer customer queries efficiently.

Reviews & Ratings

You also have to stay conscious of the various ratings & reviews people have given to your particular products or services. Sometimes they can give negative reviews for intentional or no reason on your Google My Business profile you’re running a local business too. This can lead to less traffic on your website. You’re supposed to go with genuine reviews, whether negative or positive associated with your business or products, and reply to them consequently on time if you think you can resolve their problems accordingly. 


eCommerce organic traffic is very essential if you want to establish your online shopping business on the internet. eCommerce website startups are rising exceptionally throughout the last 10 years. It can be consequently challenging for you to come up with a business plan like that and lead the same to a successful destination. You can reach out eGoodMedia anytime to share your eCommerce organic traffic concern. We’re a renowned Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Company based in Seattle & Vancouver serving potential business owners like you around the world. Call us!